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Guilty Conscience (SR FF ~Part 23: Page 86) (Page 12)

Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Part 3

Sid didnt fall asleep the whole night. It ws time fr work and his eyes were still drowsy frm last night. He took a bath quickly and reached the hospital. 

Hospital scene (Sid and Adi)

Adi: Tu kaafi ghatya lag raha hai.

Sid: tu kaunsa orince charming lag raha hai.

Adi: oh aaj tera presentation hai. Yaad hai na?

Sid: obviously.

(Sid gets into the elevator and looks into the mirror to fix his untidy hair. And all of a sudden his reflection starts to move beyond his control.)

Sid: No no.... nt again...

Conscience: missed me?

Sid: I will once u gt lost fr a very very long time.

Conscience: I ws lost fr a very long time, nw its time tht u regret ur sins!

Sid: sins? wht cud a decent man like me possibly do wrong?

Conscience: Finally! U asked the ryt question!

Sid: and?

Conscience: well u hav a very long list of sins bt the one tht bothers me alot is the dating habit. Its like u dnt believe in love at all.

Sid: I do believe in love. Bt I believe tht love can happen again and again. 

Conscience: You're confusing love with infatuation.

Sid: and u're confusing me with someone who actually cares. 

Conscience: Sid, try and understand You wnt be able to feel at peace until u gt rid of all ur sins.

(The lift reaches 3rd floor)

Sid: Okay I guess this is it thn buddy. bye bye.

Conscience: I tried the easy way and u didnt accept, nw Sid Im goingg to become one hell of a pain.

(Sid gts out without paying much attention. He reaches the conference hall and sees it filled with doctors and interns. He gts up on the stage, ready with his speech.)

Sid: Good Morning, today we will be talking about the new inventions in the field of open heart surgery.

(Sid pauses fr a while and his eyes widen as he sees himself walk in between the crowd, his conscience had followed him, he realises. He decides to ignore)

Sid: There hav been many discoveries in this field. 

(All of a sudden he sees his conscience ryt beside him on the stage. He decides to ignore it completely)

Sid: One of the most modern and well trusted discovery is EMCO which acts as a bypass between the heart and the lung during heart surgeries.

Conscience: Hey Im actually glad tht u hav heard of the heart organ. Its has feelings like love guilt, etc.

Sid (continuing as though he hasnt heard anything): and so the bypass then transports love to the heart.

(An intern raises his hand)

Sid: yes?

Intern: Sir how can the bypass transport love to the heart? 

Sid: ahh... yes sorry I meant... ahh

Conscience: Guilt.

Sid: I meant guilt.

Intern: wht?

Sid (nw frustrated): I meant oxygen.

(All the doctors and interns laugh and Sid continues trying nt to show his embarassment.)

Sid: bt there cud be cases where the EMCO cud fail us.. There are several conplications tht hav arised due to the machine. For example if it dsnt pump the right amount of oxygen to...

Conscience: Sid u remember Mona? the cute Punjabi girl? the one u broke the heart of in her big night? 

Sid (continues yet again): if it dsnt pump the ryt amount of oxygen to Mona...

Intern: abh yeh Mona kaun hai? Surgery keh beech mein woh kahan seh milleygi?

(Another) Intern: Sir agar Mona nahin milli toh Megha chalegi?

(Sid puts his hand on his forehead)

Sid: the presentation ends here. Thank you fr ur cooperation..

(The laughing crowd leaves Sid looks to his conscience)

Sid: W*H is wrong with u? Why cnt u let me live?!

Conscience: Sid I am a part of u. 

Sid: How do I gt rid of u??!

Conscience: gt rid of ur sins and ur rid of me.

(Sid walks off. All he cud think of ws the huge mistakes he had done while giving the presentation.)

Adi: Were u nt ready fr this??!

Sid: I ws... bt thn...yaar pata nahin kaisey mess up hogaya.

Adi: abh tu iss mess up ka jawab Dr. Malhotra ko dena..

(Adi leaves and Sid jst sits at a bench. He feels someone behind him and assumes its his Conscience)

Sid: can u jst leave me alone fr one damn second.

Sanaya: Oh okay.

Sid: Sanaya woh mein...

Sanaya: its okay Sid I know u had a rough day. We can talk some other time.

Sid: No its kay. We can talk ryt nw.

Sanaya (nt sure hw to begin): hmm. Well the thing is... all I wnted to know is...Do u love me?

Sid: Well of..

(He cudnt complete as he sees his conscience infrnt of him.)

Sid: Well... I

Conscience: sach bolna Sid.

Sid: I...

Conscience: she wnts to know the truth. Remember she jumped infrnt of a car fr u?

Sanaya: I?

Sid: I will talk to u later...

(He leaves and Sanaya jst looks at him walk past people in a hurry.)

Weeks later.

Things had still nt settled in Sid's life. Sid ws stilled bothered by his conscience. Every day, every hour, every minute, he wud hav to go through another embarassing moment. He cudnt sleep. He cudnt concentrate on work either. He gts up in the morning, hoping tht today wud different. He gts dressed and his reflection scared him. He saw a very tired and very lost man in the mirror. He seemed sick. 

Conscience: hello.

Sid: Wht do u wnt frm me?

Conscience: three things. 

Sid: Ask me. Ask me anything as long as you will gt lost after tht.

Conscience: You need to set things ryt in Mona's life. 

Sid: Mona's life?

Conscience: yeah Mona. 

Sid: who's she?

