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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 15)

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by QueenbeePallavi

hmmm...the conscience part is really disrupting our sid here..hehehe...
bt well the story's going good and the conference proved well ...
lets see what you give us on SR!!!
happy 2011 to you too!!! 

ThnkU! glad u liked the story line
SR is coming in one more update!

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indian_beauty

Zohal Hug

Fabulous update Clap
Sid n his presentationLOL
Loved Sid-Conscious convo
it's getting really very interesting

just one question.....when is Riddhima gonna come in all this
and how come she has a 6 year old son???
Glad u liked the conscience since his a bit of a villain to Sid
And keep reading!
Ridz maiya is coming in jst one more update!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monty22

hi zohal Hug happy new year.......Party
Amazing update.
love convo of sid & his coscience......Embarrassed
Sid's presentation.......LOL
it's silly.........but.........why do i feel Riddhima is his past  & that child is sid's son......? Ermm
update soon.

HI! Happy new yr to u too!
Hahah! glad u liked it
yh ur ryt!
Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by S696

Clap i loved it please let sidma meet soon
and update soon and pm meBig smile

Sidma is meeting after one more update!
UPdating n thnks fr the comment!
DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Hey .........

I just love Sid and conscience talks ........they are really awesome.............

and how especially how Sid's nature / character is evolving ..........Fantastic ............ Please jaldi update kijiye plzzzzzzzz

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Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
*Okay I cudnt reply to some of ur comments cuz I hav limited time of internet usage so heres the update!
Part 4

(Sid and his conscience were standing outside Mona's house.)

Sid: okay so hw do we do this?

Conscience: I am nt a love guru. Nor am I a counsellour. Sid I'm ur conscience. I cnt help u on this.

Sid: so basiclly ur useless?

Conscience: yh like ur any better!

Sid: okay Con. Now I shall show u my management skills. You will be proud of me once this is done.

Conscience: tht day will come in another century. 

Sid: ur nt very encouraging. And plz cud u stop wasting time? 

Con: look who's talking.

Sid: And u're still blabbering!

(Sid looks into Mona's apartment through the window. He looks at the 4x4 room and blocks his nose with the collar of his shirt.)

Sid: wht is this?

Con: her home.

Sid: why does it stink so bad?

Con: I dnt noe lemme go ask her wait I cnt do tht can I? so I guess u shud do the honour.

Sid: after yesterday's insult I am nt talking to her again.

Con: thn how do u propose to solve the problem.

Sid: Simple. I will buy her loads of gifts.

Con: tht is ur idea?!!!

Sid: u hav anything better in mind? 

Con: go ahead. Try it. Bt why the hell are we standing outside her house?

Sid: hey u can say bad words?

Con: I am a reflection of ur deeds. If u can say bad words. I can too. Wht ever u do I do.

Sid: bt hw come u lack sense of humour?

Con: Ur amount of bad deeds killed my sense of humour. 

Sid: haha. have u ever wished to be someone else's conscience?

Con: yes.

Sid: its nt liike ur dream come true fr me either.

Con: Wht are we doing here Sid??

Sid: Waiting fr my gifts.

(The moment Sid says tht a truck comes and brings in a car and lots of other household items. Mona steps out hearing all the noise. Sid stands beside her, grinning. He has a overconfident smile on her face and Mona looks shocked frm the items to Sid's face.)

Mona: And wht on earth are those?

Sid: I thought u might need thm. 

Mona: Sid, are u suffering frm amnesia?

Sid: wht makes u say tht?

Mona: I tld u yesterday tht I cnt be bought.

Sid: And I am telling u today tht the car is a Land Cruiser.

Mona: its a land cruiser? seriously?

Sid: yh....

(Mona goes to the car and Sid is happy to see her smile at it. All of a sudden Mona picks up a hockey stick and starts breaking the windows. She then proceeds to the bumper and wht used to be a bumper becomes spare metal. Sid comes forward and holds her and then she takes the hockey stick high up in the air and Sid holds her hand in place.)

Sid: tum theek to ho?

Mona: I tld u tht u cnt buy me!!

Sid: U forgot to mention tht u are having mental problems now. 

(Mona leaves and Sid stands there bewildered. He looks to his conscience who ws laughing his lungs out.)

Sid: Yeh female version of hulk kaisey bangayi? wait.....U knew she wudnt like it?

Con: I had an idea tht she wudnt.

Sid: And u didnt tell me?!

Con: why spoil the fun??

Sid: Ur evil. Pure evil.

Con: hey I am wht u made me.

Sid: Go Die.

Con: I almost did bt u saved me.

Sid: u hav said this before. Wht do u mean?

