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SR FF DMG3 Phir Bhi Saath Hai Hum Part 53 Page 128 (Page 111)

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Originally posted by DJ..

Originally posted by neha2607

i have been following ur ff since start but could never comment as such......

i loved the way u described riddhima's , shilpa's and sid's state of mind and their emotions.
Althought sometimes i feel why did only shilpa suffer so much - loosing her 1st love,sister and then her husband and finally her life but as ppl say the show must go on.


Let me deal with each together ' If she hadn't lost her first love then armaan would not be with Riddhima and that was what was shown in the serial. I am just carrying the serial forward from where it was left. 

Her sister, Well Sid asked armaan to tell Riddhima about Shilpa's truth of her being Riddhima's sister. But when armaan met Riddhima he was all for explaining to her that they are meant to be. Now it seems logical that we can assume he planned to tell her later. But when, he could have told her even when she was planning to leave for Harvard Medical. That would be another good two years away. Would it not mean that Shilpa is away from her sister for 2 more years. But yet he did not tell her that. Infact he could have also used that as a ploy to stop her from going. Glad he did not. But instead he played a prank (i say so cause he himself accepted it as a prank) The prank being his father is unwell more like his death bed wish that he should get married hence was looking for a good proposal and goes through an entire exercise of shortlisting a prospective bride. . Though he did not mastermind the prank he played along He was accomplice in crime. One of the basis was his father being terminally unwell. Though false but very insensitive. So all in all his motive was getting back with Riddhima superseded everything which again I say is fine also to a greater extent.

He loved Riddhima to no ends (he states so) and considered Shilpa as a friend (he states this also) then would a lover and a friend want both to find out the truth. Would he not want his friend to have her sisters acceptance and lover to find a sister which she never knew of. But for him getting back with Riddhima superseded that also. Hence, it would not be incorrect to deduce that he never gave that piece of truth any importance over his own feelings and motives. Hence again, I would conclude that it would not be incorrect to assume that he never told Riddhima about it cause he never felt it was important enough. My perception.

The rest is to carry the story forward. Yes life is cruel. How cruel all know. Many never find happiness in life. But Shilpa did she had a good friend in Sid, a loving husband in Vishal and a angelic child. So all in all she did find some happiness.

Seeing sid with shilpa's child showed his loneliness as well as the innocence still present in his soul.......

You have shown even their minute feeling's intensely and i truely loved it till now.


I am glad you have liked it.

But to honest i didnt like the fact you described
Armaan, i totally agree sometime he did get aggresive to prove himself right but he did that out of pure love.

Sid also loves Riddhima a lot (I will not look at anyone's love as pure or not ....that is another issue altogether) But if he would have been aggressive towards Riddhima while being married to Riddhima then also that would have been only aggression. Any aggression is only termed aggression and no reason can justify or redeem it. Again if Sid would have been aggressive towards Riddhima in any way and would have enforced himself on her to fulfill certain duties of a wife then to it would have not been an act of love but considered as marital _ _ _ _ As per law also it is termed so. Hence, armaan's aggression also cannot be justified. That too when she is someone else's wife. As for the FF, I have not made changes to how a character would or would not react to a particular situation. armaan was aggressive and have shown him so also in this FF. armaan was always shown as callous and one who takes the easier way out of a situation or avoid it. Riddhima and Shashank both have stated so in the serial. Also there are many events, pre-shoot out incident where this is clearly depicted. Post shoot out also and that created bigger issues.

would have respected and liked it better if he wasn't shown the he is right now (typical arrogant jerk)

I am only trying to fit the characters reactions as they have reacted earlier. Like Riddhima is egoistic and cannot handle herself being proved wrong similarly armaan character is arrogant. Try understanding where I am coming from. The following is armaan's character sketch on the StarOne website


one who is self confident, efficient, cheeky and occasionally even smug. He is also extremely handsome and gives the impression of being a skirt chaser. He enjoys female company and makes no bones about the fact that he has a weakening knee effect on women.


