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Breathless ~2~...Note! Page 34

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Hey guys!

A big thank you to every one of you that's got Breathless to its second thread! Without your love and support through comments and 'likes', Breathless would never have got this far.
I promise you.
Breathless is a guilty really is. I'm a full time student with a bajillion things that I should
be doing but writing Breathless is a little escape from my hectic reality. I know I don't update as much as I should but I'm working on it!
Thank you for appreciating the story and it's characters...I've grown quite close to them and I hope you have too.


When Riddhima is sent to gorgeous Goa early to help at her cousin Kirti's wedding she's more than overwhelmed by the vibrant colourful markets, the goldens sands of the beaches and the beautiful starry nights.

But more than that she's not only staying in a stunning ocean view mansion with the Guptas, the Maliks and Joshis have also been invited from Shubhanker's side! With organising an extravangant wedding, meeting an exciting new group of friends and living the exotic Goan dream, Riddhima is bound to feel,,,breathless.

Link to Thread 1

Chapter Reference

Chapter 14: Sweat and Sports Bras - Page 1
Breathless Beckons 9 - Page 10
Chapter 15: Asthma and Axe Killers - Page 15
Note - Page 34

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Chapter 14: Sweat and Sports Bras


"You'd think we were walking around here topless!"


Muskaan and Riddhima gasped animatedly as Anjali shook her head in disgust.

See, Goa was a fantasyland of endless possibilities. Uptight workaholics who were slaves to their 9 to 5 schedule now spent their days hibernating in their deluxe suites. Self-conscious women who had gained more than their fair share of holiday weight now lost all their inhibitions and sported their skimpiest polka dot bikinis. Dysfunctional families now magically got along like the Brady Bunch amidst the sun, sea and sand. And perverted men who preyed on normal girls in the real world were now in their Victoria's Secret dreamland.


Fitness First Gymnasium was no exception.


The girls had arrived barely half an hour ago and already the eyes of a gym full of men were watching their every move.


"Anjali!" Muskaan giggled as she set the incline on her treadmill higher.


"What?! You know you were thinking it!" Anjali retorted.


"I was actually paying no attention to it." she flicked her hair nonchalantly.


"Really Muskaan? The guy with the greasy afro behind you that's staring at your ass as we speak isn't distracting you?"


"Ewww!" Riddhima and Muskaan collectively cringed.


"Uh huh....that's what I thought."


"Did they spray viagra in the air or something?" Riddhima questioned, she pedaled vigorously as she glanced around the gym. There were a few girls scattered in pairs here or there, a few guys that were genuinely working hard at their routine but mostly the floor was filled with guys that were working out more with their eyes than their bodies.


"I have no idea but I'm starting to think wearing a sports bra today wasn't a smart move." Muskaan panted while Anjali and Riddhima giggled breathlessly.


Muskaan took her role in the fashion industry very seriously. She worked alongside numerous healthy eating campaigns, held annual fundraiser events for 'Eating Disorders Association' and though modelling wasn't her profession, she was the face of 'Ozone' fitness centres in Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta. All of this meant that though Muskaan was petite, her body was absolutely enviable. She was toned beautifully though she managed to maintain her curves.


This also did not go unappreciated by her new fans at Fitness First Gymnasium.


"" Anjali gasped as she stepped off of her treadmill.


" haven't even broken a sweat and we've been at this for 47 minutes. I can't take this, I'm checking out what classes they've got going on." Muskaan stumbled off and doubled over trying to catch her breath.


Riddhima laughed at Muskaan as she walked away huffing and puffing. See, while other girls turned to chocolate, ranting conversations with their best friends and excessive amounts of alcohol to relieve their stress... Riddhima worked out. Listening to good music, feeling the brisk air on her cheeks and enduring the burn in her legs was the way she released her frustration. Her preferred method of stress relief had many perks, commendable stamina and a pair of even more commendable legs were a few of the many.


