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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Devil's Den: CONfession Tera, DELHI ki SARDI

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Anj: I HAAAAAAAAAAT you for making me do THIS. I SUCK at writing ,hence bear with all the crap i wrote. SleepyConfused Wrote it an hour ago and i have absolutely NO idea of what i just  did. Stern Smile
PS: havent proof read it,so excuse the mistakes.LOLLOL
Topic of the Day:
DA "Brij" and DA " Useless Choco-bar : YASH" Sleepy *Dies*
Brij: The Not-so-forgotton Devil
Would you be interested in a story where everyone is happy, everything is smooth and straight? Where every character is the clone of BT Heroines who goes to temple in the BMW, wearing the gaudiest saree possible in order to pray to god for the welfare of the everyone from Raamu Kaka to Maali, Forever young Baa to the newly born Paress Kumar ? No matter how appeasing and serene are you, the story will become arid for you as a viewer due to lack of action, thrill and ado. Therefore, in order to make the story exciting enough to glue the audience to their television screens, it becomes highly important for the writers to sketch an antagonist or the "bad guy" who is vicious, logical and believable, but not likeable. In other words, creating the villains that people will love to hate. And, This is when the characters like Brij Handa are created who are vicious, logical and believable, but certainly not likeable.



Brij Handa has all the qualities that the audience can ask for in an ideal "bad guy" .He is grumpy, ruthless cultural fanatic and believes that he must always have the last word. For him, the family's name and pride holds greater priority than the relationships that make a family. He is a male chauvinist who believes that women in the household should have no say in the family matters. They should not be given the liberation to have an opinion of their own or decide about their lives as only the "men" of the family are capable to know what's better. Being the elder brother to the main lead ,Geet , He forces her to get married to an NRI who would supposedly take her abroad after marriage. When she displays the desire to study further, he pressurizes her on the name of family's "izzat" and asks her to do only what she is asked to do. The wedding was kept a sneaky affair and no one in the society was informed.

Even after knowing that Dev,the NRI husband of Geet, has abandoned her at the airport after taking all her money and property ,he accuses HER of doing something wrong , instead of supporting his sister during this crucial time. He blames Geet for tarnishing their family's pride and honor when the truth is that the "sensible and responsible" men in the family did not bother to cross check the validity and authencity of the family in which they were marrying the daughter of their house. Brij's chauvinist nature is clearly displayed when he punishes Geet, though the family men were clearly at the fault . The audience gets to see the darker side of him when he asks Geet to abort the child so that they don't have to answer the society of HOW ,the daughter of THE HANDA FAMILY got pregnant without getting married. When Geet denies to get the abortion, he threatens her to kill her into pieces. He brings in the midwife to forcefully abort the child her younger sister was carrying, he tries to kill the baby with an over doze of the sleeping pills, he tries to burn his sister alive if she doesn't give in to his will. The ruthless Brij doesnt stop just there. When Geet decides to go against the entire family and their so-called discipline by running from the home to save her baby, Brij sends his goons to find her and orders them saying "KILL her right there and then ,don't think of her as my sister." The anger, the malevolent,the madness to find the person who has tried to defame his "FAMILY PRIDE" could be clearly seen in Brij's eyes. He was neither a brother, nor she was a sister to him, the only relationship they shared at that point was of HATE and COLDNESS.

The audience cried and cursed Brij when he made his first stroke with the sword in attempt to cut his sister into pieces. His hands did not tremble while he proceeded with the second one and saw his sister crying in immense pain. He laughed at her helplessness, She reminded him that she was a sister to him , he abjured. She begged him, he ignored. And the audience was left with "YOU ARE EVIL AND A COLD-BLOODED ANIMAL".

Nevertheless, It wouldn't be wrong to say that he was somewhere responsible in making Geet,sabse Paarayi. If, it wasn't because of his fear, Geet would have not run from the house to save her child. She would have not met Maan at the jungle who advised her to take a stand against her family and fight for her rights. If it was not after his merciless actions, Geet would not disown her family in front of the society they seem to care about most, and sent her "Brij Veerji" to the Jail. It was his actions and reactions that gave Geet the reason to live which was : to save the child from the evil and she somewhere along the road, she found the real "Geet" who was anything but "A Handa" .

