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Enemies to Lovers-RM & ArSh| Pt15 Pg54 Apr11 LAST (Page 31)

IshqDewaani Goldie

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
wow..i just love the way stry is going ahead...awesome yaar

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sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Part 7, Page 27

Part 8


"Can I have a dance?' Armaan says extending his hand out to Shilpa.


"Umm.." Shilpa says looking at Muskaan. Seeing that her sister is unsure, Muskaan winks at Shilpa and nods her head excitedly. Giggling at Muskaan's hyper-ness Shilpa slowly extends her hand out to Armaan. Pulling her closer by her waist, Armaan raises her hand and gently places it on his shoulder. Shilpa gasps slightly feeling his breath on her ear. As she is watching Armaan and Shilpa, Muskaan smiles to herself being happy for her sister.


 Looking around she spots Kabir and Nisha in each other arms, whispering to each other as they dance. Shocked by this sudden development, Muskaan decides to head their way, but gets sidetracked as she sees Rahul... with a girl AGAIN! "Phirseeee??" she says widening her eyes in shock.


"Can I get a glass of ice please?" Muskaan asks the bartender.


 "And what would you like in it ma'am?"


 "Nothing.. just ice" Muskaan says keeping her eyes on Rahul.


"Here you go" the bartender says pushing a glass of ice towards Muskaan.


Walking over by Rahul, she 'accidentally' drops a piece of ice down his shirt, causing Rahul to let go of the girl in his arms. Not knowing what was in his shirt, Rahul rushes to the washroom. Seeing her opportunity, Muskaan rushes to the girl and whispers that she has something to tell her.


"You know the guy you were with... he's not single. Actually he is the father of a kid" Muskaan says with a frown.


 "What?? Him? A father?? He looks soo young though!" Kristen shouts.


"Don't get fooled by his looks like I did" Muskaan says dropping a fake tear "Actually to tell you the truth.. he is the father of my child.." Muskaan sighs "But you know he separated me from my baby!!" Muskaan continues as she drops a few more tears.


"Oh poor you!!" Kristen says patting Muskaan's back "That guy needs to be taught a lesson!" Kristen says gritting her teeth.


 "No no.. please don't say anything to him.. he might hurt my baby... I will talk to him myself..."


"I feel so bad for you and your baby to be stuck at the hands of such a guy" Kristen says genuinely feeling bad for Muskaan.


 "Yes.. I'm glad I could save you.. now you should get going" Muskaan says pushing her out of the place. "Bakri number two! BAM!" Muskaan says blowing her imaginary gun.


"Excuse me Armaan, I need something to drink so i'll be back" Shilpa winked and left the confused Armaan behind.


 "Ajeeb larki hai..achanak isko kya ho gaya" Armaan thought.


 As he was walking around he saw Rahul looking around for something/someone. "Oye Rahul, kya hua? Kuch gum ho gaya kya?" Armaan asks.


"Haan yaar..." Rahul said still looking around.


 "What is it? Do you need help?"


"My date..." he replied.


"What?? You lost your date?" Armaan laughed.


"Not funny..she was right here..pata nahi kahan chali gayi" Rahul rolled his eyes.


"You were looking around as if you lost your phone or something.." Armaan continued laughing.


 " look beautiful today" Kabir smiled.


"Thank you" She replied shyly as they continued dancing in each other's arms.


"Muskaan? Why are you grinning to yourself?" Shilpa asked.


"Nothing...let's get drunk" Muskaan kept grinning.


"No, we're not getting drunk..but let's get on the dance floor" Shilpa said excitedly.

"Arey wah Shilpa, aaj badi pary mood mein hai...chal" The sister went on the dance floor and rocked it. The danced off putting away all their worries and fears. Armaan and Rahul just stood there with shocked expressions looking at the sisters dancing.


"She got drunk again?" Rahul said scratching his head.


"Nope, Shilpa didn't let her drink" Armaan replied "They are just too happy" Armaan smiled.


"Yeah looks like it" Rahul said.


Soon enough, Nisha joined the girls..and slowly everyone in the party joined them and made it the best party night ever.


"Shilpa utho!!" Armaan said nudging Shilpa for the tenth time as she dozed off again during lecture.


"Uh.. haan haan" Shilpa said fluttering her eyes open.


"You aren't used to late nights huh?" Armaan whispers.


"Noo.. first time" Shilpa says giggling. Not able to keep her eyes open Shilpa kept looking around the room trying to keep her eyes open, but luckily she was saved from this as the bell rang. Walking out of class, she burst out laughing; Armaan simply watching as he was drawn more and more into her by the day.


"Dude that was such a boring lecture!" Rahul says walking out of class with Kabir; Muskaan had already rushed out of class with another friend of hers as soon as class ended.


Rahul had noticed her chuckling every time she looked at him, but not wanting to cause another argument he just let it pass.


"Hey Kabir!" Nisha said walking up to Kabir and giving him a tight hug, "Hey Rahul!"


"You two are together now huh?" Rahul asked smiling.


"Uhh.. yeah.." Kabir said smiling shyly "Yesterday night..."


"Congrats! Party dena zaroor alright!" Rahul says winking "Need to rush to the library now.. so will catch up later" he says rushing off.


"Ughh pata nahi yeh kyun mere piche aajata hai" Muskaan rolled her eyes seeing Rahul in the library.


