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BLF this week.....

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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Armando starts the show by giving the audience some details on what they are about to see—Hugo's vision for the collection—and invites them to sit back and enjoy, then stay after for the refreshments. The models begin to parade up and down the catwalk.

Marcela is seated, staring stone faced into space, not reacting to anything around her, drink in hand. Armando, hands tucked under his arms, looks down the row towards her. Roberto follows his gaze. Armando gets up and excuses himself for a moment. He walks over to a quiet area and makes a call on his cell phone. It's to Betty. He asks how she's doing and she tersely tells him that she's working on the balance. "That's not why I called, I wanted to know how you were doing," he replies. "Have you had anything to eat? Are you hungry?" She tells him that she's not; she just wants to get the report done. She tells him that she expects to be done about 11:00 and he tells her that he'll swing by for her to take her home. She tells him not to worry about it, it's not important. "Not to you, but it is important to me," he tells her. Marcela has walked up behind him and has overheard the last part of this conversation and is steaming. She scoots back to her seat ahead of Armando. Armando, now seated, leans over and asks his father how he likes the show. Roberto is very impressed and comments on how it's so cohesive, how the fabrics are wonderful. His mother leans over and adds that it's fantastic, divine. Marcela picks herself up and flounces drunkenly over to the empty seat next to Armando and peremptorily asks to borrow his cell phone. "What about yours?" asks Armando. She doesn't have it. "Why do you want it?" "I want to see where Dan is." "You know, you're drinking a little too much," says Armando. "Are you going to lend me your phone?" she replies angrily. He hands it over briskly and she leaves.

In the hallway she checks the phone log to see what number was dialed last and is confused to see that it's his office number. She hits re-dial to double check and Betty answers. Marcela hangs up, just as Dan enters. "I thought you weren't coming!" she says, tipsily. He asks where Maria Beatriz is and she airily replies that she's there somewhere. A friend of Daniel's walks up and Marcela zips off. She returns the phone to Armando and tells him that she didn't need to call him, he's just arrived. "Oh joy!" thinks Armando.  Daniel continues discussing finance with his bearded friend.

Meanwhile, Daniel is chatting with his friend. Daniel mentions the EcoModa board meeting and is surprised when his friend proceeds to tell him that rumor has it that EcoModa is having serious financial problems and that Daniel would do well to check it out.

Don Hermes calls Betty, concerned that she's working late again. She reassures him that a company driver will bring her home later. She asked if the TerraModa balance sheet was done and reminded him that she needed all the TerraModa information, including the checkbook, ready for the next day. Don Hermes responds that he's got everything except the checkbook - Nicolas must still have it.

Armando has returned to EcoModa. Wilson mentions how strange it is to see him at the office at such a late hour. Armando tells him to take a hike - and is that liquor I smell on you? Wilson replies, that with all due respect, it's the doctor who smells of liquor. "No, it's you" replies Armando. "With all due respect, it's you" says Wilson. And so on until Armando yells at him to get lost.

An excited and enthusiastic Armando barges in on Betty. He tells her that the collection was a smashing success. He asks her if the doctored balance sheet is ready. Betty hands it to him. He eagerly flips through it "You've given me my life back! Thank you". He caresses her face and gently kisses her mouth. Betty pulls away. Armando tells her softly that he can't help himself and kisses her more deeply.

"Please, don't" Betty whispers.

"What's wrong, Beatriz? I desire you. Don't you want me?"

"Yes, too much" responds Betty.

"Then what are we waiting for? What's really wrong?" Armando asks, as he holds her tenderly, trying to keep his passion in check.

"Nothing's wrong. But please hold me".

Armando takes her into his arms. Confused and scared, he asks "Beatriz, this feels like a good-bye hug. Like when you say good-bye to the person you love at the airport knowing that you'll never see her again" .