Why he did what he did?

1.      Influence :He is highly influenced with Daarji's brash ways who gives the utmost importance to the disciple and values which he has cherished all his life. He respects the way how his Daarji has never bent/broken the rules and principles for anyone that he has set ,and when he sees that Geet has trespass the line he decides to punish her in his own way which may look cruel to others but he thinks it's the right thing to do.


2.      Ego: Troubled person like Brij is ought to have extensive ego issues. His "male" ego was crashed into pieces when the "female" of the house decided to go against his command.


3.      Fear:That Geet might tell an outsider about what happened to her in order to seek an help or support for herself ,if left alive.



4.      Social Defame/boycott: What will they do if the child was not aborted? How will they answer the society upon questioning "How did she became pregnant without marrying?"


5.     Mental issues:The dude was a psycho who may have some serious mental issues and he felt happiness in other's distress. In other words, a sadist. 


6.      RAZZ PICHLE JANAM KA: Poor guy was ANARKALI in PICHLE JANAM who was cemented alive in the wall by Geet who was SHEHEN-SHAH-E-AKBAR back then. Hence, he became evil/wanted to kill Geet and her baby to take the revenge from Geet THIS JANAM and COMPLETE ADHOORA KAAM.


What happened to the MOGAMBO..did he live un-happy ever after?

                        -After Geet sent him to jail what really happened to him?

This question left unanswered by the creative team which made the viewer to think "Is this it?" what really happened with Brij after Geet left Hoshiyaarpur?Did he got punished? If yes,for how long? Long enough to make it EVEN. Is there anything that can make it EVEN? Worst: Did he got bailed out due to Daarji's so-called CONTACTS? Sooo many questions , yet no answers.




-As  'BABA' BRIJ: After being the victim of the "gang rape" ,He understands the word "ABUSE" and comes to Delhi to do PASHCHATAAP of his [deed] (Credit for the word "deed": "No-one" but "me" HAANLOLLOL).He decides to do KANYADAAN of GITH to mukt himself from the GUILTY BHOOT.


-As "PAAPI GUDDA" BRIJ : Believes that GEET should be PUNISHED for sending him to the jail and making FALOODA of PHAMILY KI IZZAT and says "OYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mein tere chote chote tukde kar doonga OYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" while audience will be shouting "DUMBASS your TALWAAR got rusty while you were out in the "BIGG BOSS" house."



 YASH: An unwanted Sidekick ?

 In contrast to Brij, Yash was introduced as sweet, charming, a complete "chocolate" boy who have returned from US for the sake of his family business and to serve as a guardian to his "nephew and niece". He is Selfish, but that's the only trait he shares with Brij. Unlike Brij , He is not vicious but is extremely likable. He is a cool guy who wants to see everyone around him happy. Yash is a complete "Casanova" and it seems that the only "major" concern in the life is to have a good time with the girls and in order to do that he needs someone who can take care of his nephew and niece . This is when he meets Geet who's sad and worried due to Maan's absence. Being a flirt that he is, he tries to woo her by his charm but remains unsuccessful. He even offers her the position of CEO in his company to lure her but Geet refuses the offer saying she is simply not interested.


His selfish trait is displayed when he proposes the deal in front of Geet to agree to join his company and he in return he will tell her Maan's whereabouts to which Geet gives in.

Why was it important to have him ?

Personally, I don't find his character well developed and don't think he was "important". He was introduced as a "catalyst" in Maan and Geet's lovestory, though he dint do much to serve the purpose. Instead they started his own lovestory with Meera.

-He employed Geet in "India paints" (his company) as CEO after she left Khuranna constructions: I don't think that there was a need to sketch a fresh character for this. Mr. Chopra would have served the purpose by offering Geet a decent job. It would have been much better to see Geet and Maan trying to cope up with that situation while being away from each other instead of Maan being an "hutch pug" who sings "You and I, in this beautiful world" and follows her EVERYWHERE.

