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Breathless ~2~...Note! Page 34 (Page 15)

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Shrinaaaaaaaaaa......pleaseeeeeee updateeeeeeeeeeDisapprove

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Hey when are you updating next ? I hope it's soon - waiting for the next part  :)

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Hey guys...
I know what you guys are thinking!
"The cow left again!"
I'm still here...I'm honestly having a bit of trouble with this chapter. I'm a perfectionist with NOTHING else in my life except for Breathless. So that's why it's taking a little longer...I still need to reply to a lot more comments! Sorry for taking so long with that...i fail.

It's coming...a little more time please??

Thanks for the kick up the butt though..everytime I give up I see a comment telling me to get my ass in gear so keep it up! It's working =)

Love you guys!! x

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Take your time sweetie.

Writing is an art.. and you always gotta make sure it's perfect. I have the same problem. :)


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Breathless is just amazing! 
It reminds me so much of DMG Season 1. :-) 
Alright, I don't know what more to say.. Because you are so so good.. ! Its almost like i'm watching an episode of Dill Mill Gayye! I'm just going to tell you my favourite scenes.
1. When Armaan is caught with some girl and he tries giving Riddhima an explanation and she is like don't bother.. 
2. When Rahul finds Riddhima coming out of Armaan's room.. LOL! That whole part was so cute actually.. Armaan taking any girl to his room.. For the first time, only to SEE it.. :-P So non-Armaan like.. And yet so much like Armaan <3 
3. All the times when Riddhima and Armaan have these moments checking each other out and ask themselves to snap out of it thinking they've lost it! 

I would WANT/NEED/WOULD LOVE TO SEE more of Armaan Riddhima..! I somehow think a jealousy here would do wonders.. :P Something like Armaan with some random hot chick.. And Riddhima walks into them.. And she is fuming.. And doesn't talk to him for the whole day.. And he goes and apologizes and confesses that he can't take it when she acts aloof.. ! 

Looking forward to more updates ! 
Happy Writing! :-) 

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Chapter 15: Asthma and Axe Killers


"Muskaan, we're going to the movies. Not the Ritz! Put the hairspray down...and back away slowly." Riddhima yelled at her closed bedroom door.


She looked helplessly at Anjali, who decided to try banging on the door while screaming to see if that would light a fire under Muskaan's toned ass.


"We need to leave in exactly five minutes or we're leaving without you! We won't even have time to get popcorn. And you know I can't sit through a movie without popcorn and candy. The last time we did that I didn't even know what the movie was about because all I could hear was people eating their popcorn. Crackle, crackle, crack-"


Muskaan chose that moment to throw open her door. "Don't get your panties in a twist ladies; I'm ready."


Muskaan strolled out of the room, her eyes were done up ever so slightly accentuating their almond shape and her hair was half up with a few loose tendrils framing her face.


Nikki gasped at the vision, "Did I miss something? We're only going to the cinema right? If not, I didn't get the memo and am severely underdressed!" She had on a floral baby doll top, a pair of skinny jeans and blue wedges, her light brown hair gathered in a loose ponytail.


"Relax dude, you know how my baby sister does it. You should see her when we're heading to the grocery store, she whips out her 5 inch stilettos and everything!" Anjali exaggerated with a grin on her face.


"I do not!! You guys forget I'm a fashion stylist who works as a part-time makeup artist. I have to look presentable, I'm a walking advertisement!" She defended herself as she put on her on-trend gold gladiator sandals. She was dressed in an adorable turquoise dress with delicate embroidery.


"Plus Nikki...who exactly do you have to impress? Your man's out watching cricket at the sports bar with the guys." Riddhima nudged her playfully as she clasped a tan waistbelt over her white tank top.


"Woah, what's that supposed to mean? I can't look nice if my guy's not with me?"


"Oh I see what you're doing...trying to show all the other guys what they're missing out on. Oh okay Nikki...I see how you do it." Riddhima winked at her as she slipped on her flat sandals that were embellished with sparkling diamantes. Her dark waist-length hair was sporting a loose natural wavy and her eyes were kholed accentuating their green hue.


