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Breathless ~2~...Note! Page 34 (Page 5)

...Aphrodite... Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kajenaliya


Comment soon honey!

Originally posted by oishi_ksg

Congratulations for the new thread..You really deserve it Big smileClap Your Breathless FF is really taking my Breath away......I Loved it This Part is also very GoodBig smile. awesomeee. Keep it up & hope you'll be regular now to updateBig smile

Thank you soo much! Haha...the title seems very fitting then! I'm glad you enjoyed the part and I'll definitely update more often now that I have time off! I really appreciate your comments! keep them coming xx

Originally posted by pinkss


Comment soon love!

Originally posted by anitamalik

AHHH Shrina I'm so glad you updated! First off, congrats on your second thread :D Your FF is seriously one of the has a proper storyline, and it flows so smoothly, and the characterizations are perfect to the dot! Thats what I look for in FF's! :D

Now coming to the part, if after seven months you give such an update, damn, I don't mind you disappearing every 7 months! LOL Okay I kid. I would die if you disappeared another 7 months, but this update was seriously amazing! I can't believe you thought that it would not be upto the mark!

I loved the whole Gym angle in this update and how you managed to jump from each of the characters..My fave bits were AR of course, but it was nice to see the interactions with RM, AA, and then the gang simultaneously.

You come up with some pretty clever lines! Some of my faves..this yoga scene was really funny, and totally imaginable! I love how you are consistent with the characters personalities, thats an amazing part of your writing!

"Because I've read Armaan's copy of the Kamasutra, and you Anjali, are the in-the-flesh replica of page 92." he chuckled.

"Definitely definitely page 92." Armaan stated in between laughs. "Damn Anjali...we all know you'd be flexible in bed. You don't need to show it off to all your admirers."


I loved the whole AR convo outside the locker room..that wittyness, oversmartness from both Ridhima and Armaan..trying to appear super cool from the outside and teasing each other, I love that a lot! It really helps to see a bond forming naturally between the two!

"I woke you up when you were on the chair and you kept whispering, "Take me Armaan, take me now." and when I said no you kept throwing yourself at me. When that failed you got in to my bed and tried to undress yourself, I stopped you and then you eventually fell asleep," he told the story animatedly, trying his best to conceal any inkling of what actually happened.

^^that was unbelievably funny!

Oh AND i absolutely love the little thoughts that go in everyones minds! lol very intriguing!

Your update has left me breathless again! <3 Loved it and hope you update super comment is like an essay :| but couldn't control myselfLOL

First off Miss Anita...apologies for not replying sooner. I saw your comments on thread one and loved them but I was on a race against time trying to get this chapter up so I couldn't reply. I'm getting to those comment slowly slowly. I'm so glad you came across this ff, I believe it was recommended to you? i might be mistaken! Anyway, you're already extremely valued by me! Your comments make me smile.
Now to this particular one...I'm trying so hard to make the story flow so thanks for noticing! it's really hard when you're chopping up your chapters with different scenes! Haha!! I don't plan on disappearing for that long again so don't worry. You're an AR fan I take it, you must have been somewhat happy with this chapter considering there was an extra focus on them after I got so many requests on 'more AR' lol. Hopefully the other couples were entertaining too!
The yoga scene is one of my favorites too! I don't now if you're familar with the story but I had actually written up chapter 14 months and months ago and somehow lost it on my computer, this was one the scenes I recreated from the original.
AR bonding was fun to write too...I'm trying to keep it as natural as possible! I love the way you quote my lets me know exactly what you like! Fantastic.
Your comment was not at all essay-like...I like them to be long!! Thanks for commenting honey and I will try to update asap!

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...Aphrodite... Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kavyaa

u updated?? like really?? m shocked & delighted at d same time...
resssssssBig smile.