Thirty minutes and a bottle of water later, Riddhima was finally done with her run and she happily stopped the treadmill so she could catch her breath. Beads of sweat had started dripping down her forehead so she gave her face a quick wipe with her towel. Knowing she still wanted to do a few more machines before she left, Riddhima found her empty water bottle and headed over to the water fountain to refill it. While she was walking, her favorite song started playing on the iPod. She cranked the volume as she approached the water fountain, enjoying the tune.


Singing to herself as she held the water bottle in the continuous stream of cold water, Riddhima waited until it was filled all the way to the top before screwing the lid on tightly. She bent over the fountain and took a quick sip for herself, then quickly turned to head back over to the machines when she crashed into something hard, or rather someone hard.


Two strong arms reached out and caught Riddhima as she found herself in the embarrassing position of having her sweaty face and body clamped against some strange man's chest.


"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" she said without even looking up, feeling her cheeks flame with embarrassment.


Riddhima took a deep breath and nervously glanced up to see what unfortunate soul she had just thrown her not-so-fresh self at. To her complete surprise, she was met by a smiling face with a familiar pair of sparkling grey eyes looking down at her.




In what looked like slow motion, he opened his mouth and she watched his lips move but Riddhima couldn't hear a single word.


"Huh?" she said, and for some reason that amused him because he started to laugh.


Riddhima realized that she was still pressed up against his chest and started to back away when his hand shot out and brushed against her cheek. Her heart started beating wildly in her chest at the contact. She felt like she had just run the fifty yard dash, simply from his light touch across her skin.

His fingers looped around her head phones as he gave them a gentle tug, freeing the buds from her ears and sending loud music spilling into the air around them.


He leaned into her. "Can you hear me now?"


Riddhima gasped when she finally heard his deep, smooth-as-silk voice in her ear. The music! She scolded herself. She was mortified when she realized that it had been up so loud she couldn't hear a word that he had said and that she had probably screamed her apology at the top of her lungs.


"Yeah, I can hear you. Sorry about that before," she mumbled as she forced herself to step away from his hard and deliciously masculine body.


Amused by her presence, he chuckled.


"Yeah, I know. You already said that. Actually, you pretty much yelled it at me. No harm...only a few broken ribs on my part."


Riddhima smiled despite herself, shaking her head at her own stupidity. Armaan couldn't help but notice her figure as she stood there, hands on her hips in her workout gear. Her form fitting black tank accentuated every curve while her shorts displayed a pair of admirable legs.


Quit staring.


Like true saviors, Rahul and Atul appeared behind him interrupting his line of thought...thankfully.


"Riddhima!" Atul tried to reach over to give her a hug before he felt her two hands on his chest trying to push him away.


"I'm hot and sticky and unbelievably gross."


Armaan scoffed at her last two words....Oh okay Riddhima.


"I'll risk it." Atul chuckled and gave her a hug while Rahul followed suit.


"Damn Riddhima...are you trying to make all the guys here pass out?" Rahul quipped as he looked around obviously noticing the attention she was receiving and shook his head.


Riddhima laughed nervously, "I didn't know the guys in Goa were so.... attentive."


Armaan rolled his eyes.... keep it in your pants boys.


" might be a smart idea to come in with a burkha tomorrow. Just saying." Atul stated nonchalantly leading the gang in to hysterics.


"Alright...let's get this thing done. See you later Riddhima. " Rahul patted Armaan on the back.


"Yeah...Catch you in a bit Riddhima." Atul said.


"Bye" Armaan caught her green eyes and she smiled back. She walked away with her long, glossy black ponytail bouncing behind her while her curvy hips swayed gently from side to side, mesmerizing him.






"So...What was Riddhima doing in your room last night?"


Armaan gasped and suddenly realized that wasn't the smartest idea when bench pressing 350 pounds. With a mighty struggle he got his momentum back and lifted the weights while Rahul stood next to him, spotting him.


"Can'" Armaan groaned as he thrust the dumb bells over his head, he was trying to buy himself more time.


And Rahul knew it.


"Let me help you with that."


