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What makes Salman the coolest Khan

MissIffiy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 6:24pm | IP Logged
Salman Khan in Dabangg, the biggest Hindi movie hit ever!
Raja Sen in Mumbai
As Salman Khan celebrates his 45th birthday, he discusses movies and the women in his life's Raja Sen.

The first of a two-part special, celebrating the superstar who starred in the biggest Hindi hit ever, 2010's Dabbang.

You can tell a lot about a megastar by the way he throws his punch.

A Hindi film hero might routinely fell over seven with one blow, but each has their own approach. Aamir Khan, all bloodshot eyes and biceps rippling with the fury of thousands of killed wives to avenge, brings both physical intensity and a sense of inescapable irony to the picture.

Shah Rukh Khan, his every sinew straining with gargantuan effort, bellows like a wounded animal as he metamorphoses from charming lover to crazied aggressor.

Salman Khan doesn't bother breaking a sweat or even trying for realism as he buffets his opponents, effort be damned, smirk and quip steadily in place. The ubiquitous one-liner just underlines how one-sided the battle always is because Salman Khan is larger than life. And he believes it.

Salman Khan as the hugely entertaining Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg
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As do we, clearly. Earlier this year in Dabangg, Salman's shirt tears itself off his enraged body, as if anger -- and the need to show off his bare chest -- are reason enough for him to suddenly turn into the Incredible Hulk. Coming at the film's climax, the moment is dated and ludicrous beyond belief.

Eternal romantic Shah Rukh would have been laughed out of theatres for trying to do the same. Aamir would have had to write a longish blog-post explaining how the scene was all a metaphor, or, somehow, Meta.

Salman earned whistles, his film becoming one of the most successful in the history of Indian cinema.

Dabangg was produced by Arbaz Khan, Salman's younger brother
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In Mumbai's Mehboob Studio, two days before that epic release, Khan sniffles his way past a ravenous pack of news-channel cameras.

In no mood for niceties, he struts, chest out, upto a studio chair, parks himself on it, and turns to them. In a brutal show of strength and savvy, he preempts the questions they want to ask him, throwing out monosyllabic answers to each. "Aur kucch?"

The reporters, used to standard-issue questionnaires, are flummoxed and bereft of fresh queries, and Khan is pleased as punch. He relaxes, blows his nose into a big kerchief, and swaggers out. All in less than five minutes.

Salman and Katrina Kaif in Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. They are no longer a pair, it seems
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He sneezes just as I walk up, clearly not in the mood but nevertheless resigned to a conversation. At this minute, eyes visibly watery, nose nearly crimson, Salman looks anything but invincible.

He warily grunts through the first few questions until I ask, young man to forever-swaggering man, where on earth he meets women. "You can't be serious," he laughs, tired eyes instantly twinkling.

Oh, but I am; he's dated Somy Ali, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. Is there a clandestine bar where the world's most attractive women consistently turn up? "Ha, I wish. There isn't a bar, dude. Otherwise we'd all go every night. I've worked with them, I've known them. I have been fortunate with the kind of women I've met. They've all been very nice. I'm sure you're talking about the way they look and everything, but I mean the kind of people they are, their personalities. I've known them for the longest time. And as far as people, they've all been really beautiful." He takes in a moment to smile. "And really loving, and really caring. Yeah, I've been lucky."

Image: Salman and Katrina Kaif in Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. They are no longer a pair, it seems

Salman walks the ramp for his Being Human charity
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Luck aside, Khan at 45 is the only single megastar in the industry. "You're single till the time you aren't married, dude," he interrupts instantly.

I agree, wholeheartedly, but my question is how a man that powerful can gauge genuine romantic interest. Isn't every girl awestruck? "It depends, you know," he says, thoughtful. "The ones who're awestruck, Nahin, yaar. Doesn't work. Just doesn't work," he shakes his head.

And yet his cinema is all about invoking that very kind of awe. Is being larger than life a conscious effort? "No, it just happens. You work with good technicians. And more than that, audiences want to see things larger than life, so they make it happen."

This is clearly a position Salman enjoys, and feels he has earned. "When I started working in movies, I could never have played that character. Maine Pyaar Kiya and all, the only role I could have played was a romantic hero," he says with a slight sneer. "From that, to come to this stage has been a long journey."