His arrogance comes from all these fact that he know he is sort out by many. Though he may claim to be in love with Riddhima but he has not make any bone to the fact that he still has an effect on her. (whether yes she did or not I would not comment but he always claimed so).


Furthermore, I don't think I have portrayed armaan negatively. I have just used the same character traits as shown in the serial. I have not shown him as a wife beater or anything extreme. This character will not react aversely later also in the FF.


but instead riddhima could have just cleared her relation with him out of suffocation (as well as not being able to do justice to armaan as she had truely started to love sid from past 10 years)..........

As for the FF its been stated that she did give armaan her full attention which he always wanted. Hence, she has (my perception) done justice to armaan. If not being with for reasons of taking care of work and family is just how things do shape up in reality where one has to prioritise. We all do to a greater / lesser extent. She in her conversations has stated that all feelings are dead or buried for all. As for she started loving Sid while being married to armaan. I don't think so. She only derives strength from Sid. She feels warmth, not passion. She find closeness only reassuring her that yes he would be there to guide her and give her strength.

A woman can never except the fact that she is being unfaithful to her husband (and by thinking about sid ridz did that so it would have been a better option  rather than this side of armaan)


In that case, in the actual serial Riddhima thought of armaan more than what is shown in my ff of her thinking about Sid. So it is correct to conclude that Riddhima was indeed unfaithful to Sid in the actual serial. This also proves that she is an antagonist with armaan being her accomplice in crime. Sorry if I have hurt anyone's feelings about these characters.

But this is not the point of discussion. The point if a lady cannot accept the fact that she is being unfaithful to her husband then Riddhima (in the serial thinking of armaan) was only displaying concern for armaan and was not jealous or in love with him. But if not, then in the FF also Riddhima is just being a character.


As for my FF this is not the case...... like said above Riddhima thinks of Sid and derives strength. ..... Hosla aur sahara............ not passion.

SORRY IF MY statement hurt u or anyone. I didn't mean to offend anyone as i know their are ppl who dont like armaan but their are ppl who even love him as well as siddhant and that wouldn't be right on their path to choose b/w the two ppl they like.

In reality no person is completely right or wrong there are grey shades. What I have displayed is just grey shades. Furthermore it is just a story and each character just helps in carrying the story forward.  Choosing a particular character and making the story to suit it does not take the story further. Hence, I have not done so also. If I had to then I would have shown armaan even more aggressive completely negative and Sid all angelic and RIddhima oppressed and Shilpa then making armaan change for better or something of those lines. that is not where i want to head ever. So basically armaan i am not saying is completely bad It just that he has his own set of priorities and if that clashes with others and if that makes him seem negative temporary then what can one say. Even Sid seemed negative in the post 1st marriage time. He was aggressive but I would not completely say it was right so was armaan aggressive did i say he was right NO ........same rules apply to all characters ........

Like I.........I dont know how to react get angry on armaan or feel bad for sid. As i think it;s a better way rather than showing a evil side of someone.  I am not showing anyone negative its just character traits...
Once again sorry if my comment hurt anyone.  Please don't think you have hurt anyone You have a right to your perception and yes you are just putting it forth. Personally being a man, I can't relate with armaan. But yet again I have not let my personal view affect the characterization.



My comments in bold

Love and luck


i do agree with you that u havent shown armaan as a negative character but is aggressive.
I'm glad i didnt offend with anyone and ya to be honest i can reason with u and i dont mind saying i do agree with you but as it is human nature i get a bit biased whenever armaan is concerned ........

But i do agree and thats what i meant that Armaan does get aggressive but i wouldnt blame him [ in the serial the way his childhood went with his parents getting divorced and all it certainly leads to a personality like this ie possessiveness and aggression , i know ppl facing the same problem ......afterall childhood memories good or bad have a huge impact on the personality of a child in future so i can say yup u r right in your way] Everyone has a diff. perspective.