Haha! That made me smile...oh yes I did!! Definitely come back and comment...I'd love to know what you thought! xx

Originally posted by Prinnia


OMG!!!ShockedShockedShocked...I am too shocked to see u Back with updateShockedShocked
HAW!!ShockedShocked..really man..Just believe meShockedEmbarrassedLOL
I pinched myself to make myself believeROFL
AnywaysTongue....Firstly...CONGRATZZZZZZZZZZZ on new threadParty Ms.LL..U know
late latif
LOLAnd and...That part was a Back with a bangWink
Loved the UpdateBig smile
Totally funnyLOLLOL..amazing and marvelousTongue
Keep continue
and this time plzz soon manOuch
will be waitingWink
Thanks for the PMEmbarrassed

love ya

Hey Prinnia honey! So nice to hear from you again! Haha...I'm back! I'm glad I was a pleasant surprise...don't pinch yourself too hard! LOL thanks for your congratulations...I'll take my new nickname happily!! Embarrassed Thank you for enjoying the part...I'm glad it made you laugh! I'll definitely continue as soon as I can...thanks for commenting. You know I love hearing from you! Love you xx

Originally posted by Armaan-KSG

Omg i must be dreaming..PLEASE pinch me :| So i just read your update in a rush since its 5 in the morning and i know i should be n im gunna wake up up tomorro and read properly and then will you give you a LONG comment :D Sounds good?
and also from what i read...loved the lil collission of AR and theyre talk at the end..and also, the lil moment between AA and RM ;)
and cant wait for the girls/guys night out? :P im sure theyre going to bump into each other..LOL

Hey lovely! I'm really sorry for not replying to your comments earlier! Not cool...I know. I was just too busy finishing up Mission Chapter 14. I wanted to thank you for all the support and your comments...they made me smile everytime! You are NOT dreaming's here...FINALLY here. Took me long enough huh? Omg..I'm flattered that you bothered reading it at 5am! That long comment sounds fabulous!! Glad you liked all the scenes between the couples...and I liked your prediction for the next chapter!! lips are Thank you for your love and come back with a comment...I want to hear more from you! xx

Originally posted by Tia_0810

loved it,......... after so many days or would say months.... loved it...

continue sooon plzzzzzzzz

Hey Tia! I know I've been gone for what seems like forever! I'm glad you liked this chapter..stay tuned for the next one...I'll update as soon as possible! Thanks for commenting xx

Originally posted by AshiYuvi4life

SHRINZIE! that was 2 days you cheater! When we were chatting, I remember somebody saying, "I have a deadline for myself. It has to be done by tomorrow." Tomorrow my butt! rofl!

OMG OMG OMG! I loved AA in this soooo much! I keep saying this but I really wish Atul had been this bold in the show. It suits him somehow. His comebacks are hilarious and he's a great match-up to Anji's feisty-ness. LOL

R-M were equally rocking as well! I think Muskaan is more responsive to Rahul's forwardness. Not to mention that Rahul IS a bit more forward in this. Timid, but forward nonetheless. I love it! mwahahahaha!

YOU! we have some stuff to discuss! Wait for my phone call, missy! or we can just skype. or fb. whatever.

I LOVED this part btw! update super soon!



Komziee!! Hey Girl!! Nooooo!! My internet's been dead slow over the past two days because of the snow! I had to use my iphone to surf the net...though I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the extra time I got to polish up the chapter!! lol
You loved AA?! Have you transformed in to Borna?! Haha!! Yeh I really wish Atul wasn't so immature in DMG...I didn't like his character at all. Yeh they're both a match made in heaven and hell it seems like from my FF..haha.
I like the flirting between're probably right about Muskaan, not forgetting she's always been a little bit more dramatic...including in my FF. I like flirty Rahul! He's sexy Wink
Ooohh fun...I'll tell you what...we'll skype. I'll catch you on fb some time and arrange a date? How about it? Thanks for the comment love :))

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qazplm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Firstly, a huge congratulations to you for opening a second threadClapPartyThis FF truly in every sense deserves to complete as many threads as it wants to. The story, the characters, the writing, the flow, the pictures....absolutely everything is applaud worthy. Shrina, your my rockstar.Hug

This part was so so sooooo amazing. I loved so many's just hard to pinpoint one. RM are really interesting, but AA truly have some crackling chemistry in your FF. And then AR, where do I start? They have such an awkward beautiful connection going on...I can't help but blush in all their parts. Armaan is so my favorite character. (more of him pretty please in the next part)

Some of the parts I loved:

"Bye" Armaan caught her green eyes and she smiled back. She walked away with her long, glossy black ponytail bouncing behind her while her curvy hips swayed gently from side to side, mesmerizing him.