He speaks of his action-figure persona as an evolution, saying that while both romance and emotion are vital, the fights might just be the hardest part to pull off.

Image: Salman walks the ramp for his Being Human charity

Salman in Subhash Ghai's unsuccessful Yuvraj
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Even as an actor, he rates it the hardest, most challenging part.

"Action is challenging for anybody. To jump, or take a punch, do all kinds of stuff, cable-work That is more scary, because with every shot you feel something could go wrong. And you still do it. And so far, touch wood, everything has been all good. So action is the most difficult thing to do."

And in terms of performances, I ask, in terms of actual acting? Khan grins and winks. "That? It's all good."

Increasingly lauded for his utter lack of pretension, Khan is considered a star who often phones in his performances, barely even attempting to act. "If a film requires hard work, you work hard, yaar," he shrugs.

"If a film doesn't require any hard work, why should you do it? If a director says 'okay' to a shot, okay! If he says 'one more,' one more!"

Only Salman could have got these stars to walk the ramp for his Being Human show
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Unlike his peers, he refuses to use terms like 'method acting,' to spend a shooting schedule in the skin of a character, or, sometimes, to even stop playing himself.

He's Salman Khan, and once in a while -- if a director is valiant enough, or a script stirring enough, he'll stand and deliver -- but the rest of the time, it is, as he said, "all good."

Or, at the very least, good enough for him.

Don't miss the second part of Raja Sen's encounter with Salman Khan tomorrow!

Image: Only Salman could have got these stars to walk the ramp for his Being Human show

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RagMasta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Being Human!

Baade Dilwaale!
MissIffiy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
whops forgot to post the 2nd part here it is Smile

Salman Khan
Raja Sen in Mumbai

Salman Khan's Raja Sen about his ability to sniff out a hit film while it's still being made, how his painting is a big jhol, and much more.

Haven't read the first part? Please click here!

Legend -- and relatively credible word -- has it that Salman Khan was utterly shattered when Shah Rukh Khan finagled Will Smith from Sallu's guest-list (when the Hollywood actor arrived in Mumbai in February 2006), only to throw a party for him at his own bungalow.

Salman cut a melancholy picture at his own Smith-less party.

Smith, reportedly, looked somewhat bored at SRK's party, where Salman wasn't invited. Undeterred, Salman turned up in a motorbike, yanked Will unceremoniously, casually and instantly from the party, and before anyone could react, took him to his own. If fellow guests are to be trusted, Smith got wonderfully jiggy at the new venue.

Image: Salman Khan
Photographs: Vijay Mathur/ Reuters

Salman with Rani Mukerji, Preity Zinta and Katrina Kaif
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It isn't a very hard story to believe, Khan's off-screen persona being that of an old-school superstar, the picture of defiance, the ultimate rebel without a cause.

Depending on who you believe, he thrashes actors in bars and sends over expensive watches in morning-after apology.

He's also quite the philanthropist, and judging from how he got all of Bollywood's A-list heroines to shake their collective caboose for his Being Human charity earlier this year, he's doing quite the bang-up job.

There are whispers about his constantly roving eye, and an almost mob-like entourage, which gets him anything he points to.

And then there are those who vow he's the most honourable man in the industry.

The myth, then, is as self-contradictory as the man. The role Khan seems to fill, in fact, is that of the man-child, who thrives on indulgence, indulgence we now have to spare, being so frequently cynical the rest of the time.

Image: Salman with Rani Mukerji, Preity Zinta and Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan
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"How well do you think the media knows me, or any of my closest people?," Salman snorts, instantly sneezing hard.

Battling a cold valiantly, he takes turns blowing into a formerly white kerchief and wrapping it tightly around his knuckles, as if preparing for a street-fight.

Occasionally, when thinking hard, he absently bites into it, tugging it with its teeth as if insight can be sucked out of cotton.

When emphatic, he punches the air in front of his face, a phlegmatic pugilist jabbing at invisible, omnipresent opponents. "Nothing ever bothers me. Nothing."

He says every part of the public persona is inaccurate, but he can't be bothered to go about telling people what to think.

