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MY FIRST SS!! (Page 18)

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monaya_sajan

hey i cant see mmy name in d pm list...add me 2...awesome update...
hey i  willl definetly pm u i cant update the pm list since only vidhi can do that but i will pm u
am glad u loved it

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ekta_monaya

the update was sooo cute tanzeel...
really i loved it to the core...
u really defined thier feelings sooo well...
i cud actully imagine our SaJan...
hayyyeee...dat was sooo cuttteee...
lovddd abhay too...
really it was mind-blowinggg...Clap Clap
do cont soon dear & thnx 4 the PM...Hug
hey ekta thank yoouu sooo much Hug
am glad u loed it
really love reading ur lovely comments
they inspire me Big smile
will try and cont soon
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Awesome update cont soon.

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Continue Soon Vidhi!

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SajanRox

i know this ss hasnt been updated for the longest time
but I am planning to update soon I was busy with exams hope u understand
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Posted: 05 September 2011 at 6:25pm | IP Logged


hey all readers of this ss i know it has been very long since i have updated this ss but there were so many things going on that i could not make any time. Reason being that i did not only have to make time to update but before that i had to think of in what direction do I want to take this ss in and i finally set through it and decided what i want to do with it. However then ramadan came and then eid because of which i was unable to update and now in 2 days my school start but i will try to update every weekend even if it is a small part.
I know it has been very long since last update so to all of you who do not remember the story that well i would request you to read first 2 parts since this is only part 3 it wouldnt take you very long to go through the ff
link to part 1
link to part 2

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It was 4 am and gunjan was wakened up yet again by the cries of her angel. She got up from her rocking chair and moved to her baby she no longer was on the bed beside Samrat because she did not want to disturb his sleep by getting up so much. Her hair was a mess and she had dark circles under her eyes by the lack of sleep her eyes were red and her head was hurting after all this was her first time experiencing any of this; she had just gotten out of her pregnancy phase now she needed some rest but nobody told her that after the child there is no time for a rest!

                She walked over to her tiny little angel and picked her up in her arms very gently she had made sure she was very careful and tender while picking her up because she was afraid Neha might break! She started to rock her back and forth slowly to make her calm again and let her fall asleep but it was of no use. "Maybe she is hungry...I should feed her maybe then she will quiet down" Gunjan had tried everything so now with no other options left started feeding her she was amazed at how quickly she had calmed down. "Just like her father a total foodie" gunjan smiled looking at her little daughter there was a lot of things similar between her and her angel especially in looks but there were even more similarities between Neha and her dad which made gunjan smile even more.

                After gently rocking her angel to sleep Gunjan put her down very carefully and tucked her in making sure there was no air coming directly at her because she remembered what Nupur told her about letting direct air hit a baby it was horrible for the baby and she wanted to take no risk with her angel so she did everything possible to protect her. Then she quietly went back to the rocking chair right next to her angels cot and set on it she didn't want to go to her bed just in case her angel needed her. She tried closing her eyes to go to sleep. This had been a long night for her for sure but there were many more to come as she will experience parenthood; she shut her eyes and right away dazed of into sleep.

                The Sun came out and shined bright into the sky the rays came in through the curtains of Sajan's bedroom and hit directly on Mr.Shergill's face.  He was disturbed by the rays so he turned his face to the other side squinting and pouting while sleeping he tried to avoid the sun rays but it was of no use. No matter which direction he turned into the sun always got him. Finally surrendering to the sun he got up just to see that Gunjan was not next to him in bed. "Where did chasmish go?" He rubbed his eyes and got up from bed to go and look for her when his eyes fell on the clock "oh my god! Its 8 am…I am going to be late for work...why didn't chasmish wake me up"(He had so many questions when it suddenly hit him)"angel?? Oh right she is probably with angel how can I forget my little angel( the word angel brought a smile too his face the smile that use to only come when he heard Gunjan's name now also came as he heard his angel's name) But still why didn't chasmish wake me up? Just yesterday she yelled at me for wanting to stay home? (with a confuse look on his face he got up from his bed when his eyes fell on the rocking chair their set a sleeping beauty Gunjan (he smiled seeing her and walked over to her he was going to wake her up but then he decided not to she looked tired he walked towards his baby who was now sleeping peacefully in her little cot.

                Samrats Pov:

Hmm I think chasmish has been up all night with angel that's why she looks so tired and lifeless and she didn't even wake up this morning chasmish is always on time. (Sad) I should have been with chasmish she had to take care of angel all by herself while I slept like I haven't slept in ages. She had just come out of pregnancy and now she was up all night (angry at himself Samrat made the decision not to go to work today and only and only take care of his angel and chasmish today) Samrat went to the washroom and freshened up then he went downstairs and made breakfast for him and his chasmish then he went back upstairs to his room to check on his baby).

He saw that gunjan and angel were already up and gunjan was holding her in her lap he walked and stood beside his chasmish looking at his angel as gunjan saw him standing and was shocked in seeing him still at home she thought he woke up and left for work when she was sleeping

G: Samrat you are still at home I thought you left for work? (She glanced at the clock) aren't you late for work Samrat?

