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Breathless ~2~...Note! Page 34 (Page 6)

nidz n Senior Member
nidz n
nidz n

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
amazing...u r bak with da bang...waiting for more updates...plzz dont make uz wait for da next 7

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sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...Aphrodite...

Aww I haven't heard from you for so long! THANK YOU for all the sweet's nice to be back! This chapter was actually my hardest thank you for liking it! Oh god I've been there done that with the headphones lol...i just did it now with my parents! I love Rahul's protective side...he's really good at being firm but soft.
The crab asana is the only intricate yoga move I can do which is why i included it! friends at college make of me for it so that's where that came from! lol You're an RMian i know i know...I hope you liked thier development this chapter. There's a definite attraction! I like Muskaan because she can be completely crazy and dramatic but she's down to earth and caring as well. Haha..glad you liked the thought!!
I like your prediction for the next chapter!...haha...we'll see Wink
The ending! I just didn't know how to end this chapter! lol...i'm happy you mentioned it!
Aww thank you for your compliments...Ive been gone for so long that I'm not deserving! I like DE...I'm home for winter and can't wait to go back to college. Had a great semester =) everything's well and mummy is actually taking a nap as I type this so I'd say everything's well haha! Nice hearing from you...I love love love long comments! This was soo much fun to read...keep em coming xxx

I knoww! been agess. Wanted to contact you.. but had no other way to contact you except through IF. But I'm glad your back now! Don't vanish on us now haha, or at least let us know you're alright!
Exactly, he is protective, but he isn't aggressive in his ways.. he is willing to hear people out before deciding what to do.
Ohh ok. I only know the surya asana.. and a few others, but don't know the sames lol. But I've never come across this on, shall check it out on Google.
I loved their progression in this chapter, and love how their story is moving perfectly. It started out with feelings for each other, and then Muskaan being there for Rahul as he trusted her with his past, and now the story is moving ahead. I absolutely LOVE it!!

Ohh don't be so modest.. if I hadn't written an ff for this long.. the part i came back with would be major crap! haha .. you you did a brilliant job of it! And one main thing I adore about your ff, is that you incorporate everyone! Generally the ff will have more of one couple.. and the other couples will only show up when needed.. but you give everyone equal space.. and each couple has a story of their own!

I used to live in DE before I moved to texas, and it's a nice place.. calm and quiet. Which uni do you go to? Glad to hear the everything is going well with you!
And about the long comments.. you just have so much in your ff that, I haveee to tell you about it all, and probably would have told more if I wasn't typing up the comment just as I woke up hehe.

Glad to have you back gorgeous! Keep writing and making us smile :)

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kd_luv Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
omg omg omg i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soooo sooo happy to see this an updae after like wat seemed lik ages !!!!
god i missed breathless...!!
grl u rock man this wwas gr8 ...plz dnt disappear again ..i cant deal wid the gap again !!
i loved the part .....super job !!

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liveforever Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
YAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! YOU"RE BACKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome PART!!!!!!

ReAlly well done!!
Please do update soon1

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awarapan. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
I'm sort of on cloud nine at the moment. I can't believe it, the 7  month wait is finally over! Oh my. I can't believe it :$ Thank you SO much for returning back to the FF and continuing it. It never felt like you ever left with Chapter 14 being so "Friggin fantastic" I'm in awe of your writing, I really, really, really am. Thanks so much for retuning and writing such an absolutely amazing update. Every aspect of it was so amazing, and it was so worth waiting for. Though I personally am craving for MUCH more, as I write. I've read the chapter about three times now, and I'll be reading it for the fourth very soon. You write so gracefully, so elegantly and so flawlessly, I'm sort of really jealous. I commend you; this update was top notch!

As for the details, it's my favourite part! :$
Don't get scared by my essay-like comment, please! Teheee.

I have to say, I love the way you give a brief but subtle overview on all of your characters, and that you don't forget them, nor do you sidetrack and only focus on one couple. I LOVE how you give an inside scoop of what they're actually thinking, and what they're feeling. I've come to love all of the characters individually, and as a couple, and gang. They're all portrayed so well, and I still do see some connections with DMG1, which I adore. I'm seriously in LOVE with this FF. I've been craving more for the longest time, and you updated. Thank you, once again!

Some of my favourite moments of Chapter 14: "See, while other girls turned to chocolate, ranting conversations with their best friends and excessive amounts of alcohol to relieve their stress... Riddhima worked out. Listening to good music, feeling the brisk air on her cheeks and enduring the burn in her legs was the way she released her frustration." - I love the way you're so descriptive and so intriguing! Your writing has a certain edge to it, which just makes me want so much more. I love love love that you made Ridhima not like every other girl out there, and that you gave Ridhima herself a subtle edge. I love that!

