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Telepathy and Love (maan geet) #1 (Page 142)

Kawaljeet1 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
i guess its maan arjun and adi

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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Happy Valentines day shruti please aaj geet ko utha dena

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by princessdiana

i guess its maan arjun and adi
3 downLOL
the convo will be in the update next to today's
smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by heermeher

Happy Valentines day shruti please aaj geet ko utha dena
I'll try to bring her back
let's see if I canSmile

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
when will u be updating 2day???

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Part 30

'Easy Geet easy' thought Maan: Adi I told you its enough I can't come, or say I am not coming

Shiv enters the room, and surprised to see a stranger
{Shiv does not know people from Maan's side, remember}


A: but sir, they will go to the court and then we'll be shredded

M; no more discussions, let the company go to hell, I don't care, the only thing I care for is her, she is my only concern, go Adi before I loose my temper,
A: I am not going any where without you, (he shouted at Maan for the first time since he joined the KC, he was a friend of his during the school days but the moment he stepped in the KC he always maintained a decorum)
M: (stunned) you, Adi you are raising your voice in front of me
A: yes, Maan, I have had enough of your immature behavior since last 1 month and I can't tolerate the fact that you are loosing your mind.
M: tolerance, same here Adi I will not tolerate to be bossed


Maan'''' Maan''.

Shiv sprang and ran behind the curtain so did Adi, hearing some one call Maan again
By seeing their reactions he realized that she was not thinking but calling out to him.
He reached near her with trembling steps.


Adi was shocked to see Geet lying in the hospital bed.

A: dr. what happened to Geet?
S: she's in coma, wait you know her?
A: of course I do, she works for KC here and apart from that she is a sponsored student.


Maan stood there breathing hard just staring at her fragile figure,

her skin has become translucent he thought and all this because of his negligence, how stupid he has been, he should have thrown Raj behind the prison earlier,
he had all the proofs, what was he waiting for, for him to attack her, OMG

Geet became restless hearing his self cursing.

Shiv dragged him to her,
Adi was in a trance thinking was Maan talking about her recovery but how did he know her,
he never showed any interest in meeting her, or was it because he always knew her.
I still remember when I gave him that paper clipping he was looking at it so intently and also asked me how she looked.
I never paid attention to the question, but may be he met her later, he came out of his thoughts when he heard Shiv
S: Maan she's calling you, hold her hand
Maan held her hand and sat near her as if in a trance
Shiv was confused he had thought that when she will come back he will jump with joy but here he was quite.
S: if I am correct you must be Adi,
A; yes
S: can you please call Arjun and tell him she's back and Maan's very quite
Adi sensing the urgency of his voice and witnessing the sudden quietness of Maan called Arjun immediately and within minutes Arjun was there
S: hey Arjun she, she called Maan twice
A (interrupted); no, four times, before you came she called him twice.
Ar: hey, Adi what are you doing here
S: he was having a hot argument with Maan
Ar: are you sure? he, I mean  he was having a hot argument and that too with Maan?
S: yes
A: yes, some office problem
Ar: and between that you heard her calling
A: yes, but I never knew someone was in the room so I thought my ears were ringing as the sound was very feeble
S; yes and when he shouted on Maan she called his name
Ar: you shouted on Maan
Adi looked every where but Arjun
S: yes and he was saying "Maan, I have had enough of your immature behavior since last 1 month and I can't tolerate the fact that you are loosing your mind."
Ar; seems some serious office problem, hey Adi why don't you tell Geet about it
A: what? But she's in coma, and how can she ...
Ar: yes, but she will hear you, and be sure will convince Maan to come with you
A: ok if you say so, but how these two people know each other, I don't think they ever met
Ar: you are right, I will explain everything but first talk to her, discuss your problem with her, and remember all the things that Maan knows she knows everything, she is Maan's mind and soul
S: but how will that help
Ar: look Shiv, she has known him all through her life and she knows how important KC is for him, she knows the efforts he had put in to make in a big firm and she will never tolerate negligence of work many times I have witnessed in past that at times when he wavered she gave him strength, and today again she will come back for him.
Ar: Adi go ahead talk to her, she knows you
A: of course she knows me, I was the one who went to her with the sponsorship papers, and you know Arjun she recognized me immediately as if she has always known me, once when Maan scolded me for nothing she said that I should always remember that I am his buddy first and employee later, and that he trusts me more than himself. At that time I asked her how she knew that we were in school together, she told me she knows everything and everything means everything
(He nods his head in confusion)
Ar: I will answer all your questions but first talk to her
A: hi Geet, Adi here, hope you recover soon, Geet sorry to disturb nut this issue needs immediate attention, you know Mr. Chopra the one who helped KC bag the government project on multi task housing, and you must also be aware that how much Mr. Ch means to KC, and apart from this how insistent he always is that all the meetings etc, should be personally be attended by Maan himself and not his representatives, last month when we had a meeting Maan was here I suppose with you, some how Sasha managed the scene and last week day after Anvesha's marriage he had to attend the investors meeting with him and he was no where to be found this mad the man really angry, now day after tomorrow he has again arranged  for the meeting and has said that Maan should be there an dif he misses this meet he will take him to court and also will hold the project and apart from this will ask for a stay on our other projects in which any of the common investors are involved, and you know what that means not only monetary loss but also our reputation will be on stake. And if what Maan said to me then he will not come to Delhi unless you recover, Geet please come back, come back Geet, it's not only Maan but lot many life's involved. Geet wake up


