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NiVren - Ab Ek Sacha Ahesaas Hai (Page 123)

mahix3 Goldie

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by milee1014

OH my Gosh girls, What an emotional episode, just brilliant, emotional, sweet and beautiful. Brilliant performance by Kinshuk & NehaClapClapClap Hats off to them both. They way the portray each and every expression is just mindblowing.
The Hug it was just so emotional they both needed that. The same hug which was supposed to happen after the bulb incident but it didn't because of Vandana but today it happened and that too right infront of the entire family its because that day it was only Nivi who needed the comfort but today even Viren needed the comfort after watching his wife like that, so nobody could stop that hug even if the entire world were infront of them it would not have stopped. I had tears today the whole NivRen scenes because of the bond they share and the hug let my tears roll down. Usually all the couples first hug will be romantic one specially in TV land but our NivRen story is just not a love story its totally different and thier first hug was the emotional support hug which they both needed and they both gave themselves that support.
Sorry for being such a emotional fool but that's what NivRen make us with each and every scene they portray a different aspect of life.
Sorry girls, I completely forgot my manners today Good Morning/Evening how are you all doing. Sorry could not come online yesterday as my gang was there did not get time and even today I just took sometime inbetween to come watch the episode. I will definitely write my analysis today.

It's okay Milee di.. I forgot my manners too. Good Afternoon/ Evening ladies.
But yes Milee di... that hug was pivotal. LOVED IT.
And the precap.. oh so promising. 
I just want Naintara and Viren to talk now! 

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:18am | IP Logged

Wow Millie what an thought of that hug I loved it. Both were really emotional at that point and were really scared there and one more thing today it was not Nivi who thought everyone looking at them but it was Viren who thought about that and send them away. It's always Viren doing everything for Nivi and I want it this way only if till now noone from Sood family specially Sid has bothered I don't want to take further credit for doing anything for Nivi. I want its always Viren and Viren who solve every problem of Nivi and resolve her relation with her father, bring them closer and I want Nivi and Nivi only to solve every problem of Viren and bring Viren close to his dada sahib and his family and Noone else should act as mediator. They both were alone when they decided to get married till now they both only performed every ritual for eachother, noone bothered to ask them about how they felt or what they need so now also they both alon solve eachother problems and get CREDIT for that and noone else should be involved to get credit because of their intervention

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lams Goldie

Joined: 05 July 2006
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:29am | IP Logged
good night everyone ...hope you all have fun discussing tonights episode ..I am in Nivren dreamland ...have a nice weekend everyone ..
Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Hiii guysssss hu r u all ? Hug .WONDERFUL EPISODE  n  EMOTIONAL EPISODE thatzz wht i cn say .So here is my analysis . I hav 2 write it , i hope u will like it . Forgive me becozz i hav only included only NivRen's scenes .
OMGGGG wht 2 say Yaarr i m deaddd deadd deaddddddddddddd Dead Dead Dead Dead .
Wht a magical jodi yaar Day Dreaming .hu adorable they were looking in 2dy's episode , can'ttt explain Embarrassed .
1st NivRen scene gong 2 Bedroom
Ohh myyy myyyyy Our Swweetuu is soo soo cuteee n Badmash ki he dosn't leave any chance 2 touch Nivi LOLWink . He asual Brings Nivi by covering her Eyes frm his hand . He says ki " haath toh main chod raha hun lekin apni aakhein band rakhna " n as soon as She opens her eyes he shows her d pic of Sidya in wedding dress . He shows her d dresses whch he brought for him n her n he requests her 2 wear it so tht they cn also hav some nice pics in wedding dresses like Sidya . Nivi accepts it .
Yaarr Viren was looking 2 hottt yaar Embarrassed .
2nd NivRen scene NivRen gets Ready
Scene starts wid Nivi getting ready infront of Mirror , She says 2 herself ki " Viren , main tumare dosti ke liye sab karungi "  Embarrassed n lookkk who is shown Viren ..... OMGGGG hu hotter he cn look yaar Embarrassed , I mean he also gets ready wearing his sherwani n says 2 himself by looking at mirror ki " mujhe toh samajh nahi aata koi itna Handsome kaise ho sakta h ? "  n i was likeee OMGG r u some mind n heart reader or wht ? becozz ask 2 us !!!!! 24/7 we also questions same thng 2 ourselves LOLWink  .
3rd NivRen Scene d song Sequence
At 1st just want 2 give huggeeee hugeee hugeee compliment 2 Actors Kinshuk n Neha , Cinematographer for his brilliant n such a beautiful photography n d director for his brilliant direction .Hats off 2 all of them Clap .
Viren comes frm 1 side n Nivi comes frm another side of d stairs  .d song's lyrics were 2 gd n so beautiful .n so meaninful " dosti h pyaar mein badal jayegi " wonderful yaar Clap .
n wht 2 say abt NivRen yaar !!! jitna kaho kam h . Wht chemistry full of romance , little bit of funnyness frm Viren's side , Viren's cuteness n wht nt ?? i m speechless yaar .
d best parts were
1) When Viren was abt 2 kiss Nivi OMGGG i got goosebumps Embarrassed ,
2) Another was at begginning of d song when Viren sees at another side n Nivi just touches his cheeks n moves it 2 her side .n d USP was Viren's expressions , cn u belive he had tears in his eyes ? I mean hu much he loves her Yaar more then himself . He madly lovess her . hu cn some1 love 2 his love upto dis extent ? SPPECHLESS
Viren scene wid YSD , CC , Divya , Vandana
Viren was 2 cutee in dis segment .I mean he was 2 2 2 2 2 ..... cuteee ,thatzz wht i cn say abt him .loveeee him yaar muhwwwww .
They all were havng some snacks n all , Viren comes n says kyaa baat h ? nashta kiya ja raha h aur mujhe kisi ne bulaya bhi nahi " awwww sweetuu i cn understand hu u were feeling , u hav golden heart wid selfless nature but then also no1 cares for u Cry . He comes n sits besides his Tayajii (As usual ) , phone rings n she tells 2 every1 ki " guddi ki shaadi h (some relative) " n my cutipiee says immediatelyy " Arre yeh toh vahi guddi h naa jisko main maara karta tha " LOL . omgg hamara sweetu bachpan bhi kitna badmash tha Wink . Ysd was nt ready 2 go but atlast she agrres .
Here while talking Vandana says ki " sidharth bhi tho delhhi ja raha h , aap uske saath chale jan a" n viren asks her ki " sid delhi ja raha h ? " toh Vandana says ki " Yes keh raha tha ki office mein kuch prob ho gayi h " n here our jaanu's mind strikes n poor guy remembers ki he didn't send d quotation yet Ouch 
4th NivRen scene phansi scene
Yaarr 1st of all i want 2 slap DD for her utter foolishness n dumbness .She reallyy crossed all lilmits of it Angry .I mean when She sees Nivi wid tht phansi n all , couldn't she hav yelled at Nivi , wht was d need 2 call Viren n 2 let every1 know abt d incident ? i m reallyy so piissed off at her ki i want 2 give her a tightt slap Angry .
OHh my jaanu , uski toh jaise jaan hi nikal gayi , He yellss Nivedita n runs 2wds her , lifts her n then lands her on floor . He was so soooo angry .Whch was clealrly showing his truee obessive love 2wds her 2wds his chand , his caring 2wds Nivi Embarrassed .I was just seeing it n just prayngg 2 god ki " plzz god give me Viren , give me Viren " Embarrassed .  Yaar d way Viren was sayng ki " maine tumara kadam kadam pe saath diya aur aaj tumne yeh kadam uthane ja rahi thi " OHh god 2 gd n so emotional . Again here Viren had tears in his eyes Cry by seeng his chand in dis position .
n here d most beautiful turning point  NIVREN'S 1ST EVER HUGG " Embarrassed Both had hugged each other tightlyy , it was looking like Viren will never ever allow any prob 2 come closer 2 Nivi n he will protect her frm every prob  n while keeping her hugged only Viren says indirectly 2 all members 2 go frm there . Viren was havngg his eyes filled wid tears .
Yaarr I must say BRILLIANT performance by KINSHUK MAHAJAN n  NEHA SARGAM Amazingggg
Totallyy Totallyy stole d show completlyy Clap