Rahul took the dumb bells off of Armaan and placed them on the stand above him. Armaan cursed under his breath and sat upright on the bench, followed by Rahul who placed himself next to him.


"So I'm waiting..." Rahul prodded.


"There's nothing to tell." Armaan avoided Rahul's suspicious glare as he pried open his bottle of water.


"I saw her come out of your room in the middle of the night. You want to try that again?" Rahul crossed his arms, almost like an interrogating police officer.


"We got home earlier than everyone else. I wanted to give her a tour of my room...I did. We listened to music and then fell asleep." Armaan sped through his response at the speed of light.


Rahul processed his answer, somewhat relieved that his answer matched that of Riddhima's. But some things just did not click...


"Why did you want to give her a tour of your room? You only give girls that you want to-"


"Yeah yeah yeah, I get your point." He chose not to reveal the real reason why he had...silence is golden. Especially in this case.


"Listen...she's obviously gorgeous. I've known you long enough to know that you salivate like a hungry dog every time you look at her. But she's Kirti Bhabhi's cousin..."


"I much as you like to think I'm some kind of sex fiend. I can control myself, believe it or not." Armaan rolled his eyes at him.


"Not sure about that buddy" Rahul joked.


Instantly the mood in the air had lifted and Armaan knew that the storm had passed...for now.


"Time for some cardio." Rahul stated as he made his way to the other side of the gym. Armaan watched him go and breathed a sigh of relief.




Atul had just finished his set of weights when he realized he'd left his protein shake in his locker. He wiped the sweat off his face with a towel as he made his way over to the othe-


What the f**k?


He stood still in his tracks trying to make sense of the picture in front of him as he bore witness to Anjali.


Anjali contorted in to the shape of a bridge.


Her eyes were closed in tranquility and her lips were slightly apart. Her upwards facing stomach was exposed as her purple tank had ridden upwards and her hair had come out of its bun and was splaying luxuriously across her yoga mat. Atul looked around to find that she already had an audience; a large portion of the men had given up trying to look inconspicuous and were now blatantly ogling her flexible form.


He crouched down, face to upside-down face.


"What in god's name are you doing?"


Anjali squinted one eye open and then firmly closed it shut.


"Aum...the crab asana...aummm" she chanted in a monotone voice.


Atul shook his head..."Why? Would be my next question."


"'s...good....aummm....for your spinal cord....aumm....and i' respiratory and endocrine systems...aummm"


"Oh you're definitely stimulating more than that..."


"" She said annoyed.


"Aummm...I don't think so." Atul retorted.


"Aummm...why?" She snapped, Atul smiled at how she was look anything but soothed at that moment. A complete contradiction to the idea of yoga.


"Because I've read Armaan's copy of the Kamasutra, and you Anjali, are the in-the-flesh replica of page 92." he chuckled.


"Are you trying me....aummm.....a hooker?" she questioned angrily...still keeping up with her yoga facade.


"Me? Never! But I've got a group of guys right here that are praying to sweet Jesus that you are."


"I don't...aumm....get it. Aumm....go away." She chanted aggressively.


Armaan just happened to stroll by at that moment sipping on his bottle of water when he stopped dead in his tracks. Walking over towards Atul, he began laughing hysterically causing Atul to chuckle with him.


"Definitely definitely page 92." Armaan stated in between laughs. "Damn Anjali...we all know you'd be flexible in bed. You don't need to show it off to all your admirers."


Anjali gasped and within a split second she came crashing to the ground like a house of cards.


"Woah soldier down!" Atul yelled as she writhed on the yoga mat in pain.


Within seconds the pack of wolves descended and Anjali was surrounded by a group of boisterous, sweaty men who would've given their right leg just to help her.


"Baby... are you okay?"

"Why don't you come to my house? It's right around the corner...I have a first aid kit."

"Let me give you a massage. I'll make it all better."


Suddenly Atul had to do some damage control, he penetrated the crowd of lusting men and formed a barrier between Anjali and her fanatics.