Her phone rings suddenly. Betty breaks away from Armando's embrace. It's Wilson informing her that her taxi is waiting. Armando insists that he'll take her home. He tells her he wants to go somewhere and be alone with her - to spend the entire night with her. Disconcerted, Betty says that they'd better not - that Armando is too tired, that tomorrow is the board meeting and that it's going to be a long and difficult day, and that he needs to familiarize himself with the doctored balance sheet. Armando replies that he doesn't want to deal with the balance right now, and that Betty will be making the budget presentation anyway. He asks her where the real balance sheet is. Betty replies that it's in her desk drawer. She says that she is going to make copies of the doctored version for the meeting. As she tries to leave, he grabs her and tells her he must kiss her.

"I'm so happy! I see the light of the end of the tunnel. EcoModa's finances will be stabilized and the success of our new collection will pay all our debts. And, by tomorrow, Marcela will be out of my life."

Yes, doctor. Good night." Betty again tries to escape him (and her own emotions).

Armando won't let her go. "I need to know if you love me. I must know if you love me!" he says, with his voice full of anguish and longing.

"Yes, doctor. I've never stopped loving you" whispers Betty. Armando smiles at her tenderly and kisses her . "I love you more than ever". She gently breaks away and leaves the room.

Armando looks after her with a happy, but confused look on his face. He walks over to her desk and sits down as if his legs can't support him "Armando Mendoza" he says to himself "You've got to accept the fact that, for the first time, you've fallen in love. And you love Beatriz Pinzon Solano. Dear God, I don't know how this happened, but I love her more than ever."

Outside the office, Betty gets in the elevator "My God, what am I doing? That's the last kiss we'll ever ….."

Morose, Marcela is at her apartment, drinking alone. Hugo and Maria Beatriz make a grand entrance and try to convince Marcela to go out and celebrate with them. When she declines, Hugo wants to know if she's plans to spend her life as a bitter spinster cooped up in her golden cage. They go on to chat about Inesita's strange behavior when she insisted on telephoning her empty house.

Betty arrives home to find Don Hermes waiting up for her with his usual blanket wrapped around his shoulders. She tells her father that someone from the company brought her home, but Don Hermes tells her there's no need to lie, he saw her getting out of a taxi. Hearing the voices, Doa Julia comes to see what's going on and hears Betty explain to her father that she called a taxi from Eco Moda. Don Hermes asks why Armando Mendoza didn't bring her home tonight since he made her work late, and Betty answers that he couldn't. Don Hermes doesn't like this answer at all and warns Betty that if they will not give her due respect at Eco Moda and give her all of the comforts she's entitled to, then he'll go talk to Armando Mendoza and present a formal protest; if she can't do it, he will. Betty tells him that it won't be necessary for him to do that; it won't happen again ... she's going to resign. Both Hermes and Julia are shocked to hear this and Don Hermes asks her if she's been drinking, but Betty just answers that she's taken a decision and she needs to talk to them. She heads in the direction of the dining room and her parents follow.

