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Enemies to Lovers-RM & ArSh| Pt15 Pg54 Apr11 LAST (Page 27)

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged

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RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
M literally droolinggg (uhhh...umm...not really!)
Haha...awesom yaar..
but too small...
make it longer...k!
and i m in love with that siggie of urs shilpa....

Muskaan: "Oye hum police station main hai, tu itna muskura kyu raha hai? | Rahul: (mumbles) "police station main hai toh kya hua? Tu toh mere saath hai na" | adorablee!!

Really really adorable...
Cont soon

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shalika Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
awesome part 
thnx for d pm 
continue soon :)

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged
read both the parts 5 n 6...
simply amzng...
beautifuly writen...
so finlly both the couples r gonna come close...
thnx for the pm...

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DaShInG_DeViL IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 10:17am | IP Logged
hey just read the part 1...
it is amazing..
really like the conept..
thanx for the pm will comment on other parts soon.

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-Im-Possible- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 7:58am | IP Logged
hey awesome part.......................
luved it.................................
plzzzzzz cont soon........................

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sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
Part 6, Page 24

Thank You for all the wonderful comments! We are really sorry we don't get to reply to them individually, but a lot of time constraint! :( But seriously they keep us going! <3

Part 7

As mid-terms were around the corner, everyone got busy studying, they would hardly hang out.


Shilpa stayed in the library till night preparing for mid-terms while Nisha used to study in their dorm lounge.


Armaan would study at late night while Rahul and Kabir studied together during the day.


Muskaan would just stay in her room, not talking to anyone except for Shilpa. Even in classes she behaved rude with Rahul and sometimes Kabir.


Shilpa had started liking Armaan, but she still wasn't sure as they still fought.


The day mid-terms were over, they partied hard. Although, knowing that they had passed the mid-terms, made them more excited.


They all were really excited hanging out after the mid-terms. Parties were back on campus.   


"That party was the BOMB" drunk Muskaan came entered the room, not able to walk properly.


 "Muskaan, you have been going to the parties' everyday...and getting need to stop that alright?" Shilpa said furiously.


 "I won't go tomorrow" Muskaan smiled.


 "You have been telling me that" Shilpa said helping her sit on the bed.


 "You are my sweet sisterrr, I know you love me and won't say anything else" Muskaan hugged Shilpa.


Shilpa smiled at her childishness.


 Next Morning, Shilpa and Muskaan headed off for breakfast. It was Saturday and they didn't have classes.


"Hey evil sisters" Armaan grinned.


"Shut up Armaan" Shilpa said shaking her head.


Whenever Armaan saw Shilpa and Muskaan together; he called them evil sisters.


"Hey Muskaan, how was the party last night?" Kabir asked.


"Amazing!" She grinned "But I have a nasty headache" She said massaging her forehead.


"Too much drinking need to chill with drinking" Kabir said sipping his coffee.


"Alcohol poisoning hoga tab pata chalega ise" Rahul said sarcastically.


"You just stay out of this ok" Muskaan said pointing her index finger at Rahul.


"I'm gonna go get some hot chocolate" Shilpa excused herself.


"Me too" Armaan followed her.


 "Waise Muskaan, Nisha nahi aayi?" Kabir asks changing the topic.


 "Woh so rahi hai.." she replied bitterly.


"Talk to him nicely at least" Rahul said getting annoyed with her behavior.


 "Mind your own F'ing business!!" Muskaan yelled.


Rahul was about to retort, but Kabir just shook his head indicating a no. Although Kabir wasn't pleased with her behavior himself, he knew that arguing back wouldn't help in anyways, Muskaan was changing even more quickly now, partying each night, getting drunk, and treating everyone like trash.


"Pata nahi when she will rectify herself" Shilpa sighs hearing Muskaan shouting from all the way across the cafeteria.


"She seems all the more cranky lately huh?" Armaan says looking back at Muskaan.


"Ya especially after her break up with Kabir.. she has gotten even more out of hand. At least before he used to control her at the parties, now she hangs out with all the wrong sort of people.. and I don't know what to do" Shilpa says.


 "Why don't you talk to her?" Armaan asks.


 "She's the only one I have Armaan, and I'm the only one she has... and you can see how cranky she is lately right? If she stops talking to me after I confront her.. I will be broken.. and she will be even more broken.. I can't let that happen.." Shilpa admits.


