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Welcome to Monday, a mediocre episode with a multitude of reactions mostly in the maddening place called Notanki Niwas.


Krishna taunts SS, tells him he has got his blessing from GD and is now off to find some work. KN, SDS and SS, the three instrumental in raising Baba a spoiled brat watch in disbelief as the family's ladla son makes a hasty exit followed faithfully by his dharampatni Prats to give him a warm send off on his first day looking for work. Prats has no clue where he is headed but she sure trusts him to return home at the end of the day with a job.


Kesar is happy Krishna will stand on his own feet one day. But she is also worried her dewar has never worked a day in his life and may not be able to do his job. Kesar is easily assured by Prats "He will work. I have faith in him and know he will work hard to achieve his goals and enjoy the fruits of his accomplishment".You are going to need not just faith but strength to get Baba past the humps on his journey to becoming a self-reliant man. So good luck Prats!Thumbs Up


The Takurain's ears must have been burning noticing her bahus were missing. She arrives at the front door with fake Takurain in tow just in time to overhear her least favorite bahu talking to the real badki bahuria. She adds her two paise worth of pungent comments "If he gets a job, Prats will cause him to separate from the family. Baba is getting destroyed caught in her chakkar.  She is day-dreaming here, don't know where Baba is roaming in the heat". Takurain, if you want to really want to know the culprits creating a shift in the tectonic plates in the Niwas just get a mirror and look into it. Better yet if you want company drag your mard, your pehla laund (first son) and his mistress to a mirror near you!


YKW adds her worthless comments to the mix "her husband may be looking for work, after all he has gone after promising his wife, so he has to fulfill his promise after all". Takurain impressed uninvited YKW directs her taunts back at Prats "Why don't you learn from your sister that people have to get along and live together".  Takurain swears at Prats and storms back into the Niwas.  Takurain, are you even listening to yourself? If you aren't, then you must, for you never know when the tide will turn against you. What happens the day the new sidekick pulls a disappearing act on the famous Takurs and bolts out of the Niwas. Will you get a chance to grab her by the collar and tell her it's time to learn a few things from Prats about what it takes to live in a hellhole no matter what?Or will you finally come to appreciate Prats as a good bahu after all this time. Well that's like asking for the sun to rise in the west.Confused


Krishna has an emergency conference at the Adda with his loyal mates Tunna and Chandu.  He is in a quandary about what work he can do. Amazing, isn't it that he never gave this a thought in all his adult life?Shocked Tunna responds "You think of us as outsiders, you don't have to do anything we will do it".  Krishna scolds him "It's a matter of your bhabhi's love and trust. It's a test of our love. I am not saying I won't work but I worry '.what work will I do"? Friends are in a bind too, they can't come up with answers for their Krishna bhaiyya this time. Krishna's brain lights up and he tells his dosts to follow him. The three stooges take off following their bhaiyya without a word of protest. They trust Krishna so implicitly that they accept his word and follow their leader.


Adarsh overhears a conversation between a bank officer and a client who is there desperate to get approval of his loan. He even sweetens the pot "Sign off on my loan I will fulfill the "gifts"in gratitude. The bank officer takes offense at the officer. "Go away from her".  Adarsh watches this interaction with interest as the client leaves. The miffed bank officer complains about the client to Adarsh who seems to have taken an interest in this client. Is Adarsh tempted by this client's offer of "gifts" or what? After all he is short on funds and has bills to pay at home. The wheels seem to be turning in his head? Is Adarsh headed toward a Takur way of life of making underhand deals while Krishna shuns his family's ways and takes the Saxes' route and opts for hard work'maybe even a white collared job in the foreseeable future?


At Takur's, SS and KN arrive after slogging all day at the baloo factory. Prats plays dutiful bahu and brings him a glass of cool water. Yet SS gets riled up enough to taunt her "there is no need to do anything for us.  As the wife of a man who doesn't earn a living, go serve him.  Has your man returned home after earning his pay for the day?"  KN adds his two cents worth "Bauji, you know the answers and still you ask? He will be sitting with his useless friends, he wouldn't earn anything".  Takurain takes pride in her mard's mocking words while Ganti Dadi shows disapproval at her son's words. Just the sight of Prats seems to send SS on a tirade in her presence these days. Will SS expose his hatred for his bahu so much that even Krishna will finally see the signs of danger to his wife under his father's roof?


Just then Krishna returns home bearing shopping bags of gifts '''.for himself. After all it is "BERRY HEPPY CHRISNAS" time. He taunts his bauji "This is just the beginning. Wait to see what I bought from my own earnings. I just bought myself these expensive clothes, all "biranded" items. Father and son spar over how he earned the day's earnings. Krishna taunts Bauji "you want to know my formula on how I make my living but will never share with you. I earned so much in one day imagine what I can earn if I did this every day". Talk about taking caring of #1 (himself) first. He proved he is indeed a spoiled brat.  GD is pleased. I doubt he bought Prats anything with his first earnings. He already spent a bundle of his bauji's money on her during diwali. Today is his day.