Another part which I absolutely adored was:
His fingers looped around her head phones as he gave them a gentle tug, freeing the buds from her ears and sending loud music spilling into the air around them. He leaned into her. "Can you hear me now?" I really loved that. Just the subtle interaction between Armaan and Ridhima was so awe worthy! I seriously loved that little bit between the two. Their interaction doesn't have to be big, or anything like that, just a little touch gives the bigger picture, which is so amazing. I hope I'm making sense? I'm not too sure, I'm just thinking and writing, haha.

 Another moment which I absolutely loveeeeed was:
"Damn Riddhima...are you trying to make all the guys here pass out?" Rahul quipped as he looked around obviously noticing the attention she was receiving and shook his head. Riddhima laughed nervously, "I didn't know the guys in Goa were so.... attentive." Armaan rolled his eyes.... keep it in your pants boys.I swear that was SO hilarious, I was legit laughing super hard. I couldn't get over Armaan's remark, and it was so apt for the situation. Considering the Casanova Armaan is, I couldn't believe this was coming from him. Oh God, it was an awesome moment between the boys and Ridhima. I love love loveeeee they way you incorporate the gang's interactions so well. It's one thing we lost after the end of DMG1, and I love that it's alive somewhere.

"Definitely definitely page 92." Armaan stated in between laughs. "Damn Anjali...we all know you'd be flexible in bed. You don't need to show it off to all your admirers." Anjali gasped and within a split second she came crashing to the ground like a house of cards. "Woah soldier down!" Atul yelled as she writhed on the yoga mat in pain.LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Oh. My. Gosh. I was laughing so hard, omg. I LOVED that part. I definitely loved this part. Coming from Atul that was absolutely hilarious. I think I loved that part a bit too much. And just the fact that Armaan still can piss Anjali off so bad, is absolutely hilarious. Running in with his dirty sex jokes, and Anjali's fall, Oh godddddd - it was a completely epic moment! I loved this little bit between the three A's! Ah, so amazing.

"Oh and next time...try a tank top. You're more than a little distracting in that." He confessed playfully. I loved this little interaction between Rahul and Muskaan. I couldn't get over how much of a flirt they both are! Ah, it made me smile seeing some RM interaction after so long! I really liked the fact that they could be so serious, but so witty and playful all at the same time. It was a really cute moment, but the intensity behind Rahul's words were so awe worthy! I'm really in love with the way you write, hun. I cannot seem to get over it :$

 "Are both of you hearing yourselves speak? We've got exhibit A walking around in her bra displaying a glistening set of abs." She heatedly pointed at Muskaan. "...and we've got exhibit B sprinting on a treadmill like she's on the set of Baywatch." She pointed at Riddhima who gasped animatedly." LOL, HAAHAHHAHHAHAHA. I love love loveeeeeee Anji's witty remaks. Oh my god. I was laughing throughout most of this chapter, and smiling like a fool while I read the sweet interactions. Your updates leave me breathless, they really really do! I was so shocked at Anji saying that to both Muskaan and Ridhima, and I couldn't agree anymore. Oh man, it was possibly one of THE best bits of this chapter! I love you so much! Ahhhh.

"I told him what took me in to your room, sexually harassed me and now I am forever scarred and will never be the same again." she said nonchalantly."I woke you up when you were on the chair and you kept whispering, "Take me Armaan, take me now." and when I said no you kept throwing yourself at me. When that failed you got in to my bed and tried to undress yourself, I stopped you and then you eventually fell asleep," he told the story animatedly, trying his best to conceal any inkling of what actually happened. Now THIS was my FAVOURITE part of the whole chapter. I couldn't get over how witty, smart and playful these two are to each other. Despite the sexual frustration between them both, their interactions are absolutely hilarious, and I commend you for that! I was in awe of this little bit, and I was laughing really hard. I was grinning like a fool as I read Armaan's inner thoughts of Ridhima, and vice versa. I loved loved loved the way they both have so much naughtiness, but at the same time, they're so childish! I love how Armaan gets hesitant and nervous around Ridhima, and how Ridhima just craves to be touching/feeling him! LOL. It was such a cute little moment between the two, and I'm craving so much MORE. Stop tarpoing us D:


I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the way you write. I want to read so much more with the next chapter, PLEASE don't leave it for another 7 months, omg. I need some sort of relief from the stress of everyday life, please? I loved this chapter, it felt like you really never left! Update soon, love. I eagerly await another chapter! Thank you so much for this beautttt! <333

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-RabiaKSGKaJen- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
Amazing Update 
Continue Soon

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Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 January 2007
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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
Congratulations on reaching your second thread!! I only started reading your FF sometime last week (well I caught up with the entire thing in like 2 hours LOL and then read it all over again few nights back too haha)... You're an amazing writer and Breathless has undoubtedly become my favourite FF!