 "Hmm.. hope everything clears up soon" Armaan raises his hand to pat Shilpa's shoulder, but puts it back down in the last minute.  


After the breakfast they went back to their rooms.


"Shilpa, am bringing my clothes downstairs to the laundry...wanna join me?" Nisha asks putting her dirty clothes in the basket.



"No, I'll go later on" Shilpa said getting bored.


"Guys, can I be alone in this room for a while please?" Muskaan asked.


"Uh sure" Shilpa said getting up "I guess I will come with you then Nisha" Both the girls head downstairs with their clothes.


They drag Armaan and Kabir along when they see them in the lounge for some entertainment.


"Laundry is boring..." Kabir said rolling his eyes.


"As if we said its fun" Nisha said dumping her clothes in to the washer.


"If it was fun, we wouldn't have invited you guys here" Shilpa said closing the washer door.


"How mean things ke liye invite nahi kar sakte tum log?" Armaan asked shaking his head in disappointment.


"I'm going to the corner store..who wants to join in?" Kabir asks.


"I do!!" Nisha said raising her hand like a kid.


 "Let's go" Kabir grinned.


"You are getting bored too na? So you should join them" Shilpa told Armaan.


 "No, let them spend some time alone" Armaan winked.


"Kabir and Nisha? Hmmm" Shilpa smiled.


Shilpa frowned again thinking what Muskaan might do if she finds out.


"Muskaan?" Armaan asks sensing her worry.


"Yeah.. just hope she doesn't take this in a bad way" Shilpa says.


"She is a good girl.. just that she needs a wakeup call, so that she can set herself right" Armaan says.


"Wow you seem to know quite a lot about her" Shilpa says chuckling.


"Not just her.. I know quite a lot about both the evil sisters" Armaan says winking.


 Shilpa looks away not knowing how to respond.


"Hey Armaan!" says a girl coming up to Armaan and giving him a tight hug.


 "Hey sweetheart" Armaan says smiling at her. Moving away from Shilpa, they both sit in a corner and continue an animated conversation.

Feeling anger build up within her, Shilpa decides to come back for the laundry later and goes back to her room. Seeing Muskaan getting ready in front of the mirror, Shilpa decides she is going to stop Muskaan, at least for tonight.


 "Muskiiiiii!!" she says hugging her tightly.


"Shilpuuuuuuu!!" Muskaan replies with the same enthusiasm "Kya hua??" she asks smiling up.


"We barely get to spend any time together yaar" Shilpa says whining.


"I knowww" Muskaan pouts "Kya kare?"


 " You want to hit up the mall today?" Shilpa asks smiling.


"But.. party.." Muskaan starts off.


 "You are going to choose that party over sister time?? I will kill you before you do that!" Shilpa says laughing as she catches Muskaan's neck.


"Nahii nahii I will hang out with you! Mujhe meri jaan pyaari hai" Muskaan says acting like she is shivering with fear.


"Okay let me go get ready and we will go to Manhattan mall!" Shilpa says happy that she got Muskaan to forget the party.


Getting off the subway the girls headed into the mall.


 "OMG been soooo long since we have gone shopping together!!" Muskaan says hugging her sister in excitement.


Shilpa grins broadly seeing Muskaan acting like her normal self and prays that this change is made permanent soon.


Walking into Abercrombie and Fitch Muskaan pulls out a bunch of cute stuff and goes to the trial room, as Shilpa checks out the jeans and the full sleeve shirts. Walking out in a few of the dresses, Muskaan parades for Shilpa.


Looking at the dresses Shilpa remembers the girl that had come to hug Armaan.


"No one will ever look at you that way.." she remembers Armaan saying that to her in the library.


"Shilpa are you getting anything?" Muskaan asks, her hands laden with a bunch of dresses.


"Uh.. Muskaan.. how would I look in dresses?" Shilpa asks twirling her tshirt edge around her finger.


"You would look cuteeeeeeeeeee Shilpsss!! Ruko let me find the perfect one for you!" Muskaan says rushing off looking for more dresses. "Yeh lo! Try this one on" Muskaan says thrusting a white sleeveless, knee length one into Shilpa's hands.


"Yeh?? This is too short Muskaan!!" Shilpa shouts.


