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RagSia Goldie

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day 6

Damini was literally runningUnhappy! She was late for practice on first day itselfCry! But it was not easy to evade momma, Sameer n Roshni. She somehow managed it n in process ran out of time. Golf cart was a strict NO as it'll give out her location!

As expected, Prithvi had already reachedDead, showering all d affection on his watchAngry! She was tryin hard to make her approach towardz Prithvi look like "friend in need z a friend indeed!"Big smile  But all she could remember was "beggerz cannot b chooserz!"Dead

She apologized for being lateUnhappy. After some tauntzShocked, warningzAngry n reading out of rule bookDead, he came to point!


Prithvi : so. I think we should start wid rock clombing!Big smile

Damini : (to herself ' even f house z burning, he'll recommend me ROCK CLIMBING!Angry N loudly-) I know a bit of it, enough to save my life!LOL

Prithvi : I know u r not too friendly wid rock climbing but in hilly area as dis, u should get more into it!

Damini : u r d boss!Ouch

Prithvi : good!


They set off towardz d hill. It was indeed very far.

Prithvi : as far as I know, u know nobody over here except for us, right?


Damini nodded in affirmation.Sleepy

Prithvi : do u know anybody who has been from India. I mean some one sooooooo friendly dat therez no love lost between u n him/her!Silly

Damini : in d whole world, derz only one such person!  LOL

Prithvi : except me, Damini!LOL



Prithvi was in deep thought nowErmm. Damini knew not wot to make of itConfused. Finally after some time, he left thinkerz hat aside.


Prithvi : r u into drugz?

Damini : Shockedno wayz Prithvi!  How can u even ask such a question?Angry

Prithvi : z ny of ur friend, or even Sameer n Roshni, into drugz?

Damini : dis z too much Prithvi!AngryAngryAngry I, Sameer n Roshni r brought up in principled manner! Though they r outgoing n party people, we all have always stayed away from drugz n people related to it! U, urself have seen it!

Prithvi : dat was 3 yearz ago! Well, then itz possible dat, there z somebody whom u donno completely!Ouch

Damini : don't harp on same string, Prithvi! Come to the point.Angry

Prithvi : truck dat attacked u was stolen one. Theft was exclusively for accident it seemz! Truck was found in afternoon itself wid nobody inside & even goodz dat were in it were perfectly in place!Confused

Damini : it was planned attack, right? Could u find who did it?Shocked

Prithvi : Khabruz informed my spy it was a drug related incident!


Damini : drugs? Wotz connection wid me?Shocked

Prithvi : dat u r in best position to answer!


Damini was speechless. She dint know how to react.

Prithvi : there z dis pub in area, popular for drugz business. All people involved in accident n theft r known & regular faces there! I don't have proof but just information. So we can't even catch them!


Prithvi couldn't bear Damini'z tensed condition anymore. He thought of only one thing to change her mood.


Prithvi : road z quite long, isn't it?

Damini nodded.

Prithvi : u remember we used to race on dis road from stud to hill?Smile U used to go cryin to my momma complainin I never let u win!LOL

Damini : datz because u used to take 'Agra', leavin me wid 'Pratham'!Angry

Prithvi : but u used to cry.ROFL

Damini : n Geeta kaki used to advise me to save tearz for marriage!Broken Heart

Prithvi : I never understood fight ka funda! Wot u people used to discuss about our fightz? U used to stop fighting a while after dat!Silly

Damini : she used to tell me dat we have fightz ka quota just like tearz!LOL She used to remind me to use fightz wisely n leave huge part for after d marriage!ROFL

Prithvi : n ur papa got me into rock climbing! He wanted his son-in-law to be LION at his favourite sport!Clap

Both laughed heartilySmile. They looked into each otherz eyez n quickly looked away avoiding eyezDisapprove. It was still very sensitive issue for them even after finding life partnerz! The fact that his momma n her papa, who were strongly in favor of match, were no more, made them more vulnerableUnhappy! Three yearz ago, when they had met, were lookin up at each other as soul mateBlushing! But an year on, thingz messed up to great level with Sameer-Avni alliance drifting apart to pieces. Then Gujralz started hunting groom for Damini n even Prithvi moved on. But they still cared for each other! Attackz on Damini was merely occasion for them to realize destinies call once again!Smile

They reached d hill. He gave her basic tips to follow in d area regarding nature of soil, stones n also animals that may take a liking to u n offer companyROFL! He told her how to evade them! Next session was adjusting car on hill. But their rock climbing practice itself got postponed as Damini was not exactly in good spirit!


Precap : Roshni n Varun spot Sameer n Avni at local market!