"Woah...chill out guys. She's being taken care of...and NO she does NOT need mouth to mouth!"


Armaan braced himself, with a deep exhale he charged in to the crowd. Reaching Atul he yelled "I got this...go take care of Anj...I would but seeing as I made her fall, I'm pretty sure she's gonna beat my ass."


Atul nodded and worked his way out of the crowd, while Armaan took over. Finally reaching the injured party, he crouched down next to her and smiled at her 'puppy with a broken leg' act.


"Come on princess." He reached to pick her up.


Anjali raised both hands like a baby and wrapped them around Atul's neck as he lifted her up and carried her away from all the commotion. As he did this he heard Armaan yell:


"Guys! There's a pole dancing fitness class going on right now 2 floors dow-"


Atul and Anjali both chuckled as they heard what sounded like a stampede of a herd of elephants descend down the building.




Rahul adjusted his headphones making sure they were securely in his ears. With his iPod, towel and protein shake in hand, he headed over and claimed a set of dumb bells.

As Rahul began his reps, he couldn't help but notice an attractive Goan girl with large, obviously cosmetically enhanced breasts hovering around the free weights. She was trying to be inconspicuous in her tight white T shirt, but every once in a while, she'd glance over at Rahul and smile.

Circling a few more times just like an eagle circles its prey, she eventually made her way over.


"Excuse me, you look like a big strong man. Can you show me how to lift these weights properly? I wouldn't want to strain anything." she giggled, lamely twirling a piece of her hair.


Trying to find a means of escape he found Armaan on the other side of the gym working hard with his set of dumb bells.


"See that guy, the one in the white tank? Ask him. He's really good with weights; he can teach you all kinds of things...if you know what I mean."


He watched her eyes grow with excitement as she drank in the sight of him. A few seconds later she chased after Armaan, like a dog in desperate need of a bone. He chuckled to himself as he-


"Can you show me? I need help with weights too..."


He spun around hearing the familiar voice and was greeted by Muskaan.


Muskaan in a sports bra.


Muskaan glistening with sweat from her work out.


Muskaan with her sumptuous, chocolate curls tousled over her shoulders.


Wow is an understatement.


He immediately felt a surge of sympathy for all the guys that had been ogling her, he was already having trouble focusing on anything other than her body. Her musical laugh brought him back to reality.


"You? I'll show you anything you need me to show you." He smirked.


"Flirt" She jabbed him in the arm lightly. "That wasn't very nice of you to stick her on poor unsuspecting Armaan. Not nice at all."


Rahul rolled his eyes, "Giving me a break. He loves this kind of thing - just look at him."


He pointed over to Armaan, who was already standing behind the girl helping her lift feather-light weights over her head while she blatantly flirted with him.

Muskaan sat down on the bench and Rahul put his weights down and followed her.


"So...How are you?" she asked innocently, though her brown eyes betrayed her by showing her concern.


"I'm fine." Rahul answered.


She began fidgeting with her bottle of water, screwing then unscrewing the cap, her downward gaze displaying a set of beautiful lashes.


"Just...fine?" she avoided his gaze and continued squirming with her toy.


Rahul couldn't help but smile, her genuine concern for him was warming. A part of him was almost flattered that a working girl like her even had time to think about his petty trials and tribulations. He reached over and took her bottle of water away from her in an attempt to meet here eye to eye.


"You want to know the truth?" he looked deep in to her gaze.


She felt her heart beat racing though she had no idea why. She reasoned it was because she really didn't want to hear him say he was still miserable.


"This morning was the happiest I have ever woken up in a really long time."


Her face broke in to beaming smile, lighting up her whole face. Rahul couldn't help but mirror her reaction.


"I guess I have you to thank for that..." He nudged her gently.


"Don't be silly...I didn't do anything." She shook her head softly, her curls bouncing from side to side,


"Uh huh...Okay Muskaan." He teased sarcastically.


"Whatever the reason may be, I'm glad I won't have to see your zoned out face anymore when we're all talking!" She teased back.