Con: Well u noe, its like the more sins u pile up the less of a conscience u hav. And u had lots of sins so ur conscience, which is me, stopped functioning.

Sid: and?

Con: and then u helped the old lady, who in return prayed fr ur conscience so here I am.

Sid: so if I hadnt helped the old lady I wud hav been living without a conscience.

Con: Yes.

Sid: Wht on earth is wrong with me?! Why did I hav to help her?!

Con: why do u consider ur very few good deeds as mistakes?

Sid: look at wht my good deeds hav done! Tht female hulk jst broke a perfect car into scrap. If she didnt like the car she cud hav jst said it!! 

Con: nw wht?

Sid: I dnt noe.

Con: how come? ur brain gives one lame idea per day?

Sid: ur jokes are so funny, I almost forgot how to laugh. 

Con: so we go home?

Sid: no! We stay. We work. And we find a way into the girls life. Okay wait, u said tht her career ended, which probably why she has become the person she is. Lets get her career back. 

Con: lets get her career back? jst like tht? u think its tht easy? She probably tried fr months to get her career back.

Sid: she may hav tried bt in showbiz its all abt contacts. And she lacks it. Nw lets head to Dheeraj.

Con: isnt tht guy a wild life photographer?

Sid: yeah he is bt then he has frends which are interested in taking pictures of humans. 

Con: oh.

(They leave to Dheearj's house)

Sid: okay now when we get in there I wnt u to shut up. 

Con: okay

(Sid looks at his conscience and it ws like he ws looking into a mirror)

Sid: God its so weird. Its like ur my twin brother,

Con: Im nt ur twin brother. I am...

Sid (cuts in and imitates him): I am ur conscience. I am a part of u. 

(Dheeraj opens the door)

Dheeraj: U're a part of wht?

Sid: nothing..

(He gets in)

Dheeraj: were u talking to urself?

Sid: thts nt why I am here.

Dheeraj: why are u here?

Sid: I hav a frend whose modelling career is ruined cuz of me. 

Dheeraj: and?

Sid: I wnt u to fix it fr her.

Dheeraj: wht do u mean?

Sid: like help her build her career again.

Dheeraj: whts her name?

Sid: Mona.

Dheeraj: Mona Singhania?

Sid: haan. wahi.

Dheeraj: no no brother. Nothing can be done in her case. Did u see her last fasion show? It ws tragic! She ruined everything she built.

Sid (looking dwn): I know.

Dheeraj: She ws all over the tabloids. Aur uska kissi doctor keh saath bhi affair tha.

Sid (still looking dwn): I know tht too.

Dheeraj: wait wait! were u the doctor she had..

Sid: yes. And thts why I wnt to help her.

Dheeraj: Sid its nt tht easy. I mean uska phir se image banna ni padegi. Its gonna take time and money.

Sid: Time ki tum parwa karo. Money ki main kartha hoon. 

Dheeraj: its nt tht simple.

Sid: I know. I know.

Dheeraj: i mean abh toh jis modelling agency woh kaam karti thi uska owner bhi badal gaya hai. I dnt know her. 

Sid: who is she?

Dheeraj: koi Dimple Sisodiya hai.

Sid: Dimple Sisodiya.... I think I know her.

Con: I am nt surprised. 

Sid: I thought I tld u to shut up.

Dheeraj: wht?!

Sid: nothing. I ws thinking something aur moo seh kuch aur nikal gaya.

Dheeraj: acha toh ussey kab mill saktein hain?

Sid: hum ek saath nahin mill saktey. Tujhe akele mein mill na hoga.

Dheeraj: dekh Sid, main ussey sirf ek modelling show dey sakta hoon bas. Bt if u wnt to build her career she needs an agency. 

Sid: I know.

Next Day.

Sid takes Dheeraj to Mona's home. Dheeraj ws sort of uncomfortable at first bt thn goes ahead and talks to her. Sid and his conscience keep an eye frm distance.

Mona: aap?

Dheeraj: Dheeraj Pratap. I am a photographer.

(Sid standing at a distance)

Sid: "aap"? usse aap? aur mujhe?

Con: ussey pata nahin keh yeh tera dost hai warna iski halat terey Land Cruiser ki tarha hoti.

(Mona and dheeraj continue)

Mona: main aapki kya madat kar sakti hoon?

Dheeraj: mujhe ek model ki zaroorat hai. 

Mona: kya matlab?

Dheeraj: mere ek frend ki nayi collection launch honey wali hai. Aur ussey ek model ki zaroorat hai toh I thought keh maybe u wud be interested.

Mona: shayad aap ko pata nahin keh main kaun hoon.