Conscience: You know tht little box u keep. The one tht has all ur girlfrends pictures in it.

Sid: yh?

Conscience: yh bring it out.

Sid: why?

Conscience: u ask too much.

(Sid goes and brings the box.)

Conscience: find Mona ina ll the pictures.

Sid: tht will take an hour.

Conscience: find her.

(Sid sits and looks through all the pictures. He looks at the back of the picture one by one. Some girls he remembered very well, others he had jst a blur image of and some he didnt even remember. He finally finds Mona and he didnt remember her properly.)

Sid: Mona..... she ws an aspiring model I think.... 

Conscience: she ws a model. Quite famous actually.

Sid:and I dated her... so?

Conscience: u guys met at a party to be precise. She ws impressed by ur profession and ur charm.

Sid: the big deal is?

Conscience: And u dated fr almost a month. 

Sid: And?

Conscience: and thn u gt bored of her.

Sid: I broke up?

Conscience: yes u did bt the sad part is tht night ws her big break. She ws going to walk the ramp fr a famous brand and if she had done it well she wud hav become an international model.

Sid: wht do u mean by "if she had done well"? She didnt do well?

Conscience: how cud she? u broke up with her the same night. She ws nervous. You broke her self esteem and she thought she ws nt good enough. A model shud never think like tht before a show. Bt she did and thn she messed up the way u did in the conference hall the other day. The only difference is ur mistake didnt cost u ur career bt hers did. 

Sid: Bt wht can I do in this? I mean alot of people lose career opportunities. 

Conscience: U think its jst her career tht bothers me? Come lets meet Mona.

Sid: no no no no.... its gonna be hell awkward to meet her after so long. 

Conscience: dnt worry. You dnt hav to meet her. Jst see her frm a far.

(Sid gts into his car and goes to the place directed by his conscience. They reach a very filthy and cheap area. The area ws populated by all sorts of people. Ganagsters, prostitutes and other people. Sid looks in shock frm one side of the chawl to the other. All of a sudden Mona passes infront of their car. She had dark circles around her eyes and her hair ws unkept. She ws carrying a bucket filled with water in one hand and a ciggerette in the other. This wsnt the Mona Sid remembered. She ws more confident. Mona cared abt her outer appearance, bt this girl seemed to have a boken self esteem and someone who hadnt looked into the mirror for  very very long time.)

Sid: Okay this living style is damaging to her health. Wht has she done to herself?

Conscience: Wht hav YOU done to her Sid?

(Sid now seriously thinks of how much damage he had done to her. This ws a different feeling fr Sid. He hadnt felt this guilty before. He thn goes to her.)

Sid: Mona.

Mona: kauna hai?

Sid: Sid. Siddhant Modi.

(Mona stands there shocked.)

Sid: I dnt know hw to say this. I mean I am really sorry fr all tht I hav done to u.

Mona: after 2 years, you come back and tell me how sorry u are? You think tht is going to fix everything?

Sid: I know bt if I had known tht this wud be the result of my doings thn I swear Mona I wud hav never done it.

Mona: Sid. You can think all tht u wnt bt nothing is gonna change. You hav done u're share of damage, now all I wnt frm u is to get lost.

Sid: I can help.

Mona: Oh u hav helped enough Sid. Thnk u. Now please leave.

Sid: I can help u financially, I mean tell me... car, house, whtever u need...

Mona: U're such a jerk Sid. After all tht u hav done u come back and think tht u can buy me? 

Sid: No its nt like tht...

Mona: I dnt even wannna noe wht its like.

(She leaves and Sid goes to work. At work he keeps thinking of the place Mona lived in. The person Mona ws and the person she had become. He cudnt concentrate on his work so he asks Dr. Malhotra to give him let leave fr a few days to sort some personal problem out. Dr. Malhotra grants him a few days holiday.)

Sanaya: tum kaam peh nahin aawohgey?

Sid: kuch dinno keh liye nahin... par trust me when I come back I will be normal again. This depressed and lifeless me will be gone fr good.

Sanaya: can I ask wht happened?

Sid: I cnt explain. Its.... complicated.

(Sanaya jst smiles and gives him a good bye hug. Sid leaves with his conscience on a journey to get rid of his conscience)

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vidyashree Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Yipeee i think im te 1st to comment Party i loved it yaar esp sids presentation haha tat ws very funny lolz LOL... So sad of poor sid his conscience is torturing so much bt wel it is cause of his past bad boy Wink... I liked te part where his conscience tells him to get te box and find out mona and sids reply tat it wil take a hour 4 him   Shocked he is such a play boy and i felt bad 4 very eagerly waiting to kn te next part and ya im very curious to kn how sid wil fall in love wit ridzy... continue soon Big smile

Edited by vidyashree - 02 January 2011 at 3:26am
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Zohal Hug

Nice update !!!
Sid's presentation was funny lol

Sid & conscience convo was good
Its getting interesting wid every update..

Continue soon....
gurlee Groupbie

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
hey i just read ur ff
really impressive ad intresting storyline
cont soon
grt work
superxuberant Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged
this is amazing...
kudos 2 ur wrk
-veena.shona- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 April 2010
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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged

wowww yaar

u r so gud wid words

plsss siddhima ko ek dusre ke samne le aao

Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Hi Zohal....
Wowwww nice update as usual.....
Love sidz-coscience convo.....sid's presentation was very funny....poor sid....really feeling sad 4 sid....update soon yaar......
-Nags- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged
nice update buddy
keep it up 

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