This part could have seemed vulgar or crude...but it just comes off as very endearing. I love how Armaan's so mesmerized by her.

"Definitely definitely page 92." Armaan stated in between laughs. "Damn Anjali...we all know you'd be flexible in bed. You don't need to show it off to all your admirers."

The whole scene between the three was hilarious. Atul's comments and Anjali's retorts were making me go ROFL.ROFL And then the whole Kamasutra talk was just LFMAOLOL

Her breath caught in her lungs when she turned a corner and looked up to find Armaan leaning against the wall outside the women's locker room, waiting for her.

And ofcourse the AR scene...their just too magical. Even a simple look between them makes me all giddy.

All in all, I love you and your FF so damn much. It makes me so happy when you update. And now that this update of yours has left me all breathless, please do the tiny favor of letting me know when your planning to update so that I can start breathing again?Embarrassed

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koolsana Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:21pm | IP Logged

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...Aphrodite... Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aRohAAnGeL

SHRINAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! YES IM SCREAMING! Thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooooooooooo dammnnn muchhh!!! finally ur back...and definately with a bang....shitt duddee!! hurry up with the next one before i decided i want to hunt u down and make u write with a danda on your head =]

SAMEEERRRAAA!! lol...thank you thank you thank you for commenting!! It makes me happy that you're soooo happy! Haha I'm back!! Thank you for liking the part honey!! Uh oh...I'm gonna have to get on Chapter 15 if I want my life! *starts typing...FAST*....It'll be here soon!! haha love you girl.

Originally posted by krazzy4armaan

hey nyc update!
n congrats on ur second thread

Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed the part! xx

Originally posted by -saBii-


The queen is back!
Welcome back missy.

& my goodness what a chapter it was. *sigh* I was missing the flirt Armaan is, and you just poured it all out for me. YAY.

Ooooh, Rahul & Muskaan... it's very different to what they were in the show, but considering there's just no chance you'll seperate 'em, I definitely like it.

& OMG. Atul is so much more FLIRTATIOUS! You go boy!!

Aphrodite.. my love for you is like
being manhandled into a hug by Armaan Malik. :D

<3 sabs.

Hey girl...sorry for not replying earlier to the first thread! My bad!!....Chapter 14 took up alot of my time!! The 'queen'? I LOVE IT ... haha...I would never consider myself a queen on if but i'll take it! haha. Thank you! It's glad to be back! Haha...this was a good chapter if you are an AR fan...I got soo many requests for more AR so I obliged! I guess RM are different from the show...I like Rahul's flirty side...I think it's sexy. Oh and Muskaan's Miss Confident so I like their pairing.
Atul is SO much less immature in my FF and I love him that got a bit annoying in the show.
Oh my god...can I just say your little one liner at the end made me smile till no end! You're a natural!! I love it!!
Keep commenting honey...I look forward to hearing from you. Love you xxx

Originally posted by

yeahhhhhh finally....i loved this chapter....armaan is absolutly hilariousLOL n so are the rest of the gang....plz update soonnn n thanks for the pm

Hey girl! Yes! lol...finally...I know I've been MIA for a while now. Thank you for liking the chapter!!...I love Armaan...being inside his head is a lot of fun!! I'll update as soon as I can and you're very welcome for the PM! xx

Originally posted by shreyshrey

oh my gosh!!!!
hi aphrodite....
i was a silent reader for this fanfic AGES ago...
and i am sooo happy that ur back with a bang!!!
pls update soon and pm me.....
i have sent you a buddy request already...
keep writing...

Hey Shreya! Welcome to my FF lol...I should really be welcoming myself considering I was away for so long. I LOVE hearing from silent readers...I really do. Thank you for writing a didn't have to but you did anyway and I really appreciate it. I'm glad to be back! I will update as soon as possible and now that you're on my buddy list you should get a pm from me the next time I update! Thank you for your support...I look forward to your comment next time! xx

Originally posted by sjain


Comment soon lovely! Smile

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mrs-sr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Hi Dear,
Finally u are back and updated
First congratz on new thread
And the part was just awesome
Such a funny part heheh.
But waiting when somehting is gonna happen between AR
Loved Rahul-Muskaan part so sweet.
Thanku so much for the PM
And plz plz plz update soonnn!

