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Enemies to Lovers-RM & ArSh| Pt15 Pg54 Apr11 LAST (Page 54)

meow23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
luvly prt.. finally a break in d prt.. wid d revelations
luvd it

shaaz_91 Goldie

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
nice one
cont soon
sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 12:02am | IP Logged
amazing update yaar
loved it
angullgrl91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 12:57am | IP Logged
awesome part :) poor shilpa and muskaannnn cute though!
Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged
heyy dear,
nice part
continue soon

sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Part 14, Page 52

Part 15 - Last Part

It has been a little more than three years since the couples have confessed their love, this by no chance meant that the so called "wars" between them stopped. You could still see Armaan and Shilpa arguing in the library and getting in trouble with the librarian, Rahul Muskaan would still be seen trying to murder each other all around the college, but they would make up just as quick, and Kabir and Nisha were more of the level headed couple, they would have their differences, but they wouldn't go to either extreme.

They had all just finished the last finals of their college career. To relieve the seniors of the stress and to congratulate them on making it this far, NYU had organized a party for the seniors. All the seniors and our six could be seen at the party venue, making decorations for the rocking night ahead.

"I'm so glad that am done with this" Muskaan says as they sat around one of the tables.

"I feel bad for these three" Kabir says laughing at Armaan, Shilpa and Nisha.

"Shut up Kabir, med school will be fun than this one am sure" Nisha grins.

"Yes we will party every night" Armaan high fived Nisha.

"Party? You won't have time to eat in that school" Rahul, Muskaan and Kabir laughed.

"We will make special time for parties" Shilpa says.

"Think about making special time for Armaan first cause you won't get to see him that much" Muskaan said patting her back.

"I won't let that happen Muski" Armaan said holding Shilpa's hand "We will meet everyday'"

"And I will go visit my Nishi" Kabir said side hugging Nisha.

"Every day?" Nisha asked looking at him.

"Yes of course" he smiled.

"Oye what every day? You are helping us with the designing house stuff" Muskaan said.

"Yeah, so no running away from that dude" Rahul said putting his arms around Muskaan.

"I don't care'I will go visit every day!!" Kabir pouted.

"Ok guys lets have some fun'" Armaan said looking around.

"Let's go dance'not the romantic one but like disco type" Kabir said excitedly.

"Bad idea Kabir'" Rahul said thinking about what he wanted. "Muskaan chalo'excuse us guys" Rahul winked at them and left with Muskaan.

"This dude is up to something dirty" Armaan said looking at Rahul and Muskaan walking away.

"My sister is not like that Armaan" Shilpa said narrowing her eyes.

"Ok but you don't know Rahul" Armaan smirked.

"He can't do such things before marriage" Shilpa replied and giggled.

"Haan I know'lets go get something to drink'let's get drunk?" he asked.

"NO!! It will be hard for these guys to handle us" Armaan and Shilpa burst out laughing.

"Yeah don't even think about getting drunk'I remember what had happened last year" Nisha sighed.

"On that note'we're gonna get drunkkkk byeee" saying that Armaan dragged Shilpa away to the drinks counter.

"Nishi, let's go sit on the couches there?" Kabir asked putting his hand on her waist.

"Umm no, people are smoking there'" She said looking around the couches.

"You just wanna stand?" he asked.

"No, Lets go outside..its suffocating in here" they both go outside.

"Rahul, why did you bring me here? Nobody is really around" Muskaan said looking around; they were in the corner of the room.

"Cause there they wouldn't leave us alone, and I wanted to spend this special night with you" he said moving his face closer to hers.

"Oye don't get so close okay.. naak todh dungi" Muskaan says pushing Rahul away.

 "Two shots please!" Armaan says taking a seat the bar.

"Uhh.. Armaan.. I'm not sure about this.." Shilpa says warily.

"Arey betho na!" Armaan says pulling her down onto the chair beside him, "And don't worry.. main hoon na.. won't let you drink too much."

As the bartenders places two shot glasses in front of them, Armaan clinks her with Shilpa's before downing his.

"Try it yaar! Enjoy!" Armaan says egging her on.