Thanks for not talking anything to heart.
And i truly respect your way of portraying the characters as per you opinion.
continue soon
and keep going with the good work.
hope to see SR together soon.


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DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Firstly Miss Cullens and everyone all my friends out there I am sorry I could not stand true to my word Sorry (*Holding my ears*) I could not update last night

I fell asleep writing last night Sorry............but Here it is a very long update and aur bhi interesting update is on its way soon ..............super soon ...............Embarrassed

And also Thank you ........... and Sorry ....... I stole your idea of putting a link of the next update in the previous update........... copyrighted tha .......Confused nahi nah........ nahi toh pucca you are going to sue me for that.........But that a great idea Miss Cullens........ Thank you .........

But I am very upset with you all who have read but not commented Cry I went through so much pain trying to write that Dead update ......... and you do this to me  Ouch........ But whoever commented THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH........... Hug and who have not go first comment and then read this update........ PLEASE ...............

Part 49


Riddhima feared armaan would definitely create some ruckus to ensure that he gets the attention. She knew that armaan did not know about her new house so the first obvious destination would be Gupta house.  To avoid any further problems Riddhima took her time off from work for a few days and went to stay at Gupta house.


The thought of having broken the news to armaan did not bother her so much. What seemed to bother her more is that he had not reacted. Was this the silence before the storm? Should she tell her parents instead of it coming as a shock? What should she do? She indeed was here home to ensure that she prevents armaan creating a scene But what if he goes to the hospital? These thoughts were not letting her rest peacefully.

The following few days she she stayed home on some pretext or the other. Shashank and Padma did not find her stay wierd but her absence from work was definitely bothering them. This was very unlike her. But considering the thought that she just may have thought of taking a break stopped them from probing further. armaan had not tried any stunts this rounds nor had he tried to contact her. This time he knew he needed to keep a low profile as he wanted to make Riddhima feel neglected and ignored. Little did he know that this time his tactic was not going to work. No one knew about armaan's visit except one ' Juhi.


When Riddhima told Juhi about the whole incident Juhi had only one question for Riddhima. Why not tell her parents the truth? Today she may be avoiding them trouble by not telling them But if they come to know of it later then what? But Riddhima felt that what Atul said held a lot of weight. Why stress them out in this age? They did not deserve it. Juhi did agree with Riddhima on that point but ultimately all would know. At some point of time the obvious next step would be taken by either. Divorce!!!.......

Riddhima: Juhi pata nahi ........abhi tak socha hi nahi uss bare mein .......aur waise bhi yeh rishta bahoot pehle khatam ho gaya tha....... ya shayaad kabhi tha hi nahi ........ aur kagaaz ke sahare bane rishte ......... unka hona na hona koi mayane nahi rakta........ akir woh sirf kagaz pe hi reh jaata hai ..............

Juhi did agree with Riddhima but ultimately that also mattered. But understanding Riddhima's condition she did not discuss this topic further with her. She knew Riddhima needed time to think things through in order to ensure all went well. This would be a big step .............telling her parents and yes the ultimate ......Divorce if at all.


For Riddhima things seemed to go well. After a week's break she finally rejoined duty. Her daily routine once again started falling into place.


Here Sid's work in Mumbai was moving smoothly. He was due to visit the consulate for some work. Hence, was very crispy dressed completely formal with a tie But before he went to the consulate he decided to pay a visit to Sanjeevani to check on Purva who was due to be discharged in couple of weeks and meet Juhi to inform her that he would going out of town. The following week he was not required to be in Mumbai hence he decided to spend time with Sue and Yuvi. Sue and Yuvi lived in Chennai after marriage. Since the time he had come to India he did not have a chance to meet them so was planning a trip to Chennai. He completed checking on Purva and went on to meet Juhi in her office.