Meanwhile, at the Pinzn's home, the family is now gathered around the dining room table. Julia asks Betty if something happened to her at Eco Moda, but Betty tells her that she just feels like she has finished a cycle at Eco Moda and it's time for her to move on. Don Hermes moves in on Betty and asks her again if she's been drinking, but Julia tells him to leave her alone. Hermes pulls back and asks if she's already handed in her letter of resignation ... Betty answers that she'll do it tomorrow, after the board meeting. Hermes then asks if Don Armando knows that she's leaving, and when Betty answers in the negative, he goes off again telling Julia that she's lost her marbles, she's crazy. Julia, looking at a very sad Betty, tells Hermes that she doesn't think Betty's crazy; she knows what she's saying. Hermes continues the interrogation and asks Betty what she will do after she leaves her job at Eco Moda. Betty's answer, that she's going to Miami, fires up Don Hermes again and he comments that she has lost her mind and that her contact with all of those models and the rich people is at fault. Julia interrupts and suggests to Hermes that they let Betty explain. Betty tells them that it's a decision which she's been considering for a long time and it's the best thing for her ... she thinks that she's done a good job a Eco Moda, beginning as secretary and practically ending up running all of the finances of the company as well as Don Armando's private finances through Terra Moda, and she learned a lot, a lot of stuff that will look on her CV, but it's time to move on. Don Hermes tells her that's all well and good but he wants to know why. Betty tells him that she doesn't get along with either the Mendozas or the Valencias and the situation for her at the company is unbearable, she has a lot of stress and a lot of conflicts ... and tomorrow will be crucial because she will hand in the general ledgers of Eco Moda, with everything up to date, and will take the opportunity to resign -- she'll leave with everything in place and in good standing. Julia then asks Betty what she thinks Don Armando will think about her decision and Betty answers that it will the best thing for him. Julia doesn't think so because Betty is his right-hand person and she's sure that he adores her. But Betty's response to Julia is that one only adores and employee when he or she is useful to the company, but tomorrow he'll find a replacement for her, one even better than her, and he will forget her ... in any case, affection doesn't come into play. Hermes asks Betty again what she will do after she leaves ... will she get another job? Betty explains to her parents that Catalina Angel, the person in charge of public relations for Eco Moda, asked her to accompany her to Miami, she has a company that handles events and has asked Betty to come and help her with some events outside of Bogot. Don Hermes wants to know why she didn't ask permission but Betty is firm in her decision and tells him that she needs a vacation, she needs some fresh air, and when she comes back she will look for a job. As Julia smiles, Don Hermes then changes his tune and tells her that if they've been humiliating her and treating her badly at Eco Moda, then he agrees with her decision of handing in her resignation ... but what about Terra Moda? Betty tells her father that she will turn that over tomorrow as well, she will give Don Armando the books and even the car ... she doesn't want to retain anything from that company. Hermes seems defeated by Betty's unyielding and decisive attitude and tells her that the ledgers are ready. Julia reminds her daughter that they will stand behind her, as they've always done, but this will present a difficult economic situation for them ... Nicols and Hermes will be out of a job and they've still got the car payments, how will they make do? Betty reassures her mother that everything will be okay; she will receive her severance pay and they will make ends meet with that. Don Hermes reminds them that he's still waiting on his severance pay as well and, at any rate, he's not handicapped or blind ... he has two arms and he's ready, willing and able to work and they can rest assured that while he's alive, they will lack nothing, he swears it. Don Hermes leaves and Julia, now alone with her daughter, asks her if she's thought things over well. Betty answers that she has, but Julia advises her to go get some rest and sleep on it ... maybe tomorrow her ideas will be clearer. But Betty tells her that tomorrow she will wake up with the same decision and turns over to the cabinet behind her and stars to pull out Terramoda's documents. There is one thing she can't find, however ... the checkbook. Julia tells her not to worry, Nicols took it. Knowing where Nicols is tonight and with whom, Betty is indeed worried.

In her room, Betty is confiding in her best friend, her diary:

"Everything came to an end tonight. The illusions, the kisses, the dreams, and also the nightmares. Tonight the Beatriz Pinzn Solano that fell in love with Armando Mendoza said goodbye to him. And yes, I gave in again to the temptation of his kisses. I couldn't stand seeing him so weak. I was conscious that his words and his kisses were only meant to convince me to save him. And I gave in consciously because I knew that it would be the last kiss, the last caress, the last time that I would have the opportunity to give my body and my heart what it asks for. (With these words, we see Armando sitting at his desk, drinking ... he seems burdened, unhappy and a bit angry. And we continue to hear Betty's words to her diary as a voiceover). I would have preferred that at tomorrow's board meeting Eco Moda's real situation be cleared up. I would have liked to present the real report, not continue hiding the situation. Leaving Eco Moda with doctored books makes me feel bad. But that will be Don Armando's problem. I will leave to forget everything ... the company, what we lived, his deceit. I will try to eradicate him (from her heart, I suppose). I will go where I have no news of him or of his wedding. Because his path will be clear to get married ... in peace." When Betty finishes writing, the phone rings at Eco Moda and Armando, with a frown, goes to answer it ... he sounds a bit inebriated.

