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{---How Life Changes---} AR FF-NEW Pt4-30 &Note 32 (Page 29)

ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 6:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cuteshilpa

plzzzzzz update 

awwwww..dw will update the part soon....:)
sorry for the caused delay....:(

ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Harneetluvesksg

sry for not commenting before
was busy
but luved da part
d banging and dere thoughts
and lol ridz his new pa
cont sooon

harneet <3

Hey Harneet...:)
aww's alright..:)
glad u liked the part...:)
tc...:) n keep reading...;)
Preet <3
ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Crazyy_Fan

continue soooon

aww.... sorry the the delay...will cont soon...:)
keep reading...:)
ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by soul_desire

hey dear,
just one word awesome it was completely awesome.......
loved ammy and ridhimaa both are feeling something.something haaaaaaaaaaan...thats supercool....
continue soon..
and do not forget to pm me....

Hey Sonu...:)
awwwwwwwww thanx alot for the sweet comment....:)
sooo sweet of u...:)
glad u liked n enjoyed the part...:)
keep reading...n tc :)
Preet <3
sharonyaqoob Goldie

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Originally posted by cutiepreet

Originally posted by sharonyaqoob

hey preet sooooooooooooooooooo so so sorry for such a late comment.....plzzz forgive me.....plishhhhh...Tongue
coming to the part it was really niceHug ...finally armaan and riddhima came face to face.....Party
cant  wait to read next how riddhima will reactAngry....wo P.A,time and all...ROFL
do continue soon....
thanks alot for the pm...
Sharon dii..!!!

Hey Sharon Di....:) Hug
How r u...???
it's long as u's sweet of u...:)
glad u liked n enjoyed the part...:)
will def post the next part soon now....:)
sry for delay...:(
keep reading....n tc :)
Preet <3

hey hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii preet...
finally u r back.......welcumbacke honey....
im fine sweetheart wht about u how r u???
n ya ab u r r back toh jaldi jaldi more waiting shaiting....samjhi...
ur sharon dii..!!

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wen we r getting update?????/

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Hey Guys... hopefully u all still remember i was always on IF but just ignored my ff...:(
Sorry i had too much going on in the last few months but have finally gotten some time to write for my own ff...:) finally done exams and free for the entire week until my summer school starts but dw..i would still write as it's only for months..:)
glad to be back.. excited to write even though have no idea in my am i going to do it..:S but hope u guys will still read it..n give me ur comments as they are highly needed..:)
so i'm just going to post the part 4 whatever i wrote before my laptop charger broke down... since my bro has fixed it i don't know how...but it's working..i was able to continue where i left the part4... i will continue this part as it has more of AR...but for now..plzzz bear with me..:P)

(part 4 is on the next page..sorry for misleading u but had to give my clarification which is so not

Edited by cutiepreet - 28 June 2011 at 11:51pm

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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(I totally adore them in this KAJEN..<3)

Chapter 4

It looked like girls plan to go for shopping together failed big time because Anjali went to Dubai regarding work and something similar happened to our bubbly, chirpy Muskaan. When she woke up she got a call from Rahul's manager that she is needed at Rahul's show that is being held tomorrow to finalize designs. Therefore, Muskaan left right after Anjali informing Riddhima that she would try to make it on time if possible. However when she reached at the venue everything was a mess. Rahul was standing with his back to her talking to the manager when he felt her presence. He turned around and saw a beautiful smiling face which brightens his day, makes him smile. There she was, talking to her assistant animatedly. On the other side suddenly Muskaan felt strong gaze on her causing her to turn around and look at it's source. Somewhere in her heart she kind of knew who this strong gaze belong to and she was right. Rahul was staring at her when his make-up was being done. Both got lost in each other's eyes, staring for few minutes. However, their brief eye-lock was broken and they were brought back from their dreamland by Muskaan's assistant causing both of them to be embarrassed. But none was feeling bad or was regretting did felt right to them. Soon Muskaan came up to Rahul taking slow steps... "Hi Rahul..How r u doing..???", she inquired smiling. "Hey Muskaan... I'm fine... how r u... btw u r looking very pretty today..", he complimented her causing her to blush. Everyone present there smiled coyly and awed the couple who were evidently in love but couldn't admit it themselves. "Thanks.. but you say that to me everyday..", she said looking down, smiling. "Can't help if you look pretty everyday, and ooohhh yesterday's party was rocking...I loved it.", he told her. "Glad you enjoyed it... yes it definitely was amazing...i loved it tooo but i'm more happy about Ridzi being back at excited about it..", told him very excitedly. "yes I can see that... looking forward to meet Ridz again..she didn't change at all..She's still that same cute and fun-loving girl..", said Rahul. "Excuse me Sir, Madam...your costume is ready and the rehearsals will start in half an hour... so if you both could come over and have a look at the Rahul sir can get ready...". One of the crew member interrupted them. " Sure...we'll be right there...", Rahul told him...and both proceeded to do their work.