The girls all giggled at Nikki's expense and she carried on buckling her wedges, "That's so not it! Geez I can't wait till you girls finally get in to a serious relationship so I can tease you the way you guys tease me."


"Been there done that...Not happening again." Anjali walked over to Nikki and put her arm around her shoulder.


"What?" Nikki asked.


"I don't believe in serious relationships anymore. Humans were never meant to be monogamous, and I'm following that."


"That's a theory Anj." Riddhima clarified.


"Yeh well it's law to me..." she stated nonchalantly.


"My sister...ever the pessimist" Muskaan sighed.


"My sister...ever the painfully annoying optimist" Anjali sighed, mirroring Muskaan's expressions.


 "You kids keep arguing. Me and Nikki are going to go watch a movie!" Riddhima teased.


"We're coming!!" Muskaan and Anjali yelled as everyone grabbed their purses and rushed to Nikki's car.




Nikki ended up having to drive like a maniac to make it to the cinema on time. The girls all got out of the death ride and patted her on the back for leaving enough time for popcorn and drinks. Riddhima had bought the tickets online and as she tried to figure out how to print them at the kiosk, the girls went ahead and got the food.

A large refillable tub of popcorn, three large sodas, one bag of licorice, a box of chocolate, an order of nachos and five minutes to spare before the previews started, the girls dashed in to the theater just as the lights began to dim.

Anjali slipped in to the third row and sat down near the center.


"Do you think we have enough food?" she whispered as the first preview started,


"We have enough food to feed a family of six for a week, Anjali." Nikki replied.


Their giggles were shushed immediately by a middle aged couple a few seats down. Muskaan spun around and glared at them, shushing them right back.


"So how scary is this movie supposed to be?" Riddhima asked when the sinister music started with the opening credits. She swallowed thickly, the only reason she had signed up for this was because Anjali had been dying to see it. Always a victim of peer pressure.


"Scariest movie of the year apparently. Guaranteed nightmares for a week and a killer electricity bill from sleeping with the light on for the next month." Anjali whispered nonchalantly as she stuffed a hand full of buttered popcorn in her mouth.


"Sounds....friggin fantastic" Riddhima whispered back after a long pause.


She nervously munched on her nachos as she watched the scene being set in the middle of a deserted forest at the dead of night. To her right, Muskaan was wide eyed watching the movie as she slipped an M&M in to her mouth continuously, one by one. To her left, Anjali was balancing her monster bucket of popcorn on her lap and slurping on her soda at the same time. Nikki on her far right was clutching a bag of licorice tightly, if nothing else, Riddhima knew Nikki was terrified just as easily as she was.


The plot began to thicken and a half hour in to the movie all the girls were completely engrossed. The eerie music returned to build the tension, Riddhima's whole body tensed at the realization that something was going to happen. Her eyes were wide and her mouth op-


What the hell?


She saw a couple of M&Ms whizz over and land in her nacho cheese.


"Muskaan?" she hissed over at her.


"What?" her eyes were still fixated on the screen not wanting to look away.


'Your M&Ms just made a crash landing in my nachos."


"Oh...sorry!" she whispered back.


Riddhima resumed watching the movie, the music was still building and she was once again engrossed in the movie.


"This movie is starting to get really intense huh?" Muskaan whispered to Nikki as yet another shadow shot across the screen.


When she didn't get a reply she turned to her right to find Nikki with her hands pressed tightly against her eyes, peering at the screen through a small gap in her fingers.


"Nikki!" she whispered in amusement.


"Mmhmm Muskaan. Really intense." she nodded.


"Why the hell do these smartasses always go off alone when people are disappearing?" Anjali mumbled as she reached over for a licorice from Nikki and started gnawing through it. Just as Riddhima took another nacho and dipped it in to cheese, a handful of M&Ms shot over their heads and on to their laps.


