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Nels IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lizdarcy

Phew. I'm glad i don't jump to conclusions. Finally watched the episode. It wasn't bad at all. Infact, the first 7 mins were beautiful, and the rest of it was okay too. A very normal drama-filled LTL episode. I really liked it, the only time i LOL was during the precap scene.

So, the campfire bit was short. But i loved the way Dutta was fighting his emotions. The way he snatched the key from her, it was so funny! And the scene in the jeep, ah, very much Tasha. I love it when they speak to each other wordlessly. And each dialogue was so poignant. He doesn't want to see her in danger, and yet, isn't ready to believe that this is love. Stop contradicting yourself, Dutta! And the shock on his face when he saw the fair Naku, oh boy! She's part of his soul now, and he just won't admit it. He's scared to admit it. I've never ever seen such an adamant lover! Makes me wonder how big a jolt it'll take for him to give in!

Baji was good today. He got a lift from Santa and managed to plan a party while Dutta took a detour. Suds is going phudak phudak, i see him having a mighty fall soon.

Lastly, the precap. Silly, very silly. But come to think of it, Dutta's repressed so much inside that it's only normal it all comes out now. I liked Shreya's explanation, he does play the mouth organ, na! And the song kinda suited him. I only hope he's drunk. Coz drunk Dutta romances Naku, bangs plates and maybe serenades her with sad, angry songs too. I'm glad that it wasn't even close to disappointing today. Wonder what's in store tomorrow?

Maybe i'll stop worrying and just enjoy the ride for what it's worth!
Hey Liz! I so agree with you @ bold! Even I burst in to laughing on seeing the precap. Some how Dutta playing mouth organ looks awesome in comparison to singing Dutta. He is a man of action and not man of words. That is what was shown since the day he entered. He was always shown fumbling when it came to expressing his emotions. For me that was the image of Dutta and so when I saw him singing, it shattered that image. I could not find that Dutta in the precap. So I am not happy with this. Hope its a dream sequence for Nakku that Dutta is expressing his thoughts but please not in real.   

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Hessa85 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 4:07pm | IP Logged

as usual i loved reading your post.  My comments on the episode.  Dutta doesnt seem to make much sense anymore, I dont know if its on the cv's insistence on dragging the plot for whatever drama is to come or what.  for example, it was only a few episodes ago dutta told his AS that he does not doubt nakku's love or her character.  But today,  while he was driving his thoughts consisted of ''jisse nakkusha se mein pyar karta tha, usse ka rang kaala tha aur dill SAAF.... tu toh roop ka jaal bechana chahti hain.''  By implication nakku's dill is not saaf, so he does doubt her character.    the mental passing of thoughts was ok, but not great in comparison to ltl's previous episodes,,it was not quite as gripping. although if i was to name exactly what was missing i can't quite pinpoint WHAT.  Maybe the mellowed emotions, maybe the flow of ''mental conversation'' lasted too long so began appearing forced.  by contrast,,, the take of dutta closing his eyes to see his nakku was actually far too fast to have the right impact. this should have been a bigger moment, both for him and the audience. i dont know how others feel about this, maybe i am being overcritical.

I actually enjoyed watching baji's excited telling of the story to AS, it was quite cute.  I will be so mad if any of kala's scheming damages him anymore, i hope she falls flat on her face.  anyway has anyone figured out how baji reached home so fast?  and then too so quickly prepare for a party LOL and have another faceoff with suds. why does it feel like suds raaj in ltl at the minute, he is constantly there to rub salt in the bajis woundsAngry i dont want this to long much longer.  madhu strumming the guitar and dutta will sing to her tune tomrrow hey,,, sounds crazy ROFLROFLROFLBUTTTTT will wait to see how the cv's pull it off ...maybe we will be taken by surprise.  anywaay enough of my frustrations!

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Hessa85 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prettywoman

finally i think how we can explain baaji reaching early.. the TOI article on how the lightman lost his life unfortunately mentioned that a romantic song was being shot on the lead pair when this happened. shoot was cancelled that night, and as porbably not much of the song was canned, they decided to nbot include the song at all. now if the song was included in the proceedings, we would not have felt that baaji reached early, hai na.. and just cos of that we feel there is something missing and the epi was jumpy whereas in fact it probably was an unfortunate situation that lead to this..
i am not gonna speculate on D singing.. will see what unfolds tomorrow before i get into thatTongue
i just read your post, and maybe your right this had something to do with the overall episode and the facial expressions..and maybe it will impact tomorrows episode.   in which case its completely understandable

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ImmaculateDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
I agree with u Liz.. and Vandhu ..nothing for me to add.. Smile 

I really liked Tasha interaction ... it was different then the usual stuff we are getting since 2 weeks.. 

liked the interaction between Baaji and Sudharshan .. and also last scene between AS and Dutta Smile 

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fairy_naaz Groupbie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
very well written Liz. I think tuesday's epi willbe worth watching.Hope we could have some Tasha's romance.WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:18pm | IP Logged

Agree with u Liz, n also Hessa has a point though, why does dutta still think that nakku is tryg to be manipulative with him when he knows thats not true at all.  This upset me too.

