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Enemies to Lovers-RM & ArSh| Pt15 Pg54 Apr11 LAST (Page 34)

shalika Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 7:21am | IP Logged
awesome part
poor mussi ..
thnx for d pm :)
continue soon :)

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 February 2011 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
poor muskaan
feel so bad 4 her
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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_Afrin_ Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
amazing part!!!!!!!!!!!!awwwww Arman was afraid that shilpa will stop meeting cute..............
feeling bad for muski...............Rahul could have been a little bit nicer......................
cont soon..............

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zoya-ammy Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 7:08am | IP Logged
nyc uptd dear

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-screwed.UP- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
lovd d part dear
do cont soon
thnx for the pm

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sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 February 2011 at 11:34am | IP Logged

Part 8, Page 31

Part 9


Finding an empty bench Rahul sits down and leans back, feeling the cold wind pass over him, he had not jacket on or anything.. but he didn't care.


 "I'm gonna change mom and dad.." Muskaan says sitting up determinedly "I don't want to be such a head ache for everyone" she says wiping away her tears. "But aap mere saath rehna okay.. mujhe help karna" Muskaan says to the photo frame. Kissing the photo once again, she put her head on the pillow once again.


"I'm gonna go back to the room guys.. need to check if Muskaan is there" Shilpa says to the group as they walk back from the store.


"Let me go check around the campus while you look there" Armaan offers. "Thanks Armaan" Shilpa smiles, before rushing off to the room. Walking in, she finds Muskaan hugging the frame close to her, and a sweet smile gracing her lips. Caressing Muskaan's hair, Shilpa smiles to herself.

Shilpa texts Armaan letting him know that Muskaan is in the room. Armaan heads back to his room, but stops as he notices Rahul sitting on a bench alone.


"Hey Rahul, yahan kya kar raha hai akele?" Armaan asked taking a seat next to him.


"Nothing yaar..was just bored" Rahul sighed.


"You don't know how to you?" Armaan chuckled while Rahul gives him a confused look.


"Ok lets be serious here...what's the matter?" Armaan asked.


 "Nothing...missing home" Rahul smiles.


"How can you miss home when we are here with you? Cheer up man" Armaan patted his back.

"Good Morning guys" Muskaan said stretching.


 "You mean evening?" Nisha giggled.


 "Evening? Ok Good Evening" Muskaan got off her bunk and hugged Nisha. Nisha was surprised by her sudden hug.


"Where is Shilpa?" Muskaan asked.


 "Library gayi hai...aati hi hogi" Nisha smiled.


"Oh ok...would you like some chocolates?" Muskaan took out bunch of chocolates from bag.


 "Sure" Nisha took one of the chocolates and both sat down talking about things. Nisha liked this different Muskaan.


 "Tune lunch skip kiya na?" Armaan asked as they walked back.


"I wasn't hungry" Rahul replied.


"Am sure you are hungry now...we will be going for dinner and you are joining excuses!!" Armaan said strictly.


"Ok fine.." Rahul said thinking there was no point in arguing about such lil things.


 "Kabir ke baare mein? Sure yaar I'll tell you everything about him" Muskaan grinned at Nisha.


"Ok start.." Nisha said excitedly.


"Well he is a really nicec guy" Muskaan started.


 "Come on yaar, everybody knows that...tell me something else" Nisha said biting on her chocolate.


 "Ok well he is very romantic..." She winked "And he is a real good guitar player"


"Really?" Nisha jumped in joy as she loved guys who plays guitar.


"Hellooo" Shilpa smiled entering the room.


"Shilpaa" Muskaan hugged her tight.


"Whats going on?" Shilpa asked.


"She is telling me about Kabir" Nisha replied.


"Oh really? Thats..uh..great" Shilpa was taken aback coz Muskaan never really talked with Nisha and today she was telling her about Kabir...her ex.


"Shilpa get changed quickly..we need to go for dinner" Muskaan said and continued telling Nisha more about Kabir.


Smiling to herself, Shilpa walked into the washroom to get changed. As they walk into the cafeteria, Nisha and Shilpa chuckle looking at each other; Muskaan had been talking non-stop all the way from the room, and she was cracking jokes and enjoying herself.


 "Hey Shilpa" Armaan says waving over to her, smiling back to him, she makes her way over to the guys as Muskaan and Nisha follow. Seeing Rahul there, Muskaan stiffens initially, but then smiles. "I've to thank him and say sorry to him" she thinks to herself as she heads over.


"Hey Kabir!" Nisha says sitting next to Kabir, and Shilpa sits next to Armaan and Muskaan next to Rahul.


"Hey Armaan, Hey Kabir!" Muskaan says waving to them animatedly, they wave back slightly shocked, but smile all the same.


"Hi Rahul" she says, turning around to look at him.


"Hey Kabir, you wanted to ask something about notes earlier right?" Rahul asks. He had heard Muskaan say hi to him, but he really didn't want anything to do with her right now.


"Oh ya, I need to check out some notes for today's class.. Let's do it once we get back to the room!" Kabir replies.