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...Aphrodite... Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Riddss

heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


Hello!! I'm glad you commented...thank you and I'll update again as soon as possible :) xx

Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Love the part!!!
Thanks for the PM and updating!!!

Hey Radhika! Thank you!! You're very welcome for the PM and I'll update as soon as possible! =)

Originally posted by sweet.melody

OMG WOW!!! This is called coming back with a BANG!!

The chapter was so good! I love how you revolved all stories around one trip to the gym and yet made all three of the stories so  different from each other!

Haha the girls being ogled at by like everyone in the about awkward!

Riddhima and the shouting with the headphones in her ears.. God knows how many times I've done that in shops lol
And loving how Rahul wants to make sure Armaan realizes that Riddhima isn't just any other girl he can have a one-nighter with and all that. Totally sweet of him!

LMAO at Anji's position.. That too in the middle of the gym when she's already got all eyes on her!

And as for the RM part.. you know me.. totally dreaming about it! Loved how Muskaan is totally attracted to him, and giving excuses for being near him. And the attraction is completely reciprocated from the other side as well. Also I love how, Muskaan still had genuine concern for him about his past.
and the thought about I'm a female im supposed to appreciate the male physique.. LOL!

Ooo Girls and Guys night. sounds nice! Somehow I'm thinking it might get combined as the night progresses eh? *wink*

And once again, loved the RM moment at the end when he asked her if she is sure she doesn't want the guys to join, but she controlled herself. :)

As I said before... you seriously came back with a bang!! Amazing update.. and can't wait to see the story progress!
How is DE? That's where you are now right? Hope everything is going well.. Hope your mom is doing well too :)

- Shilpa

Aww I haven't heard from you for so long! THANK YOU for all the sweet's nice to be back! This chapter was actually my hardest thank you for liking it! Oh god I've been there done that with the headphones lol...i just did it now with my parents! I love Rahul's protective side...he's really good at being firm but soft.
The crab asana is the only intricate yoga move I can do which is why i included it! friends at college make of me for it so that's where that came from! lol You're an RMian i know i know...I hope you liked thier development this chapter. There's a definite attraction! I like Muskaan because she can be completely crazy and dramatic but she's down to earth and caring as well. Haha..glad you liked the thought!!
I like your prediction for the next chapter!...haha...we'll see Wink
The ending! I just didn't know how to end this chapter! lol...i'm happy you mentioned it!
Aww thank you for your compliments...Ive been gone for so long that I'm not deserving! I like DE...I'm home for winter and can't wait to go back to college. Had a great semester =) everything's well and mummy is actually taking a nap as I type this so I'd say everything's well haha! Nice hearing from you...I love love love long comments! This was soo much fun to read...keep em coming xxx

Originally posted by jyothi_cool

  awesome part cont soon

Glad you liked it Jyothi! Thanks for commenting and I'll continue as soon as I can! xx

Originally posted by shiv-gauri4eva

heyy..i read this FF a few months ago and fell in love with it..i am sooo glad that you decided to continue!!eagerly waiting for the next update!

Hey!! You're new to commenting right? I don't think I've seen your username before...if you are welcome! I'm glad you commented!! I did decide to continue...and I'll definitely continue soon. Thanks for the support...hopefully I'll see more of you! xx

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-Nina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
jana you BACK ?! :O
Im sooo happyy to see you back
CONGRATZ for the new thread *jhappiizz*
Wooowwww ouuttstanddiinngg update jana, like always , you left us "BREATHLESS"
Loved the way you described , Armaan's feelings/reactions and all, and same goes for Riddhima, and others ^^
It was sooo cuutee, loved their little scene, lol she couldnt hear anything, cause of her song :P
he was like mesmeriizzeeddd by her *dreamy*
loved the way he blackmailed her , for telling him the truth :P adorraablleeeeeeee <3
and lol Anji's part was sooooo fuunny lol , poor Armaan and his dirty sense of humour ROFL :P
Totallyy looveedd itttt
ROCKING update
Welcome BACK once again
Cant wait for the next update <3
Love, Nina ^^

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