Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 14/02/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:14am | IP Logged

Today's episode was......................................................... ......................................................


The fashion show start's with Armaan's speech. He wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Mallika is sitting and drinking, she looks very upset. Armaan looks very enthusiastic and says that their collection is sure to set new waves. He says that this time, they have not used needles or scissors to design their collection; they have adorned it with love & only love. He seems positive that the collection will guarantee a beautiful and delicate sensation. (Puru looks very proud and Mallika goes on with her drinking).
Armaan then concludes by asking the audience to forget themselves in the gentle and ecstatic feeling of love.

Armaan then comes and sits next to Mallika, who is lost from the world and looks drunk. Dead They exchange an uncomfortable stare. Armaan is trying to reach his cell, without Mallika noticing. Finally he slips from her eyes. He goes in a corner to call and of course, Mallika can't help but follow and eavesdrop. He calls Jassi who is busy doing the balance sheets.

He asks her how she is. Jassi says that the balance sheets are being done. He smiles and says that he is not asking about the balance sheets but about her. He asks if his Valentine has received his roses. (Yes, yes Mallika is listening!). Jassi looks at the roses on her table and says she has. Armaan smiles all the more sweetly and says that then he'll be back to her office at 11.00 pm with more roses. Mallika's face grows paler. Jassi says that she has received his roses already, and there is no need for more. Armaan says that he is very happy today and that they must celebrate. Jassi says tersely that she needs to work now and asks him not to disturb her by calling. Angry
Mallika has overheard everything, except the name of Armaan's Valentine.
Armaan hangs up, takes a sip of his drink and smiles to himself. Mallika drinks more frantically.

They go back to their seats. Mallika asks Armaan for his cell, as she needs to call Aryan. Armaan asks her what's wrong with her cell. She says that the batteries are low. Armaan comments that she is drinking too much. She says that she needs to, she has never understood him in her senses, and so she is trying to when not in them She repeats that she needs his cell. He gives it to her (he doesn't even look at her).

Mallika quickly goes to a corner and redials the last dialed number. The phone rings in Jassi's cabin. She wonders that it is not yet 11.00 pm and it cannot be Nandu also. She makes a face and says to herself that let it ring, it surely must be Armaan Sir. The phone keeps on ringing and an irritated Mallika cuts it. She redials again. Jassi shakes her head, reluctantly picks it up, and feeling sure that it is her Armaan Sir says, "Sir, I told you I got the roses..now let me work and don't disturb me!!"
Mallika's whole world looks shaken. She turns white and says to herself that Armaan was talking to Jassi???

Aryan comes to the show. Armaan, Aryan & Mallika re standing together. Armaan smiles and tells Aryan to smile too, as the collection has been a success, everyone is applauding and soon Gulmohur will reach new heights. Aryan gives back that the inside story will soon be out, tomorrow in the board meeting. Armaan makes a face, and his parents come up. They wish them Good night and say that they will leave, but Armaan and Mallika must stay back and celebrate. Armaan wishes them Good night. He turns his back on Mallika when she stops him and asks him if he will come to her flat. He says that he can't as he has to go to Gulmohur. Mallika asks him why so late. He snaps back that he needs to get the balance sheets done from Jassi and hence it's imperative that he go. Armaan leaves. Mallika continues to drink.

A man asks Aryan if he is not staying back to celebrate. He says that no, as the next day is the Board meeting which is very critical for him. He tells the man that he will separate from Gm and sell out his shares. The man asks him who will buy the shares. He tells a puzzled Aryan that Gm's financial status is very weak and that it is drowning in a loan of crores of rupees. Aryan gets his first major shock.


And now, what we all were waiting for..........................................Heart

Jassi is working in her cabin. It is 11.00 pm. Armaan enters, hiding his face behind a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Jassi looks up and he slowly reveals his cute, smiling face. The romantic music (2nd title track) plays in the background. He wishes Jassi a Happy Valentine's Day. She says that he had already sent her roses, what was the need for more? He comes to her, bends close to her face and says softly that the roses he had sent, and the ones he has got now... are far too less to show how much he loves her. She looks away and thanks him. Armaan tells her that he is very happy; the collection was a super success. Jassi sincerely says that she is happy for Gulmohur too. The thought of Gulmohur, the company she has worked so hard to see succeed brings a sadness in her eyes. She tells him that soon Gulmohur will walk a new path of success. Armaan tells her that not only Gulmohur, but also the two of them will walk on a new path...and go ahead together. She looks away uncomfortably, trying to resist his eyes. She hands him the balance sheets and says that she has made the changes. Surprised, he takes the file. He thanks her for them. She gets up to leave and wishes him a good night. She says that she needs to take a taxi and leave. Armaan says that he'll drop her. She says that no, tomorrow is the board meeting and he needs to study the figures, she says she'll leave. He says desperately that he knows Gulmohur will overcome the financial crisis within 6 months, and that tomorrow Mallika will be out of his life forever. He tells her that they are very close to success now. She just wishes him a good night and starts walking....He catches her hand and stops her. He pulls her towards himself and looks deeply into her eyes." I can't stop myself Jassi..",he tells her. Jassi starts melting. "Come close to me..." he says softly..."Jassi..." they fall into each other's arms...Jassi is crying..and Armaan's eyes look like he does not want anything else now....Jassi pulls herself closer to him...the tears can't stop from her eyes...she presses the back of his shirt tightly...as if she wants to hold on to him tight...(it seemed like this embrace was never-ending and I didn't want it to end too). Armaan looks slightly puzzled at her clasp..
" Why am I feeling Jassi, at this moment, when you are in my arms that this is the last time we are so close? (Jassi cries harder, looks all the more determined not to leave him). "It reminds me of the airport....when we are bidding a loved one goodbye.."
"It's nothing like that Armaan Sir.." she sobs. She separates herself from him. He holds her face in his hands and asks her painfully, "Tell me Jassi, at least now..do you love me?? It is very important for me to know Jassi...very, very important,.say Jassi, do you love me?" She looks at him through her tears..." I have always loved only you Armaan Sir....always loved you..." He looks at her with love and gratitude..."Goodbye Armaan Sir", she pulls herself away and leaves.....their hands touching for the last time.............

