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Sunaina 's Shavan Jay Full story

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                                          Sunaina 's Shavan Jay Story


Mr. Shavan Jay - the regional manager of  (Mercedes/BMW/Jeep/ Chevrolet - whicheve you like) has come to Mussouri  to promote their new car r specially designed for hilly places.


Mr Jay is already famous in Shimla  where he has done a business worth 100 crore rupees.


He has been dreaming about this for last few months . To come back to this place , to breath the same air , to feel the same breeze ...


A special bunglow has been reserved for him where he will reside for coming two months


Today evening he has arranged a party for the social and business elites of Mussouri  so that he can chart up the new marketing policy for this hill-station and the neighbourhood,  A businees of 10 crore is whatt they are aiming at  of which Mr jay will recieve a commission of 1 crore .


Mr. Jay has personally checked the guest list  and just included Rajat Jaisawals name to the list and cut off the othe two Jaiswals.


He wanted to do it slowly  and steadily , not all at once.


There was a knock on the door,


"Come in"


The khansama entered with a trolley load of breakfast . Mr. Jay helped himself to the toast while the

 coffee was being made.He once again flipped through the guest list and carefully moved his index finger over the while list lest he missed a name  till it stopped over the name Dr. and Mrs  Hemant Ahuja.

"Yes that must be the one" 


He got lost in the past.

It was two years back . He was thrown out the house and the door was slammed on his face.  He could still hear sachi crying. He kept on banging the door but noone opened it.


After sometime , he decided to move on with life. he promised himself that he would not come back to this place only if would earn a lot of money. He came tto the address given by Rocky Singh and stated ot work as a mechnic in that garage. He lived in a dirty room over the workshop and never went out .  


Sir aap ki coffee" 

Mr. Jay was brought back to the present.


"Thik hai , wahan rakh do," 


 He flipped through the list once more fingering each and every guest name ,,,,Mr, and Mrs Sanyal, Mr. Patel,...........Dr. and Mrs Hemant Ahuja. His finger stopped over this name.

"Dr And Mrs Hemant Ahuja "


" Arre suno bhai - kya gazab ho raha hai aaj kal , sasur apne bahu ki shaadi karwate hai "


Shravan was under the truck when the conversation caught his ear. His hand stopped gyrating the screw.

"Wo Jaiswal jewllers hai na , uske malik......:   the conversation drifted away.


Shravan quickly got out from under the vehicle and literally ran to follow the speaker.



"Aur kaun hai wo naya dulha?"


"Dr. Hemant Ahuja, Mussouri Govt Hospital mein naya aane wale paglon ka doctor"

"isi liye to , khud bhi paagal hai ....hehehhe"


Shravan clinched his fists so hard that the screw driver in his hand imprinted a red mark on it which was still faintly visible after all these months. His head began to reel and eyes were on fire .


That was the final nail in the coffin of Shravan jaisawal as Mussouri knew till that day .




The coffe table thundered spilling half the cofffee from the cup . The kitchen boy came running in

"Sir sir , sab thik to hai "

"Wo saaf kar do " Mr Jays tried to be calm and expressionless.


"I must ensure that the Dr, Hemant Ahuja and his wife are invited."


He went to his bedroom and started to get ready for the morning meetiings.

A quick cold shower and shaving ritiuals followed by dressing for the day. Buttoning his starched white shirt he looked at his reflection in the mirror . The hazel eyes stared back at him. Could he see few wrinkles beside  their corner .


Still gazing at the mirror Mr. Jay turned his face to the left and right  caressing and patting the cheeks with his right hand.. Is he reconizable as Shravan Jaisawal ??


His skin is more sunburnt now as he had done a numerous field trips in Shimla. The sun burns the skin more at such heights.


He has slightly longer hair, but they are neatly gelled and combed. His french-cut beard adds few more years to his 26 years of age. However, his eyes are the same. If he doesnt control it consciously , his eyes have the same mischievous glint which women love. But Mr. Jay has been true to his memories, heart and love. A single silver bangle still accompanies him everywhere.


During daytime shades will help him to go along unrecognized . For the evening party he has a pair of powerless glasses to give him a different look and especially cover up the cut/stitch mark over his left eyelid.