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Who will believe Nivi that she wasn't going to commit suicide and who will not believe her? 

We already know Viren believed her, NT Dadi and Yash will believe her too. I am not sure of Keshav.

YD, CC, PB, HL, and PT will not believe her. But I am confuse about Sid and BS. I don't have any expectation from Sid but still he once claimed to know her. Like Rach I don't want him to get any credit when it comes to NivRen. But if Sid thought that Nivi was indeed trying to kill herself, what will be his reaction? 

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 August 2010
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Monica brilliant description of all NivRen and Viren scenes. Today episode was extremely emotional. I just don't have word to describe the last scene and precap. 

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 November 2009
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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

Ok I am not talking about first three part but I really loved 4th part and I am not going to think who is MP but he made NivRen very close. I love the hug Nivi gave to Viren (her first hug) and the way Viren carrassed her to protect her from every evil and the most amazing part was precap talks (I think till now they have show what ever Viren told Nivi is from his heart and with complete honesty and that only is proved to be correct so I will believe whatever Viren is saying to Nivi in precap is also true and its honest he uses his words to show whatever in his mind). I just like their talks its the first serial where male lead is shown to be using his brain so fast and this is the best quality of Viren (I want them to maintain it like that) thankgod he is not shown as dumb or suffering from STM who will keep on thinking Nivi is hallicuinating and forget about the bulb issue. He is shown to be using his mind to know who can be behind it. The trust and faith Nivi showed in Viren and the way Viren assured her that he will find out who is behind it and protect Nivi. I think now we will see Viren who is responsible, having attitude in him like before side by side romancing and flirting will go on I don't mind and sometime mindless flirting will also be acceptable. The meaningful communication which we were looking was there. I think if they hadn't put that mystery track na then immidietely after the episode I would have been on cloud nine but due that track I took little thought and check whatever he told earlier he did those things with complete passion he become childish sometime but he knows how to set the facts right and I am very hopeful about that. I don't mind him getting full psycho on MP who ever he is even IF he is NANDU HIS DEAREST BANDU.
heyy RAch hu r u jaan ? Huglovedd ur each n every word regarding Viren . Now Viren will nt gong 2 take any thng lighter related 2 Nivi . Ofcourse he never did it before also but now he would b more serious 2wds all dis incidents happened wid Nivi n now he will hav full focus on finding MP .
Bas 1 thng i m thnkng n ques whch i m asking 2 myself ki guyzz hu do u thnk Viren's obessiveness will come out ? I mean hu he will b obessive yaar ? Confused

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anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2010 at 11:07am | IP Logged
girls, i am so dying to write my thoughts but cannot do that for some more time as tied up with work.. hope you all will wait for me to put my thoughts.. I have so much to write today, give all the details of each and every expression..
Moni dear, loved your analysis.. Rachna I am seriously liking your posts.. You are thinking very well and I totally agree with you that nobody else should get credit for anything.. It is only Viren and Viren who should and who will solve all the problems...
Hi Milee, hope to see you soon here...

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