Nothing happened Shiv has recorded the whole conversation

Arjun thanked Adi and left the room taking him out, once out he told Adi everything about Maan and Geet, Adi was stunned
In the room
Shiv replayed the CD twice, on the second chance Geet flinched and called
Maan'''.. Maan''''water''''.Maan


Shiv crossed his fingers but seeing that Maan was just staring at her, gave him the glass of water and said Maan she is thirsty give her some water

Maan took the glass and extended it to her
S: she is not well, Maan you will have to lift her and make her drink the water
While Maan lifted her and helped her drink water Shiv removed all the instruments and tubes, he freed Geet.
S: now, Geet all is in your hands, you have to remain conscious else Maan will go in trance never to come back, you have to be strong, you are his strength
G: Shiv, Maan
S: open your eyes Geet see I am here and he is also here
She slowly opened her eyes and saw his blank eyes, she very well knew he was going through self hatred, she read his thoughts where he was cursing himself for her situation;
She squeezed his hand and said Maan, you are too hot, I mean handsome (she blushed)
{Have you forgotten darlings she has not yet seen him}
M (surprised): you are really back, you are not my imagination
G: can't you feel me (she cupped his face)
(Shiv left the room, closing it behind, he very well knew if something went wrong Maan will yell so loudly that the whole hospital will be by her side in a second)
He hugged her tight and tears rolled down his eyes, he was not just happy but overwhelmed by the fact that he was holding a conscious Geet in his arms;
She winced in pain, he suddenly realized he was holding her too tightly, he loosened hid grip, and pulled her looking in her eyes, and both were lost in each other
{Imagine MAHI playing in the background}
After some time he came out of the intense wave just to ride on another wave of desire, his eyes traveled from her eyes to her pale lips,
He thought oh! How much I want to taste them
She blushed they may taste like medicine
Shall I try?
Go ahead I am all yours
He took her trembling li''
{Wait Winkdarlings you have to imagine all this as this FF is not an adultAngry one so no passionate Embarrassedscenes will narrated''.. you have to imagine}LOL


Outside the room


It has been an hour and Rano was unable to understand that why these two stupid doctors are not allowing her to enter the room,

she just pulled herself up and rushed inside the room not giving the men any chance to stop her.
Once she was in she was embarrassed to witness the scene; to her horror her daughter was sitting on Maan's lap and the two were K*G {no such stuff allowed here}LOL
she just turned around and coughed no reaction was found then she called GEET and next moment Geet was on the bed and Maan was standing near the window


don't think they are not fast dear
in the next part I will explian
how they realised their love for each other
and about what Geet said to Maan
of course dear
here she is dying to see him
and on the other hand he is cursing himself
what can she do then cry
no ways
she was mentally alert all the time
... if you find something disturbing do write and if you find it nice encourage me by commenting and of course by hitting that LIKE BUTTON

pls continue commenting, it feels really nice to read you all

don't ever forget to hit the like button, the silent readers it takes only a second to hit it, so pleeeaaassseee hit the like button whenever you like the update



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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
it was really awsome one yaar..loved it ..finally geet is back !!

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 8:12am | IP Logged
yeahhh....geet came back...Party everything will be back to normal....
these 2 were very fast...geet ke hosh me aate hi shuru....LOL
abhi ye aalam hai to aage kya hoga...LOL
no precap....Unhappy

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