Riddhima was passing by Juhi's office when she saw Sid coming from the opposite direction. She froze for moment. The moment she had avoided was here. Sid was right in front of her. He seemed to be at ease today. His eyes yet again did not bother her so much. He was talking to the doctor who was in-charge of Purva's case. She so wanted to but she knew she should not meet him. She did not want to spoil the peace that was prevalent in Sid's life at the moment. She quickly ducked into the first available empty room. She wondered if Sid did see her or not. She stayed put at the spot. Sid in his own thoughts walked pass by the room and entered Juhi's office. After sometime Riddhima peeked out to check if the coast was clear. But could not help herself but stare in the direction of Juhi's office. Sid was standing there talking to Juhi. He looked the same yet so different. The same angelic innocent look yet so mature Crisply dressed in a two peice suit as against his shirt with sleeves folder upto the elbows. She stood there looking at him affectionately. How time had changed this man she thought. How come she never seemed to notice this earlier? His eyes looked definitely very calm. She felt happy looking at him relaxed today.


Juhi: kya aaj ekdum suit boot mein ho .............. manjara kya hai ??


Sid: Kuch nahi ...........Rohan ke visa ke kaam se consulate jaana hai isliye aur kuch nahi ..........


Riddhima still rooted to her spot watching Sid and Juhi intently: Sid aaj yaha kya kar raha hai ........woh bhi itni formally dressed ......... kya usne kahi consultancy toh nahi ki........... the thought scared her what if it was Sanjeevani itself but then dismissed the idea ...........Nahi mujhe circular aya hota phir.


Juhi: Ok ........ mujhe laga finally ..........tumne meri baat maan li aur kahi join kar liya .......


Sid laughing: No baba anyways I still have lots of paper work to complete and I am quite enjoying this break ... Soch raha tha ki Sue aur Yuvi sister and her husband unhe visit karo ........they stay in Chennai ............Kal jaane ki soch raha tha .......... so  thought I will meet you before that............


Juhi: That's cool ..........chalo that means we meet next week.............. looked very disappointed


Riddhima: Yeh Juhi itni disappointed kyu lag rahi hai ...........kya Sid jaa raha hai wapis ......... thought pained her. Though she could not meet him atleast she could see him. ............ Juhi ko kyu farak padega agar Sid wapis jaa raha hai toh hardly kuch dino ki dosti hai .............



Before Sid could answer and Riddhima could continue reasoning why Juhi was disappointed there was an announcement for Juhi to report to the ICU immediately.


She looked at Sid ...........Chalo me going .........


Sid: Bye ....... take care .........


Juhi grabbed her stetescope and was going to rush out when she waited in front of Sid. Adjusted his tie. 'You really don't wear these much do you?'


Sid: I kind of hate them..........smiling shyly ........ The only other lady who did this to him was Riddhima he felt a little awkward


Riddhima stood there watching Sid smiling shyly. 'Does he like her? Does she like him?  He is still unmarried and Juhi a widow. Both have a right to find happiness. Togetherness but then is it that? Are they seeing each ............?


Juhi: You take care of yourself........


Sid: you too ......


Juhi turned to walk out when Sid called her..... 'Juhi ...........will miss you ........'


Juhi warmly smiled at Sid: Me too.......... bye


Sid: Bye......


Over the weeks Riddhima knew that these two had been meeting regularly and Juhi used to very casually refer to Sid. She could not deny the fact that Juhi herself had mentioned that she feels more comfortable with Sid. But what she had seen now shocked her further. This was very unlikely of Juhi, she never behaved so casually with collegues. Yes she used to laugh and joke around She definitely was friendly but somehow this definitely seemed different.  Soon after Sid also moved out of Juhi's office. As he walked past the room Riddhima once again ducked inside the room to avoid being seen.


The thought seemed to trouble her. 'Kya rista hai Sid aur Juhi ke beech? Kya woh sirf dost hai ya kuch aur. Riddhima wanted to probe on that matter with Juhi but did not find it appropriate enough hence restrained herself. She knew she may land up giving away somethings which she did not want Juhi to know.