"Oh I'm sure it'll make an appearance again when you're talking." He chuckled.


Muskaan gasped and stood up to walk away before she felt two hands on her shoulders. Rahul spun her around and pulled her in to a tight bear hug . Stunned at first, she grinned and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.


"Seriously...thank you." He whispered in her ear.


Her heart resumed beating rapidly as she felt his breath in her ear. She was pressed so close to him that the hardness of his chest penetrated his navy T shirt. His warm hands were on her bare waist and just as she was about to respond he continued:


"Oh and next time...try a tank top. You're more than a little distracting in that." He confessed playfully.


Muskaan giggled and pushed him away, "You're welcome."


"I'm going to hit the showers now. See you guys in a bit?"


Rahul nodded.


She grabbed her iPod and towel and walked towards the locker room, and then she halted to a stop and turned around.


"Oh and by the way....I'll wear what I want to wear and whoever wants to look is welcome to."


She smiled and then disappeared in to the room, leaving Rahul grinning at her feisty demeanor.




Muskaan bumped in to Riddhima on her way to the locker and together they both strolled in discussing the different workouts they had just accomplished. That was until they bumped in to a sour faced Anjali who was sat next to her locker texting on her Blackberry.


"Anj? What are you doing?" Riddhima questioned.


"Did someone put the brat in time out?" Muskaan teased.


"Ugh. That asshole Armaan!" There was nothing but venom as she spoke.


"He was teasing me while I was doing the crab asana-"


"Wait were doing the crab asana. front of all your admirers?" Riddhima scoffed.


"Yeh Anj...not a smart move darling." Muskaan giggled as she pictured everyone drooling at her flexibility.


"Are both of you hearing yourselves speak? We've got exhibit A walking around in her bra displaying a glistening set of abs." She heatedly pointed at Muskaan.


"A SPORTS bra!" Muskaan clarified offended by her remark.


I need to burn this thing tonight.


"Pot-ay-to, Pot-ah-to...and we've got exhibit B sprinting on a treadmill like she's on the set of Baywatch." She pointed at Riddhima who gasped animatedly.




"Yes you...if you turned your iPod off for two seconds you would have heard what the guys were saying about your bouncing figure."


Riddhima turned to Muskaan for back up only to find her nodding in agreement with Anjali.


"Continue with your story..." she finally sighed in defeat.


"Oh... so he was teasing me. He caught me off guard with one of his sex jokes, which should NOT have caught me off guard. I mean it's Armaan, what else should I have expected? I came crashing to the ground. Atul carried me here and told me I couldn't move until he was done with his work out." she narrowed her eyes in frustration.


"Oh my god Anj are you okay?" Riddhima questioned worriedly.


"I'm fine...just sore. Can't say the same for Armaan when I get my hands on him."


"Wait Atul carried you in here? Like a hero?" Muskaan was in hysterics at the idea.


"Oh thanks sis... I could have cracked my neck or strained a muscle but no no, why don't you tease me about Atul some more?" Anjali retorted sarcastically.


"Gladly" Muskaan stuck her tongue out playfully.


"Oh Anj...I'll tell you what. Me and Muskaan still need a shower, we'll get ready and then we can go grab some ice crea-"


"No! No ice cream!" Anjali interrupted as the flashbacks from last night visited her.


"What's got in to you? You love ice cream when you're pissed. It's the only thing that cools you down..." she mumbled the last bit to herself. Pun intended.


"No ice cream." she stated again...firmly.


"How about we go watch movie instead?...Just us girls?" Riddhima suggested cautiously.


Anjali pondered the idea and cracked a smile.


Thank god! Riddhima and Muskaan simultaneously thought as they watched her mood lighten instantaneously.


"There was that new movie I wanted to watch..." she trailed off.


"Whatever you want to watch sis. My treat." Muskaan offered enthusiastically.


Anjali's face was beaming; she slowly got up off her bench and gave both girls a tight hug. Riddhima and Muskaan both gasped at her sudden surge of affection but were glad nonetheless.