On the other hand...Riddhima was still standing in Anjali office thinking of what that unknown person has told her. She couldn't figure out what he was talking about and stood rooted to her place. Whereas Armaan went in his office and was talking to himself thinking that his new late coming P.A. is following him but when he turned around he didn't saw anyone causing him to frown. Therefore he came back to Anji's office and saw 'Ms. Shimer' still standing there in a confused state. "Excuse me Ms. Shimer...if I am right i asked you to follow me to meet in my office ", he said coming in the office. "Umm..yeahh.. but i think you are mistaken somewhere...I'm not what you think I am.. I mean I am what I am but not who you think ..", she tried to make him understand but couldn't figure out that it was making more confuse because she herself didn't know what she was talking about. "Okay...u just lost me there...but can we please proceed to go to my office...I've some other work as well..", he asked her politely to which Ridz nodded and followed him. 'I think he has mistaken me as someone else...but don't worry Ridz tell him calmly when you go to his office', she mumbled to herself. "huhh..u said something", Armaan turned around. "No...Sorry", she said abruptly. " here we are...", he announced once getting in the office. 'Okay Riddhima...just tell him you are not Ms. Shemar..Shimmer..oh whatever..', Ridz thought in her mind. "Ummm excuse me.. I have to tell you that I'm not what you think...I'm not a P.A. in fact I'm a doc...", Riddhima tried to explain but was cut off by Armaan in middle, "Look..i really don't care if you have been a P.A. before or if it's your first time...but since Anjali has approved of you..I can't say no...soo now you'll be my new P.A. and here is the can sign right here...", handing her the contract papers to sign to which Riddhima did sign under pressure. She knew this was wrong...she's a doctor and doesn't even have a slight idea of office work...but didn't knew why did she signed the papers anyhow. And that was the end of Armaan and Riddhima's brief meeting on Sunday unaware of the arriving tomorrow...!!!!

Since today was sunday Abhi and Nikki were at Mallik house till 11am however they had to come back since Nikki was going to go for shopping with the girls and Abhi had a day off. "Nikki weren't you supposed to go shopping...What happened..??, asked Abhi relaxing at home and having coffee. "Not anymore..actually the plan failed...Anji is gone to dubai, just got her text half an hour we all called it off..", she told him painting her nails. "oh...dont worry go when Anji comes back.. but what do you wanna do now...we are all by ourselves..", he suddenly got up and came up to her. "Don't know...we can go out for dinner in evening but for now just wanna relax.", she told him happily. "Okay that's cool with me..", he replied taking her nail brush from her and painting her nails by himself while Nikki smiled at her caring and sweet husband. "Abhi...", Nikki called. "hmmm", said Abhi trying to concentrate on what he was doing. "I want to have an ice cream after dinner tooo..pleaseee..", she said like a kid. "sure, my highness..anything u will be just our day.." agreed to her...causing Niki to kiss both cheeks and making Abhi smile. So for the rest of the afternoon Abhi & Nikki watched movie, had nice light lunch and relaxed at home. Soon at 5 they both began to get ready to go for their dinner. For which they went to a nice quiet restaurant by a beach, according to Abhi there wasn't much rush at night which is very safe for Niki in her pregnancy and also because Niki loves going to beach. They had some romantic and cute moments during their dinner and went to have ice cream afterwards as Nikki requested. Soon they called the beautiful day off and headed home and slept peacefully in each others arms.