Armando -- Hello?

Marcela -- Hello.

Armando -- Marcela?

Marcela -- Yes. Were you expecting another call?

Armando -- Forgive me, but I wasn't expecting your call (did he think it might be Betty?). Since you always call me on the cell phone, I didn't think it would be you, you're calling the direct line (of my desk). Aaaah (hitting his forehead with the palm of his hand), you are confirming that I'm at Eco Moda, right, Marcelita? Huh?

Marcela -- Look, if it bothers you so much, we'll talk tomorrow. I'm tired of talking to you and you answering ironically. Everything that I do bothers you, it's offensive to me.

Armando -- Your radar system is also offensive to me.

Marcela -- You call it radar, I call it wishes ... the wish to know how you are, where you are, how you're doing. The thing is that we look at our relationship from two different angles. I'm going to marry the man I love, the man I need, and you're going to marry a radar.

Armando -- No, Marcela, it's not like that. You're going to marry someone that ... I don't know ... someone whom you don't trust 24 hours out of the day, someone that you feel the need to watch night and day! Tell me, is that the way you think, is that your idea of marriage?!?!? Is that whom you want to marry???

Marcela -- I bore you. Simply put, everything that I do bores you. You find everything I do chaotic, everything I say you find annoying. It bothers you to talk to me. Look, this is more than just offensive, it's almost humiliating, Armando. It's as if I were begging you, imploring you, to love me. As if I were imploring you to marry me. And you? You act as if you are doing me a great favor. Tell me something, Armando, are you marrying me out of duty, or even worse, out of charity?

Armando -- You kept on drinking, right?

Marcela -- Haven't you been drinking? Who's there with you that you feel uncomfortable discussing this?

Armando (staring into his glass of whiskey) -- No one. I'm completely alone.

Marcela -- And Dr. Beatriz?

Armando -- Beatriz left. She finished the books for tomorrow's meeting and I sent her home.

Marcela -- Then just give me an answer. I'm not a happy bride that is counting the hours until I get to the altar to be united with the man of my life. I'm a woman that's counting the hours when she will force a man to marry her, counting the hours to consummate the biggest mistake of her life. I'm fighting alone, Armando, I'm forcing something and I don't want to. I don't want your compassion, Armando Mendoza, please give me an answer. Do you want to continue with this or do we stop? Tell me now!

Armando -- We'll talk tomorrow, okay? We'll talk tomorrow after the board meeting, is that okay, Marcelita?

Marcela -- No, that's not okay, I don't want to talk after the board meeting! Why don't you have the courage to tell me the truth?

Armando -- I already told you, we'll talk tomorrow after the board meeting.

Marcela -- All right, Armando Mendoza, all right. I'll begin to prepare then ... because it's evident what news you'll have for me. (Hangs up)

Armando (to himself, whiskey in hand) -- You better prepare yourself, Marcela Valencia. Because no matter what happens, I will never marry you ... never.