As Shilpa gulps it, she first makes a disgusted face, but soon a silly smile breaks out onto her face as the drink takes effect.

"One more!!" Shilpa shouts.

"You heard her!" Armaan says smiling at the bartender.

"Woww.. you're sooo romantic Muskaan" Rahul says rolling his eyes as he backs off.

"I'm just being a perfect bharatiya naari for you honey" Muskaan says fluttering her eye lids.

"Oye I wasn't trying to do kuch aisa waisa stuff alright!" Rahul says making a digusted face at Muskaan.

"I wasn't either you one track mind!!" Muskaan says smacking his head as she giggles.

After ten shots, Armaan looks towards Shilpa and sees her trying to get up as she wobbles around.

"Armaan.. can you please hold the earth and tell it to stop spinning?" Shilpa asks holding her head as she is completely drunk.

"Uhh.. the earth?  Umm.. I don't think I' wait.. Earth ladki hai ya ladka?" Armaan says scratching his head as he is equally wasted.

"Duhhh.. ladki!! Mother earth.. suna nahi?" Shilpa slurs.

"Mother? As in maaa? Phir toh main nahi call karta.. daantegi mujhe" Armaan pouts.

"Kabirrrrrrrrrr" Muskaan called.

"Muski? Why are you calling him?" Rahul asked.

"Cause he is much better at romancing" she winked making his mouth hung open "Chill, mazak kar rahi hoon'woh dekho Armaan and Shilpa'they are drunk..and only Kabir and Nisha can handle em" Muskaan said pointing at Armaan and Shilpa.

"Kya hai Muski?" Kabir asked coming with Nisha.

"Go take of them"

"Shit!! Really? Ughh mere romance ki toh vaat lag gayi" Kabir said looking at Armaan and Shilpa who were trying to get up.

"Chalo'they need us" Nisha and Kabir goes towards ArSh.

"Care to give me some time now?" Rahul asks rolling his eyes.

"Sure baby, all my time is yours" Muskaan winks at him opening his shirt button.

"What are you doing to my shirt?" Rahul asks holding her hands.

"Just'you know, but forget it'I won't be able to control myself then" she blushed.

"Oh really'then leave it..warna meri suhaag raat yahin pe ho jayegi" Rahul laughed.

"Rahul!!" Muskaan hits his chest playfully.

Walking over to Armaan and Shilpa, Kabir and Nisha tried to make them stand up.

"Why did you get soo drunk dude?" Kabir glares at Armaan as he tries to get him to stand up.

"Awein!" Armaan giggles "by the way.. are you mother earth cause if you are.. I'm just saying I didn't get drunk on purpose!!" he says.

"Chadh gayi saale ko" Kabir says ready to beat up Armaan.

Pulling up Shilpa after a lot of fussing, Nisha looks towards Kabir, asking him what now?

"Uhh.. let's take them into the mini conference room adjacent to this room.. I don't think anyone is there" Kabir says as he leads the way, pulling Armaan behind him.

"Rahul when will I get to meet your mom?" Muskaan asks smiling widely.

"Sooooon! She's coming for graduation" Rahul grins.

"Awwwww sooo sweet!" Muskaan says as a tears drops down the corner of her eye.

"Hey hey waterworks.. she is your mom too!" Rahul says hugging Muskaan.

"I can't wait to meet mom" Muskaan kisses his cheek.

"Can I get some more drink?" Shilpa asks Nisha.

"No Shilpa, you are not getting more drink'" Nisha says strictly.

"Armaan, I think she is mother earth'daant rahi  hai mujhey" Shilpa started crying.

"Dear mother earth, don't make my Shona cry'we are your kids'make us smile" Armaan says glaring at Nisha. Kabir and Nisha burst out laughing hearing their talks.

"Whats so funny?" Shilpa asks pouting.

"You both!!" Nisha said pulling Shilpa's cheeks.

"She is drunk Armaan, take her somewhere" Shilpa whispers in Armaan's ear.

Because of Armaan and Shilpa getting drunk, all six of them had to leave the party and control them. And it was their graduation the next day; they thought they would prepare some things for it. 


"Kabir it's your graduation not wedding, why are you taking so long to get ready?" Armaan asks pushing away Kabir from in front of the mirror.

