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Yippie guyz! 2 dayz in a row!Dancing

As I've got 6 likes, we get some extension on lines.

Also I've managed  6 replies n 118 views, so I've been gifted one advertisement!






We offer many adventure sportz as rock climbing, ski diving, snorkeling'

We offer world class safety arrangement n trained guidez.

We offer unique, never seen or heard before experience!

We welcome all adventure lovers to experience adrenaline rush!


Recently Ms. Damini Gujral inaugurated newest branch where u can go ski diving from car instead of helicopter combining wid returning on rock climbing!

 maine bana di jodi
      (as channelz not listening)
           Back in Gujral villa, Roshni was getting tired of waitin for her diSleepy who had gone ski diving. She wasn't to be seen in d sky. Prithvi had told her, this part of hill, co-owned by Saxena'z n Gujralz was kept exclusively for family memberz only. So she expected Damini to turn up dis side only. Till then she was getting boredSleepy. Only jerk of swing she was sittin on, was keepin atmosphere alive!

She had taken special liking to this swing ever since momma told her it used to b her fav spot in childhoodBlushing. They used to come to India in Christmas holidayz. But after her father's demise, they had been there for d first time in 18 years! She recalled momma tellin it was where she n Varun used to playEmbarrassedBlushing. Varun! Her mind exclaimed! She couldn't remember much, but that he used to run away from her without tellin her d reasonEmbarrassed! Even now, she thought, he z d same, except more irritating!Angry

When Prithvi n senior Saxena uncles had come to New Zealand three yearz ago, her heart took instant liking to Varun'z photograph from album he had broughtDay Dreaming! She had imagined him to b just like Prithvi ' totally irresistible n thorough nice personDay Dreaming. So, she was eagerly lookin forward to this visitLOL. But all her hopez came crashin down as she found Varun to be quite bitter towardz herOuchDead n her family too, she suspected, wasn't spared. But momma n di liked him a lot. N their open minded nature was indeed changing his preconceptions, if any. "What could it b, that all his family adores Gujralz but he z so bitter about them?" she thought to herselfShocked.

Suddenly, a car came in which saw di n Prithvi comin out. She smiled!Smile "Their fightz r entertaining!" always her bro Sameer used to sayLOL. She was indeed missin him. Just then, she got a shockShocked! Di'z arm was bandaged. She ran downstairs so did momma. Both exclaimed n demanded explanation. She knew di was gud at ski diving, so it indeed was faulty safety arrangement.

Damini n Prithvi were too discreet in their explanation to ensure least questionz would b thrown as Damini had requested Prithvi. But as carz condition was not exactly d one to hide accidentROFLD'oh, they had to answer!

After lunch, Damini was summoned bed restD'oh n Illa went for a meeting. Now Roshni barged into Damini'z room n rued about her helpless conditionCryCryCry. D only event their company had was a formal party for investerz n it was perfectly arranged by Prithviz staff z welcome giftClapHug. Kakima had strongly protested to her idea of continuing on managing NZ sections eventsCryCry. She wanted her to explore her rootzOuchDeadShocked! Kakima! She was missing her badly. But had it not for kakima'z punishment, she thought, bro would have been here. Damini too, was missing Sameer, kaka n kakima. She suggested Roshni to go to Saxena house but it was of no use! Avni di had gone to her kaka'z wid Jidnyasa di, her cousin, who was visiting. Jiggy di actually was there since Roshni'z arrival, so they were now friendzSmile. But it was Pakhi, over whom Jiggy di n Roshni bonded big time. Now Pakhi was gone wid them as she was too little to be left without her mommaLOL! She got up to let Damini rest. Suddenly, Damini told her to seek Prithvi'z help s sprawling lawn n woodz of Gujral-Saxena joint property had Canal lining on other side. She never knew itClapDancingParty! She was too excited to wait for Prithvi to return from meeting z she was always a water baby. She decided to check d good spotz for snorkeling.

Roshni was enjoying d woodz. Up-down, left-right, forward-backward she loved it from all views. Navigation machine showed she was now near canal. She lit up at thought of itParty! She was almost on seventh heaven when she missed d earth n fell directly into a valleyOuch! She was bruised n shocked to find herself in trouble! She started finding navigation machine n walkie-talkie to ask Garden control room to find her n take her home. She almost collapsed on realizing it was resting on top from where she had d great fallDead. Now she started searching for road to go upwardz n soon realized d meaning of bhul-bhulaiyyaOuch! She cried out loud but in vain! She remembered all d devilz reside in cave in jungleDead! "Thatz y I hate roaming in jungle!" She cried unable to control herself.