Sid unaware of Riddhima's presence and her feelings was carrying on with his stay in India. What mattered to him was his work and Rohan. As for Juhi, his new found friend was there to support him a person whom he had come to appreciate after Shilpa. He admired her strength and attitude. Strength to move ahead; without dwelling on the misfortunes of her life while attitude of living on with a smile just to spread a smile around and comfort others.

Slowly and steadily Sid was also getting over his inhibitions of visiting Sanjeevani. Whenever in Mumbai he used to frequent Sanjeevani to check on Purva and meet Juhi also. Riddhima made sure she stayed out of his path. What mattered to her was seeing him at ease. Yet her heart always wanted to know more about him and this always took her back to Juhi with her probing questions.

It had been five weeks since Sid was in India. Riddhima sat in her living room thinking about her findings about Sid.

Juhi: One can't stop being amazed how proficient he is. He has really worked very hard. You talk to him about work and he can talk non-stop. But outside work he really does not have much to say. He hardly has any friends or social life it seems. Shaayad kuch toh hua hoga uski zindagi mein jiss wajah se woh aisa hai.

Riddhima: Kya hua kuch bataya usne?

Juhi: Nahi not specifically but I think he is scared to let anyone close to him

Riddhima: Jo meine uske saath kiya ............ uske vishwas ko thoda meine aur iss wajah se woh aaj bhi kisi pe vishwas karna nahi chahata ........... kya kar diya meine uske saath?


Juhi: Kal Siddhant bata raha tha apne past ke baare mein........he been divorced for a long time now.

Riddhima: Usne bataya kya reason tha divorce ke peech?

Juhi: Well he said they were stuck in a loveless marriage.......... The marriage was forced on his wife and though she wanted to work it out He could not come to terms with her past He did not want to remain in such a marriage so he called it off. From what ever I can understand he really loved her though he says otherwise. But yes may be over the years he has come to realize his mistake that he should have been more understanding towards his wife. But ab rone se kya fayada.


Riddhima: Usne sara ilzaam khud pe le liya ...........kyun Sid kyu ho tum itne ache......... meine tumhare saath jo kiya uske baad bhi tum uff bhi nahi karte ........kyu..........


Juhi Riddhima his past is a mystery ......even after all that he has told about himself...... He blames himself for subjecting his wife to torture of a loveless marriage and is happy that she is happy where she is with her loved one. But then he is so hasseled whenever he talks about her for e.g. the other day I asked him would he like to meet his ex-wife He was furious that he does not want to see her ever. Then suddenly he cooled down saying that he would not want to hinder her present life. If he wants her happiness then why is there so much fury and hatred for which he does not even want to ever meet her? He says he holds nothing against her but yet? There is a complete disconnect.


Riddhima: aaj woh mujhse nafrat karta hai ........par kyu .........woh aaj bhi meri khushi chahata hai par aur usne kabhi bhi mujhe doshi nahi mana unn sab cheezo ke liye phir bhi uske saath hua ...........woh theek nahi tha........... woh uss time toh seh gaya lekin uska a bahoot gehera asar padta uske zehen pe........... sab meri galati thi .......




Juhi: It's a pleasure to hear him speak about work. I have been telling him that since he is going to be in India for some months why not join as a consultant in some of the hospital infact Sanjeevani would also be a good choice We could use his expertise. But he does not seem interested. He somehow does not want to do anything with this place. Somehow though his work is a way to keep himself busy and but i guess not in India his past memories bother him and in way he wants to stay from all his past memories.