The night is finally over (phew!) and morning dawns on Bogot. At the Pinzn home, Betty is putting all of Terramoda's paperwork into a garbage bag and tells Don Hermes that she's only missing the checkbook. Don Hermes comments that the only good thing that will come out of all of this is that Nicols will stop driving the Mercedes and carrying the checkbook everywhere he goes. The doorbell rings and Julia goes to answer it ... it's Nicols. He greets everyone and tells them that for a change he doesn't want anything to eat this morning (obviously he's depressed). Don Hermes tells Nicols that Betty will hand in her resignation at Eco Moda today and turn over Terra Moda ... he suggests to Nicols that he get the three-wheeler bike back out and start delivering bread for his mom's bakery or get a job because they're going to become unemployed. Betty reminds her father that after she gets back they'll figure out what to do, maybe they can even form another company. With that, she turns to Nicols and asks him for the checkbook and the rubber stamp. Nicols hands everything over and tells Betty that he hasn't written a single check. He sadly offers to take Betty to work in the Mercedes, leave it there, and he will return by foot or by bus. Noting his tone of voice, Betty tells him not to get discouraged, they will be okay, the world hasn't come to an end. After Hermes and Julia leave the room, Betty tells Nicols to take her to Eco Moda and go have the car washed because she's turning it over to Don Armando today ... he can take it back to the dealership or sell it, she just doesn't want to keep anything that belongs to Terra Moda, and that includes the computer and the cell phone. Nicols takes his watch off under the table so that Betty doesn't see (I guess that was acquired with Terra Moda's money but he doesn't want to give it back) and asks if he's got to give the suits back. Betty tells him he can keep the suits and reminds him to turn over the cell phone. Betty looks at it and asks him why it's turned off ... is it broken? Nicols says it's not and as soon as Betty turns it on, it begins to ring. Guess who it is? Right the first time! Patricia, of course. Betty wants to know if he called it quits with the 'peliteida' last night and Nicols answers that he did, she just doesn't know it yet. :o) Betty suggests that he answer the phone and let her know but Nicols tells her that he doesn't want to talk to her ever again. He morosely goes over to where her picture is and cleans the glass with his sleeve ... while Betty puts a comforting hand on his shoulder. At Eco Moda however, a flustered Patricia, upon receiving no answer and getting the voice mail, leaves a message telling Nicols that he let her down and she'll be waiting for his call. Then she says to herself that he better not even dream that he slept with her in exchange for nothing. :o)

 Daniel has asked Olarte to meet him in his office and orders him to go to the Chamber of Commerce to get some documents ... he wants to confirm the rumor that all of Eco Moda's assets have liens on them. Daniel states that he needs that information before 11:00 a.m., he wants the rumor either confirmed or denied by that time, and reminds Olarte that his job is on the line. Olarte does a quick turn around and leaves.

Marcela arrives at Eco Moda wearing sunglasses -- it's obvious that the hangover is a big one. She asks Patricia what she ordered for lunch and when Patricia gives her a clueless look, Marcela asks if she forgot to hire the waiters and arrange for the catering for today's board meeting. Patricia catches on and quickly tells her she was just going to do that and, she adds, it's inhumane of her to even mention lunch when she hasn't even had breakfast. :o) Marcela tells her that's not her problem and she wants the waiters and the menu NOW! When Marcela walks away angrily, Patricia dials Nicols' cell phone again. It rings as Nicols and Betty arrive at Eco Moda in the Mercedes. Betty picks it up and tells Nicols the peliteida is persistent ... did he give her money? Nicols tells her that he promised her money, but he didn't give it to her. Anyway, he adds, he doesn't want to talk about it ... that woman is like a dream come true, and she kissed him and hugged him ... she's very good and he surprised himself. Betty tells him that she will have to forget her starting today, just as she will have to forget Don Armando ... they are beautiful people, but they are not for them, they don't deserve them. (Way to go, Betty!) After today, she continues, they will be ugly and poor again, but with their hearts and their minds in peace. As she gets ready to get out of the car, she reminds Nicols to go wash the car, she's going to turn it in today. Since it's a rainy day, Wilson comes over with an umbrella and walks Betty over to the front door of Eco Moda while Nicols rolls down his window, glances up at the building and says, "Ay, mi Patty."