Soon enough it was Monday morning, which definitely didn't seem beautiful to Riddhima because of yesterday's incident. However she decided to still go ahead to that stranger's office. "stranger's office...hmmm what a brilliant job you have done Ridzy...u signed an agreement with his company to be his P.A. yet don't know his name...great...i am such a dumb-head...!!!" she cursed herself mentally. "oh well can't really do much about it it's better if I get ready and go to his office...i can tell him everything there...that it was all misunderstanding...I'm a Doctor..not a P.A...uugghh P.A. i don't even know what they do except some of the parts I've seen in Bollywood movies...hehe" kept thinking in her mid and at last got up and went to the washroom to get ready.

On the other side... Anni followed the same routine of hers to wake the Mallik men with her sweet good morning kiss. Soon enough everyone was at the breakfast table enjoying their family time. "So guys, howz life going...???", Billy asked his son's. "pretty good.../ Rocking" came the answers from Armaan and Rahul. "I heard you got new P.A. that true", Billy again questioned. "Yeah was hard for me to manage everything after Steph (old assistant) left so Anji arranged for the new assistant for me. That was very sweet of her...", Armaan answered with a smile."yeah i hope you get some rest've been so stressed out since the time Steph left..", Anni hoped. "hope so mom...", Armaan said munching on his food. "yeahh bhai..but how is she good what..", Rahul asked with a smirk on his face making Armaan cough on his food because he was asking this question to him in front of their parents. Well Billy is more of a friend but still even though he is very close to his parents, he still isn't that comfortable to talk about girls in such manner. "Rahul..behave..", Billy said. "oh c'mon dad...i know u r desperate to know this as well...but you are just pretending because mom is here right..", Rahul grinned at his father after seeing his mom glaring at his dad. "Billy..", Anni eyed him.. "no...Anni..he is just joking...right Rahul", Billy pleaded to him while he started laughing... and Armaan kicked him underneath the table making him fall down. After watching Rahul rolling on the floor..everyone started laughing. Anni knew Rahul was just playing around. It was his everyday job so she played along. She smiled looking at her life..her family.. laughing and having a good time together. She was happy to have them in her life and prayed to get good partners for her loving sons as well...:)"anywayz guys..I think i should get going now... ", Armaan got up and kissed his parents good- bye and patted Rahul on his head to remind him for his show and wish him good luck. Soon after he left... Rahul left for his show as well after getting his parent's blessings and the Sr. Mallik couple were going to a charity function today as they are the sponsors.

Riddhima reached her sister's office building and went straight to the stranger's office as she still calls him. She went straight in thinking that he will be here since it is the starting hour but frowned when she didn't find anyone. She cleared her throat just in case the person is in the room which is adjoined with the office will hear and and come out. However it seemed that no one was there so she decided to go out of the office. But when she held the knob to open the door, the door was pushed causing Riddhima to fall back on the fluffy while carpet in the office "but what's up with so heavy weight on me...", she thought with her eyes still closed. It turned out to be that Armaan...when he was entering his office..the door was pulled by someone else from inside and caused him to fall on the object. Armaan was lying on Riddhima who was still wondering what is on her that is heavy..?? after calming down both opened their eyes to get the reality chek, and when Armaan lifted his face from Ridz' shoulder, both were shocked to see to whom they have collided yet Again.

Will be continued.


Hey guys..sorry for not continuing my ff for long time..:( it was very hectic for me with school and some visitors over at my place...:(

and again apologizing for giving u an installment instead of a good proper completed part..;( i'll complete it soon... promise and plzzz give me ur comments...really need it to motivate me...:) pretty please..;) DO COMMENT..even if it's a means alot..:) i honestly don't know how this part was...cuz i wrote it long time ago before my lappy stopped working..:( but will try harder next time to improve..:)

tc ;)

Gud Nitey..:)

Luv Preet <3

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