"You guys are awesome!"


"Anything to put you in a better mood Anj..." Riddhima grinned at Muskaan who nodded in agreement.


"Okay go get ready guys!"


Riddhima and Muskaan both disappeared in to the showers, satisfied in successfully accomplishing Mission Make Anj Happy.




Muskaan sat down in her cramped changing room; a small smile crept up on her face. Her conversation with Rahul had left her practically giddy though she didn't know why. It was true, she couldn't help but spend the last twenty minutes of her workout peeking over at him. She reasoned that it was just to make sure he wasn't having some kind of emotional breakdown after his confession last night. The fact that every time he thrust his weights over in the air, his biceps glistened and his hard abs became exposed was just a perk.

What? I'm a girl...I'm supposed to have an appreciation for the male physique. It would be a problem if I didn't...

She shook her head and skipped in to the shower, you need to stop thinking so's becoming detrimental to your health.




Riddhima soothed her stressed muscles by letting the hot water run down her back. She scrubbed the sweat from her body and her hair as the fruity scent of her shampoo filled the shower. Under the water, she felt herself smiling at her stupidity as she thought back to her little collision with Armaan. Little's an understatement. She couldn't help but remember how good it felt to be pressed up against his body, the feel of those strong arms of his as they held her tight. She blushed when she found herself looking at him during her workout, even she couldn't deny that he was gorgeous and today in his tank top and trackies...he was especially gorgeous.


She snapped herself sharply back to reality as she thought back to the girl he had be teaching to use weights. We're using the word 'teaching' very loosely. Her back had been flush with his hard chest, his lips close to her ear as he taught her the obvious. Unbelievably handsome he was...but alongside he was an unbelievable player. Casanova in the flesh.


She stepped out of the shower, threw on a tight black t shirt and some jeans and dried her hair. After she finished dressing, she put her toiletries and her gym clothes into her back pack and headed out of the locker room.

Her breath caught in her lungs when she turned a corner and looked up to find Armaan leaning against the wall outside the women's locker room, waiting for her.


"Hey," he said pushing himself off from the wall, moving toward her.


"Hmm...lurking outside women's locker rooms huh? Now you've resorted to stalking to find women....control yourself dude." Riddhima teased.


Armaan ran his hand through his hair nervously, "Ha ha ha Riddhima...hilarious."


She giggled at his response, it was obvious that he was awkward about the situation. She realized that watching Armaan squirm was slowly becoming one of her favorite things to witness. His hair was still wet from the shower and he smelled like him but intensified, fresh and a little spicy. She was trying with all her strength to not think about how it felt when she was pressed against him earlier or the way his arms felt wrapped around her or the heat that radiated off his ches- Stop already!

She felt her face turn red and she prayed that it wasn't becoming too obvious.


"I didn't get a chance to talk to you after last night. I heard you bumped in to Rahul..."


"I sure did." she crossed her arms.


"What happened?" he asked, curious.


"Oh he saw me walk out of your room and asked what I was doing there."


"And?" he prodded.


"I told him what took me in to your room, sexually harassed me and now I am forever scarred and will never be the same again." she said nonchalantly.


Armaan almost choked on his protein shake as he was sipping on it. Coughing a few times to clear his throat he heard Riddhima's laugh ring in his ear again.


"That's not funny" yet he couldn't help but smile at her response.


"I think it is" she shrugged as she flung her backpack over her shoulder, still smiling at his reaction.


"The truth Riddhima?"


"That was the truth!" she replied wide eyed, she knew she was being difficult but she couldn't help it.


Armaan shook his head, displaying his crooked grin and then reached in to his pocket.


"I'll trade you this..."


He pulled out her gorgeous silver chandelier earring and dangled it in front of her. It sparkled in the sun just as her green eyes did as she recognized the familiar piece of jewelry.


"...for an answer."


Riddhima gasped and reached out for it before it was snatched away by Armaan suddenly.