Mr. Jay doesnt know , but what really has changed - is his level of confidence which is conveyed through each stride he takes,  each movement of his hands and head , through the way he sweeps his hair with his right hand and most of all through the one-sided smile he showers on his clients and subordinates.




The bungalow was lit up with multitude of lights . The lawn was decorated with white and blue drapes ( the logo color of the auto-giant) and cloths and balloons of same color. The guests had started arriving . the waiters were serving drinks and snacks .


Mr. Jay was dressed in a navy dinner jacket and grey pants.  He took extra time to dress himself up . He wanted to look his best in front of Mrs Ahuja . He wanted to be very polite with her  and make her very comfortable .  He sprayed some bvlgari on his face and neck.


He came out and inspected the drinks to be served. He never drank but had learned a lot about drinks during his training in Germany.  He gave few tips to the bartender and walked towards the entrance to greet the guests.


Mr. and Mrs. Rajat Jaiswal got out of their car. They walked towards the entrance. Neetu was happy to be invited to this elite party. She was happier to find out they were the chosen one from Jaisawal family. But Rajat was lost in deep thoughts.

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continued -4


Rajat was in his office when the peon put the invitation card on his table . He had already heard about the autogiant ventures in Mussourie . So he keenly opened the white and blue envelope and took out the card. As he flipped the card open, his hands went numb as he saw the signature at the bottom  - Shravan Jay.He lost his grip on the card and it fell on the carpet.


Shravan !!

Who is this shravan ??


Now as Rajat walked into the Bungalow lawn, the thoughts still lingered in his mind. He had not been able to tell anyone at home that he was coming to a party held by a certain "shravan" . He did not want to raise false  hopes in Dadi's , Ma's or even Papa's heart .



"Good evening  Mr. Rajat Jaisawal "....Mr Jay held out his hand with a smile on his face - the same one sided or angled  smile. 

The handshake lingered for few seconds too long. Rajat could not pay attention to what Mr. jay was saying. He just looked into his eyes.

The spectacle, the beard, the dark skin , he was confused .

But the voice - it was the same voice.

It must be Shravan .

Neetu beside him felt the same and clutched Rajats arm tighter .


"Shravan,"   Rajat gasped out.


"Welcome to the party and enjoy the evening," Mr. Jay proceeded forward to the next guest..


Just for a second Mr. Jay stood still but did not look back.

"Chalo lets go for the drink. " Neetu tugged on Rajat's sleeves.


Mr. Shravan Jay had tears in his eyes. After a span of two long years he was seeing someone from family. Rajat Bhaiya had not changed at all and he reminded him of  dadi, ma, Nidhi Bhabi and yes also of Papa. 


He did not let his voice falter while mechanically greeting more guests.

"Good evening Mr. Patil "


"Glad to have you here"


He felt like running to the Jaiswal house and hug each and everyone in the family. He was like a kid when he was thrown out mercilessly . He was robbed of his priciest possession, the woman he loved and worshipped . These last two years he was out in the world on his own, made many mistakes and learned from them , had to overcome many obstacles , worked hard to reach the postion he was at. But the sight of Rajat and Neetu Bhabi in front of him had again made him long for the love which only ones own family can give. He was still a kid at heart and wanted to become the old careless boy he was. He wanted to get out of this Armani jacket and put on a checkered shirt and run to the coffee-shop where he always hung out with Viren and Bunty.  Most of all, , he wanted to leave everything and once again get drunk with the beauty of  those eyes, he wanted to be with his love , with  Sachi ,  with Sachi Ahuja ??


" Sir  dinner serve karna shuru karu?"  The head waiter queried.

"Adha  ghante baad."



"Now where is Dr. Hemant Ahuja ? How would I know him? " Mr. Jay kept whispering to himself"

"Jaise ke taise ullu ka pattha hoon mai. Of course I will know him by Mrs. Ahuja "


"Good evening Mr. Jay  and welcome to Mussourie"  , a  voice spoke from behind.

Mr Jay turned back.

"I am Dr. hemant Ahuja , how do you do "


Mr. Jay's heart  stood still for few seconds.






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continued - 5.


Mr. Jay's heart stood still for few seconds till he gathered his senses back .

"Oh nice to meet you Doctor, how do you do? Isnt it chilly out here?"


He grasped the hands of Dr. Ahuja warmly but his restless eyes  focused beyond Dr. Ahuja ,  seeking for somene who has been lost for months. 