"Shilps.. you want to look like a college student or daadi yaar?" Muskaan asks rolling her eyes "Too shortt" Muskaan says mimicking Shilpa.


Pushing Shilpa into the changing room, Muskaan waits outside grinning to herself.


"Shilpaa please come out sometime in this generation!!" Muskaan says after waiting for almost half and hour.


"But Muski.."


"Shilpa if you don't come out like now, I'm gonna come in there!" Muskaan says in a warning tone.


"Uh.. ok.." Coming out of the room Shilpa keeps pulling her dress down, trying to cover more skin.


"Oh my my!!!! Dude you can kill some guy you know" Muskaan says whistling.


 "Shut up Muski!!" Shilpa says blushing.


"Now I know why you didn't ever wear such things till now" Muskaan says winking "You didn't want to be the reason for deaths eh!"


 "Muskaan seriously shut it!!" Shilpa says rolling her eyes.


 "Wait wait there is one more thing!" Muskaan says coming towards Shilpa.


Reaching behind Shilpa, Muskaan pulls out the hair tie, causing Shilpa's hair to cascade down onto her shoulders.


"Perfect!" Muskaan says pulling Shilpa into a tight hug.


After forcing Shilpa to buy a few more dresses Muskaan smiled satisfied!


"By the way Shilps, I have been trying to get you to do this for the past ten years.. who is the one that made you do it so quickly?" Muskaan asks grinning as both the sisters walk around the mall arm in arm.


 "Nothing like that Muski.. just felt like it..." Shilpa says, she didn't want to say anything about Armaan yet cause first of all they were supposed to be enemies, and she wasn't even sure what she felt for him.


After shopping till late in the night and eating loads of ice cream, the girls headed home.


"We need to unlock more stuff..." Armaan said staring at the TV screen playing his game.


"Yeah man, and yeah we need to get some more games" Rahul said pausing the game to get a drink of water.


 "What time is it?" Armaan asked looking for his phone.


"Its...umm let see...Its 4 am" Rahul said looking at his phone.


"Damn man, I didn't even notice the time" Armaan said.


"Lets keep it paused...we'll play tomorrow" Saying that Rahul gets on his bed.


The next day was boring for them as they had nothing to do. They haven't even seen the girls, as Muskaan didn't want to face Rahul and Shilpa was busy reading a book. Only Kabir and Nisha were hanging out as they were bored as hell.


"Muski...are you getting ready for some party again?" Shilpa asked.


 "Yup" Muskaan replied taking out a new dress from the shopping bag.


"Uh..can I join you?" Shilpa asks hesitantly not sure of Muskaan's reaction.


"Omg you're gonna come along???" Muskaan asked surprisingly.


"Yeah, am getting bored anyways" Shilpa smiled nervously.


 "Yayy ok..take out one of the dresses and wear it quick" Muskaan said getting into the washroom to change.


The girls get ready. Shilpa wears a silver dress, letting her hairs down.


"Let's go Nisha" The girls head out to the party.


On the other side the guys were already at the party. Rahul had comes with a girl named Kristen.


Entering the party Nisha sees Kabir and goes up to him, while Muskaan went to get a drink.


"Muski you are NOT drinking today" Shilpa said holding her arm.


 "Ek drink please?" Muskaan pouts.


"No Muski, or else I'll leave the party" Shilpa said folding her hands across her chest.


 "Ok I won't drink tonight..I don't want to you to leave without enjoying" Muskaan smiles.


Looking around to find a girl to dance with, Armaan spots Muskaan and Shilpa, but he couldn't see if it was Shilpa as her back was towards him. Armaan walks up to Muskaan to ask how is she doing.


"Hey Muskaan, how are you?" Armaan asks. Shilpa stands still hearing his voice.


"I'm perfectly fine" Muskaan smiles for the first time.


"Good to know..and uh" he notices Shilpa. "Shilpa?" He looks at her from head to toe, checking her out.


"Doesn't she look breath taking?" Muskaan grins at Armaan.


 "Muskaan" Shilpa gives her a nervous look.


"Yes she does" Armaan mumbled, but nobody heard it.


"Can I have a dance?' Armaan says extending his hand out to Shilpa.


There you have it! :]
Please comment/criticize!


PMs Late.

If you want to be added to the PMlist please add as a buddy!

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great part...

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