AAAAH THE UPDATE :D First off...I can't say how excited I got to see that you updated LOLL I had a horrible and irritatingly interrupted sleep last night...and after 2hrs of finally falling asleep peacefully, I woke up to the sound of the hoover (as you can imagine that was NOT FUN LOL) but as soon as I checked my phone and saw 2-3 wallposts on my FB with everyone telling me BREATHLESS IS saved me from killing someone LOL you saved my morning!!!!  LOL So I read the update on my phone this morning but the stupid thing wouldn't let me log into my I-F account...thus I had to wait to comment! -_-

Chapter 14: Sweat and Sports Bras 

I love the way you've taken the setting of a GYM! I honestly dont think I've seen that one in an AR FF before =)) Atleast not one I've read. Love the relationship the girls's so nice to see how Riddhima's fit in so well with the gang and she's already so friendly with Anj & Muski! I literally ROFL'd at Riddhima's question: "Did they spray viagra in the air or something?" ROFL

- - "while other girls turned to chocolate, ranting conversations with their best friends and excessive amounts of alcohol to relieve their stress... Riddhima worked out. Listening to good music, feeling the brisk air on her cheeks and enduring the burn in her legs was the way she released her frustration."
^ Now THAT was quite inspiring LOL I think I might just start making more use of that gym membership of mine! :D

I don't know what it is about the way you write, Aphrodite, but you really bring the smallest moments alive! Even something as simple as Riddhima drinking water or putting the lid on her bottle of water LOL it all seems so clear in my mind while reading...It's as though it's really happening. You have an amazingly natural flair for writing. AHH I can't help but randomly add a huge thanks to Mira here, for recommending this FF to me LOL!

I love how the slightest touch from Armaan makes her lose her mind Embarrassed I don't think I'll ever love a love story as much as that of Armaan-Riddhima...actually, I'm sure of it. And FF's like yours make me fall even more in love with them!!

The way you allow us to know what the characters are thinking and feeling, as well as what they're saying, brings them to life even more. I love how we know what's going on in their hearts and minds, even if it's different to what they're voicing!

"I'm hot and sticky and unbelievably gross."
Armaan scoffed at her last two words....
Oh okay Riddhima.

Riddhima laughed nervously, "I didn't know the guys in Goa were so.... attentive."
Armaan rolled his eyes.... keep it in your pants boys.

^ LMFAOOOOOOOO!! One does kinda wonder whether Armaan's advice here is for the other guys or himself ;)

Seeing how friendly and easy Atul/Rahul are around Riddhima, and yet there's that slight tension between Armaan-Riddhima even though they have become friends...lights the chemistry between AR on fiiiire! I LOVE that tension!

Armaan-Rahul's convo, with Rahul being slightly protective over Riddhima and wondering what she was doing in Armaan's room, was adorable! Armaan & Rahul's friendship is really cuute and real!

"I much as you like to think I'm some kind of sex fiend. I can control myself, believe it or not." Armaan rolled his eyes at him.

"Definitely definitely page 92." Armaan stated in between laughs. "Damn Anjali...we all know you'd be flexible in bed. You don't need to show it off to all your admirers."

Atul-Anjali's segment was adorable and Rahul-Muskaan's track is even cuter! Honestly, I'm a diehard AR fan and never read FF's of other couples...However, I've read every word of Breathless! Including the parts on RM/AA/AN...and they're equally well written. So hats off to youu! I found the part with Anji doing yoga HILARIOUS LOL I was in bed LOL'ing (like actually laughing out loud LOL)!

Riddhima thinking of Armaan in the shower was Embarrassed /tehe I'm guessing that she, like Armaan, will also start realising there are some feelings there now ;) I LOOOOOOVED Armaan & Riddhima's little banter outside the changing room...Especially Riddhima's lie/joke about what she told Rahul ROFL! Armaan reacting, to her asking how she ended up in his bed, in a comic way rather than seriously..was totally Armaan!!

The chapter had the perfect balance of cuteness and hotness ;) I laughed lots and yes, I blushed (credit to Armaan) LOL Thank you thank you thank youu for updating! And I hope you update a bit more regularly Embarrassed because this FF has become really special to me. I guess after DMG ended ('my' DMG ended back in Sept2009) Breathless is one of the few things keeping alive the undeniable and unmatchable magic of AR's love for me! Taaake care, lots of love and PLEASE be back soon LOL! xx

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...Aphrodite... Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AmaanKiDeewani

Shrina, Shrina, Shrina..


