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A Day In The Life Of Gunjan Shergill- Oneshots

AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:17am | IP Logged

Hey Guys! 

Well i am back with an OS =)

Sort of this came into ma mind, Gunjan continuing her Job in Excel as a counsellor.

A Day In The Life Of Gunjan Shergill

The mini garden of Excel College twinkled like a bed of studded diamonds as the sun rays fell on the rain soaked wet grass. Cool breeze flowed and the tress swayed in rhythm, as the rustle of the leaves and the whisper of the wind sang its own beautiful tune to the delighted students of Excel.

The weather left its imprint on the hearts of every young pupil, as they brimmed with joy, enjoying the beauty of nature.

Though how remarkably pure and blissful it was, it failed to touch a lonely soul seated alone on one of the benches of Excel garden.

It tried to charm the young girl's heart by blowing her silky black hair away, tickling her soft skin, letting the wet grass rustle under her bare feet and the moist air clung to her skin, yet it failed.

Angry and disappointed it flowed back and forth not willing to give up, how could a soul ignore the pure bliss it offered? How could it remain untouched by its beauty? The girl had unknowingly challenged the pride with which the wind blowed and the sun warmed the earth, as time passed by it continued to blow ruthlessly, in its own pride it assumed the girl had no heart or soul, for how could it's charm and beauty go amiss?


Neither the nature nor the girl wanted to answer- was it nature's pride or the girl's heart broken here? Or Both?

You my reader must be curious by now, you see the girl did have a heart which seemed to beat at the normal rate and the nature did have its charm as seen on the delighted faces of the pupil of Excel and the girl's heart once did wish for a glorious weather and the beauty of the nature, and her heart would often sing and she did hope on every grey cloud for a droplet of water, the rain to softly touch her skin and cast the magic it always did, yet today''today when  the girl's heart and nature met, in the hopes and wishes...everything seemed wrong and her world had already come crashing down.

 She was a girl of desires, hopes and wishes, she was normal, she was human, she did love fairytales and she did dream, but that's where it all ended or seemingly began. She dreams yet the real world is too hard upon her, holding her under its hard and raw clutches, keeping her at bay'from getting lost in her world of dream and desires. Good or Bad even she didn't understand.

Life seems pretty hard at times, Its not always easy to forgive, forget and live, its not easy to say Goodbyes either, yet it always happens and nature forces itself upon every many forms namely  smiles, tears or Joy'

Nature didn't have anymore patience for it could neither ignore the girl's untouched soul nor could it change it. The girl licked her lips, and felt them stung, her lips were parched, she pressed them together blinking fast, her throat burned as a scorching pain shot through, her eyes numbed as she took a deep breath, the cool breeze felt like an iron clamped punch into her chest.

"There's no tax on smiling Ash" Gunjan chimed in her soft chirpy voice as she sat next to her student in the now empty garden.

"And is there any reason for me to smile?" Ash asked her mouth went dry as she stared at gunjan's glowing face, her vibrant smile. She felt stung again and looked away.

"Yes" Gunjan replied resting her back on the bench as she kicked off her sandals and digged her heels in the moist sand. "Just try and feel" she breathed softly closing her eyes, on not getting a reply she straightened "Okay tell me one thing" she began "Do we really need a reason to smile? Can't we be happy? Life isn't that hard,"

"Yeah right" Ash scoffed

"Yes that is right, if it gives us hard times, so does happy one's'sometimes the balance gets disturbed ofcourse"

"You kidding?" she rolled her eyes.

"Okay then tell me why is life hard?"

"You know that"

"How about we do it again? U don't mind repeating yourself right?" gunjan smiled.

"Life Is Unfair" Ash sighed. Gunjan nodded in response and agreed "Yes"

"you know why" ashwini murmured

"yeah very unfair, expecting a 19 yr old to keep her sister alive by giving a part of herself away every now and then that's very harsh"

"No, I mean'.i don't know" she bent forward letting her shoulders fall, gunjan waited in silence for her to continue.

"I am so selfish" ash murmured, a strand of her hair trailed down caressing her cheek.

"why would you say that?" Gunjan asked surprised.

"If I say I don't want to do this anymore?" she asked her voice constricted.

"that's understandable" Gunjan nodded placing her chin on her palm as she bent forward to peer at Ash's eyes "but nevertheless I would ask- why?"

"Let's see because I deserve to have a life...does that count?" ash spoke her voice heavy with sarcasm.

"and what is life?" gunjan asked.

"Life" Ash frowned "It's about our dreams, hopes and aspirations, its about how I want to live, what I want to do, want to be'"

"what part is not living upto your expectations?"

"I always wanted to study abroad and then work, help my parents, my sister too, help myself'but I cant do that...none of it can happen'because..."ash choked on her words.

"do you feel you are neglected, unimportant?" gunjan blinked.

Ash nodded in response "It's all about her"

"your sister?" gunjan whispered

"Yeah" ash continued in a detached tone "Her medication, her life, her future, that's all everyone's bothered about, they don't care if they ruin my life in the process"

"you think they are ruining your life, but they do care ash, they got u admission in excel, one of the best college in Mumbai, they love you too"

Ash shook her head and her face finally crumpled revealing her true condition.