Soon she sensed someone coming from behindShocked. She freaked out n hide behind d tree. Still a hand managed to make itz way on her shoulderShocked. She screamed n hand turned to cover her mouth! She bit it n away she ranLOL! Soon she realized it was Varun! She turned n again ran but this time directly into Varun's armzHug! He was shocked to deathShocked! She was cryin inconsolably. He tried pacifying her but in vain! He took her to his tent. He then offered water n then came chocolatez. She now had gathered composure. He started talkin about childhood memories to cheer her up while dressing her bruisesClap.


Varun : Remember how u used to be? Following me to my every footstep! So I used to get irritated n then u used to ask me innocently "y r u running away from me?"Big smile

(Roshni smiledApprove. Aha! This was d reasonSilly! Right from childhood, dumbo never answered when directly asked. He rightly became Lawyer!ROFL)

Roshni : N u used to offer me my fav milk chocolate to bribe me!

Varun : It was never to bribe u. U used to listen every word of mine if let to accompany   me. I guess even now u r doin d same! Following me to spoil my peace!LOL


Roshni was shocked at accusationAngry. She got miffed n turned to opposite direction just to realize she was by shore of canalDancing! Her hard work n bruises were negligible price when she saw beautiful nature at itz peak! She was tempted to jump in. but remembered bro says "Never to swim unknown waterz unless u r facing trouble! Always ask locals to accompanyStar." She looked at Varun wid loadz of hopezBlushing. He understood her heart, frowned n told her to stay away z bruises might worsen.

Now again she was fumingAngry! So Varun started enacting herLOL. Right from peeping into water to spot fish, sitting on edge of shore, dipping legs in water n even turning left n right! Roshni was getting annoyedAngry but got scared on hearing loud noise.Shocked Varun, in process to bother Roshni, actually lost control n fell into water much to her amusement n more so entertainmentROFLROFLROFL! She too, followed himBlushing. After water splashing session, Varun literally dragged her outEmbarrassed!

As Varun was again dressing her wounds, scolding her no end, Roshni was happy s new found animosity between them had endedBig smile. She came to conclusion that he was indeed just like she had thought him to beBlushing!

Varun got up to attend walkie-talkie. It was bhaiyya Prithvi telling him to find Roshni z neither her navigation machine was moving nor walkie-talkie responding! He told him she was safe n wid him. Upon learning about Roshni'z injuries, he insisted on them coming back urgently. Varun tried to reason him but he was not ready to listenCry.




Now it was Varun'z turn to burn d heels as his most beloved, most awaited weekend holiday plan went in fumes because of ROSHNI!!! 

Precap : Damini calls Prithvi to meet secretely. All at Saxena house assume him to b gone  meeting Janhvi, just when Janhvi enters to give Prithvi a surprise visit
sorry guyz! another topic was opened. herez link to it

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day 3

thank u juhi_karneet,deereyedgal504,khwaish.e.arsh,Devil_Of_Heaven,Nan08
Damini was sitting in Glass room. She was trying to find out & come to the terms wid all dat was happening since her arrival. Something was indeed amiss! She knew not whom to approach. Today, she would have been dead, had it not for twig n Prithvi!

Her introspection ended when she saw Roshni fuming. Roshni too, was bruised. Damini was tensed fearing even Roshz was being attacked! Conversation wid her put to rest all her doubtz. But Roshni had many! She was hurt by Varunz behavior. His sudden mood swing (back to karelagiri Angry) on way back had her in sad mode viewCry! But at d same time, she was relieved as Avnidi, Jiggidi n Pakhi were returning abruptly in d evening as told to her by PrithviBig smile. He had come to drop her personallyBlushing!

Prithvi! Thought Damini, might b able to help her. But she was too embarrassed to ask for help, dat too from PrithviAngry! But she wanted to find d truth out. So, she called up Prithvi n requested him to meet her urgently n secretly! As expected, Prithvi teased her no end, reminding her she was engaged n he, was about to get engaged! But she bore it all wid a pinch of salt. She had toCry!

Here in Saxena House, Janhvi paid a visit in order to surprise Prithvi! She knew Varun had jungle plan & Avni, Jiggy di n Pakhi were gone to her kaka'z. Only papa, kakima n kaka were expected, who, she knew, would leave them aloneBlushing! To her shock, everybody except Prithvi were there! Her mood worsen, when Pakhi, who was sleeping in Avni'z lap, got up n on perceiving her, started crying! This was out of her capacity nowAngry! Right since birth, Pakhi used to cry on looking at her. Varun was firm believer that Pakhi could identify good person n bad one! He had declared her not good for his bhaiyya!  It was kakima, who had given d node neglecting him z she had said children behave this way sometimez. But Varunz resistance had itz effect on Prithvi! Even four monthz since d green signal, he was not ready for engagementCry!