"Muskaan!" Riddhima hissed again.


"It wasn't me! I don't think it was me the first time." She said confused.


"Damn kids" Nikki mumbled as she turned around in her seat to find the little offenders. The seats were empty behind them but a few rows back a young couple was laughing. She gave them a dirty look and turned back to watch the movie.


Suddenly they were showered by a kamikaze of buttered popcorn.


"What the hell?!" Anjali exclaimed causing the woman and her husband a few seats down to start shushing them again.


"Hey lady, someone's throwing popcorn at us! Mind your own business!" She snapped.


Riddhima turned around in her seat to look for the culprits, the only people that were laughing were the same young couple that were seated a few rows away from them. They laughed harder as they saw her looking which more than aggravated Riddhima.


"Who's throwing stuff at us?" Muskaan asked irritated.


"There's a young couple a few rows above us...they're the only ones within popcorn throwing they're laughing." Nikki explained even more irritated.


The girls turned their attention back to the screen hoping the culprits felt like eating their edible goods instead of launching it at them. In the movie, blood curdling screams could be heard as one by one all the characters were being found mutilated by a deranged axe murderer. The focus was now on a beautiful young girl who was one of the few of her friends left alive. She was running in to a creepy deserted house for shelter, running to the top floor she found an open bedroom and cowered in a dark corner. Until she heard footsteps...


Terrified, Riddhima was clutching her tray of nachos with both hands holding her breath. The footsteps became louder and louder and then, all of a sudden, she felt something warm blowing on the back of her neck and she broke out in to goosebumps.


Wow Riddhima...grow a pair. It's a movie... deranged axe murderers don't hang out in cinema theaters.


Her brain was trying to communicate this to her body though Riddhima's racing heart beat refused to listen. Her hands were trembling and just as she was about to turn around-


"Who goes to a movie and orders nachos?" A deep voice said in her ear.




At the same time she heard the deep voice behind her and the loud bang of a door being flung open by the axe killer. That was all the scare her heart could handle, and Riddhima screamed. Not just any old scream, but a bloodcurdling "someone's about to rip my heart out and chop it in to small pieces" scream as she flung her nachos up in the air.


Her outburst nearly sent Nikki in to a cardiac arrest and she too screamed like a banshee. So much so that she knocked a bag of M&Ms that was on Muskaan's lap, sending the colourful beads cascading all over the floor. Anjali on the other hand was laughing so hard that she dropped her popcorn on group of people on the row below them.


Riddhima spun in her seat sharply to find Armaan, Rahul, Atul and Abhi howling with laughter in the row directly behind them. Where in hell did they come from?

She realized that most of the people in the theatre had erupted into hysterical laughter; including the couple she had been painfully annoyed at just minutes ago.


"What the hell are you guys doing?! Are you trying to give me a seizure or something?!" Riddhima snarled as she threw two huge handfuls of popcorn at them.


"I second that!" Nikki hissed as soon as she noticed that her heart wasn't slamming against her ribcage anymore.


"Poor baby" Abhi pouted as he climbed over to the vacant seat next to her and gave her a tight hug. He was more than aware of her tendency to scare easily. She fought him at first before she surrendered to his brute strength.


"I didn't know you were that scared...oh my god...the nachos...they went everywhere...oh my god!" Armaan laughed the words between gasps, he was clenching on to his stomach for dear life.


"Oh I'm glad you find it so amusing! You owe me a portion of extra large nachos and Muskaan a bag of M&Ms and refill the popcorn, smartass!" She took the bucket off of Anjali's lap as she apologized to the people in front of her for launching buttery popcorn in their hair. Throwing it to Armaan, she gave him a death glare as she watched him stumble out of the theatre - still hysterical. Boys.


Muskaan abruptly kneeled on her seat and turned around until she was face to face with Rahul who was directly behind her laughing.


"You!" She poked his chest hard. "Were supposed to be watching the game at the bar!"