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-Fivr- Moderator

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:48pm | IP Logged

You know, I have to say this - your thread is like a cool breeze today! I just got done catching up with LTL today (Yes, yes! I'm all caught up! *does cartwheels* LOL) and maybe it's my marathon viewing of the show, but in my opinion I haven't seen anything "wrong" with the show at all. *ducks from flying chappals*   

Arey, arey! Hear me out! Embarrassed
Every track I saw in my catch-up marathon, made sense if I just waited long enough to watch the next couple of episodes. Even the Nakku-hiding-the-trust-before-marriage track (Yes, I was that far behind on the show, that I just caught up on it this weekend) made sense once I saw her interaction with AS before the wedding events began. And if a track that was as big a mess as that made sense to me and was acceptable, I really don't find it hard to stomach a bit of a time-space-continuum error in today's episode or put up with a bit of a family gathering. LOL To me, I liked the idea of a family gathering - it's different and sort of cozy. In fact I'll go as far as to say that it made me feel a little nostalgic - I remember sitting together with my family (extended family and all) at whim when I was back home, just because we were all there and could throw the plan together. So if I ignore the fact that it took Dutta longer than necessary to reach home and therefore allowing for the get-together to be set up, I can totally appreciate the idea that people with money to spare can get something as extensive as this, set up at whim. And since I choose to ignore those minute bloopers (honestly, they are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things LOL) the show's great. It's better than many. We get 1-2 bloopers in a week or two and I can live with that. I've seen shows with 4-5 bloopers in one EPISODE! Toh ye toh kuch bhi nahi.. ROFL And it's a show yaar - I'm not sure I can judge them to give me perfection each time - I think the bloopers and W*H-ish story lines are just as important for the show as good ones. If everything's great, what exactly am I going to laugh at?! We got the best jokes during the Mavali-Supriya tracks and if that track didn't have bloopers and nonsense-storylines I'm not sure what did! (A boyfriend telling his girlfriend to SEDUCE a don as opposed to just making a run for it? Seriously! Could it get any lamer than that! ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL)
About DN's character groW*H - I haven't seen a "stagnation" in the story. Or let me rephrase, I haven't need an un-natural stagnation in the story. Sure, we were given the feeling that Dutta was stuck in that "I hate you in the day and love you by night" routine for the past couple of weeks, but come on yaar! That is totally Dutta!! I mean this is the same man that turned into an angry reclusive don and STAYED that way for 7 years (first it was 10 years but ab Seema says it's been 7 toh maybe it is 7..? ROFL) - if he can let a betrayal from someone he simply cared for (like Seema) fester for SEVEN years, is it really that unbelievable that he will find it hard to move past the betrayal he got from the woman he truly loved? And to take this one step forward, is it really that hard then to understand that the family (Baji and co.) have to PUSH him to acceptance through these parties or any other whacky (by normal standards) ways? *nervous muh*.. To me that's okay.. EmbarrassedLOL
And lastly, when Dutta "accused" Nakku of trying to seduce him by her beauty I did NOT see it as his doubting her intentions.. Come on yaar, the guy is trying desperately to grasp at ANY logic that will allow him to continue hating her. We hear his "accusations" and cause uproar - but we ignore his plea-esque comment when he asks her "WHY she comes to save him every time" in the beginning?! Honestly, anything Dutta says now should not be taken at face value. He's being stubborn - as we should all know by now that he would, because that man is stubborn as a mule! And I really find his antics more adorable and amusing than upseting. When he accused Nakku of trying to "seduce him with beauty", I totally laughed and shook my head. LOL I mean LOOK at his face when he says this! The blatant way he is trying to harden his expression is proof that the repetition of Nakku's "faults" by him are now more to convince HIMSELF to hate her, than to convince her that he does... Day Dreaming
*realizes she probably didn't make any sense*
Sorry Liz! I totally rambled in your thread.. And I still don't know if I made any sense.. ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL  *offers Pepsi as truce*
Khair, this could all just be me and my optimism at its best. Plus I've learned to trust the CVs implicitly.. *nervous giggles* EmbarrassedLOL

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lizdarcy Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Thanks guys for your replies! I know y'day's episode has evoked mixed reactions from you all. I'm cross posting from another thread, my viewpoints about why I liked the episode, and why the precap doesn't seem that crazy to me! And trust me, I say this with complete conviction, I am not just being optimistic! Tell me if you agree with me!
This was my reply to Shilpita's murad puri hui post:
Sometimes, it's all a matter of perspective. We have idolized Dutta, and he is for us, that embodiment of perfection. In the sense that his actions however harsh they may be, can never be silly. However, the truth is something else. Dutta would've been a different person if seema hadn't happened. He would've lived, laughed loved with his whole heart. He would've sung and danced like any other guy. Right now, we expect him to stick to our conformed notions of the don Dutta. We can't afford to see him make a fool of himself by doing something as silly as singing!

Now that i think of it, why not! Like you said, Dutta has the soul of a poet. He is different from other men. And you're right when you say that till now he was only in love with the idea of love and stability. Now that love has struck, it's uprooted his stone walls of indifference and safety. Love has cut open all his wounds again, and Dutta is, for the first time ever, questioning all his beliefs. Everything he believed in has proved to be wrong for love is not about security or joy. It is about taking the greatest risk of all, it is about daring to cut open your soul, it is about getting hurt. This is the kind of love he's discovering, and it is his salvation too. He is falling in love the way Naku did. By walking over a hundred swords. This man was made for love, not hate. And that is his war.

Thanks again for this post. See, this is why i love this forum with its diverse viewpoints. Mwaah.

The song speaks of Dutta's pain. Brilliant selection!

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