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{---How Life Changes---} AR FF-NEW Pt4-30 &Note 32 (Page 21)

Medha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
Arre Di, it's ok.  Aap hi kehti ho na, school comes first.  Jitna time lena hain, le lo.  No problem. :-D

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sharonyaqoob Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 4:24pm | IP Logged
hey preetWink....hows u baby..????
its ok sweetheart take ur ur best in exams...Thumbs Up
best of luck always...Hug
cum back soon...with a big big big update...ok??
Sharon dii...!!Hug

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miss93 Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged

Hey Preet Tongue

It's okay
take your time and all the best for your exam
we can wait so don't stress yourself
love miss93

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 7:04am | IP Logged
hey preet
its okay dear
take ur time
Big smile

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Preeti_ar_kj IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:50am | IP Logged
He i just read ur ff n its mindblowing n romantic 2 .pm me weneva u update

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys... ;) how r u all..???
well i know it's been extremely late since i updated last..but i know u guys r probably aware of my exams which just ended yesterday.... yeahh i'm a free bird now..:)
sooo i'll be updating t he part very soon...hopefully with 75-85% hope it'll be today..just need to finish up the end...:)
soo just wanted to know if anyone is even there for the update...????
tc :)
Preet <3

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AbhiNikiLuver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
main hoooooon!!!!!!!!!!

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 10:01pm | IP Logged

Hellooooooo guys..hope u all had a wonderful start of 2011... Wish u all a very happy new year again..:) hope this new year brings lots of happiness, love and success in your life and in your family...:) Well Thank you everyone for commenting, appreciating and encouraging me to write...!! your comments means a keep commenting...and thanxx to all those people as well who pressed the LIKE tab..:) now sorry session...I'm sooo soo SORRY (holding ears tightly)... for not updating soon..:( but cuz of the school, tests, ISU's n applying to the uni's & exams took lots of time...hence late in update...!! Thank you all so much for the gud wishes for my exams....they went well..(i hope n now i'm free for 3 days.. :( haha OK...enough of me is the next part...hope you guys like it...Enjoy..:)

Chapter 3

Both Armaan and Riddhima were not able to meet throughout the entire party because Ridz went upstairs to change and right then Armaan along with his family left from the party.... But when he was leaving his eyes kept going back to the same place where he met that mysterious girl who left him smitten with her presence just for mere minutes..he prayed to just get one more glimpse of her. Meanwhile Ridz was going through this weird feelings as well...she couldn't figure out what happened a while ago & ..Who was that guy.???

It was one of those night when two souls could not sleep a wink...they kept thinking about the cute yet weird encountered they had with a stranger who developed these unknown feelings in them that they could not name. While turning and tossing on their beds... both of their thoughts kept going back to that one special moment of their life when they felt something different in them.

"What was that feeling in my heart when he touched me....Why did I let him touch me like that...OMG we even kissed....What were you thinking Ridzy...ok ok it was not an actual kiss but still our lips did touched didn't they....see and he kissed me on my neck....who was that guy....i swear if I find out I won't spare him...but he smelled really good and i really loved his perfume..his hands felt so warm when he touched me...but why did his one touch shivered me up..", Ridz thought about all these things in her mind with the confusion written and dreamy smile on her face and dozzed off to her dream land at early morning.

Something similar was going on Armaan's mind as well...."Who was that girl..??? why did I behaved that way..I have never touched any women in my life that close well except mom and Nikki of course but why did it felt so right..her lips were soo yummyyy...what the hell are you thinking Armaan Mallik..?? But OMG..i completely forgot to meet Riddhima... how could I..i really hope i can meet her soon...i can't believe it, I went to the party to meet Ridz but got so involved with that unknown girl that I forgot about Riddhima..u r a fool Ammy..Darn it..!!", and his eye lids closed with millions of thoughts about that mysterious girl and Riddhima.