Krishna turns to Takurain with a warning"after today no one says a word on this matter to my wife". Baba never forgets to defend Prats and make his point. The interloper, the real culprit who has been instigating this mischief pointing to Krishna's lack of work ethics or making a living since she entered the Niwas turns away her face. Feelling guilty are you Teeny Twit? Takurain who was on a tirade at Prats that morning when Krishna left for work was now at a loss for wordsClap. Zip your lips Takurain! It suits you well! GD rings her bell in approval at Krishna's request. Krishna asks Prats to join him and the two walk away leaving the malicious Takurs dumbfounded. Takurain makes a jibe at Baba after he leaves "He probably borrowed the clothes and you have to settle the bill to pay for it. He never bends down at the waist so doubt he did any work". You calling Baba a liar now Takurain? He calls it like it is, so why the doubts about his word that he earned his money to buy his clothes. With parents like them who show little support or confidence in their children's worth, no wonder Krishna lacks in confidence in himself to make it in the real world.  His family has tagged him as a lazy prince and who is responsible for it but the ones who spoiled him rotten in the first place. With Prat's encouragement and guidance he will make it one day. Like a stumbling baby taking his first steps he is bound to make mistakes. But soon he won't be just walking he will be sprinting to the finish line a winner.  Will RED acknowledge his success or will it never be good enough bec' Prats had a role in mentoring him to succeed?


SS rants at Ganti Dadi for supporting Krishna. He then makes his proclamation in the presence of his family "baba has made me shed tears of blood. After today I will not give Krishna a penny until he is mine, and comes under my control. I'll see to Krishnabo". Is there a hint of jealousy there from SS that Krishna no longer treats him as special as he used to in his bachelor days? Takurji, it's too bad that at your age you have failed to understand that children are not your property to own. You are but a custodian to protect and guide them in their lives. Interesting YKW is seen taking note of this declaration.  Is this indication that once all is forgiven, teeny twit may one day play good cop and let her jiju in on the truth about SS's declaration to "TAKE CARE" of Prats. Teeny twit may end up doing something to make up for all the pain she caused her sister during the past few months.


KN ogles at YKW while she gets Takurain's sign off on her evening trip to the temple escorted by Piasiya, a built in bodyguard. SS notices KN's drooling at his mistress and tells him to even think of going anywhere. KN plays obedient son and agrees but the wheels are turning in his head. Amazing that a man who has been married for several years is being held in check by his father on when he gets to cozy with his mistress.Tongue


Krishna brags about buying "brainded" (branded) items. He is like a little kid excited who got a ton of CHRISNAS gifts to his heart's content.  He tells Prats to close her eyes as he pulls a few bars of chocolate from his pocket. Reminder of the last time he bought Prats chocolate at the Adda after she had missed dinner. He already spent a fortune on Prats during Diwali with SS's money, it's his turn now.  Prats is curious to know how he got so much money in just one day? She wonders nervously "Dear God! What's going on? What is Krishna thinking when he does these wrong jobs.  Hope all the best intentions don't go wrong!" He opens a chocolate and gives to Prats.


Krishna brags about helping a landlord get a man out of his flat in five hours. I did a great job. Prats asks Krishna "What have you done! I asked you to do a good, hardworking, respectful job and you did this?" Krishna retorts "What's wrong with that? He admires himself holding one of his new purchases and admiring it in front of the mirror. "What are you talking about respectful work?  SS and KN did this from the beginning all the time and everyone respects them. Not everyone can do this kind of job". Prats tries to explain to him "People respect them bec' they fear them". Krishna doesn't see anything wrong with that "So what is the problem? You want me to get dressed up like your brother and Dad and go to work, not going to happen. I can do just this kind of work bec' I am not educated". Mr. Krishna Denial Takur, it's time to face your fears head on. You have no choice. Your love for Prats will at some point force you to do it, like it or not because she is not going to let you get away with it. So what are you going to do about it the once fearless Krishna Baba?Confused


Prats says " you can't hide behind your weakness this way. Standing on your feet doesn't mean harming others. Scaring and threatening others earning money this way is not hard earned money". "Krishna gets angry and with gritted teeth rants "There is a limit. I was sitting peacefully at home. Its all useless, I went out to work on your say so and now you are saying it's not right."Lallantop Prats!Clap Don't Krishna off the hook about facing his fears. If he using his unpud status as an excuse when does he act on changing the conditions limiting his choices?


What work do you want me to do, tell me? You control me like a TV remote, saying this is not right, this is not acceptable even knowing I am not educated.  Don't' know what you want, you got me worried".  Prats tells him "I don't want to worry you. Your acceptance of how to make a living is not right". Krishna furiously retorts"Yes it's not right. Every thing is useless, so throw everything out! Don't eat this chocolate" with that he slaps the chocolate out of Prats's hand and walks out of the room. Prats stand there wondering how she is going to turn this around and get Krishna to see the error of his ways. Takur Krishna Singh is a master at the game of avoidance.