Rahul grabbed her finger and held it firmly, "We were but the game finished with a mind-numbing nil nil so we decided to do something a little more interesting and gatecrash your girly movie night."


"It's not so girly anymore thanks to you guys!" She snatched her finger back and turned around quickly.


Atul leaned over to Anjali. "Are you scared? If you want, I could come sit next to you, and help you feel safe..." His voice trailed off, hoping she would take the bait.


"I can promise you Atul, that I wouldn't feel the least bit safe sitting next to you in the dark. I've seen the crap you're capable of in broad daylight, let alone a dark movie theater. Stay back there...that will make me feel safe" Anjali retorted without even turning her head to look his way.


Atul chuckled at her reply and leaned back in to his seat, smug at having annoyed Anjali once again.


On the other side of Muskaan, Abhi and Nikki had been quiet for a long time. The guys and girls all shrugged at each other until Muskaan squealed to herself.


"Oh my two are not doing what I think you're doing right next to me. Get a room!"

She climbed out of her seat, cringing and shuddering, and moved to the row above her next to Rahul.


"Well don't leave me alone with them...Anjali...switch seats? Please? Pretty please?" Riddhima begged.


"Hell no...I love you but hearing slurping noises throughout my movie is not what I paid for." Anjali said.


"Grow up guys! It's nothing you haven't seen or done before. I'm just trying to keep my girl's mind off of this ghastly movie that you've made her watch" Abhi stated over a blushing Nikki.


"Oh okay...I'll keep that in mind. Next time I hate a movie I'll stick my tongue down some guy's throat. Point duly noted." Anjali said sarcastically.


"Call me 'Some Guy' from now on" Atul said causing everyone to laugh out loud, everyone except for Anjali of course who was gritting her teeth. The audience began shushing them so the gang became silent and finally began watching the movie.


Armaan returned a few minutes later with his hands stacked up to his chin with buckets of popcorn, packs of candy, mini buckets of ice cream and of course a portion of extra large nachos with extra cheese and salsa. Riddhima gasped as she watched him hand out all the treats to the gang who all whispered thanks to him. Knowing how expensive food at cinemas can be she almost felt guilty for making him go up, he had definitely spent a lot.


He slipped in to the free seat behind her between Atul and Rahul, "And here you are Miss Riddhima, one tray of nachos, the strangest movie food ever sold. Did you know that you're the only person today that's ordered nachos? I asked the girl and even she was questioning the hygiene. The cheese isn't even cheese, it's some vile molten substance that takes them 4 weeks to go through a whole tub of. That means people might have transferred some kind of disease in it and you would never know.."


He continued to ramble on about how vulgar the nachos were until Riddhima dipped one of the nachos in to the neon orange cheese and crammed it in to his beautiful open mouth.


"Vile molten substance or delicious creamy heaven? Taste the deliciousness that are cheesy nachos Armaan!" she giggled and turned her attention back to the screen. She heard him mumble behind her as he painfully tried to finish the nacho.




"Ouch!" Atul whined.


Anjali had swatted Atul's hand away as he tried to reach over her shoulder and grab a handful of popcorn from the freshly filled bucket. Anjali merely turned around and glared at him through her wide brown eyes.


"Hey, I'm hungry"


"Well maybe you shouldn't have thrown all your popcorn at innocent girls."


Atul scoffed at her 'innocent girls' comment and decided to wisely change his approach.


"You're just being bitchy because your company's doing bad in the stock market"


He leaned back in his chair and folded his arms nonchalantly.


"What?!" She shot her head back.


"What?" he asked confused.


"My company....what?" she was flabbergasted.


"Check right now...I thought you knew. Shit Anj.." he said sympathetically.


She whipped out her phone and pressed all the buttons to get her to the stock market homepage.


"What the hell? We're doing fine-"

Atul had already grabbed handfuls of the buttery kernels and was chuckling at her, "Oh I know" he replied. She was so mad that the steam coming out of her ears was almost visible...Almost.