"Hey, I was looking for that! Give it back."


Armaan chuckled, she was definitely doing the impression of a four year old that had just had their lollipop taken away from them. Her pout was almost heartbreaking....almost.




She sighed, "I told him that you showed me your room and that we listened to music and fell asleep. Happy?"




He handed her earring back like a good boy and watched her put it in her backpack carefully.


"I have a question I want to ask you too." Her eyes narrowed and she bit her lip out of curiosity.


"Go ahead," he gestured for her to continue.


"Why did I find myself in your bed when I woke up?" Her voice was low but audible.


Armaan felt his palms get sweaty and his heart beat race as he tried to find an apt answer to her question. You looked so gorgeous while you were sleeping that I felt like tucking you in, in to my Armaan. Not apt. Not apt at all. He decided to fall back on comic relief to bail him out of a sticky situation.


"I woke you up when you were on the chair and you kept whispering, "Take me Armaan, take me now." and when I said no you kept throwing yourself at me. When that failed you got in to my bed and tried to undress yourself, I stopped you and then you eventually fell asleep," he told the story animatedly, trying his best to conceal any inkling of what actually happened.


Riddhima narrowed her gaze even further..."Wow I really must have been delusional last want get in bed with you? I had to have been out of my damn mind!"


"Ouch!" Armaan feigned offence.


"Ouch is right you asshole!" Anjali yelled as she marched up to Armaan like a raging bull.


Oh shit.


She bombarded him with painful smacks all over his brawny body. Being stronger than her had never been so useful as he managed to manhandle her in to a tight hug.


"I'm sorry!" he said over Riddhima's laughing.


"Let got of me!' she gasped breathlessly.


"Promise to keep your hands to yourself?"


"Damn Armaan Malik is asking a girl to keep her hands to herself? I guess I'm gong to have to oblige." Anjali retorted.


Just as he released her, Rahul, Atul and Muskaan joined them.


"Sorry dude, I tried to restrain her but..." Atul trailed off.


"But?" Armaan questioned.


"We kind of wanted to see what would happen!" Muskaan chuckled with her boys as Rahul and Atul nodded.


You guys are friggin fantastic. Armaan thought to himself.


"So what's the plan for the rest of the day guys?" Atul asked.


"I don't know about you guys but me, Riddhima, Anjali and Nikki are going to the movies." Muskaan flicked her hair and crossed her arms.


"Where are Abhi and Nikhi?" Riddhima questioned curiously.


"They uh...strolled in late last night. They're sleeping in. I wonder what they got up to, do you know Armaan?" Rahul nudged Armaan with a sly smirk.


Armaan gave Rahul a death glare, making him chuckle.


"Down boys...and Kirti bhabhi?" Anjali asked.


"I saw her this morning at breakfast, she said she was going to see her friends in Karnataka it's about a 2 hour drive away. She said she might stay a night or two, she wanted to say bye but I guess you guys were all knocked out." Riddhima stated.


"I wish she'd woken me up." Rahul said regretfully while everyone else nodded in agreement.


"Wait did you guys say that you were going to go watch a movie without us??" Atul flashbacked to Muskaan's comment.


"Yes you did" Anjali said in a matter of fact tone.


"May I ask why we aren't invited?" Rahul pointed to his boys.


"Because we need a break from you guys!" Anjali declared.


"What did we do? He's the one that made you fall!" Atul exclaimed.


"Oh and thank you for bringing that up Atul!" Armaan said sarcastically.


"I guess what the girls are saying is that we need a girls night...right?" Riddhima offered, trying to ease the boys vs girls tension.


"Right!" Both sisters simultaneously agreed.


"You know what, that's a-okay....because we're having a guy's night. Right guys?" Armaan said enthusiastically.


"We are?" Atul questioned innocently. Rahul and Armaan both gave him a vicious look to which he replied, "We are!"


Anjali shrugged and made her way to the exit of the gym with the girls, the guys followed suit. Muskaan only got a foot or two away until she felt a strong hand touch her shoulder.