Riddhima: kyu mein soch rahi hoo uske baare mein itna............ itna guilty kyu feel karva rahe hoo mujhe armaan ki tarah .............armaan bhi apne harkato se hamesha mujhe guilty feel karvata raha .. lekin tum .......tum toh aise nahi the ........ tumne kaha tha tum khush rahoge ....... mujhe laga tha tum aage badhoge .......... mein tumhare layak nahi thi isliye tumse door jaana chahati thi taake tum aage badho par tum aaj bhi ........ kyu Sid.......... armaan ko bhi hamesha kaha ki aage badho lekin woh sirf char kadam peeche chala jaata........ yaad hai tumhe Shilpa mein ek umeed ki kiran dikhi thi .......... woh ek achi ladki thi .......shayaad kahi na kahi woh armaan ko aage badha sakti thi ........... par jab tak mein samaj payi woh bahoot der ho chuki thi........... hamesha laga ki woh armaan ko apni poorani aadato ke paas leke jaa sakti hai .........yeh fikar mujhe bahoot bahoot jyada darati thi......apno ko apni zindagi karaab karte kaise dekh sakta hai koi aur armaan .......woh toh .........ek waqt kitne kareeb the hum............ armaan ke zindagi kabhi terav tha hi nahi ......... woh terav chahati thi bus aur kuch nahi........ par shayaad mein galat thi ........armaan hi aage nahi bhadna chahata tha........


par tum Sid tum kyu nahi aage badhe......... aaj jab mein tumhe Juhi ke saath dekti hoon toh aaj bhi mujhe woh umeed ki kiran dikti hai ............ Agar aisa kuch hai toh galat kya hai ...... Sid hamesha se bahoot hi samajdhar raha hai.........aur Juhi ek achi ladki hai ..........todi mazaakiya hai lekin dil ki ekdum saaf aur saachi hai Sid ki tarah ......woh Sid ki zindagi mein khushiya wapis laa sakti hai ........ jo galati meine armaan ke saath ki woh mein Sid ke saath nahi karoongi ..............aaj mere dil mein Sid ke liye kuch bhi nahi hai..........  aur waise bhi Sid ab mujhse nafrat karta hai toh yeh hi sahi .........

Mein usse nahi milongi ........... kuch bhi ho jaye........ usse woh saare dard wapis yaad nahi karvongi........ usse aage bhadne ke liye mein jo kuch ho sakta hai mein karoongi............sirf uski khushi ab mayane rakti hai........


Little did she know that destiny had something else in store for her.


Being a weekday Sid was again in Mumbai. Juhi and Sid again had plans to meet. Juhi was toward the end of her shift. She had been working a case which required a lot of precision. Hence was in the lab practicing how to focus and aim at a single point.  


When Sid did not find Juhi in her office he walked up the nurse station to check where to find Juhi. While waiting for the attendant to check where Juhi was he started browsing through the brochures kept there. There were some doctors discussing some case nearby. It seemed interesting so he started listening intently. The voices were low so could not hear clearly. Should he check up with them the thought flashed his mind. May be not? He was not even attached to the hospital. He should not interfere. But finally he made up his mind to check with them. The attendant who after much effort could not locate Juhi made an announcement. 'Dr. Juhi....... could you please come to the nurse station on the fifth floor Dr. Siddhant Modi is here to meet you.' As the announcement rang around the hospital one of the doctor in the group froze on her spot. 'SID' ........... Riddhima did not know what to do ......... she was just a couple of steps away from Sid. Why does this have to happen? I do not want to meet him ...........why........why now ???

Link to the next update

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very good update buddy
zeenia IF-Rockerz

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DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by zeenia

DJ! After 111 pages it is now time SR finally met!!LOLLOL
Great update!! And its amazing how both sid and Ridhimma are lying to themselves about their feelings  they still have for each other!!

The 50 update and we shall have the SR meet LOL i guess LOL

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_Moumi_ Goldie

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Hey DJ really sorry i wan't abl to reply but i must say each and every part was amazingClap
So Armaan is back and is still in his own world!!! this psyco will never changeLOL
Ok so now after so many updates its time SR finally met!!!LOL
Amazing to see how both SR r lying to themselves abt their feelings!!!
Awesome update DJ
Continue soonEmbarrassed
juisa Groupbie

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Haa finally the wait is over!!! Wonderful updates DJ...
Keep writing. How soon will be the real quick update?

DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by juisa

Haa finally the wait is over!!! Wonderful updates DJ...
Keep writing. How soon will be the real quick update?

Hopefully tonight itself if i dont fall asleep while writing Embarrassed

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