S: chasmish I am not going anywhere today you have been up all night with our baby and I wasn't able to help [sad) so now I am  going to stay at home today and help you ok and no but's chasmish I am staying and that's final

G: but Samrat

S: please chasmish just today

G: Samrat you know your company is a little bit struggling right now with the next project and you are asking to ditch work?

S: chasmish for you and angel I can do anything please just let me stay today I will go from tomorrow and don't worry chasmish my office is completely fine (deep down he was actually really worried about his coming up contract but he always told gunjan it would be ok the deal was very important for him but his family is more important)

S: come on chasmish lets go do breakfast alright?

G: ok come on let's go (she carefully picked up Neha they went down stairs)

Sajan did breakfast during which Neha started to cry so they both tried everything to make her stop crying this happened at least 20 times in the whole day for one reason or another Neha was crying and they had no idea how to make her stop crying after all this was their first time dealing with a cute innocent baby.

As days passed Samrat started to go back to work but he use to come back early so he can be with his wife and baby. They both were getting use to Neha's routine now and were talking care of her a lot better. Now at her every cry they knew what their baby needed ; it was all part of being a parent. This is something that will remain a mystry to all kids but somehow a parent always knows what their child wants.Days turned into months and now Neha was 8 months old she was crawling all around the house trying to grab on to things and making attemps to stand up but umfortunatly always failing in her attamps. But she was a joyfull baby who never gave up when she fell she laughed and tried again. Her giglle wa music to both samrat and gunjan's ears she was the reason for Gunjan's smile and the apple of Samrat's eyes. Their life was complete with each other's company and their little angel they did not need more. Samrat made sure his angel was always happy she was just 8 months but Samrat had spoiled her with all the toys of the world.

Samrats office

Samrat set in his cabin he was in a meeting with his Financial advisor Mr.Khanna and company's manager mr.Chopra

S: so gentlment what is the progress report?

C: sir you know the last deal did not go so well which made our company suffer

Samrat was listening carefully

K: sir u know because of the deal we have lost millions which affects you directly

S: I know par ab ap logo ko kya lagta hai what should be our next step?

C: sir I think the past is past we should now concentrate on the next deal

K: yes sir

S: alright gentlment then let's put our focus on the khurana contract because we got to give it our 100% alright

C; yes sir

S: alright then lets finish this meeting at that causs I gotta get going home

CK: alright sir goodnightAt Shergill house

Gunjan was busy playing with her little angel when Samrat came home

G: hey mama's little angel where did you go (she was crawling on the floor with her little angel crawling away from her trying to hide) Gunjan caught up with her angel "got you" she picked her up in arms and both started to giggle when the doorbell rang "look angel look papa's home come on lets go open the door" she opened the door and greeted him with a huge smile when Samrat took his angel in his arms "hey chasmish hey angel" he kissed both of them on their cheeks and then started playing with his baby.

G: Samrat tum abhi gate kei andar ae nahi ke harkate shru kar di come on dinner is ready lets go eat na

S: alright my princess lets go (he turned to his baby) come on angel time to go to eat its dinner time come on let's eat the yummy food your mamma has made for us

S: wow chasmish dhansak yummy thank you thank you sooo much (Samrat started to eat like he has never eaten before while gunjan started to give Neha her baby food)

Later in their roon gunjan was taking out samrat's night dress

G: Samrat how is your work going? (samrat became serious but he did not want to spoil her mood so he just smiled and spoke)

S: chasmish it's good as always but I don't want to talk about work right now it's my time at home ok

G: ok them mr.shergill what do you want to talk about (she said changing the topic knowing that he was not in the mood to discuss it)

Samrat came from behind her and hugged her and nuzzled into her neck "I just want to be with my wife right now just me and her understand" she turned around in his arm "oh really mr.shergill and what about angel (Samrat pulled her closer) "she is a sleep mrs.shergil so no excuses (he bent forward and was about to kiss her when gunjan moved her face back "Samrat no not now"

S:why not chasmish (he said making a pouty face)

G: because…umm because (she looked here and there trying to think of an excuse)

S: no more excuses chasmish waise bhi jabse angel paida hui hai tum birkul bhi romantic nahi rahi) and he pulled her forward and before she can say a word he attached his lips to hers

S: I love you chasmish

G: I love you too (she hugged him and then both went to bed they had been through 8 months of parenthood but the real challenge was still a head of them. Being parents is not easy as your kid grows up there is a lot of things you need to keep in mind and do so the kid grows up to know  manners  and be responsible….their life was just starting and now they were going to have the wonderful experience of being parents its tough but its definitely worth it)


This is all for today i hope you guys all enjoyed will try and continue soon

love tanzeelEmbarrassed

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Hey Tani lovely FF updatesClapStarClapStar

Hou are gr8 writer dearClapStar
i love it Embarrassed
its soo EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
Thank you sweety TongueBig smile

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