He laughs scornfully when the aggressive, 'bad-boy' image is brought up. "Please. Listen, do you hear the questions they ask me? All the time? They ask me the kind of things my own father would never ask. I don't care, and I don't react. The day I start reacting to it..." He trails off in a dramatically threatening voice, before winking.

Salman Khan
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"Naam, Don, Majboor, Sholay, Deewar, Zanjeer," he rattles, with the unthinking ease of a man used to listing his favourites among his father's screenplays.

Son of Salim Khan, one-half of Bollywood's most celebrated screenwriting pairs Salim-Javed, Salman confesses a desire to direct. "I always wanted to direct. I really thought that I would, somewhere, make a good director," he mumbles softly, before saying that he does make creative suggestions to directors he works with, but backs off because it is, eventually, their call.

"You don't have cinema till the time you don't have a story. You have a story to tell and you shoot the film with the worst technique, and that film will do well. And you have the best technique in the world, but the lousiest script, you can do anything you want to do, but that film will not work."

So then do all the hits have strong stories? "There is something, dude," he shrugs. "Something they like. The character, the script, something clicks, and they want to go see it. Why would they want to go see something they don't like?"

Image: Salman Khan

Salman Khan in Veer
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He prides himself on his unerring script sense -- "The ones that I thought will do well, so far, pretty much all of them have," he says. His thinking is that if he wants to see the film he's making, everybody would want to see it -- but that doesn't reflect as well on his hit-loss record, with far more forgettable films showing up than actual hits.

"Well yes, but the script is not usually made the way it was. They start improvising, they start changing, they get scared, yeh bhi daal do, woh bhi daal do," he says.

So what went wrong, then, with Veer, a film he wrote and produced earlier this year, a catastrophic failure?

"First of all," he insists, "Nothing went wrong with it at all, at the box office. But in my head, I felt a lot of things went wrong. I wanted to shoot for 18 more days."

I ask him why he didn't, considering it was a pet project he was completely in control of, and Salman disarms me with the sort of answer no megastar could possibly dare to give."Dad didn't let me," he sighs, almost pouting. And then falls silent.

Image: Salman Khan in Veer

Salman Khan, the painter
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Moving on, I ask him about another bizarre Salman contradiction.

"Painting?" he grins. "Painting is a big jhol (loosely translated as a con job). I wanted to buy three paintings for my house. The artist charged me a lot of money, and they didn't turn out the way I wanted them to turn out. So I thought, 'Let's try.' So I started painting, started getting good at it. I was fortunate to find my own style in the first five-and-a- half, six months. Artists take the longest time to find their way to say what they want to say."

Salman's paintings are sold at exhibitions with the money going into a charitable trust, and that's clearly what fuels his fire.

"So I'm getting better and better at it, and the money's going to a good cause," he says.

He isn't under many delusions about why his paintings sell. "When somebody's buying an artist's work, two things are important: One is the amount of experience that he has, and two is a business plan: How long is he going to be there? After that, we're going to make so much money because we've gotten his art, and after he's dead, he obviously can't paint anymore. So," he pauses, briefly sounding alarmingly morbid, "they make money."

"Here, how many paintings am I going to make anyway? I'm an actor. I paint when I find the time," he says, explaining that it's usually at night.

And how does he rate his own art, honestly? "If my name is not signed, it's below average. Once my name comes down there, it's outstanding work." A smug grin accompanies the jab this time, the grin of a star who knows his worth. However unreal.

Image: Salman Khan, the painter


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pooja_l IF-Rockerz

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thnx a ton, the Will smith story is something i had never heard of, is that true?? if yes then how sweet of salman, thnx a lot for posting, i m so happy that he is single and unmarried, abhi bhi chance hai mera,hehehe, love u my hottie

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Ranbir.Fan Senior Member

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I feel he is the most Handsome & the Hottest Actor in Bollywood:)

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ruky786 IF-Stunnerz

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He is such a Darrrlingg (I tried to copy it from SKM)ROFL

Edited by ruky786 - 31 December 2010 at 9:46am

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_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

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salman khan is simply the best of the best...

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babloo_mka Senior Member

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He's a man with a golden, caring heart and I love him for that.  Acting wise he knows what he's good at and he does it well.  He has the larger than life persona to pull off anyting like the ripping shirt.  Haven't seen Dabangg yet but will see it once it's out on DVD. 

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