If you don't know what m talking about , watch This:



-          Just when audience thought that they will get to see the "chemistry" between him and Meera ,he announced his return to US after selling his company to Maan Singh Khuranna . Once again, fans were left in dismay and they end up making several video mixes in his memory.


Will fans have the opportunity to make endless romantic VMs on Meera and Yash? If not, What will happen to YASH afterall?

-Meera will marry him after she goes back to US?

- He will comeback as Anne's long lost boyfriend/best friend to act as a yet another  "catalyst" in Err-jun and Annne's LOVE-ISHTORY.

The question remains unanswered yet again with no answer whatsoever.

ADVICE: Create the characters that you can nourish. Don't waste talent and potential.

For me This is all YASH was all about

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INVITE me and I will  DITCHLOL
Episode starts off with TO-BE MRS SANTA KHUR-ANA  inviting DA BABY SISTER KHUR-ANA to the KIRS-MASS party that she has organized for the "WE ARE PHAMILY" office gang.Sleepy GITH asks BABY SISTER ANN-eeeeee if someone has ever tried to TELL her something? As expected, Baby sister ANN-eeeeee says that she dint quite get the question as she is too young to put words into the sentence to make any sense out of them.Ouch( GITH wanted to ask her if someone has ever tried to TELL HER how ANNOYING she can get whenever she opens her mouth and beats her eyelashes like TINKER BELL.Stern Smile). Poor GITH could only sigh and say "NEVER MIND" in return. She asks the BS-ANN-eeee if she would be interested in visiting the "WE ARE PHAMILY" center to celebrate the KIRS-MASS day with the GAY ONES.Embarrassed Baby sister says that she is too busy playing DUMBO-DUMBO with her PHRAAAND so she wont be able to honour the "WE ARE PHAMILY" center with her HOLY GRACE.SleepyWackoGITH looks Disappointed since the BABY SISTA' ditched MRS SANTA over Errrrrrrrrr-Jun.LOLLOL
PHRAAND: Hyoooo Anne,Wink
Anne: Hiiii PRAANDEmbarrassed
PHRAND: Wanna' fool around?Cool
Anne: Sure PHRAANDBlushing
PHRAAND: Dump innnnnnnnnnSleepyEvil Smile
After ditching MRS SANTA , Baby sister Ann-eeeee asks her PHRAAAND what he is going to do to make her SHUT UP.(LOLLOLI mean for the DATE). Errrrrrrr-jun PHRAAND smirks and says "Just WAIT AND WATCH" Sleepy. (He really MEANT IT when he said this to her. He just wanted her to WATCH and not TALK due to some very obvious reasons...but can you blame him???LOLSleepy)
OBVIOUSLY, Baby sister dint get his JOKE , hence decides to give him a "AWWWW-you are sooo cute" smile that she doesnt look stupid THIS TIME ATLEASTGeek.Errr-jun asks her to GET READY for their own little KISS-ME-MISS Day partyConfused . Baby sister goes away sayin'.."Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"Pinch
LOCATION: "WE ARE PHAMILY" CenterEmbarrassed
GITH has some self-talk session on how to make MR.HOOOO HAAA SANTA to say the "TEEN LABZ zindagi ke "Sleepy. Suddenly, babaji gifts her with an IDEA as her KIRS-MASS present ... to which she shouts " KYA IDEA HAI SIRJI" in excitement. She calls the peon and says something in his ear to which peon nods saying "JOH HUKUM MERE AAKA " Confused.
Mrs SANTA GITH KHUR-ANA asks  everyone  to come and celebrate teh KIRS-MASS as she is granting them with a half day. The  PHAMILY STAFF MEMBERS say  " HAIL MRS SANTA" unanimously. Pinch MRS SANTA advices them to play a game in order to have PHUN. EmbarrassedThe entire PHAMILY GANG stands in the circle, holding each other's hands ,all set to play RING-A-RING-A-ROSES. Mrs. SANTA says that they all should grow up and play " SAY THE OPPOSITE" (?)Confusedin which  one person will say a word and other person has to say the opposite of it.(Yeh kaisi game hai bhai??LOLLOL.CHALTA PHIRTA PAGAL KHANASleepy)
They do some faaltu timepass with the game playingWackoand the MATCH is left between MR AND MRS SANTA ultimately.Sleepy(As it was not OBVIOUS enough LOLLOL,like their jodi, IT was meant to be LOLLOL).