A black jeep comes screeching to a halt as Piasiya and nakili malikain leave the temple. KN shows up clad in orange kurta driving his jeep. "Come on heroine, I'll take you for a ride" leaving a nervous YKW standing at the temple.Shocked  KN gave the buzurg Takur the slip and followed his mistress to the temple anyways.Confused. Is the macho Takur there after his daily dose of "amrith" (alcohol in this case) or is he under the spell of his mistress's beauty. Color orange creates controversy. This color affects us both mentally and physically and is known to stimulate activity, appetite, and encourage socialization. Seems like the big Takur chose his color right that fits his plans. As the second Sacral chakra color orange also stimulates sexuality and emotions, and is linked to the reproductive system. This color signifies warning, desire, fire, determination, endurance, and optimism.  Surprisingly orange also signifies sacrifice and the spirit of reunciation, a far cry from what KN's intentions are at the moment.


Thumbs UpKrishna's expression when Prats asks him "how did you earn this money" the nuanced expression was right on.LALLANTOP! ClapStar

Krishna's banter with SS after his return from shopping only riled his bauji even more.Clap

The way Krishna said MAAL and corrected himself with no help from Prats and said MALL. Clap

Krishna's insecurities about being uneducated was well expressed in his tone, one of frustration, fear and facing a future with limitation bec of it. ClapStar

Please add your thoughts on today's episode.Big smileThumbs UpClap

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Hi Meera di  Big smile

Lovely post thoroughly enjoyed it !!

I personally enjoyed Krishna emphasizing the fact that his warning was especially for his mother a part from that the look on the twits face from far from guilt, she was simply annoyed at failing mixed with a sense of jealousy at seeing Krishna fulfill what he had stated for prats sake !!

After a long time I must say I loved the conversation between Kriya not only did it bring several realities to light but it will finally take the story forward loved the way prats stayed calm yes she seemed to have lost her cool towards the end  but that was due to Krishna's hardheadedness he needs someone like prats to set him on the right path. Krishna's reaction was realistic which is what was enjoyable for me his resistance to work as well to accept his weaknesses was expected this man has been surrounded by individuals who made him feel superior all of his life this transition in to an unknown place where he will feel lost will be difficult for him though he will eventually be successful with prats help her support will help him deal with his issues.

It's not that he is oblivious to prats expectations he is afraid and in frustration he portrayed the truth his fears as usual he stormed away but prats was spot on he needs to face his fears refusing to acknowledge them will not force them to disappear. Personally prats should have dealt with his education before expecting him to get a white collar job but better late then never she needs to help him become capable before he sets foot in to the real world !!! Personally di I highly doubt this twit will be of much help after she leaves as of now I am waiting for her to get out of TN, anyways prats is going to face serious challenges but she is not the type to give up nor will she let Krishna give in !!! 

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ClapClapClap good one MERARAI. i think prats should encourage krishna to farm. after all agriculture is a good job.
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Mera...episode was mediocre?? Shocked...going  by ur post n written updates...I felt it was an ok episode..

but I liked the way u jotted the various feels n moods of the episode with various "Ms"..much in tow with your ur title.. "Mediocre Monday"..another set of Ms....

Binny..I loveeddddddddd your reply...esp " Krishna's reaction was realistic which is what was enjoyable for me his resistance to work as well to accept his weaknesses was expected this man has been surrounded by individuals who made him feel superior all of his life this transition in to an unknown place where he will feel lost will be difficult for him though he will eventually be successful with prats help her support will help him deal with his issues. "

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meera fantastic post asusual will now find some new words to praise it serious loss of wordsLOL yes indeed todays epi was a good one i liked the scene where ss said i will not give krishna a penny unless and untill he comes fully under mt control i think no he give two choices to k either choose him and his wealth or choose prats and we all know what will b his answer just wanted to see sds and ss face when they will be slapped by his own sonBig smile now coming to prats i am liking this change in her she is now keeping krishna above all relationships thinking only about him i dont know whether she ate anything since ss taunted her that fromnowonwards ur husband will take care of her food.finally fl is leaving i am happy but more happy that she realises the fact that we dont love her infact hate her but still i am surprised she is saying that because of tis character change we r not liking herOuch not accepting the truth that we hate her ecause of her useless acting

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Originally posted by malathia

ClapClapClap good one MERARAI. i think prats should encourage krishna to farm. after all agriculture is a good job.

Krishna is resistant to manual labor. He would have gone to his bauji's baloo factory had he been fine with it.

He lacks organizational skills, he is like a kid he throws things around and Prats is constantly straightening her room and closet.

He needs to learn to read and write before he can become a bank teller, office manager, whatever white collar job. Maybe he can work on the Sensex.Big smile

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one thing..wat hapnd to P nudging Kesar to go for a police complaint???

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Adarsh going the wrong way (if it happens) is an interesting aspect...!!
When Komal sees the earnings as her own money ..will Adarsh will go on with his usual dialogues to shut Komal up or will he choose to keep quiet knowing that his extra incomes are coming in illegally??

With Arushi moving out of TN...thre is no way of Kesar opening up about some hard hitting truths???

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