"Armaan, I would say the same thing to you so move" Rahul says pushing Armaan away.

"That's it'I am going to the girls room to get ready, am sure they have more then 1 mirror" Armaan says.

"You are not going anywhere, actually you are'downstairs your parents are here" Kabir informed checking Armaan's phone.

"Missed call hai kya?" Armaan asks nervously.

"Haan, 5'you better run" Kabir laughs.

Armaan runs down to get his parents. While Rahul and Kabir gets ready and heads over to the girls room.

"Nisha help me pin this na" Shilpa says holding up a pin.

"Muskaan what are you wearing? Wear some decent clothes'you are going to see his parents today" Shilpa says looking at Muskaan wearing a short dress.

"Toh what should I wear?" Muskaan asks worriedly.

"Anything but short dresses" Nisha replied.

"Hey girls, ready?" Kabir asks walking in with Rahul.

"Rahul, you have to help me with dresses'I don't know what to wear" Muskaan pouts.

"Wear anything, waise bhi you are wearing a graduation gown on it so it doesn't matter" he smiles.

"Shilpa ne toh mujhey dara hi diya tha" Muskaan sighs.

"Oye Shilps, you're not ready yet?" Kabir asks taking a seat.

"No'" She replies.

"Armaan's parents are here'" he informs.

"Shit'I need to hurry up" Shilpa says grabbing her graduation hat and running into the bathroom.

"Sorry mom, I was busy getting ready and didn't hear the phone ringing" Armaan says entering his room with his parents.

"It's ok, I know you take ages to get ready" Mrs. Malik replied.

"Where are your roommates?" Mr. Malik asks.

"Uhh..abhi toh yahin the'pata nahi kahan gaye" he says thinking they might have gone to the girls room.

"Mom, I think your phone is ringing" Armaan says hearing a phone ring.

"No it isn't" she says showing him the phone.

"Dad yours?"


He looks around and find Rahul's phone ringing.

"Hello? No this is Armaan, yes uh Rahul forgot his phone in the room'ok main use bolata hoon aunty ji'ok"

"Mom, Dad I'll be right back" saying that Armaan runs downstairs to get Rahul's parents.

"Omg my hairs are so messy" Muskaan says looking in the mirror.

"No they are not'just brush em real quick" Shilpa says putting on light make up.

"Shilpa your phone" Rahul screams from outside the bathroom.

"Yes coming"

"Yes Armaan? I'll be ready in 5 yeah? Oh ok I'll let him know" Shilpa hungs up the phone

"Rahul your parents are in your room" She informs and continues getting ready.

"Ok guys we have to be out of here in 10 minutes, I don't wanna be late for my own graduation" Kabir says looking at the time.

"Muskaan chalo!" Rahul says trying to pull her away from the mirror, but no avail as she refuses to budge.

"Okay I'm going.. see you later" Rahul rushes off to meet his parents.

"Maa!!" Rahul says hugging his mom tightly, and he does the same with his dad.

"I think we should head to the auditorium now" Armaan says checking the time on his cell.

Taking their seats in the audience, the parents look at their near-college graduates and smile proudly.

Shilpa squeezes Muskaan's hand as they grin widely at each other. They have gone through thick and thin, but they never left each other.

As the class valedictorian finishes their speech, the Dean of the college goes to the podium.

"Congratulations NYU class of 2011, we are proud to have such bright young men and women associated with our university, may you all continue succeeding in the future and make us all proud. So here is the graduating class of 2011'.." He starts off in alphabetical order "'Muskaan Chaddha.." Muskaan makes her way up stage smiling widely at all the familiar faces she sees in the crowd of students.  Accepting her diploma, she winks at Rahul who was cheering her on. "Shilpa Chaddha" the Dean says next as Shilpa makes her way onto the stage, stopping on the way to hug her favorite teacher. "'. Rahul Grewal.." Waving to his parents in the audience, Rahul takes his diploma. "'.Armaan Malik'" Armaan rushes to the stage in excitement of finally getting his diploma, giving his mom and Shilpa a flying kiss, Armaan rushes back to his seat after receiving the diploma. "'.Kabir Singh Rathod'" Giving Rahul a high-five on the way, Kabir receives his diploma with a big grin. "'.Nisha Saxena'" Smiling at her parents in the audience, and touching Kabir's shoulder as she walks by, Nisha goes onto the stage to receive her diploma.