Avni tried, yet another time in 6 monthz dat Pakhi was born, to befriend Pakhi wid Janhvi but in vain! Finally, Jiggydi got up n took Pakhi to garden, precisely away from her. Varun followed them. She was more upset. So, as usual, Avni came to her rescue!


Avni :    Don't think about it. Just forget it!

Janhvi : I can't Avni! U know na, Varun assumes Pakhi z reincarnation of Prithvi'z momma who used to judge people well!

Avni :    Thatz true! She z indeed badi mami!

Janhvi got more upset. But Avni continued.

Avni : All sasuma' z on earth cry out at their bahu'z!LOL


Janhvi was relaxed n happy.

But Avni who had bumped into Prithvi bhaiyya, while he was leavin, had thought him to b meeting Janhvi. She was wondering where was he gone actuallyShocked!


Damini had already reached back side of stud! She had loved it! It was indeed one of d best she had ever seen! So much so, dat she wasn't missing her NZ studSmile! Stud n actually except for bunglowz, all sprawlin property was joint one of neighbourz Gujralz n Saxena'z. But stud was actually hardship of Prithvi alone! She remembered, when three years ago, they had met, he was quite ambitious! He still was! He had it in him what it takes to be super successful she remarked! Their businesses were complementary to each other so she knew his capability very well! He had achieved recognition n respect in just one year that he spent in California section! But for past 1 n half years, he had purposely grounded himself to India, close to his family! It was indeed creating barrier to his career n business, but clientz used to come from all over d world to India for him!

She saw him approaching! He was indeed very much handsomeBlushing! Her papa n his momma had wanted their union, but even in childhood, they used to fight like mad cowLOL! Just punches n kickz were replaced by tauntz n teasing now!

Prithvi actually knew y she must have called! But he first assured her Roshni'z was purely accident n then asked her reason for calling him.


Prithvi : Y did u wanted to meet me in dark, secretly?Wink

Damini : So dat there shall be no proof of me killin u!Angry

Prithvi : For ur kind information, even many partz of wood have CCTV'z n it z but stud. It has many!

Damini : Do ur 'Hill View Point' too has many?

Prithvi : Indeed! N to top it, it has a manager who can see a girl getting out of car straight into valley!LOL

Damini : Getting out straight from upside down car!Angry


Prithvi smiled!

Damini now told him about her apprehensionz dat she was being attacked! Prithvi was expecting her to tell him. The incident was narrated to him in detail by manager & he had already sprung into action! So, upon hearing about roshni'z accident, he panicked n had pressed Varun to come back urgently! But found none of d harm! His spy friend was tracing d truck as it was captured in one of d CCTV of Hill View Point!

Damini was pleased. She knew Prithvi was d guy who would go searching gud market d moment he sees u sowing d seed. U need not tell him it'll grow up into tree n bear fruitz.Cool

She was even happier when he agreed to help her learn new techniques for self rescue, secretly!Blushing


Precap : Sameer arrives at Gujral Villa!

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Originally posted by crazypridaholic

Hey....Nice Start dear Big smile...!!!
Love prida in ur waiting for other couples meetingsEmbarrassed....!!!
Welcome to d forum....Big smile...!!!  Enjoy ur stay...!!!
May I know ur name Embarrassed.....!!
hey thank u
itz Sneha
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Originally posted by samratrocks

awessmmee updtt
guud joobbb
thank u Smile

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thank u juhi
it worked

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day 4

Hey Savnianz congratz! Rejoice! PartyDancing

We Prida holics never got such an opportunity.

Nywes I'm strongly of opinion dat IF z d medium to express our luv n affection towardz reel world life. Some1 over there took my crap in some forum seriously n panickedCry. Plz guyz react atleast my posts lightly. I'm of facebook generation ver u need not b serious even f u post a cryin smileyLOL!


Maine bana di Jodi

(as chanelz not listening)


Damini n Roshni reached breakfast table early. Both were not able to sleep properly. Damini was happy dat Prithvi was by her sideWink, so she need not tell momma, kaka n Sameer so she couldn't sleep & Roshni was still, too shocked by Varunz mood swing to b able to sleepOuch!

On reaching, they realized momma was workin in kithchen! She used to actually prepare sunday lunch but breakfast tooShocked? It was possible only on special furmaish of' both looked at each other in utter amazement n shock! "Sameer!", "bro!"  Both cried same time! They took reverse n raced to his room. He was sleeping. They jumped on his bed n hugged him from both sidez! He was half awake. He hugged them backSmile. His plan was to surprise them at breakfast table but his sisterz were as smart as himWink!