Dheeraj: Mona Singhania. Aap ka ek fashion show kharab hua jiski wajas seh media ney kaafi badnaam kiya. Aur kuch?

Mona: par mein aisey kaise?

Dheeraj: aapkey 2:00 pm ka salon mein appointment hai. Aapka manicure pedicure sab hojayega. 

Mona: bt why me?

Dheeraj: we starting a new brand where we launch models with experience. Issey fashion show mein freshness bhi aayegi aur kyun ki model experienced hai, she will be able to handle the pressure.

(Mona agrees and Dheeraj winks at Sid.)

Sid: Con. Did u see wht I saw?

Con: we were standing in the same position and looking in the same direction therefore I must hav seen it, whtever it ws.

Sid: To see wht I saw u need the eye of a love guru.

Con: the eye of a love guru? seriously?

Sid: Im talking abt the Dheeraj and Mona bonding.

Con: wht?! 

Sid: yh! Im serious. Didnt u see her with me? It ws like I turned the beauty into beast.

Con: so?

Sid: And around Dheeraj, she ws back to normal. I think they can click!

Con: u're insane. Im the conscience of an insane person!

Sid: Like I always say: to heal a broken heart, fall in love again.

Con: teri issi philosophy ney teri zindagi bighardi!

Sid: Meri zindagi meri philosophy ney nahin meri conscience ney bighadi hai! No offence.

Con: none taken. 

Sid: okay yahan toh baat bann gayi. Chal Dimple seh miltey hain.

(Sid reaches Dimple's office.)

Dimple: come in.

Sid: Hey, Dimple. Remember me?

Dimple: how can I forget? Siddhant Modi. Doctor by profession and player by nature.

Sid: tht ws harsh.

Dimple: wht u do is much more harsh.

Sid: u seem in an aggressive mode.

Dimple: I have the reason to be.

Sid: Can we nt leave the past in the past. Think future Dimple.

Dimple: wht are u here fr Sid?

Sid: I needed a favour.

Dimple: its so like u to show up only when u need someone.

Sid: Dimple u've become very cynical.

Dimple: can u blame me?

Sid: cant u forget and forgive?

Dimple: I can forget bt I cnt forgive.

Sid: wht I am asking is nt fr me. 

Dimple: thn?

Sid: its fr Mona Singhania. 

Dimple: wht?

Sid: yh I wnt u to establish her again.

Dimple: Establish her? are u kidding me? she has ruined her career beyond repair. I wudnt want my agency to be associated with her in anyway!

(Dimple leaves.)

Con: so much for ur irresistable charm.

Sid: I havnt given up yet.

(He follows Dimple who leaves to a hotel. Sid reaches the hotel and spots Dimple in the lobby. Sid looks around.)

Sid: Koi mujhe jaanta toh nahin yahan peh?

Con: kyun? aisa kya karney waley ho jaaney walon keh saamney nahin kar saktey? 

Sid: okay! Good! No one knows me here.

(Sid bends on his knees and opens his arms infrnt of Dimple.)

Con: kya karr rahey ho?

Sid: wait and watch.

Dimple: Sid?

Sid (shouting): Dimple! PLease dnt do this to me! Meri zindagi tumharey haath mein hai Dimple. Mujhse yun mat moo modo.

Dimple: Sid...please.... log dekh rahey hain.

Sid (still shouting): Toh?! meri zindagi daw peh lagi hai! Mujh peh daya karo Dimple Sisodiya.

Dimple: Sid yeh kya kar rahey ho?

(A crowd begins to circulate Sid and Dimple)

Sid: Please Dimple. Please. Im begging u. 

Dimple: FINE!

Sid: wait. I wnt it in writing.

(He takes contract papers out of his pocket.)

Dimple: U hav gt to be kidding me!

Sid (with a smile): No, I'm nt. 

(She signs the paper cuz of the people around her. Sid smiles, thanks her and leaves.)

Things were heading fr the better in Mona's life. Sid ws content. Her career ws picking up pace slowly bt surely. She ws getting recognised by each fashion show she did and she ws re-established. Sid on the other hand thought his job ws over. He makes himself a candle light dinner, jst fr himself.

Sid: its all over. Life is back jst the way I love it.

Con:says who?

Sid: Wht in name of God?? Ur still here? werent u supposed to get lost?

Con: Three things remember?

*Nine2 and Monty! Dnt worry! Its Sid's child! U guyz are ryt! Nw abt where n hw it happened? wait fr one more update! 
*DJ hope u like this Sid/Con talk aswell!

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jacobharry10011 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Awesome update
jacobharry10011 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
When is Riddhima's gonna come

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