Giggling at the shenanigans going on next to her, Riddhima felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. When she turned around she was startled ever so slightly, Armaan's face was right there....his lips curled in to a sexy smirk. She was caught off guard by how close he was, the flickering of the lights from the movie accentuated his dimples and his light eyes. Intoxicated by his familiar smell which was intensified by his proximity she stammered,




Smooth Riddhima...real smooth.


"I still have the nasty taste of that molten gloop in my mouth. Can I please have a sip of your drink?" he pleaded with his voice yet his eyes charmed her, he was pro at this. Making girls weak in the knees?...Great way to get what you want Casanova.


"You don't have any transmissible diseases do you? When was the last time you swapped spit with some chick you met on a street corner?" she teased him with a raised eyebrow, biting back her smile.


Armaan had never met anyone as quick witted at her, even when used against him he couldn't help but mentally commend her for her sense of humor. She was hilarious, not in a "Look Armaan, I chipped my nail. I'm so blonde..hahaha" way but more in a clever, witty way.


'My lips are clean." He leaned over impossibly closer, their noses were millimeters from touching and she could feel his minty breath on her face.

"Would you like to check for yourself?" He asked wickedly with a crooked grin.


She grabbed her soda from her armchair and shoved it between their faces, forcing a distance between them.


" thank you. I'd rather not risk herpes. Here you go."


Riddhima settled in her seat and looked up at the giant screen, trying to focus on the movie. Once her initial distraction by Armaan was over, she was once again lost in the terrifying world on screen.


"So when does this movie start to get interesting?" Rahul whispered to Muskaan who hadn't said a word to him since she'd moved next to him. This was extremely uncharacteristic of Muskaan who was able to talk till the cows came home. He was almost missing the sound of her voice.


"She's about to get killed…she just doesn't know it yet. That killer guy's around…I can feel it." She whispered back, not shifting her eyes from the screen.


Rahul smirked at her; her chocolate brown eyes were wide…completely engrossed in the movie.


"It's her boyfriend." He said in her ear.


"What's her boyfriend?" She looked towards him with a quirked eyebrow.


"The deranged axe killer with the blood fetish…it's her boyfriend." He took a spoonful of her icecream that was melting in between the tight grip of her hands and slipped it in to his mouth.


She gasped and shifted her eyes from him to the screen and back.


"No! Nooo! How do you know?" She said in a hurried whisper.


"Horror movie clichs Muskaan….The car won't start. Victims run their asses off while the killer strolls around like he's in a park on a sunny day. The ditsy cheerleader best friend says "I'll be right back"…but she never does because her head ends up in a washing machine and her body in a freezer. The killer ends up being either the boyfriend or the husband. Oh and when she kills him in the end…he won't really be dead….as known as part two to be continued next summer." He said nonchalantly as he devoured the rest of her mango passion fruit ice cream.


"What makes you such an expert?"


"Armaan and Simran used to drag me to every one of these horror movies in college. When you've seen as many of these as I have, they become pretty predictable…and mind numbingly boring."


"Just like boys night apparently…" Muskaan teased as she reclaimed her spoon back from him and scooped some mango passion goodness for herself.


"What makes you say that?" He grinned at her.


"Oh please!" She scoffed. "You barely lasted a few hours without us."


She slipped the spoonful in to her mouth and slid the clean spoon out from between her pursed lips. Rahul's eyes lingered towards her mouth a little longer than they should have. Eyes up before she notices.


"Not true…it's just a coincidence that we bumped in to each other at the same time…at the same place. We wanted to watch the movie too." He said a little unconvincingly.


"Oh I'm sure if we ended up getting pedicures we'd have bumped in to you guys too." She rolled her eyes.


"Looks like someone's mad that we gatecrashed her man hunt." He gave her a sly wink making her gasp.


"Man hunt?...What man hunt?"


"You're extra dressed up tonight. On the prowl are we?" He whispered.


"You make it seem like I'm in a neon yellow bikini and stripper heels." She scoffed.