Morning in Saxena House, on contrary, was quite one. Avni dint ask Prithvi about last night but he, actually told her about Damini n Roshni'z accidentz. She decided to visit them. Damini n she had almost become soul sisterz, just like they used to, in childhoodSmile!

Sameer entered Damini'z room damn irritated! Firstly it was his momma who had as a part of another punishment, sent him to India without his beloved pet turtle- Rubik Unhappyn now Roshz was teasing him. Roshni followed him. She told Damini he had brought wid him his doll collection since childhood. Damini smiled n scolded Roshni takin Sameerz side. Roshz got annoyed at this n add to it bro who was teasing, she threw a pillow at him. He returned it n all d three ended up pillow fighting!

Damini'z room was now flooded wid cotton ke flakesLOL.

They called maid n went upstairs. On terrace, Damini pointed to stud praising it no end. So Sameer went to her room z she had binoculars. Here, maid had not arrived but Avni had! She was lookin out for Damini. Sameer spotted her n sweetly removed some cotton which had accidently managed to reserve itz place on her hairWink (too clich? Cant help!) n told her in his charming manner to get vacuum cleaner z merely her delicate handz wont b enoughShocked! Avni left fumingAngry! She recognized him through picturez but he had mistaken her for maidAngry! (bachhu bohot pachatayega!)Dead

Upstairs he remarked to his sisterz dat even maidz were soooooooooo beautiful in IndiaWink! Damini scolded him n Roshni put forward idea to go to canal! They left.

On their way, they bumped into Illa n Avni, who were in garden. Here Sameer realized his mistake!


Damini : Sameer, meet Avni! Remember u were best friendz in childhood?

Sameer : Avni? Oh my god! U look so different from photographz! U r really very beautifull!

Avni was embarrassedBlushing.  Illa, Damini n Roshni smiled.

But suddenly, Sameerz mood changed n he became very emotional.


Sameer : it was an accident! I'm really sorry! I dint break it purposely!

Avni too, became emotional.

Avni : I still have dat doll!

Roshni : bro! U broke Pakhi'z doll? U have so many n still wanted herz? I was to tell u to bring one for her but u r breakin which r alredy thereAngry! By d way, ven did u goShocked?

Sameer n Avni were too engrossed in each other to realize Roshni speakin n Illa n Damini abruptin her to remain silent!

Avni : I over-reacted!

Sameer : no! It was but natural! It was ur most favorite doll! All elderz were busy so, I couldn't even go to shop to buy u d new one!

Avni : I dint talk to u for whole of two hourz n u left when I was sleeping.

Sameer : I had come! But I knew u had slept after weeping for a long time! So dint wake u up!

Avni : I shouldn't have slept!

Sameer : I was to send u d new one for ur birthday but elderz dint allow me to!

Avni : I dint celebrated my birthday dat year.

Sameer : I should have been by ur side ven bua n fufa'

Avni : God punished me for being rude to u!

Sameer : Don't say like dat! None of it, u getti angry or bua' n fufa'z accidental death, none was ur fault!

Avni : ever since, I've never been rude to anyone!

          I'm sorry!

Avni broke down. Sameer gently took her in his armz n tried soothing her controlling himselfHug!

Sameer : I have collected all dolls for each of ur birthday ' all 18 of themSmile. Come I'll show them to u!

He took her inside the house.


Here, Roshni was standing wid jaw dropped almost touching d ground or even below itWacko! She now realized doll collection of bro, d only thing in his world dat she wasn't allowed even to touch, was for his childhood sweetheart!









Roshni looked up at momma n di expecting them to b out of their wits just like her! But they were smiling. They too, were emotional like bro n Avni di! She made her displeasure clear for not being told beforeAngry. They defended themselves saying it was too sensitive an issue for Sameer, so they din't discuss even among themselves!

Inside, Avni was overwhelmed wid soooooo many dolls of sizes, shapez, their carz, make-up box, houses, dresses'!  She was lost n so was Sameer! Of course, all d dollz showed up at Saxena House in d evening!

Later, Illa n Damini told Roshni they were inseparable in childhood whenever they used to meet n theirs too, union was planned. Hearing this, Roshni broke down cursing god as to y then, he did something like this! It was now impossible for Illa n Damini to control her!


Precap: Neither Prithvi nor Varun were pleased by Sameerz arrival, let apart giftz!

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wot z diz?Shocked
wot did "this" of Roshz mean? dont triffle yaar!
3 mein se ek to luv story without problemz hoti!
n Sneha, y was need 4 u 2 panic s somebody  else did? Wink
kya baat hai?LOL

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awesome part...

loved it....

awww sameer is soo cute...he collected dolls for avni...shooo shweet...

continue soon.....

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