As Armaan, Shilpa, Kabir and Nisha get into a conversation; Muskaan looks at Rahul and decides to try again.


"Rahul.. I need to talk to you.." she says slightly tapping his shoulder.


"I'm done guys.. see you later!" Rahul says getting up, and walks off immediately. Shilpa notices Muskaan looking at Rahul's disappearing figure, but decides to leave the issue for now.


 "So Muskaan, where did you go before? We were all looking for you" Armaan says.


"Oh.. that.. ya sorry about that. Was just sleepy." Muskaan says with a smile. Armaan grins hearing Muskaan talking so sweetly, because he knew Shilpa had been worried about her for the past few days, looking towards Shilpa, he gives her thumbs up.


Few weeks passed...everybody loved Muskaan's changed behavior. Though, Rahul ignored her. Armaan and Shilpa's friendship was growing and they were getting closer. Kabir and Nisha's love story grew stronger.


 "Shilpa, I was wondering why you..uh..never mind" Armaan tried to ask something but he wasn't sure how to.


 "Go ahead Armaan..." Shilpa said nothing looking up from the magazine she was reading.


"Your hairs..and your know" he tried once again.


"What happened to my hairs and clothes?" She was perplexed.


"Uh nothing, I was just saying that you changed your wardrobe and hair style.."


 "Yes I did, long ago..what's the point in asking this question now?" she asked closing the magazine.


"Why did you do that?" he finally asked.

"Armaan, what's your problem? You didn't like the way I dressed before, and you are complaining now too?" she said getting pissed off.


"No..I didn't mean that..I mean you look really nice but..I hope you didn't feel bad that day and changed your styles coz of me" he said looking down.


 "Omg no, I didn't do that coz of you..actually even Muski was telling me that I should really change my wardrobe and stuff so I decided to give it a try" She smiled.


"Oh alright, well you looked beautiful before and you look beautiful now too" He grinned.


"Don't even try flirting with me..." She said hitting him with the magazine.


 "I was telling the truth though" he said.


"Well then thanks" she smirked.


During their first lecture, Muskaan stared at Rahul.


"His eyes are so cute" She thought and smiled.


"Muski can I borrow a pen please?" Kabir asked bringing her back to reality.


"Uh yeah sure" Taking out a pen, she hands it to Kabir. She giggled looking at Rahul's face when he didn't understand what the professor was talking about. "No matter how much you ignore me Rahul, I will keep trying" Saying that she started taking notes.


Rahul had noticed her constantly trying to talk to him over the past week, but he had always moved away before she could; but he did notice the changes in her.. She was more friendly with everyone.. and she had completely stopped her reckless ways.


 "The project is due next week.. and you all are free to choose your own partners.. pick a group of three" the professor says before dismissing the class.


 "Kabirrrrrr I'm picking you!!" Muskaan says childishly.


"Haan haan, and Rahul will be in our group too" Kabir says patting Rahul's shoulder.


"Ab tum kaha bach ke jaoge" Muskaan says smirking to herself as Rahul nods at Kabir before heading out of the class.


"Kabirr by the way, you know na? Today is your one month anniversary with Nisha" Muskaan says wrapping her hand around his shoulder.


"Arey haan! Good thing you reminded me.. warna I would have been in a mess!" Kabir says laughing.


"I know you dude. You do cute things, but dates remembering main you are horrible!" Muskaan giggles.


"OMG look it's raining!!" Shilpa says looking out of the window as her and Armaan were studying at the library later that night. Without saying anything more, Shilpa rushed out leaving Armaan confused. Shutting his books, Armaan walked out to see Shilpa holding out her hands in the rain and twirling while she was getting soaked from head to toe. "She looks gorgeous!" Armaan says softly, running his hand through his hair.


"Muskiiiiii!! I need you help!" Kabir shouts over the phone. "Kya hai?"

"I got a gift for Nisha.. and now I'm in the middle of my date with her.. but I forgot the gift at the room!" Kabir says sighing.


"Toh main kya karu?" Muskaan asks.


"Please laake do na" Kabir pouts.


 "Gosh tum na.. ek number ke buddhu ho!" Muskaan says hitting her forehead with her hand.



 "Haan haan.. waise how will I get into your room?"


 "Someone or the other will be there yaar.. just go and get it to the restaurant!"


"Haan haan ok." Not bothering to throw on a sweatshirt, Muskaan rushes out in the rain towards Kabir's dorm. Hearing a knock on the door, Rahul is about to open it, when the light goes out.


"Light ko bhi abhi jaana tha.. who is it?" He asks opening the door.


Knowing that Rahul would most likely shut the door in her face if she told him she was here, Muskaan slips past him and walks into the room.

- - - - - - - - - -

Thank you so much for the awesome comments!!! <3 You readers are the people that keep us going :)

Please be sure to comment and/or hit the Like This Post button if you enjoyed reading this part! Embarrassed

Also PMs will be a little late.. sorry.


Part 10, Page 39


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Nice part.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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nice part
hope rahul and muskaan soon fall in love too!

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