Patricia dials the cell phone again and it begins to ring as Betty exits the elevator. While she's greeting Mariana and Sandra, they notice that a cell phone is ringing and Betty takes it out of her pocket. She tells them it belongs to Nicols and he let her borrow it for the day. Patricia's ears perk up at this and she immediately hangs up, jejeje. Mariana asks her who's calling, and Betty answers that whoever it was hung up already. Mariana tells Betty that those phones have memory and she can find out who the missed calls are from. Betty mischivieously agrees and tells her that she will find out the identity of the bandit that is stealing her boyfriend. Marcela comes back out and asks Patricia where the waiters are ... Patricia swears they are on their way. Marcela then turns to Betty and ironically asks her if she has the folders ready with the ledger and Betty responds that she's on her way to start assembling them. Patricia jumps in and tells Marcela that she just arrived, she saw her with her own eyes. Marcela reminds Betty that the board meeting begins at 11:00 a.m. and everything must be ready for their arrival. Betty patiently answers that she doesn't have to be reminded and if she's late this morning is because she stayed up late last night working on the books for the meeting today. Marcela becomes even more ironic and sweetly asks Betty if she could be so kind as to get the folders ready. Betty just gives her a killer look and walks away. Marcela reminds Patricia that she needs the waiter and the menu. As she walks past her, she tells her, "Color your roots!" :o) Mariana and Sandra begin to laugh.

Betty is working in her office when Armando arrives with a smile on his face.

Armando (tenderly) -- Good morning, Betty. How are you?

Betty -- Fine, doctor, thank you, and you?

Armando -- Happy, Beatriz, extremely happy. Today will be a wonderful day. Did you finish everything that you had to do for today?

Betty -- I'm organizing the materials for the meeting and then I'll go over to the copy machine.

Armando -- That's fine. And where's the real ledger?

Betty (opening her desk drawer and taking out a folder) -- It's right here, doctor.

Armando -- Beatriz, there's no way in the world this real ledger can become mixed up with the other ones. Promise it to me, swear it to me, but please don't let them become mixed up.

Betty -- No, doctor, don't worry. In any case, when the folders are ready, I'll bring you yours before the meeting.

Armando -- Perfect. Put it in a safe place. Beatriz, today is a very important day for all of us, especially for you and for me. Because today our lives begin. I would like to for us to sit down and talk after the board meeting, when all of this is over, about important things.

Betty -- Yes, doctor. That's exactly what I was going to tell you, we have to talk when the meeting is over.

Armando (almost boyishly happy) -- Fine. Finish your work, the people are almost here, go on.

Armando gives Betty one last smiling glance as he leaves her office ... Betty's face is extremely sad. -- FREEZE!

Marcela is screaming at Patsy-Pat because the waiters and the menu aren't ready for the board meeting. Everyone is telling Marcela to calm down. The funny line tonight was when Hugo asked Patsy-Pat if she had died her roots black!!

Meanwhile, in Daniel's office------Daniel finds out through Olarte that there is a lien (seizure?) against EcoModa by TerraModa. Daniel is livid that Betty placed a lien on EcoModa.

Mario walks into Armando's office and wants to know what's happening with the financial report. Armando tells him Betty is working on it. Mario wants to know what Armando did to Betty to get her to work on it. Armando tells him to shut up and follow him. They have to talk. Marcela walks by them and gives Armando an icy greeting. Mario makes his usual snide remarks about the happy couple. Armando responds that there will be no party (shower) in the evening, and no wedding. They go into Mario's office.

Armando and Mario are discussing Armando's plans to cancel the wedding. Mario tells him he can't cancel the wedding because as soon as he does Daniel Valencia will be down their throats and will want to split the company up. Armando asks why he should sacrifice his personal life for the company. Mario tells him that the company is his life as well as the life of many around him. He keeps repeating that Armando can't cancel the wedding.