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Rules AND IndexLOLSleepy

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What a coincidence ROFL
Brij Paaji is gonna be back and Neha does Brijjy ka analysisROFLROFL
BLAH BLAH with NEStern Smile
but I loved how Geet was trying to find a friend in her but madam is more interested in her bhai's wedding planner ryt now..Sleepy
Rapid Fire Game was hilarious bcoz I didn't understand half the words Pnadeyji said what was Nacool sumfinn and even Manisha lost there..LOL
Maaneet's Rapid Fire:
Babaji Santa: MSK will say EELU oonly wen there is snowfall in delhiROFL
Err-jun's Peek-a-boo: What do guys think he went to find from Maan's room?ConfusedSum Imp BUziness Papers but why wuld tht be in his roomErmmTht is mysteriouss..NE u cannot be CID u r Blindd..and her dress was more of a nightie..Don't tell me he went to chori those decorations from his roomStern SmileStern SmileROFLROFL
Today's Episode was dedicated to Weather Forecast PeopleeROFL
and MSK now has another profession of Weather Forecaster after being Bankrupt ..LOL
Geet actually thinks he is bhagwaan Jo bhi woh kahe is always RighttStern SmileLOL
2050 Mein ILU: Now this is Purfectt I am sure their souls have been swapped..Maan was pestering her for ILU just after Roop Tera Mastana but she already said it and in tht towel scene she said: " jab apke baal safed honge" so ish purfect his hair will be safed in 2050 and he will say ILU to her then..ROFLROFL
Errjun The next Chindi: He took her for a date in the same house onlyStern SmileMSK ka saaya is not good for him at allROFL
NE IZ Latooo for Her bhaii's WP:Err-Jun's khushi over NE's lie..Don't takee too much credit You didn't do any work..Tht woman is a phool naturally..LOL
Cell Phone Ka 2nd Shubh Arambh: ILU He thinkss too much of himself he cannot say it..So if he doesn't want to say the 8 letters clearly to give shanti to geet's heart..Geet is gonna start singing Yeh ILU ILU Kya Hai??LOL
NE be my Puppet: tht is what err-jun wants make her his puppet against whole khurana khaandaan and perform his sis for a sis BadlaaEvil Smile
Sherni Handa: I am telling you their souls have been swapped she pulled him hailaa I lovedd itLOL
MSK ki atman Ghoomm: His atman is into Geet.. Kya karu haiyeee kuch kuch hota haiLOL
I LOVE YOU haiyee Perfect aksent and Shukaran Allahh Uff so perfect especially with the line "Asman se Barsi Duaa"and snow is falling in BG...Embarrassed

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Today's episode din't hv much to My short take on Today's episodeTongue