"Only in my dreams" he sighed.


Muskaan elbowed him hard in the chest nearly making him choke on the lime green M&M he had just popped in his mouth.


"Like the scent of your cologne isn't making everyone within a 5 mile vicinity choke…I could say the same for you."


She was lying…through her teeth. He had a signature scent, a masculine smell yet it was calm and cool…almost ocean-like. It melted in to his skin subtly and had a magnetic effect, the ability to keep calling one back for another sniff.


"Ouch…my asthma inducing cologne sure didn't stop you from moving next to me."


"Don't flatter yourself…I'd pick asthma over nausea from Abhi and Nikki's public display of affection any day."


Rahul chuckled at her response and leaned back in his seat to watch the rest of the movie. Muskaan would reach over and take a sip from her drink or adjust her top causing her to accidently brush his hand that was splayed over the armrest. As innocent as the contact was, she couldn't help but feel the tingle on her skin. Dressed in a navy long sleeved sweater that somehow managed to show the definition of his chest and arms, he looked effortlessly handsome. What else is new?


"Damn…straight through her stomach" He whispered


"Huh?" Muskaan jumped slightly and turned her attention to the movie where another pretty girl was now lying in a pool of her own blood. When did I zone out?


"Are you okay?" Rahul whispered putting a hand on her shoulder, she looked a little startled.


"Fine" she smiled and continued watching the movie. Rahul shrugged and offered her his lemonade, she leaned over and took a sip.


"So…what's the plan for the rest of the night?" He looked towards her.


"I really don't know"


"We're going out to dinner," Rahul stated nonchalantly, not taking shifting his attention away from the screen.


Muskaan's eyes shot to Rahul and her heart began to race a little.


"Huh?" she gasped.


"We'll all go out to dinner…Muskaan you're starting to worry me. Is the movie starting to make you nauseous or something?" Rahul looked at her concerned, he tried to recall whether the sight of blood made her wheezy but he was pretty sure she wasn't that squeamish about it.


Snapping out of it, she looked him in his honey gold eyes and narrowed her glare.


"Not the movie…just your cologne" She smiled.


Rahul laughed and shook his head, turning his attention back to the movie whilst Muskaan leaned her head back against her seat to try to figure out what just happened there.




Riddhima was bordering hyperventilation as the climax of the movie finally arrived. Her heart was palpitating like it usually did during a frightening film, her eyes were dilated and she was almost hiding behind her folded knees. It was do-or-die for the beautiful lead as she tried to kill and defeat the axe murderer with little strength. Suddenly she found a smashed bottle in the corner of the room but she couldn't reach it, she was in death grip by the evil-


"Breathe Riddhima"


Riddhima shivered as she felt the warm breath of his whisper on her neck. She turned around to find him smirking at her, his grey eyes sparkling devilishly.


"Glad you're finding this so amusing.." Riddhima narrowed her glare viciously.


Armaan chuckled softly, running his hand through his hair. He was wearing a form fitting black long sleeve button down shirt that fit all the contours of his body. It was untucked at the bottom and the sleeves were rolled up, she guessed that he always did this when wearing shirts.


"Hey I'm trying to look out for you. We can't have you passing out in the middle of the theatre because you forgot to breathe." He leaned forward and met her eye to eye, still chuckling.


"Gee thanks for the concern" she said sarcastically.


"Pleasure's all mine" he smirked.


With a deep exhale, she shook her head and turned back around to face the screen. She looking at her rose gold watch and sighed at the fact that there was still 45 minutes left till the end of the movie. Cringing at the black guy who just got his head decapitated, she squeezed her eye-




The vibration from her phone made her jump; reaching in to her back pocket she saw that she had received a text message.


Armaan 9:47pm


"There's a little girl with long black hair staring at you at the front right corner."


Riddhima strained her eyes to see right up front to the right, it was a dark space with empty seats. Scanning her eyes around the whole region she looked back at her phone and replied.


Riddhima 9:49pm


"There's nobody there."