Mario wants to know if it is so terrible having to marry Marcela. Armando tells him that he doesn't love Marcela. Mario reminds him that they were both aware of that from the beginning and that that didn't stop him before. Mario wants to know what has changed. Armando enumerates all of Marcela's shortcomings and repeats that he can't marry her. Mario presses Armando for the truth. Armando tells him that he is in love with Betty. The background music slows drastically like a record playing on the wrong speed (I hope all of you remember records—yes?). Calderon begins to laugh hysterically. Armando maintains an icy, cold stare. Mario walks over to Armando and says…sure…….. Just then Armando grabs Mario by his shirt collar and says "Damn it Calderon, didn't you hear me? I am in love with Beatriz Pinzon Solano with every fiber of my being!! This seduction game of kissing and making love to a woman who was so in love with me, who was so good to me, who is so special has backfired! I fell into my own trap!!" I love her. I can now accept that. I'm at peace with it. I love her and this is the best time of my life, with her." Can't you tell damn it?" (not sure about this quote)

Mario tells Armando to stop. He says to tell him what his next step is to this marvelous plan. "You dump Marcela for Betty your horrid assistant, you go public with this.", Armando tells him that he's not sure, but that he can't live his whole life hiding her. Mario tells him he didn't have the right to fall in love and to top it off, he fell in love with the wrong woman!!

Mario tells Armando that there could be no bigger insult to Marcela than to get traded in for Betty! He says that the Valencias will destroy them! Armando asks Mario if he expected to sacrifice his entire life for the business.

Mario tells Armando to look at the pros and cons of the situation (of course Betty comes up short). He tells him not to worry that he is only having a civil ceremony and that he should make Marcela happy and later on when EcoModa is back on its feet he can divorce her and run into the waiting arms of his beloved and horrid Betty! Armando's expression changes and he tells Mario, "If you ever make another negative remark about Betty, I'll kill you!" Mario says, "Sorry, sorry." Mario adds sarcastically, "I meant your beautiful Betty!"

Mario tells Armando that they (meaning Mario and Armando) can't cancel the wedding. Armando says, sure no problem, I'll just tell Betty to wait for me just in case I can get back to her. Armando looks at Mario and says, "What woman would put up with that?" Mario says "Betty." Armando grabs Mario by his shirt collar again. Mario says, "OK, OK calm down." There's a solution. We'll send Betty on a trip for a while. She should be gone for the wedding and while you're married. Mario keeps pressuring Armando until he acquiesces.

Betty tells Mariana and Sandra that she has to give the folders for the meeting to Mario and Armando. She walks over to Mario's office and overhears their conversation. She only hears the part where Armando is agreeing that she needs to go away. Betty is crushed. She walks away and starts to cry.

Armando warns Mario again that if he ever makes fun of Betty again he'll kill him. He tells him that now he knows what he (Armando) feels. He also tells Mario that he doesn't want any more sarcasm or irony. Mario has convinced Armando to go ahead with the wedding.

Betty is upset in her office. She cries out "No more, no more!" I don't have to put up with this." She tells herself that she's stupid and that Armando is a pig,. She is very distraught.

Roberto and Margarita have arrived and enter the boardroom. They notice that Marcela has been crying. After some prodding, Marcela confides in Margarita that Armando may cancel the wedding.

Betty is in her office re-reading the letter with instructions that Mario wrote for Armando when he left for Palm Beach. She tells herself that Armando never planned on canceling the wedding and that he's not changed. She re-lives all the moments with him during the past few days while reading the letter. She asks herself "What were you thinking Beatriz Pinzon? He didn't change, he only changed his tactics."