Dr. Ahuja followed his gaze and  looked behind, but he found no one .


"Mr. Jay , are you looking for someone?"


"Eh , no , not really , doctor , I have heard so much heard about your and your Mrs's philanthrppic activities in the outskirts of the town."  Mr. Jay said,  " that  I have been so eager to meet you both    ummmmm,  Is  Mrs Ahuja sitting with other guests?"

"How could I miss her !, Shravan slapped himself hard on one cheek in his imaginations and jerked so hard that brought smile to Dr. Ahuja's face.

" Oh ,no, she  could not come, our baby has cold and fever."

"Oh , I am sorry and  congratulations ,  I was completely unaware that you have  a child" 

"Ullu ka pattha , tu itna bhi kar nain paya wo 6 mahinon mein ,"  Shravan muttered to himself.


"Aap ne kuchh bola"


" Nahin,  it is very unfortunate, that Mrs Ahuja could not come , I wanted to meet you both and discuss your activities and how a good vehicle would help you to do more."


"Then why dont we meet at my house? Please , if you can make it tomorrow or day after tomorrow , you are most welcome to spend the evening and have dinner with us."


"Thanks a lot Dr. Ahuja ,  er I am busy tomorrow , But I can make it the next evening'

"Then let me seal the deal ", DR.Ahuja smiled and took out his cellphone.

He called his wife and while talking to her walked away few steps from Mr. Jay who was feeling already nervous to imagine Sachi holding the phone on the other end and that too with a baby in her lap.

"Here, my Mrs wants to have the honor to invite you ..." , Dr Ahuja offered the phone to Mr. Jay.

" Nahin , iski kya zaroorat thi..." , his hand were already shaking as he took the phone.

" Mr. Jay, may we have the honor to have you for dinner day after tomorrow..." the voice said.

" sure... yes...", Mr. Jay was so clumsy that the phone dropped from his hand on the grass and got disconnected.

" To baat pakki hai - dinner -  day after tomorrow."

" Yes , please we should also have our dinner now ," Mr Jay had regained his composure and remembered other guests. He hurried to the buffet table to order the waiters.

But he had missed one little thing.

The female voice that invited him over the phone was tad too   husky. 


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Continue - 6


Mr. Jay approached the buffet table and inspected the arrangement there.   He went towards the microphone and cordially invited all the guests to hellp themselves to dinner .


But his mind was in a turmoil anticipating the impending meeting with sachi .


When did he last see her ?


Was it the last day when she came to the garage and fed him with home delicacies or was it the day when he went to jaiswal mansion to beg for sachi and was thrown out of there by Prataap.


"Koi mechnic ke saath meri  beti ki sambandh nahin ho sakta. . ", prataap had shouted . 


 Shravan has given a last look at sachi clad in a blue saree standing on the stair case with tears flowing from her eyes. What stopped her from running down to him , shravan did not know and did not care to know.  He only knew that he needed  to earn money , lot of money so that he can throw the amount of One lakh on Prataaps face.

" Shravan"


Mr. Jay clinched his fists hard , so hard that the neatly manicured nails pushed into his skin.



"I like to be addressed as Mr. Jay . Only very near and dear ones can call me Shravan."

"Shravan , tu ghar chal bhai."


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continue - 7


"Ghar , yeh mera ghar hai . This is my home . "  Mr. Jay turned back to face Rajat Jaiswal.


"Shravan , we are so happy to see you like this . Papa will be proud of you. "


"Mr Rajat Jaiswal - please enjoy the dinner . "

 "Shravan  - tu meri bat sun."Neetu came and held SHravans hand, "Dadi tujhe bahut miss karti hai aur woh bahut bimmar hai , please please come and see her " 

She could feel the tremor in Mr. Jays hand and understood what emotions he was going through.


"I need them no longer,"  Mr. JAy took his glasses off and threw them into a nearby shrub and said,

 "  Neetu bahbi - I am  so happy that you have come to my party. Please convey my pranaaam to Ma and dadi . I will sure come to meet Dadi but please do not say that is my home. One is never driven out of ones own home but I was."


Without the glasses on , Shravans eyes could be seen clearly and they were full of tears. 