Things I liked
  • I liked the humour element..the way Geet was thinking about possible alternatives of how snowfall can happen in DelhiLOL;Its the same way we viewers were thinking after watching SBSLOL;In short CVs r making fun of thier own creativityLOL and thats sort of humourous and unique to watch where CVs themselves r making fun of what they r showingLOL...
  • Geet's chat with that weather forecast guy was hilariousROFL;I liked how he said we will see snowfall in Delhi in 2050ROFL...
  • Geet's blind faith on her man...if MSK says snowfall will happen..she believes it will happenEmbarrassed;This sort of indicates the extent to which Geet loves and worships her man that she even goes on to believe the most unbelievable miracles of destiny just because her MSK said itEmbarrassed;Mayb its a future indication that Geet will always trust maan even when Maan's past Sam comes in the pictureWinkTongue..this is what I loved in today's otherwise filler episodeSmile
  • Arjun today forced Annie to lie to her brother for himErmm;In short he wants to prepare Annie in such a way that in the future she revolts against her own familyOuch;Arjun's hidden mission still looks very fishy the way he enters Annie's room and thats what makes his character more interesting because we dunno exactly what he did in that roomWinkEvil Smile...
  • Kuch kuch hota hai scene was good in terms of expressions and actionsBlushing;I liked the passionate look which GC gave in that scene and the way Geet pulled him towards her with full authorityEmbarrassed;Noramlly its the guy who always takes the first step when it comes to pulling the girl..cornering her against the wall or confessing his love to her..but in this show its always the girl who takes the bold step in love and thats why the show is unique for meThumbs Up...But mayb the dialogue was too cheesy in this scene and Barry could hv written something which was apt for MSK and not SRKGeekLOL
  • Precap looks interesting..hopefully nothing will b edited out tomorrowAngryEmbarrassed
  • I din't like the kid style rapid fire round which was shown in KCConfused;It looked childish to meErmm...
  • Even Maaneet SMS game looked like college kids hving fun with the phoneStern SmileLOL
  • Too much footage given to Annie aka NES which was irritating simply becuase the actress can't actOuch;The date scene between Arjun-Annie could hv been shorterAngry
  • Too many unwanted self-talks was given to Geet...that could hv been edited outErmm..
  • Kuch kuch hota hai dialgoue was cheesyOuch even though the scene execution was goodEmbarrassed;Barry could hv given MSK some passionate dialogues there like "jab tum mere paas aati ho..toh mein apna hosh kho baithta hoon.. agar maine kuch kar diya aaj..iska zimmedaar mein nahin hoon Gith"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..that would hv been more impactfull than a SRK style KKHHConfused
Episode Rating:6.5/10...Filler episode with many unwanted scenesOuch...but watchable...Smile,..GC and DD were goodEmbarrassed
Now for the Den theme...Neha wonderful take on Brij and YashClapClapClapClapClap..
Now this is a real co-incident that today our Den theme was Brij-Yasho and today only we got the breaking news of Brij coming back Tongue...
I guess CVs hv realised that old famous characters who r strongly connected to the storyline of Geet needs to b back now and its a perfect decision to bring Brij back in the picture right now when Maaneet r all set to tie the knotCool;Would love to see some high voltage drama and talwaar fights between Brij and MSK before the marriageTongue;Some curiosity element before the marriage can bring in trps bringing back Brij can prove to b a jackpot for the CVs from Trps POVThumbs Up
About Yash..CVs should think of bringing him back as well since his chemistry and track with Meera was highly appreciated by the viewersApprove;Instead of showing Annie-Arjun love trackSleepy..CVs should bring Yash back in the picture and give us a Yash-Vicky trackTongue
Now that Brij is coming back..let Arjun and Brij form the jodi of Karan-Duryodhan RespectivelyEvil Smile..this will b clash of the titans then with Arjun-Brij verses MSK-GeetTongue

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Neha - u opening of the Den with Brij was auspiciousLOLLOL It's snowing in Delhi not in Toronto and de Brij is Bak in the showEvil Smile

Maan v. Arjun

- Arjun is controlling Annie like a Puppet already...Maan still can't get Geet to listen to him forget the lying Anvil --> Edge Arjun

- Arjun already had "ladki in" with 1 date, Maan had to propose like 4/5 times and finally do KBM --> Edge Arjun

- Arjun breathes fire and rules the ring, Maan does Hoo-Haa with blocks of ice and Kapal Bhatti with a blanketConfused --> Edge Maan

- Arjun is a Wedding Planner, Maan does Construction in Ghajni wear but, his true specialty it random party planning -> Edge Maan

- Arjun is johnny come lately trying to help his naughty sister and is by her being played,  Maan sister has come from nowhere and is being a haughty liar --> Edge Nobody

- Arjun's BIL is Duffer Dev who can't keep his pants on, Maan BIL to be is BRIJ who runs around with scarf & talwar --> Edge Maan - Brij will surely keep him sharp!