Marcela walks into Betty's office and asks her if the reports are ready for the meeting. Betty explains what she needs to do and tells her that they will be ready in 10 minutes. Marcela tells her sarcastically to let her know because if not, she can tell the board members to come back tomorrow, or better yet in two weeks! Betty repeats that they'll be ready in 10 minutes. Marcela tells her in a rather snotty tone that the meeting is at 11:00 am and if she knows what time it is. It is 11:00 am and everyone is waiting for her. Betty again tells her 10 minutes but Marcela is not to be stopped today. She is on a roll. Betty has had enough and barks out that she'll be ready in 10 minutes in a not very nice tone of voice. Marcela tells Betty, "You don't talk to me in that tone of voice you cretin!!!! I'm not in the mood to put up with your arrogance!!" Betty looks at her and says, "I' not in the mood to put up with yours either madam!" Marcela's expression changes to one of disbelief. "Just what I needed! It's evident that the two of us can't stand each other. One of us has to leave." Betty tells her not to worry that she is leaving after the meeting today. Marcela tells her, "Oh, I'm so scared." But Betty tells her that it wasn't meant as a scare. She also tells Marcela to leave her in peace so that she can get her work done. Marcela tells Betty that she should put her signature to what she plans to do because she's sure that Betty is playing a game with her. She says that Betty will go to Armando and tell him that Marcela is pressuring her to resign. Marcela tells her that she knows Betty isn't sincere but that it's okay because she's ready for anything. Betty tells Marcela not to get ready for anything but her resignation. Marcela then tells Betty that she hopes she has enough dignity to go through with her resignation because after the meeting she doesn't want to put up with her anymore. She tells Betty that she too can lose her cool just like when Betty slapped Armando, except that she can do it by throwing Betty out of EcoModa! Marcela then tells her that if Betty doesn't leave, she will. Betty throws away the doctored financial reports and begins typing her letter of resignation.

Armando is trying to write Betty's card for the day but he can't. He tells Mario that he can't write a card in the morning telling her that he loves her and then tell her in the afternoon that he is marrying another woman! Marcela comes in to tell them that the meeting is about to begin. She walks out. Armando screams that he can't stand Marcela!

Betty gets everything together to be copied. She says to herself, "Don Armando and Dona Marcela, everything is ready!"


Mario and Armando are approaching the corner and Mario is giving Armando a pep talk on how he is about to lose his position in Marcela's bed and that he needs to act like a samurai. It is important for him to convince her that the marriage will be taking place.

They finish rounding the corner and Armando looks up and standing before him is Betty, staring. Armando asks if those are the reports in her hands. (Betty is speaking in a monotone voice.) While she doesn't give a definite yes or no, she informs him that she still needs to prepare some portfolios. Armando becomes a little agitated and wants to know what is occurring because everyone is waiting in the conference room. She tells him that she needs to make a couple more photocopies and needs another ten minutes. She says, "Don't worry, we will soon be over this." Betty walks away without even glancing at Mario and Armando.

After she leaves, Mario tells Armando to be tranquil and patient. The doctored report will be ready in ten minutes and there is no problem.


Hugo (wearing the big sunglasses to help ease the pain that the light is causing him due to his hangover) is telling Don Roberto and Dona Margarita that he has received many job offers from Miami.

Armando and Mario walk in. Hugo acts frightened and calls Armando an "ogre". Armando ignores him and tries to greet his parents. Dona Margarita greets him coldly and he doesn't have an opportunity to finish greeting his father due to Don Roberto interrupting him wanting to know what is causing the delay. There is a small silence and Marcela stares at Armando. Armando tells them that Daniel and Maria Beatriz have not even arrived. Don Roberto wants to review the balance sheet while they wait. Armando tells him that Betty is on her way with it and not to worry, everything is "perfect". Marcela chimes in, "Yes, clearly, everything is perfect."

Everyone in the conference room (Don Roberto, Dona Margarita, Armando, Guiterrez, Hugo, Marcela, and Mario) sit down. Hugo (feeling the slight tension in the room) makes a joke about how as he sat down he felt as if he were in an elevator, since the chair went down when he sat. Armando covers Marcela's hand with his and turns over to her and tells her not to worry because that evening there will be a "turning over of the gifts" as he promised and the day after tomorrow the wedding. He asks that she put a smile on her face. She gives him a small smile. Dona Margarita tells him that they never thought that it would be any other way and Don Roberto tells him that they would never have forgiven him. (Marcela looks happy with herself, grinning.)

loveneha_r Goldie

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thanks so much!
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thnxx starryskies sooo much!! Big smileBig smile
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