"Jis Shravan Jaisawal kko aap jante thhe woh ab zinda nahin raha. Main hoon Shravan Jay aur mera koi  bhai nahin hai . For me my father and my brothers are  all dead   aur aap sab  widhba ho gay hai . .."


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Continue - 8


Without the glasses on , Shravans eyes could be seen clearly and they were full of tears. 

"Jis Shravan Jaisawal kko aap jante thhe woh ab zinda nahin raha. Main hoon Shravan Jay aur mera koi  bhai nahin hai . For me my father and my brothers are  all dead   aur aap sab  widhba ho gaye ho . "

Shravan paused to  swallow the lump of struck in his throat

"Aur ke aur , aap sab meri biwi- meri Sachi ko bhi mujh se chhin li .  Dadi ko bol dijiye main yahan hoon aur unse mile bina yahan se nahin jaunga."

"Shravan tu meri meri bat to sun, " Neetu held Shravans arm.

"Nahin Bhabi , I dont have time to listen to you now, i have to take care of other guests, Please excuse me " He politely slided off Neetus hand from his arm and walked away without even giving a glance at  Rajat.

"Rajat , aap kuchh kariye na, "

"Shaant ho jao  Neetu, dheere , dheere sab thik ho jayega, what is most important is that now we know where  is Shravan and we can trace him"

" Phir bhi, he should know the whole truth ."

"He will."


Rajat and Neetu left the party without having dinner.  Mr. Jay saw them leaving the bungalow and hated himself for wanting them not to go.


After all the guests had left , he came back to his room. While undressing he chided himself.

"Shravan -  grow up , be strong, you have something very important to do. tomorrow "


One thing had not changed in Shravan -  he falls asleep within few seconds his head touches the pillow.


Next whole day  Mr. Jay was busy attending the Autogiant meetings and took part in the project JAD session.

During lunch time he called his finance officer Deepak to his office

" Deepak , did you find out what I wanted."

"Yes sir , I have done the research on Jaisawal business and have made a report on how many shares they have, who owns them and their market status. "

" So what did you find out?"

"Fifty five percent are owned by the Jaiswal themselves", deepak said after looking  at the figures.


"Who owns the rest?"

"Different shareholders "

"Will it possible to cajole them into selling these shares"

"Why not Sir if they get good price."

"Among the JAiswals , who owns the most?"

" Prataap Jaiswal owns 20 %"

"Then I want to buy 21 percent of these shares.  Deal with the other shareholders , quote them good price but try to keep it minumum."

"Okay Sir."


Mr. Jay wanted to enter the Jaisawal shareholders boardroom meeting as the person owning the maximum shares. He wanted to destroy the Jaiswals .





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continue -9


A big white sleek car stopped in front of the biggest flower-shop in Musouri - VALENTINE FLOWERS. Mr. Jay got out of the car . He was just out of his business meeting so still had his formal suit on . That morning he has got rid of french-cut beard as he wanted to look as much like the old Shravan in front of Sachi . He had his shades on as he entered the store.  He looked around and smiled. He had come to this shop on several occassions, buying flowers for Tara and then for Sachi.

The owner of the shop came forward to welcome the distinguished customer .

"Sir aap ko kya chahiye?"

" Mujhe ek bouquet chahiye - made of 501 roses - red roses."

"  Kaun si color ki?"

"Red roses- acchiha nahin mixed karke banao ,"

Mr. Jay took off his shades .

"Shravan ji aap" , the store owner knew shravan very well.

"Han Shyamlal ji , main hi hoon, aap kaise hai ?"

Shyamlal was surprised to find Shravan to be so polite. Earlier , Younger shravan had never greeted him so well.


" Thik hoon . Aap chinta mat kijiye , main acchse ak bouquet banake aap ki ghar bhej dun . "


Shravna paid the price and  was on his way out.


" Aap ki patni Sachiji yahan har saal aati hai anniversary ke liye order dene ke liye.  

Mr.  Jay stopped at once.



"Pahel August , aap khud ki anniversary date bhul gaye " shyamlal started to grin.

Mr. Jay  was confused and left the shop.

On his way back to the bungalow he passed the Jaisawal mansion .

For one moment he wanted to stop the car but looking at his watch decided not to as he might get late for the dinner.

Despite everything he wanted to meet sachi , see her at least once more, drink her beauty with his eyes .   