Next Sunday morning, the same routine was followed by Anni to wake up the monsters in her house followed by all of them being at the breakfast table by 10 am. Abhi & Nikki were also present there since they stayed with them after coming late from the party and were too tired to drive back home at 2 or 3 in the morning...!! suddenly Armaan's phone rings interrupts their family time.."Sorry", Armaan said to his family and picked up the call after excusing himself. "Hey Anji...How r u", he asked Anjali on the other line. "Hey Armaan...I'm terribly rushing and packing but how are you this morning..??", she asked. "I'm good but why are you packing..oohhh let me guess this...Are you and Atul planning to go for the second honeymoon or something", Armaan teased her smirking. "Shut up you moron...", she replied scowling.. "yeah..Shut up Armaan...but hey that's a good idea", Atul spoke up out of no where. "Atul", Anji yelled glaring at him. Meanwhile Armaan was laughing imagining Atul's pouting face in front of Anji while she is giving him those evil looks of her.. "Hey r u", Armaan asked Atul. "I'm perfect..n thanx for the idea Ammy I'll try it some day..", Atul whispered the last lines but Anji however heard it. "Shut up u too now.. Okay Armaan...we got a problem, I've to rush to Dubai today because of the new tender we will be filling in soon..there has been some problem which needs my attention so I'm going to fly down to Dubai in an hour or so, which means u r all by yourself in the office..", Anji laughed at the last line of hers imagining Armaan's horror face at managing the office by himself..."All by himself..Is she kidding me...nooooooo..." Armaan screamed in his mind knowing what will he go through. "No no no...u r not going anywhere, we can send anyone else..but not u Anji..pleashhhh...", Armaan whined like a child. Anji smiled at his cute antics n said.."don't worry Armaan, I've already arranged for a P.A. for u..she'll be coming in today..I've already interviewed her and also gave her the job..", she said commandingly. "WHAT", he yelled.. "How could u give her job just like that...Anjiiiiii", Armaan screamed in a high voice which caused his family to look at him while he mouthed sorry to them and talked in a low voice to Anji.."Anji..what if she doesn't qualify for this job.."he asked adamantly. "you don't worry about this...I've looked at her resume and then gave her the job... Mr. Know it all and trust me expecting you to appoint a P.A. for you means banging my head with the wall because first you'll interview 100s of girls & then refuse all of them saying t'hey don't qualify' ", Anjali said imagining all the times Armaan has done this and mimicked him. However their conversation ended with Armaan agreeing with Anjali, then finished his breakfast in hurry to go to the office to meet & discuss the project with her before she leaves for Dubai.

On the same morning in the other part of Brampton, a girl was sleeping peacefully with the smile on her face. She was satisfied coming back at home to her family although she still misses her uni environment specially Ing & Rea... "Riddhima", Padma called her daughter coming in her room. "hmmm", Ridz replied. "Ridzyy bacha uth ja abb.. 11.30 baj gaye hai", Padma explained. "Mom pleaseeee let me sleep..i couldn't sleep all night", she stated while turning her head the other way. Padma smiled at her daughter's antics and then got tears in her eyes imagining their 6 years living apart from her. Even though Ridz used to come home every weekend possible, it still wasn't the same. She loves Ridz alot.. it was hard for her as a mom.. but today she is very proud her daughter for being a doctor..she wiped her last tears smiling thinking ways to wake her princess and suddenly she thought of..."Ridz r u waking up now... or should i tell Muski, Nikki & Anji to go shopping by themselves..", Padma smirked & patted herself for coming up with the best way to wake Ridz.. and it worked. Right away Ridz woke up with a jerk remembering her plans for today with her sisters (She always considered Niki as her sister). They all planned to go for shopping.. then have a lunch out..then go for a movie and come back home. "Mom what time is it now..", she asked her mom running to the washroom to get ready. "it's almost 12", Padma replied while making her bed. "OMG...Di is gonna kill me if they see i'm still not ready...shoot Mom you could have woken me up before..", Ridz kept on panicking n murmuring with the brush in her mouth knowing that her Di (indicating to Anji & Nikki) would get reallllyyyyyy mad for her not getting ready on time when it's time to go for specifically SHOPPING....!!! ""top blabbering and get ready quickly..they r not here yet", Padma told her going out of her room smiling at her daughter. After half an hour..Ridz was ready to go out with her sisters. She came out wearing a nice comforting.