- Arjun will get stuck with Annie, who expects the best,  Maan has Geet who gifts him her best --> Edge Maan.  

Winner is..... 

A "Sarcasm" Break:
Am trying to take a break from sarcasm.   Impossible you say?  Per aaj to Delhi mein, snow hai!  So, everything is possibleBig smile

Geet is a child-woman on the brink of motherhood.  In her 18-year old life she has experienced much strife, but for love she has been starved.  Now that it is in her life, she wants to enjoy every facet of it.  The silly games, the petnames, and the teen labz.  And MSK is clearly indulging her at her level.  Enjoying her innocence...toying with it.  Making her want by denying her heart's desire.  Is that unfair?  Not really.  We must not forget that Maan to lost his smile somewhere in his youth. With Geet he has the opportunity to experience/re-experience it.  Her antics make him smile.  Who am I to sit in judgment of it? I prefer to enjoy it.   

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Why the heck is NES so despo to get laid Angry Angry Angry
The NES_NEB love story needs to be delayed
This desperation on her part is very cheap and crass
She cannot be MSK's sister cos she is just trash Approve

Everyone let us keep adding in all the languages we know. Copy this and then add below

Please stop torturing us with NES-NEB romance

Kripaya ham par NES-NEB ka prem katha ka attyachar bandh karein

Dayavitu nammamele ee NES-NEB premada attyacharavanu nilise

Daiva senju NES-NEB kadhal kodumayai niruthingul idhu engal vendukol

Request 1:

saade teh reham karo te saanu NES aur NEB na dikaho..

Request 2:
NE te Arjun da romance shomance sannu na dekhao Oye..................................Angry
DESPO NE da torture band karo oye.....Dead

Request 3
Oyeeeee Eh NES te NEB daa ishq da chakkar khatam kareyoo (Brij Style)

Daya chesi NES-NEB prema atyacharam apandi, Idi ma vinnapam.

Request 1
NES-NEB Prem-katha dekhiye aar amader opor nirjaatan koro naROFL

Request 2

NES-NEB er prem bondho koren abong amader attachar theke mukti den

Request 3
Nes-Neb prem katha dekhiye amadher atyachaar kara bondo karun

krupa karun NES-NEB prannaya drishya dakhavun aamhala traas denne bandh kara....No

Baraye mehrbani hamein NES-NEB ke ishq se azeeyat dena band karein Dead

Request 1
Aa NES ane NEB nu raas-leela atyachaar band karo..
Request 2
CVs amari par daya karo NES ane NTB ni vachche no pranayfag band karo....

Deyavu cheythu NES-NEB-yude athyacharam nirthu...

Bhai language

Abey yeh NES-NEB ka romance-ish khallas karo warnaaaa.......


eee NES-NEBwa ka premwa ka attyachar khatam kaaro 

arrtez de nos tortur avec l'histoire d'amour de NES-NEBBig smile

Por favor parada que nos atormenta con romance de NES y NEB


Danish - Please stop tortur os med NES-NEC romantik..........

NES-NEB prema kathava ekka apita vada dena eka karunakarala navaththanna!

arjoukoum la touazibouna bi quissat NES-NEB al gharamiya

snlla s**ta tortera oss med NES NEB romantik

S'il vous plat arrter de nous torturer avec NES-NEB romance

Bitte beenden Sie qulen uns mit NES-NEB Romantik

Ole hyv ja lopeta kiduttaa meit NES-NEB romantiikka

Tolong berhenti menyeksa kami dengan SPN-neb roman

NES-NEB ile romantizm bize iskence Ltfen dur

Request 1
top!!!! met ons te martelen met NES en NEB liefdesverhaal....
Request 2
opzouten met NES en NEB gescharrel..

GURINGLISH (Am sure you all kno da lingo!)
We cannet stend Unny end Uhrjun's romens. Pleaz dunt do this to us. We wanna servive till New Year atleast....Can you plez chop duwn their scenes and give Brij more phootege when he enters.
Thenk you.