Continue 10 ( please read part 9 on this page only as I have modified it a little)


Sachi was sitting in the coverd patio in front of the Ahuja house. She was playing with the baby on her lap. The sun had already set but the orange hue was still in the western sky rendering a dreamy atmosphere.

 A white car came in front of the house and stopped. Sachi looked up to see who was there.

A big flower buffet came out of the car and started walking. Strangely it had two pair of legs and could walk,  sachi followed the strides as they came closer.

She knew that style of walking !

She was so familiar with them , that she could rightly predict how and where the next step will fall.

She could feel his presence with every inch of her body .

She knew it was him .

She knew it was Shravan .


She wanted to run down the pathway but the baby did not allow her  . She could not even get up to greet him .she just kept on staring at the  approaching figure .

Suddenly a face peeped out from behind the forest of roses. Bur Alas, it did not have the lighthearted smile she expected.   It was a serious apprehensive face.


Shravan got out of the car and at once knew she was there. His sachi was there. But he was afraid to look at her as she belonged to someone else. He purposefully hid his upper body and face behind the bouquet  as he gathered all his mettle to face Sachi . As he walked towards the patio , his urge to see sachi overtook his hesitation and he started to peep out from behond the bouquet .

There she was - in a white saree with a baby in her lap , her long tresses falling on her shoulder . He could not take away his eyes from her but with every stride forward, he felt a knife carving at his heart and squeezing out drops of blood from there. He was afraid of turning the pathway into crimson ! Why  life is so cruel !


At last they faced each other- a moment both of them had been waiting for months and years. Shravan looked deep into sachis eyes. They were as beautiful as before, He could see the mark of vermillion on her forhead  which was the last stab on his heart.  


Sachi got up to look at those hazel eyes  Her eyes were seeking for something, may be that glint of mischief or may be  that gratifying  famous crooked smile.  The glint and smile were missing but she could see  pure love in those eyes.


They both wanted to hug each other .


But they could not.


Shravan had the bouquet in his hands


And Sachi had the baby.   






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continue -11




Sachi's happiness in seing shravan was very obvious. Her eyes sparkled with excitement , her face was flushed red and she was breathing quickly with her mouth slightly opened. Shravan was taken aback by Sachis excitement as he had thought that she would be reserved and would not want to exhibit her pleasure so openly.


"Shravanjee aap?, kab aye?. " Sachi looked at the car ," Yeh garri aap ki hai?

Shavan nodded and could not stop from saying "Sachi you look beautiful'

Sachi blushed and smiled ." Aap bhi naa, bikul badla nahin"

"No sachi , I have changed a lot. This shravan is not the same as the Shravan whom you knew two years back."


Just then the baby started to cry and Sachi excused herself to go inside .


Shravan was lost in his thoughts - he was wondering why he never realized when and how he had started to love Sachi, their seaside rendezvous, the dance at the bar in drunken state , the morning in the hotel bed without any clothes on...he started to smile visualizing sachi running to the bathroom with the thick blanket wrapped around her, then -  his first time kissing Sachi , he could still feel the taste of her lips and mouth in his , he could feel the urge rising him , the urge to take her in his arms and kiss her , kiss her without stopping, kiss her forehead, kiss her toe , kiss her wrists ,  kiss her earlobes, kiss every inch of her body, he could keep on kissing her for hour after hour .


"Hello Mr. Jay , Noone told me you are already here" Shravan was awaken from his kissing expedition.


"Oh Dr. Ahuja., er  Sa I mean Mrs Ahuja was here .


"Did she really come up here. That is very strange.", Dr.Ahuja expressed his worry , "Okay I will ask the waiter to get us some drink here . what would you like Mr. Jay?"

"Just cold drink"

"Oh No Mr. jay I wont let you go without drinking my bloody Mary, by the way ....what do yu think...."



They started to discuss serious business....



(continue - 12)


Shravans mind was continuously drifting away from the business topic and the Bloody Mary was  affecting his power to think .


" Dr. Hemant Ajuja ....."


" Call me Hemant and can I call you Shravan "


" Sure ,  but i must tell you - you are very lucky , your wife is very understanding and beautiful."


"Mr. J,,,eh ...Shravan - you have not seen my wife yet.


Shravan stood still for 60 seconds.