"Sure you don't want us to join you?" Rahul said almost inaudibly.


Muskaan felt a flurry of butterflies in her stomach and before she could scream "Join us! Join us! Join us!", she whispered "Very sure! Maybe next time." and smiled.


With that they headed out of the gym and to their cars.

Author's Note:

This feels good. Oh yes it does.


Not posting a chapter up for seven months? It should be a crime...I know. But I'm back!

Thank you SO much for everyone that stayed in touch with me even after being MIA for so long. You guys are the ONLY reason I came back.

Without my comments and appreciation, Breathless would have been long forgotten.

I love you guys!

If you would like to be added to the PM list please send me a friend request!

Please like/comment!

Your love glistens like Armaan, Atul and Rahul's muscles when they work out!

(Oh so know you love it!)

Love Aphrodite xx

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Congratulations for the new thread..You really deserve it Big smileClap
Your Breathless FF is really taking my Breath away......I Loved it
This Part is also very GoodBig smile. awesomeee.
Keep it up & hope you'll be regular now to updateBig smile

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Hey Shrinzii...
awesummm update dear....
m really glad 2 see u back....
Breathless's one of ma fav. FF's....i'v been a silent reader of ur FF.....waiting eagerly 4 ur updates all the tym.....last tym i read it...u promised 2 give an update soon...but u neva showed up aftr it Confused
plzz update it more frequently....hope all's well now Smile
n if add me 2 ur PM list .....
tc....lots n lots of love
JIA Smile

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AHHH Shrina I'm so glad you updated! First off, congrats on your second thread :D Your FF is seriously one of the has a proper storyline, and it flows so smoothly, and the characterizations are perfect to the dot! Thats what I look for in FF's! :D

Now coming to the part, if after seven months you give such an update, damn, I don't mind you disappearing every 7 months! LOL Okay I kid. I would die if you disappeared another 7 months, but this update was seriously amazing! I can't believe you thought that it would not be upto the mark!

I loved the whole Gym angle in this update and how you managed to jump from each of the characters..My fave bits were AR of course, but it was nice to see the interactions with RM, AA, and then the gang simultaneously.

You come up with some pretty clever lines! Some of my faves..this yoga scene was really funny, and totally imaginable! I love how you are consistent with the characters personalities, thats an amazing part of your writing!

"Because I've read Armaan's copy of the Kamasutra, and you Anjali, are the in-the-flesh replica of page 92." he chuckled.

"Definitely definitely page 92." Armaan stated in between laughs. "Damn Anjali...we all know you'd be flexible in bed. You don't need to show it off to all your admirers."


I loved the whole AR convo outside the locker room..that wittyness, oversmartness from both Ridhima and Armaan..trying to appear super cool from the outside and teasing each other, I love that a lot! It really helps to see a bond forming naturally between the two!

"I woke you up when you were on the chair and you kept whispering, "Take me Armaan, take me now." and when I said no you kept throwing yourself at me. When that failed you got in to my bed and tried to undress yourself, I stopped you and then you eventually fell asleep," he told the story animatedly, trying his best to conceal any inkling of what actually happened.

^^that was unbelievably funny!

Oh AND i absolutely love the little thoughts that go in everyones minds! lol very intriguing!

Your update has left me breathless again! <3 Loved it and hope you update super comment is like an essay :| but couldn't control myselfLOL


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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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OMG!!!ShockedShockedShocked...I am too shocked to see u Back with updateShockedShocked
HAW!!ShockedShocked..really man..Just believe meShockedEmbarrassedLOL
I pinched myself to make myself believeROFL
AnywaysTongue....Firstly...CONGRATZZZZZZZZZZZ on new threadParty Ms.LL..U know
late latif
LOLAnd and...That part was a Back with a bangWink
Loved the UpdateBig smile
Totally funnyLOLLOL..amazing and marvelousTongue
Keep continue
and this time plzz soon manOuch
will be waitingWink
Thanks for the PMEmbarrassed

love ya

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