Gunjan cupped ash's hands in her own and peered at her "you can tell me"

"they didn't do it for me" ash muttered her voice thick as the lump in her throat intensified. "It was for her, my sister, so that I don't leave, they knew if they got me admission in a nice college I wont be able to leave"

Gunjan sighed rubbing ash's hand gently as she continued "Her body is giving away, the doc says she won't survive for long" ash's voice broke, it took a few more seconds for her to be able to continue. "I have never refused for anything, all these years she needed my blood, I had to go through various surgeries, medications n so many problems, but I didn't mind a bit of it, coz giving away a part of me meant giving her a life"

"and that was very brave of you " gunjan murmured soothingly.

"but now'now when I know there's no fighting it" ash continued as tears flowed freely "now she wants my kidney, it is going to affect me too, but'I don't know'I cant'I mean'its not going to work, she is dying there and i'"

"sshshsh" gunjan hushed her "u don't need to complete, I get what you mean"

she had paled at this new revelation, her mind numbed as ash's words continued to ring in her ears. The cold wind blowed now ripping her heart too, as the world swiveled around her, the garden which had been glowing a while ago now held a dim look as the clouds blocked the sun and the wind continued to blow with greater force, no more merry.

"I don't know what to do, I know am being so selfish" Ash moaned resting her head on her palms.

"you are not" gunjan interrupted tugging at ash's hands to make her look up, she pulled her face by the chin and made her look up.

"you my dear are the bravest girl I have ever come across, since the age of 14 you have been a donor to your sister, how can you be selfish?"

Ash shook her head "I did it coz she's my sister, but now her life costs mine and the worst part is that it works the other way too"

"I understand" gunjan whispered "I will talk to your parents , I wont allow this to happen, if this continues your parents will make the mistake of ruining two lives, your parents are challenging destiny. Have you ever wondered how your sister must feel? Whether she liked your sacrifice? "

"I don't know" ash's voice quivered "I don't want to be the reason of her death"

"my dear you have been the very reason for her life"

"I don't know if I can-"

"-whether you can do this? Take a stand for yourself?" gunjan completed for her to which she nodded in response.

"don't worry, am here for you" gunjan smiled softly squeezing her hand in assurance.

Ash stared off at a distance as gunjan's words echoed in her ears, somewhere it soothed her heart. She wont be responsible for her sister's death, she wasn't being selfish.

The clouds cleared as the sunrays fell on the garden of excel once again, the cool breeze was gone taking away with it the numbness of the young girl's heart.

"Come with me" gunjan smiled offering her hand, she took it confused.

"See everyone" Gunjan murmured staring at the entrance of excel from where students where now filing out.

"Each and everyone has their right to live and no one has the right to take that away from us, about going abroad" she turned to stare at ash "I assure you that excel is one of the finest college, about the latter I will talk to your parents, if needed I will take a stand for you, I promise you wont be forced in anyway."

Ash smiled genuinely hearing gunjan's words; after what seemed like years her heart softened towards someone'.her guide, her mentor- Gunjan Shergill.

"You are the best" Ash smiled giving gunjan a one-armed hug.

Gunjan's cell rang interrupting them.

"Oops" she grinned a big one "excuse me ashwini, it's my hubby"

I luvd Ash as most of u knw, so i tried this was randomn, guess I'll write more on similar lines, like another day in her life as a counsellor;  i.e. if u guys like this one, or the basic idea..i mean...

So pls review=)

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..Enchanteur.. IF-Sizzlerz

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well come back zj zeeruTongue
res vill edit soonWink

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CandYlicious_S IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:31am | IP Logged
Awwww.. Such a different and lovely OS zee!! Cool Hug Hug 

Thats wat i love about ur writings that they are exceptionally unique..  Embarrassed Cool  Hats off to you.. Clap

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XDevilsDesireX IF-Rockerz

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RES Good to see you back Zeeru Hug

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-Akriti- IF-Rockerz

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AttractiveAdya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Hey  Zee  Hug

long   time  no  see.....
The  OS  was  very  well  described!
Gunjan's  help  to  Ash  and  the  bond  between  the  two  was  portrayed  extremely  well!!Clap
Ash's  sister  survives  on her  and  the  way  Ash  had  been  selfless  for  most  of  the  time   was  something  I  admired!  
A  person  has  to  become  selfish  at  times  so  it's  okay!:)

Luv  Adya! Hug

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AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Waiting for u guys to UnresLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m glad to be here again=)

@Adya- yeah dear, i wasnt well, missed u guys so muchHug m glad u liked the OS, i think something like tht happens around, how it is to be a donor, i srsly admire those people! n i felt tht i shud write an OS on tht, glad tht it was clear, was quite worried Lol u knw me, I guess Ash had to finally think abt herself, it was her life at stake too, n then why fight destiny n ruin the other's life as well...just a piece of fiction.
Glad u liked it=) thnks for the luvly review luv ya! :*:*

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karantakiar Goldie

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Hey awsm yar,it ws fantastic.plz write mre.
luvly yar too gud.
luv u

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