His eyelids stopped blinking. His heart stood completely still. HIs right hand was up in the air holding his bloody mary glass. His left hand almost crushed the side of the couch on which he was sitting. His mouth was full open as he was starting to say some thing ..


Then his heart started to beat faster , his mind was rushing through all events of his life.


"But Dr. Ahuja ... Sa   Sachi here....why?"


" Shravan........oh my GOd ....are you Shravan Jaiswal?"   Now was Hemants turn to be shocked.


" Yes  I am ,,,,but ....why? Is she not married?"


"Of course she is married, but she is not my wife.", Hemant added with a smile.


Shravan just could not bear any more .


He begged Dr. Ahuja , " Please tell me the truth."


"But Mr. Jay , you must meet my wife  before i tell you the whole story ." Hemant started teasing Shravan."Oh Yes, " Shravan was restless."


Dr.  Ahuja led shravan to his wifes room who had been bedridden since her baby was born.


Continue - 13



As Hemant and Shravan were walking towards Mrs Ahuja's room, the nurse came out.


"Sir, Madam is not feeling well right now and she will meet you right away at dinner."


"Thank You  sister,"  Hemant turned towards Shravan and smiled.

He put his index finger on left side of Shravans chest . Being a doctor , he knew exactly where the heart is ,

"I can understand what is going on here . I am not only a doctor but a very loving husband too ,"  he patted Shravan on the shoulder and said, " Go  Mr Jaisawal , where you want to go"

"Thanks Dr. Ahuja " Shravan turned and almost started to run and then he stopped.

"But how will I find her ? Where is she ?", he said dumbly.

" She lives in the teachers cottages of Oak Groove school where she teaches music. Just go towards north along this road and then make first turn right . The guard will show her cottage to you."

Shravan came forward and held Hemants hand and warmly pressed it.

Then he turned and ran

" Come back to dinner Mr. Jaisawal " Hemant shouted from behind.,

Shravan continued to run and did not stop before he came to the cottage enclave boundary and was stopped by the guard.

" Kisse milna hai aap ko?" , The gaurds voice was cold.



Jaiswal Mansion.


Dadi was reading a book sitting on the couch. Nidhi was playing with her baby girl  on another couch. Madhura was walking to and fro doing some housework.

Neetu came out of her room and sat beside dadi.

"Kya hua Neetu beti? Tum itni stressed-out kyun lag rahi ho ?"  Dadi asked her.

"Mujhe aap sab ko kuch batana hai?"

"Kya baat hai?"

"Kal hum Shravan se mili"

There was a pindrop silence in the room.

Nidhai stopped playing.

 Madhura stopped walking.

Dadi stopped midway in the sentence she was about to speak out.


Then all of them said at the same time


"Kya ?

" Kahan?"



" Rajat aur Main jis Party mein gayi thi wo Shravan ka party tha"

"Shravam yahan mussourie mein aur humse mila nahin ?"  Dadi retorted

"Mujhe to viswas hi nahin ho raha hai"  Madhura said.

"Tu usko ghar aane ke liye nahin bola?"

" Rajat ne bola , lekin wo inkar kar diya."


Neetu started to tell them what haapened in the party.


There was tear in everyone eyes.  Seeing tear in her mummys eyes, Nidhi's little daghter climbed up on her lap and hid her face in the fold of her saree.


 "Mujhe mere Bittu ke pas le chal"




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 I have copied from the beginning to end.So that it will help all the viewers of BHPH. or anybody to read the story without interuption.Sunaina written a beautiful story till now.I hope the author do not mind it for me doing it.

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ClapClapClapthank you anasuya ji;
its not only easy to read but  Sunaina   has wonderfully showcased her creative writing this saavan story.Thumbs Up
A beautiful romantic story thats flowing like a stream ,caressing us with its feel and wanting us to ask for more;..... or rather wish Sunaina  continues to write more and more .......   full marks to Sunaina giving us this Shravan Jay ....... much better than than the original show!!!!!
Sunaina a bigHugBig smile

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
thx for doing this...g8 story Sunaina

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SaVan story...pleaseeeeee read!


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the story behind the promo

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Here it is- Full Written Update- 29 July

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Naina Jo Begane hain Full Song mp3(download link)


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shavan no longer in pratap's house....???

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dayabhi 3 961 24 July 2010 at 8:24am by sunaina02

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