In your words , it was : friggin fantastic ;) 

hehee :P

I totally LOVED it! I was laughing and smiling all the way thro this part! AHH it feels so good to READ this amazing FF! yes yes! I totally loved it!<3

All the couples, I swear are so cute! hehe I love them :D 

Btw, you did leave me Breathless after this part..;)

Hope you can update soon! =) 

Haha! Hey girl! Your comment had me smiling! I'm glad I could make you felt so good to post this chapter up!! I'd be lying if I said I had fun writing all of it as I was so nervous! Couldn't get the hang of it...but certain scenes were a lot of fun to write. I'm glad you loved it nonetheless and I'll try to update as soon as possible! thank you xx

Originally posted by bushrayou

havnet even read it yet but SOO EXCITED!! yay!! you're BACK! cant wait to read! guaranteed great read!
thanks for coming back!!

Haha!! I am back and I'm glad to be!! let me know what you think of it once you're done!! Thank you for makes me happy that you're so excited lol!!

Originally posted by pinkss

Hey Shrinzii...
awesummm update dear....
m really glad 2 see u back....
Breathless's one of ma fav. FF's....i'v been a silent reader of ur FF.....waiting eagerly 4 ur updates all the tym.....last tym i read it...u promised 2 give an update soon...but u neva showed up aftr it Confused
plzz update it more frequently....hope all's well now Smile
n if add me 2 ur PM list .....
tc....lots n lots of love
JIA Smile

Hey Jia! Thank you soo feels great to be back! it's so flattering for me to hear that Breathless is one of your favorite ff's..there has to be thousands here on IF! I know..I got really busy after my last promise to update soon but don't worry! I'm here now! lol I'll try my best to update more frequently...are you not on my buddy list? I'll have to check that...i recognise your should be on my PM list already. I'll take care of it...thank you for commenting Jia! xx

Originally posted by diyaa1pk


Comment soon Diyaa!

Originally posted by asma_227

Plz add me to the pm list.
This ff is amazing.
I loved this soooooooooooooooooooooo much.........
AR are just amazing.  

I'll definitely add you to my buddy list if you're not on there already! Don't worry about it! Thank you soo much for your love and appreciation...I can tell you're new. Welcome to Breathless! I love AR too...hope fully I'll see more of you over my future updates!! Thank you xx

Originally posted by ahenseven

Hey!! I don't think you'll remember me cause I got to read your amazing fic only after you had finished thirteen chapters .. I was just randomly going through the forum and then suddenly I see breathless 2 and I am like when did that happen .. You won't believe how excited I got .. U finally updated .. Thanks a lot .. Coming to the update it was awesome like always .. How did you even think it won't be up to the mark .. I just love love the way you write .. The way u switch between scenes and incorporate all characters in our update is so amazing .. I think I have already mentioned this but I adore the one liners you give at the end of your updates and oh how can I forget your titles .. How do you come up with such lovey ones everytime .. Hope all is fine with your mom and your all settled-down .. Btw which course are you doing?? .. Please do pm me with your next update if possible .. Eagerly waiting for more and also for your replies .. Hope it's sometime soon .. Take care .. Loads of love neha Smile

I actually remember you very well believe it or not! I have a pretty good memory when it come to comments! Though I was shocked to see you weren't on my PM list...I took care of that straight away! lol Thank you for being so excited...i was excited to finally be here posting up a chapter. I try my best to make the story flow even though there are soo many scenes changes between the couples. Haha! The one liners and the titles are the most fun to create so thank you for appreciating them! My mum's a-okay...she's eating some spring rolls right now lol. I'm pretty much settled and I'm doing pre-medicine/biological sciences! Grr hard work! I'll try my best to reply as soon as possible to all the comments I got in the first thread plus updating the next chapter! Thank you for our support honey...I hope to see more of you! xx

Originally posted by lil_desi_goddes

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! you finally updated, and what an update, the part was absolutely amazing!! please do continue soon gorgeous!!  

This is so funny! You were my first ever comment and you're still following my fanfic! Amazing! Thank you so much!! Thank you for appreciating it...I definitely appreciate you! I'll continue as soon as I can, thanks again for the support!!

Originally posted by rising_angel

nice ...part..but this time plz continue soon ....

thx 4 PM

Thank you! I know..I was terrible for leaving Breathless. I'll continue as soon as I can..thanks for commenting!! xx

Originally posted by Amona

congos 4 da new thraed!!!
love it
pls pm me nxt tym wen u upd8

Thank you Amona! Are you new to Breathless? I don't think i've seen you comment before. If yes, welcome! I'll add you straight away if you're not already on my buddy list so you can get a message! Thanks for commenting! xx

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