However when she came downstairs all ready to spend her money on shopping..she found out that Muskaan will meet them directly at the mall, whereas they have to pick Nikki up with Anji but Anji was still not here. Therefore she called Atul and asked him about her whereabouts. He told her that she has gone to office for an emergency and without even listening to him furthermore,that she has to to Dubai Ridz cut down the phone making Atul smiling at her crazy yet the babiest sis-in-law and her excitement to spend time with her sister while buying around. Ridz made the decision to go to Anji's office and pick her from there to go to the mall. She took the directions from Padma since she didn't knew the new location of their office which has changed due to the merger with the Mallik's company. And finally she has arrived at the office. She looked at it and said nice. She went to the reception to know which is Anjali's office and asked her not to intercom her that she is here...she wants to give her a surprise after she told her identity. The receptionist obliged and did as she was told. Anjali 's office was on the 7th floor and Ridz came out the elevator trying to figure out the room no. Finally she has found it. She rejected the idea of knocking and then going in so...she just barged in the room and shouted..."SURPRISE", in a very loud voice but banged with someone at the door which so did not seem like a women's

Armaan was in Anji's room since they both were working there before she left just 15 minutes ago after running late for her flight. He was in her cabin finishing off the last bits & pieces of the same project that he will fax her tomorrow. Then after he was finished..he decided to go to his cabin for which he went up to the door to open but suddenly he shocked to hear someone shouting and then banging in him. It was a girl he realized soon enough and held her in his arms involuntary when she bumped in him. Right away they both came back in their senses and moved back from each other to create a distance. Both felt different yet the same feeling they felt last night but ignored it being the stubborn species on this earth. "I'm..I'm sorry i didn't mean to... uummm u know..but wait..who are u..and what are you doing in here...???", Ridz asked Armaan frowning when she didn't found her Di in the room but found this unknown stranger who felt familiar to her but ignored her 6th sense. Here Armaan was already in bit upsetting and angry mood with Anji going leaving the office all to himself and on that this girl in front of him was asking who is he and what is he doing in here..??? like literally women u have come to my own office and asking who am i...??? can this day get any worse..?? he cursed his day in his mind.. "Excuse me... first you tell me who are you and what are you doing here", he asked the girl in annoying voice but didn't let it show it to her being the sweet guy he is. "umm..I'm here to meet Anjali...", she couldn't even complete her sentence when Armaan butted in it... "ohh so you are the one...", he asked her leaving her all confused with a frown set on her face. "Am I missing something here...Did Anjali said anything to u about me coming in here...", she asked him confusingly because as far as she remembered Anjali doesn't even have a slight idea of her coming or rather barging in her office like she just did..!! "Yes, she told me about you and by the way you are late Miss. Shimer", he ended with a business tone.. ' who on planet earth is Shimer..' Ridz kept on thinking but her thoughts were broken when Armaan said the next sentence. "Well since it's your first day here at your job as my P.A....I'll forgive you...But Mind you..this is the first and last time I'll let you go... for now.. come follow me to my cabin....we've to sign the contract and discuss your pay", he walked out of the room leaving Ridz thinking all about he said to her...'Shimer...job...P.A....Sign...Contract...late..' What the hell......??????


Hey Guys.. i know..probably not a part that you've expected but hope you guys will still like it & comment... AR's story will get better now...since they have finally met face to face but definitely not in a good way... now all other couples story will be AN, RM n AA...some small info on them as well..;) I'll probably update the next part within next few days since i've off till wednesday..:) n that will be lil special for the readers.. hopefully...:) well here it is please COMMENT & PRESS the LIKE tab...:) if you found the part worth of ur means alot..:)

tc :)

Gud Nitey...:)

Preet <3

P.S. Anyone here wants to be PMed...please let me know to add u to PM list posted on Pg5... & u can also add me to ur Buddy list...:)

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