Armaan 9:49pm


"It's dark…look again. She hasn't blinked once."


What? Strange…


Riddhima leaned forward and looked over to the corner, squinting her eyes. It was so dark that her eyes were straining but she was sure there was nobody there.


Riddhima 9:52pm


"Do I need glasses? I don't see anyone."


Armaan 9:53pm


"Wait…oh shit…her eyes are blood red!"


Riddhima gasped as flashbacks of Abhi's ghastly tale made their way in to her psyche. Suddenly she heard a deep throaty chuckle behind her, she shot her head back to find Armaan throwing his head back in fits of laughter.


"Ugh that's it!" She said in a vicious whisper and got up out of her seat to leave until she realized she was trapped like a prisoner in shackles. To leave she would have had to make an entire row full of people get up. She looked towards the movie and confirmed the fact that she probably couldn't stomach another limb being ripped off or another head being hacked off with an axe.


Screw it…I'm getting out.


Just as she was about make her way out she felt a warm, strong hand grab her wrist. Turning around she saw Armaan still holding back his laugh, he didn't look the least bit apologetic.


"What are you guys doing…sit down!" Nikki whispered.


"I need to get out of here." Riddhima whispered desperately.

"What did you do?" Anjali hissed as she hit Armaan on the arm, he chuckled in response.


Riddhima's eyes became icy slits as she watched how thoroughly he was amused by the situation. The audience started to mumble their annoyances as two figures had just erected in the middle of their movie climax. Suddenly, Riddhima's face broke in to a wicked smile…


"Oh Armaan was just reminding me about his little detour when he got stuck in traffic that night getting Chinese…right Armaan?"


Realization hit Armaan like a slap across the face as the grin on his face disappeared. His grey eyes widened at Riddhima who was now sporting his mischievous smile. His grip on her wrist tightened and he stepped impossibly closer, even with her chair between them they were mere inches apart. Looking down at her he narrowed his eyes and smirked, the physical contact and the intensity of his gaze made Riddhima's heart pound hard against her ribcage. She mentally thanked the bloodcurdling screams emanating from the movie for without them she was sure he would have been able to hear it. She lowered her eyes not being able to withstand his piercing stare and the electricity from the grip of his firm yet gentle hand.


"What…detour?" Atul asked, a little suspicious.


Taking one last look at Riddhima, Armaan sighed and released her.


"Err…you know…the…err…through…near the forest…up the road…that road. I was describing it to her and she got scared….because the forest… was so scary."


Riddhima giggled to herself as she watched the ever so suave Armaan Malik trip up on his words like never before.


"Riddhima?" Abhi asked protectively, not buying his brother's words.


"So scary Abhi!" her eyes widened for dramatic effect as she tried to play the scared little girl act.


"You guys need to sit the heck down!!" Muskaan hissed sharply.


"Armaan… Stop being a jerk." Abhi said.


"I'll make it up to her…" His voice trailed off.


He climbed over and took the vacant seat next to her which had formerly been Muskaan's. Riddhima sat down and was trying desperately to suppress her giggle…and failing. Armaan exhaled sharply and looked at Riddhima, he shook his head and couldn't help but grin at her. Her familiar scent was working like aromatherapy for him, she smelt sensual yet it wasn't overpowering or migraine inducing like what he had been used to.


"You know…" He whispered softly so as to not let anyone hear. "For such a pretty girl, you're pretty damn vicious"


Riddhima braced herself to look in to his light eyes and curved her lips in to a smile.


"I give as good as I get" her whisper was soft and mischievous.


"Duly noted Miss Gupta" he said nodding.


"Good" she grinned and looked back at the movie which was thankfully about to end soon.




"How was the sports bar?" Nikhi whispered.


Now that Armaan had planted himself next to them, the amorous couple had decided to put the brakes on their hormonal teenage cinema antics.


Abhi had one of his arms wrapped tightly around her and the other munching on caramel popcorn.