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The episode was a filler. Maneet scenes were very cute. I loved the way Geet pulled Maan...she sure is a lioness. Embarrassed However, the overall flow of the episode was lacking, too many and unwanted Arjun and Annie scenes OuchSleepyand unnecessary self-talks for Geet. 

CVs, Anvesha's characterization is leaving me with a foul taste in my mouth. I'm not sure if this is how Maan's sister should be portrayed. If you are going to use her younger age as an excuse for her behavior, then spare your speech because that is a hard sell. Being a teenager does not mean you can't act sensibly. As of now, she is merely a teenager with raging hormones desperate for any male attention. She is an attention seeker; first it was Maan and now it's Arjun. Why can't she be sophisticated and intelligent, instead of the puppet that she is shown to be now? Also, I know that you want to portray Arjun as this smart and calculating guy who is manipulating Annie for his advantage. However, with Annie practically throwing herself at him, what is there for Arjun to do?  What is so clever about a villain who doesn't really have to do much? This is much like a lion who hunts a baby gazelle; sure it an easy kill but it makes you look like a loser. In a way, it makes Arjun look lame...I mean in regards to characterization  not physical appearance. That, he got it covered by himself, with that wannabe Bieber look of his.


Neha very good job with your Da Brij and Da Yash Clap

Here is my two cents.

Brij: Brij Handa, is the epitome of patriarchy at its worst form. Despite his existence in the 21st century, his mind set is still of those preceded him two generations. Brij is highly influenced by his patriarch, Daarji. Daarji has intricately brain washed Brij to becoming an exact replica of himself; he has made Brij into a torch bearer of a culture that should have ceased to exist many generations ago. He is truly a product of a society that made men Gods and women the dirt beneath their shoes. Every man, not matter how respectful they are towards their female counterparts, is a male chauvinist to a certain degree. Brij on the other hand, is a male chauvinist to the core with no consideration what so ever to any woman in his life, be it his mother, wife or sister. His philosophy is rather straight forward: Men lead and women follow. Any anomaly to this norm is to be taken care of immediately, almost to ensure that it the anomaly doesn't become normality.  Geet was one such anomaly, much like Geet's friend Channi. Brij is a man who justifies any of his actions in the name of Family izzat and he didn't think twice before following Daarji's orders to end Geet's life. His humanity is lost in a whirlpool that is his false sense of self righteousness. His immunity to Geet's pleas to spare her life in the name of family is unnerving. He chose so called family izzat over blood, and and had he had his way, Geet would no longer exist. Nonetheless, that is not what happened. Why? Because the story would end with heroine's death. So what happened was what always happens, the hero came in the nick of time and saved the damsel in distress. For Brij, Geet is not only the one that got away, but also the one that exposed him and sent him to jail. In Brij's eyes, that is a making mockery of the very thing he tried to protect, his family izzat. Being the resilient and the ruthless man he is, it is hard to believe that the he will leave things unfinished. And Geet, is unfinished business.


Yash Malhotra:  Another character much like the non-existent sister that was created out of thin air. His character is not developed but he did serve as a catalyst to get Maan and Geet back together following their misunderstanding. Yash is very easy going character with a lighthearted view of the world. He had a balancing effect to the dramatic aspect of other characters. Yash and Meera track had much potential as a nice side track to Maan and Geet's. However, his sudden departure to "US" put the track in the back burner, but still leaving room for a potential come back. As of now, the possibility of Yash making a logical return is bleak, yet not impossible. It might take some serious brainstorming on the CVs part to make this happen. Potential return of Yash serves two main purposes.

1) The CVs can explore the Yash-Meera  story. This is of very importance, because it will ensure that Dev stays away from Meera. Dev and Meera romance has disaster written all over it. Yash's return to the show will make way for Dev to return to NT. This will make everything in Maneet world all right again. Maan and geet vs. Dev and NT

2) Yash and Meera can be valuable allies/confidants to Maan and Geet in their battle against Dev and NT.  


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