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nice part...Thumbs Up

loved prida....Heart

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Originally posted by Devil_Of_Heaven

nice part...Thumbs Up

loved prida....Heart

thank uSmile
me b wont update todayOuch
me b tomro morningSmile
thanks again

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                              maine bana di jodi day7 
                                                    (as channelz not listening)

Injury actually worked in favor of SameerThumbs Up! He got another day offParty! He set off to farm againDancing. He was indeed smitten by Avni. He wanted to get more of her! She was still as sweet as she used to b in childhood- just less talkative n more shyLOL! His momma actually wanted him to select a girl & he too, was made to go through "Dekho" ceremoniesAngry! But unlike in Damini'z case where papa n kakima were not too pleased, they supported idea of his arranged marriage, much to his shock! But as he wanted to meet Avni first, he shooed away all of girlzWink! In process, when he encouraged a girl, to pursue career in modeling, leaving behind thought of marriageBig smile, his mom punished him & dint let him go to India with kakima!Cry But he somehow managed to convince her. She actually wanted him to at least get engaged before visiting India. He never understood d reason but managed to escape!

At farm, Avni was leavin for market wid another vet- Manish for shopping for animalz! He decided to accompany them.Big smile

They reached d shop. Sameer looked at shop owner. He looked like a girlish guy! "He or she?" he wonderedLOL. Just then, Manish went to Cake Shop z he was told to place some order by PrithviBig smile. Sameer was feeling d luckiest person on earth was no one else but he, himself! Just then, Avni'z first sentence, directed to shop owner shook him completely!


Avni : Honey, y dint u send prescribed medicinez?

Sameer :Shocked Oh god Avni! How can u call HIM honey, when u have such a handsome wid u? (Pointing to himself, of course!)LOL

Avni : shut up Sameer!Angry So Honey, wot about madicinez?

Sameer : again honey?Ouch

Avni : Sameer!

Sameer : Honey! I mean Avni!LOL

Honey : we were out of stock, sweetheart! I have just se'

Sameer interrupted.

Sameer : (to shop owner) how dare u? Mind ur tongue, ok?Angry

Avni : Sameer I think even u should go to cake shop.

Sameer : OuchI can't leave u alone here!

Avni : Honey z a dear friend! We want to talk to each other'

Honey : without interruption!

Sameer : Honey?Shocked

Honey : (pointing to shop name plate) Honey!

Sameer : oh sorry! Hi!Silly

Honey : bye!

Sameer : Avni! Ouch


Just then, reached Varun n Roshni! Prithvi had instructed Varun to drop Roshni home. She was to prepare for a partyParty! Prithvi dint wanted to take chances z attackz on Damini were more of a mystery day-by-day! Varun was cursing his fate! He dint had ny cases in court for afternoon n in office too, no legal issue was in immediate need of attention! He had to obey bhaiyyaDead! On way, they dropped in market n spotted Sameer n Avni!  

Varun took Avni away! Roshni left wid them z party was in Saxena House itself! Sameer wanted to 'discuss some thingz' with HoneyLOL so decided to wait! He hadn't missed aakhon k isshhare between Honey n VarunConfused! First it was Jiggi n now Varun! Honey must have made call to VarunAngry! Sameer had realized these guyz were keepin him away from Avni! Even last evening, when all Saxena khandaan visited him, they had kept him away from herCry. D sweet girl Pakhi, he had taken instant liking to, was d only person, who was really sweet wid himSmile! He remembered PakhiDay Dreaming. Full of lifeDancing! He thought he would love to have a baby girl just like herBlushing! N Avni being so sweet a person, it wasn't impossibleBig smile, unless baby decidez to go his wayROFLROFL! He saw Honey staring at his smiling faceOuch. He was still in 'Honeyz Petz'D'oh! He had to speak now!


Sameer : do u keep Turtlez?

Honey : I don't sell animalz! I sell food n medicinez for them!

Sameer : I have a pet turtle about to join me soon! Can u make arrangement for him?

Sameer used to care Rubik like a broSmile! He never considered it z animal but a friend! He always referred it as him! It was but natural dat he was trying best to convince momma dearest to abort plan of punishmenCryt n send him!


Honey : send me detailz! There r some type of turtlez in canal! Avni lookz after them. I make arrangement for them!

Sameer : Avni! She lookz after everybodySmile! (To himself) I want her to look after me n my family, tooBig smile. (He smiled.)

But this part was heard by Honey.

Honey : I heard u were chasing her!


Sameer was shockedShocked! Indeed it was his just third day in India, but it was true! Most of d time, he was meeting her or thinking about wayz to meet her! It was but natural z since childhood, he believed she was made for him!Star


Honey : z it true?


Honey'z nature was so friendly that Sameer dint think twice before opening up to him! He reminisced on childhood memoriez, dollz, yearz spent without her, et allSmileSmileSmile! Honey was indeed gifted listener for itz not easy to have patienceOuch when speaker z lost in his own timelessly precious world forgetting ur presence altogether! Dead

Finally when Sameer stopped, Honey started speaking! He was indeed moved by Sameer! Sameer was really different from what he was told by Jiggy n Varun!


Honey : then y did it not happen three yaerz ago when it was supposed to beShocked? Do u know what emotional turmoil Avni went through?

Sameer : 3 yearz ago? That time, Damini n Prithvi alliance was being discussed!Shocked

Honey : no! It was Avni n urz! Datz past now! But what she went through past one n half year z more of a grief! Can u n ur family accept her wid it? Can u make her come out of it n move on? Whatever happened z none of ur concern n not even fault, of course, but u will have to bear it! Can u? Will u b able to accept Avni wid it? Avni can't live without Pakhi! Can u accept Pakhi?