She looks at him one last time and nears the elevator. Armaan says to himself, "You have to admit Armaan, that for the first time in your life, you have fallen in love........with Jassi..yes, with Jassi"

Jassi stops by the elevator and looks at him. She remembers the embrace and says to herself sadly that this was the last time she has ever witnessed his closeness...she leaves.

(It was so so natural...so real....it didn't look at all they were acting.......)


Billu asks Jassi angrily why did she come home so late in a taxi. He accuses Armaan for making her work so late and not taking the responsibility of dropping her home. She says that it was not his fault and that such a circumstance will not arise again .Billu asks her what she means. She tells them that she is going to resign from Gulmohur the next day. Billu, Amrit and Bebe are shocked. Billu asks her to sit down. He asks her if she is hiding anything from them, if she was treated badly at Gm or if they did not take into account her needs. She says that that is not the problem , she is resigning as she thinks it is the right thing for her career. Amrit asks her which better job will she get than the present. She tells then about Nandini's offer. Billu looks unconvinced. Bebe asks her to do what she wants, but after enough thought.


Armaan is drinking. He looks pensive. Mallika calls Armaan (she is drinking too, I wonder how she is standing on her feet). He looks surprised and she asks him bitterly if he was expecting someone else. He asks her if she has started acting like a detective again and has called to ensure he's at his apartment. She says that she just wanted to know how he is, as she is concerned for him. He shouts angrily that no, she is wrong, it's just that she does not trust him one bit. A tear escapes Mallika's eye and she tells him that she wants to know one thing: If he's marrying her out of the promise he had given her ages back, or because he's pitying her. Armaan is silent. She asks him why doesn't he answer, if Jassi is there with him still .He gets up, walking unsteadily...he says that no one's here and Jassi is at her home. Mallika repeats her question and says that if he's obliging her with his sympathy, she doesn't need it. He tells her that he shall answer all her questions tomorrow, after the board meeting. She's crying by now..she says adamantly that she wants to know now...if can dare to tell her the truth. He repeats that he will answer her after the board meeting. She says "Ok, Armaan Suri.." and hangs up.

Armaan says to himself: "Good Mallika Seth, you have prepared yourself for the truth."

Jassi is writing in her diary," Today, all those beautiful dreams, those little happiness's, the pain, the lies and the truth..everything has come to an end..."

We see Armaan leaning at the wall in his apartment...he slides down as if he's lost all strength..and sits down on the floor........

Jassi continues.."Today I said goodbye to the Armaan whom I love...I will go away, far away from him and this place. I will try and forget every single thing...all the times we have spent together, the love and the deceit. I will go so far away that even his memory won't touch me...you can now marry peacefully Armaan Sir..."

Armaan is sitting down on the floor..He says to himself, "Come what may... I CANNOT marry you Mallika..because I love Jassi.........I love Jassi.........". His eyelashes tremble with tears.


A man comes and informs Aryan that Gulmohur is in a pathetic state..in fact it does not belong to them anymore, it is taken over by another company: Kohinoor. He says he has got the information from the Chamber of Commerce's. Aryan cannot believe his ears. "WHAT?? My Gulmohur...taken over by Kohinoor?? " He remembers the same person telling him that Kohinoor belongs to Jassi. "This woman can dare to take over my Gulmohur??" he shouts to himself.

Jassi and Armaan were unbelievable today. A beautiful episode again.

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rouble Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:20am | IP Logged

thanks a lotttttttt daisy for the wonderful update


bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:21am | IP Logged
thanks for the great update. wow!
aaliyah Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:24am | IP Logged



jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:27am | IP Logged
oooooohhhhh, ahhhhhh, thank u daisy.

let me snap out of it for 2 seconds, Mallika keeps redialing...when u hit the redial button on your cellphone, the number shows up...doesn't she know Jassi's number, Jassi has been there for a year and a half...and Aryan, what??  It doesn't make sense for someone to tell Aryan the financial state of Gulmohour if it is supposed to be confidential.

ok let me snap back in...I have this gleeful look on face...ahhh...can't wait for tonight's episode.

Daisy Senior Member

Joined: 07 August 2004
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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:33am | IP Logged
I know Jp..you see Mallika was sooooooo drunk Dead that may be she didn't remember the number...
Anyway,we need to get used to these loopholes...Armaan Jassi were great, aur kya chahiye?
Paheli Senior Member

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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:35am | IP Logged

Thanks for the beautiful update for yet another nice episode.

The serial does seem to continue to hold its class, and our minds. It is amazing how it is so  soo similar to BLF, yet is differing.


I am glad no mention of Raj or Pari here. They both are appropriate chararcters and good actors, but both get on my nerves.

jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2005 at 11:36am | IP Logged
LOL  I have the KKHH music playing my head...where SRK is playing the silent music and Kajol is going into his arms....Embarrassed

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