"The game was terrible... the girls were significantly worse." He groaned as he popped a few more sugary sweet kernels in to his mouth.


Nikki had been to the sport's bar reluctantly when Abhi and Armaan had dragged her with them to get her in to sports. It turns out that girls had discovered the treasure that was the sports bar…handsome, often ripped men, nearly always in groups often hung out there. It was a sports bar turned speed dating venue as girls tried to meet guys within the 3 minute 18 second commercial breaks during games.


"You didn't…meet any girls?" she asked timidly.


He knew her like the back of his hand by now. Her 'You didn't…meet any girls?' really meant 'Were girls throwing themselves at you this time?'. He chuckled at her and met her eye to eye.


"I did not…seeing as the only girl I wanted to meet decided she wanted to ditch me to watch a movie with the girls."


"Not true…you know these gory movies aren't my thing. If you hadn't shown up I would've either passed out or projectile vomited by now" Nikki shuddered at the idea.


Abhi tightened his grip around her arm and kissed her cheek. He moved up to her ear and whispered,


"Well it's a good thing I did. I can't have you looking like that without me on your arm."


"Like that?" Nikki quirked an eyebrow at his statement.


"You look good enough to eat. I'm considering getting you some kind of hijab to ward off prying eyes."


Nikki scoffed at his statement, like he knew she would. In their years together everytime he complimented her she refused to believe him, one of her most frustrating and endearing qualities.


She leaned over to kiss him, her best of way of thanking him. Moving his arm up to her neck and in to her silky tresses, he closed his eyes and met his own lips with he-


"WOAH…woah! I would sincerely appreciate it if the both of you didn't suck face within a 5 foot radius of me" Armaan exclaimed heatedly causing Nikki and Abhi to break in to hysterics.






The end credits began to roll and the lights turned on signaling the end of the movie. Riddhima breathed a sigh of relief as she watched everyone make their out of the theatre.


"I take it the movie was a little too scary for you?" Armaan smiled, aware of his understatement.


Riddhima glanced over at Armaan and laughed, "Something like that, yeah"


"You ready?" he handed her purse that she's left on the floor to her and she smiled with a nod.


"So, what are you ladies doing after the movie?" Abhi asked, trying desperately to sound casual. Nikki laughed seeing right through his awkwardness.


"We're going to go get something to eat" Anjali responded.


"What a coincidence. Us guys are going to get something to eat, too. Would you ladies like to join us?" Rahul asked cheesily, Muskaan rolled her eyes and giggled.


"No way!! What a bloody coincidence!" Anjali exclaimed with an over-exaggerated surprise.


"What are the chances…just what are the chances?" Riddhima teamed up with Anjali dramatically.


"Alright we're all hungry, let's just go." Muskaan said, batting for the guy's team.


It didn't take much to convince Anjali who had previously been so adamant about her girl's only night out. Tough as much as she'd never admit it, she was glad that the guys had shown up. They were practically a family, the night would have felt a little incomplete without them.


"Fine, where are we going?" Anjali asked.


"I know just the place…I'll drive. You girls follow me." Atul said quickly.


Everyone shrugged and nodded, neither of them particularly bothered about where to go as long as the food was good. They all made their way out of the theater, talking to each other about the particularly horrific parts of the movie.


"Ahh I can't walk…my legs are practically dead. That movie was so long..." Anjali moaned.


Before she had even got the sentence out Atul swept her off her feet and over his shoulder, running to the car as she kicked and screamed viciously. The gang all laughed hysterically as Atul refused to put her down.


Through all the laughter, Muskaan felt Rahul lean over her shoulder.


"Want me to carry you to the car, too?"


He chuckled nonchalantly and headed in front of her for the door while she fought her flustered heart.

Author's Note:

Okay....So I had to choose between posting this chapter up first or replying to all the rest of my comments first. I figured I'd post this up...and reply to my comments after wards considering this update is so overdue!!!

This chapter was actually really hard to write for some give me your feedback on it!

Here it is....replies to follow!


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