Precap : Pakhi'z turning seven month party arrangement!PartyDancing


Hey! Guyz so many viewzBig smile n so less likezOuch? Can't even talk about postzDead! Z nything m missing? M still trying to figure out to use IF!

Thank u for those providing regular support! Clap

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maine bana di Jodi8

(az channelz not listening)

 thank u deereyedgal504Devil_Of_Heavensofsunmannee,

Thingz weren't actually hunky-dory for Varun! First it was Pakhi, who had betrayed all his hopezOuch. He had built expectationz of Pakhi not standing sight of Sameer. Dis would have made thingz easier! But she, on contrary, bonded him big time! Now, an encouraged Sameer was chasing Avni everywhere! Also, he had got a call from Honey. He was a part of his n Jiggi di"z camp but had an about turn now! Dis was d limitDead.

He saw Roshni neck deep busy, preparing for party! He was surprised by her choices. First d cake design dat Manish called them to choose, den colour theme, interior arrangementz n return giftz. Everything she selected seemed to fit d billStar! Varun, who never liked anything in one go, n especially bout Pakhi, he used to b extra careful n always made people put great effortzLOL; but Roshni'z choice was perfect! But again Pakhi'z thoughtz drove him to Avni, n he decided to speak to bhaiyya!

It was Prithvi'z turn to bear wrath of Damini'z anger todayDead! He was late. But Prithvi couldn't have helped! Varun was really aghast at Honey n Pakhi turning in favor of Sameer; so much so dat he dint wanted Prithvi to leave d house before solving d problemShocked! Damini directed all her displeasure towardz d newz of his spy friend meeting dem on way! They headed to predecided spot which actually fell on their way. Only Angad was given special permission by Prithvi, albeit secretly, to enter SG premises, without getting noticed!

Prithvi tried to comfort Damini, but in vain! She was fumingAngry; reciting all his tauntz, warningz n rule book! But he was more occupied by Angad'z emergency callErmm. Matter was indeed related to attackz on Damini but he dint tell her. Angad had already reached. Prithvi introduced Damini to him n directly started d subject.

Sameer was wondering what Honey was talking about Avni n Pakhi! Their conversation ended abruptlyCry, due to entry of customerz at 'Honey'z Petz'. He decided to ask Damini!

Prithvi n Damini were walking silently back to stud. They had aborted plan of reaching hill for practice; for none was in position to carry on even till stud! What Angad said was nightmare, indeed! Damini was about to collapse, when Prithvi took her in his armz! She was shivering. He started rubbing her shoulderz gently.


Prithvi : Damini, u have to control urself! U have always stood bright in every dark situation!

Damini : It'z easy to say Prithvi! U have never gone through it! U wont b able to understand it!

Prithvi : I can; having seen my beloved sis goin through hell!

Damini : herz was different! She wasn't being attacked!

Prithvi : she was being abused! Tortured! Beaten! N about to b burnt alive!

Damini : she knew who was doin it'

Prithvi : but unable to understand y he was doin it!

Damini : u reached right time to save her'

Prithvi : I'm always here with u! After what Avni went through, I can't see anyone else goin through it; especially my dear ones...

Damini : will u really b with me?

Prithvi : FOREVER!Smile


Damini hugged him like a babyHug! Warmth of each otherz breath calmed their senses!Blushing


Prithvi was in study pretending to b busy wid filezUnhappy! He was confused as to on what to concentrate thoughtz! Varun was chasing him to solve Avni-Sameer issue, papa n kaka wanted him for a project, Avni wanted him to finalize Pakhi'z party dress, kakima wanted him to decide sweet dish for dinner next day, Roshni wanted him to allow some rabbitz from farm for party, Janhvi wanted him to help her choose gift for Pakhi, Honey wanted him to personally talk to Sameer n Jiggi wanted him to complain about Sameer to Illa GujralDead!

Apart from Varun, Honey n Jiggi, all problemz were to b solved next day. These remaining three too, revolved around same subject! He had dropped d hint about his unfavorable reaction towardz Sameer'z behavior & requested Damini to distract Sameer from Avni! But her condition, he was not sure, to b good enough to talk to Sameer immediately! Actually this was d part he was thinking about!

What Angad revealed was super shocking! Angad was, despite all best attempz not to b caught, next in list for ace killer shooter! Never in career of his 5 yearz n even in past one n half year dat they worked together, Angad was caught! Prithvi had hired dis international spy for his ability to escape unnoticed! But he was caught! Indeed d enemy z super fast, thought Prithvi! Angad had to go n hibernation for atleast few weekz to b alive! Dis was all because he tried to solve Damini'z case! Only thing dat he could dig out was, a notorious new king of drug business was directing d attackz!


Precap : Sameer asks Damini about Avni'z bond wid Jiggi'z daughter Pakhi!

guyz if u liked it, plz shower ur affection on like button belowBig smile

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hey it was a nice update.....Smile

prithvi and damini hugged .....sweet.....Day Dreaming

now what is this drug  business.....

ahhh there are sooo many problemsConfused...hope they are solved soon....

good update dear....Thumbs Up

keep it up...Tongue

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