Finally coming to the end of the names, the Dean congratulates the graduates once more, as they all stand up and throw their caps in the air.

"Congratulations to all of you guys" Mr. Malik says patting Armaan's back.

"Maa, yeh Muskaan hai'uh maine bataya tha na" Rahul says holding Muskaan's hand.

"Bohot pyaari hai" Mrs. Grewal smiles touching Muskaan's cheeks.

"Aur mom yeh Shilpa hai, Muski ki sister" Armaan says wrapping his arms around Shilpa.

"I know Armaan, I saw her picture remember?" Mrs. Malik laughs "But it's good to see you Shilpa" She smiles.

"Well if they have decided to stay together then we should get them engaged at least" Mr. Grewal suggested.

"Yes, we shouldn't delay it" Mr. Malik smiles.

Few months after their engagement; Rahul, Muskaan, and Kabir opened their own design house; they named it The MDV Designs. While, Armaan, Shilpa, and Nisha had started their med school to complete their studies.

"Uff this girl, look Muski if you make any more mistakes'am gonna make you buy me ice cream for every mistake" Rahul says fixing one of the dresses.

"That is NOT fair Rahul'" Muskaan says.

"Yes it is fair'now go get me an ice cream'chocolate ice cream" he orders. Muskaan pouts and goes to buy ice cream.

"Kabir, kya kar rahe hai mere bhai? Is yahan nahi rakhna hai'it belongs with the other stuff" Rahul says taking one of the coats form Kabir's hand.

"I miss Nishi" Kabir pouts.

"Ever since she joined med school, you are not concentrating on your work'I can give you a suggestion though" Rahul says patting his back "You can talk to her while working'time bhi pass ho jayega"

"I tried doing that, but she was busy in some lab work" Kabir sighs.

"Ok you can go see her, but this won't happen everyday haan" Rahul says and Kabir grins.

"Armaan get away from me!!" Shilpa shouts for the fifth time as she is checking the balance beam.

"I'm not doing anything na.. you do your work and I'm doing mine" Armaan says holding her around her waist and leaning close to her.

"Uffo!! I can't get the measurement correctly dumbo!!" Shilpa says kicking his shin.

"Owww!! You sure Muskaan's bhoot didn't get into you? Kicking and cursing??" Armaan says nursing his shin.

"Aise karoge toh anyone will react like this, let me just finish this na. Then.."

"Oh then we can romance?" Armaan smirks.

"I'm just gonna ignore that" Shilpa rolls ger eyes, but smiles to herself.

"Coming!!" Nisha says moving towards the door as someone is banging non-stop.

As she opens the door, Kabir covers her mouth and pushes her in, shutting the door behind them.

"Tum yahan??" Nisha asks pulling his hand off her mouth.

"To meet my love" Kabir says giving her a tight hug.

"But.. tumhe kaam hai na?" Nisha asks as she hugs him back.

"Can't you be a little romantic and not keep reminding me of work when I came to meet you after a week?" Kabir glares at her.

"Yeh lo ice cream" Muskaan says placing a chocolate ice cream cone next to Rahul.

As she walks away Rahul pulls her back, causing her to fall into his lap.

"Where are you going? Ice cream nahi khaani?" he asks as he unwraps it and forward it close to her mouth.

Licking the cone one after the other, they both engage each other in sweet talks.

Although they started out as enemies, the sweet sensation of love overtook them. They definitely still have their nok-jhoks, but nothing conquers their love for each other.


- - - - - - - - - -

Thank You so much for the comments!
As you can see, this FF is completed. We want to thank you all loads for supporting us through this fiction! Hug
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we loved writing this fic!

El Fin.

Edited by sweet.melody - 10 April 2011 at 7:58pm

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
Awesome ending....
desikalakaar Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
WOOT :) 
that was such a cuteeeeee ending :) 
loved it :) 

Kriya <33

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