"Ise bhi abhi hi library aana tha" Rahul made a disgusting looking at her and She saw it.


 "I didn't even do anything and he is making faces? That's it ab nahi bache ga yeh mere haath se" Pissed off Muskaan walks up to him and pushes him real hard making him bump into the wall behind him.


"What's wrong with you?" Rahul yelled.


"Nothing is wrong with me...everything is wrong with YOU!!!" Muskaan yelled back making all the eyes look at her.


"Pushing people for no reason...sane people won't ever do such things" Rahul said furiously, his face was red due to the anger.


"Are you trying to say that am insane? Go get your ugly head checked.." Muskaan yelled.


"Excuse me guys, this library...will you two please be quiet or leave the library" The librarian spoke.


"Sorry Ma'am" Saying that Muskaan held Rahul's hand and took him outside.


"Leave me alone" Rahul screamed pushing her hand off his.


"You need to leave me ALONE!!" Muskaan yelled breathing heavily.

"You know what Muskaan you have serious issues!" Rahul says walking off.


"Come back here! Don't you dare walk off from me" Muskaan says following him. Grabbing her hand, Rahul pulls her into an empty classroom and pins her against the wall.


"You want to hear more huh? Then listen, you such a huge ego and that too for no reason. What makes you think you own the world huh? You think you're drop dead gorgeous and people will fall in line at your one saying? Well newsflash missy but you are nothing compared to many other girls!! Cause you don't have a heart to share compassion or share love. You don't feel general human feelings.. it's always about arguing with you. Do you realize that you have lost your boyfriend??  And he is way happier after moving on! Otherwise woh boyfriend kam aur tumhara guard zyaada tha! Having to stop you from drinking, or misbehaving with people. You have lost your mind so much that you can't even decide the right kind of people to hang out with. You don't have even one true friend Muskaan. NOT ONE!" Rahul says slamming his hand on the wall "Is that enough Muskaan Chaddha? I don't even know why I'm saying all this, cause I know it isn't going to have any effect on you.. you don't give a damn about others... you know what I'm through with you." Rahul says walking away.


As Rahul words cloud up her mind.. Muskaan slips down the wall, falling to the floor. As tears start dropping down her cheeks, Muskaan pulls her knees up to her chest hugging them tightly.


Shilpa was waiting for Muskaan to come as they were going to go for lunch together but she never showed up. So Shilpa went with Nisha.


"Did you text her?" Nisha asked Shilpa.


"Yes I did, and she said she already had lunch" Shilpa shrugged.

After lunch Shilpa and Nisha were walking back to their dorms but they met Armaan and Kabir on their way so the guys dragged them to get some ice cream.


"Where is Rahul?" Shilpa asked as he is always with Armaan and Kabir.


"Don't know..class ke baad mila hi nahi" Kabir replied as they entered the store.


"Haha I miss seeing you guys argue" Nisha giggled.


 "No please don't tell them to's their favorite thing to do and we can get in trouble coz of them too" Kabir laughed.


"Am tired of the arguments, instead of arguing everyday..its good not to face each other na" Shilpa said after ordering her ice cream.


"But we don't argue so we can still meet...uh right?" Armaan asked nervously thinking that she might stop meeting him.


"Yeah, that's the reason am here with you right? Warna main tumhare saath aati? I must have lost it" Shilpa laughed.


"Kuch ziyaada toh nahin bol diya na maine" Rahul thought as he walked on an empty street "She deserved it..but maybe there is a reason behind why she is behaving like that..." he wondered.


Rahul's words were wandering around in Muskaan's mind; she was in her room crying non-stop. "I need you mom..I need you" Muskaan sobbed hugging her teddy. She was never like this until that one incident, which took away her parents from her.


Pulling out a photo frame from underneath her pillow, Muskaan kisses it. "Mumma kya main itni buri hoon?" she says as she lays on her side and holds the photo frame in front of her "Hoon na.. Shilpa ko bhi bohut tang karti hoon main.. I'm a bad girl" Muskaan says smacking herself on the head.


 "Haan haan fine meri maa! Shuru mat hojao" Armaan says before Shilpa can find another reason to argue.


"Wonder where Rahul is.. I need to ask him something about notes from class today" Kabir says wiping his mouth after finishing the ice cream.


"Try calling him.." Nisha suggests.


 "Did na.. but no answer.."

- - - - - - - - - -

Thank You for all your motivating comments on the previous parts.

We hope you enjoy this part, and if you do please continue to support us with your lovely comments, and please do hit the like button!


 Part 9, Page 34

Edited by sweet.melody - 20 February 2011 at 11:34am

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sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
awwww poor muskaan i feel so bad for her :( nice part plz write more soon :D

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nyxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Nice partt
and wow intense convo between rahul and muski..but im excited for their lovestory :)

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angullgrl91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
awww...that was such a sad but good part at the same time!! LOL
great job :)

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Nice part,,,

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-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
Awe so armaan is getting attracted to shilpa and kabir and nisha are official and Ooh the convince between Rahul and muskaan was really intense I feel for muskaan as she has a different way of coping with her parents death she needs someone who can understand her and give her their shoulder and awe armaan scared that shilpa might not meet him again so sweet anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile

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desikalakaar Goldie

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwwww what happened to muskii???
i cant wait for rahul to realize that he hit a nerve, 
continue soon!
and please keep pming me! :) 

Love, Kriya <33

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