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Enemies to Lovers-RM & ArSh| Pt15 Pg54 Apr11 LAST (Page 23)

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Part 4, Page 20

Thank You all for all your lovely comments! They truly inspire us to write more Big smile

Part 5


"Hey babe! You're looking sexy!" Sarah says giving Muskaan a hug.


"This is my roomie Nisha" Muskaan says introducing the girls.


 As they reach Marquee, Muskaan's eyes light up seeing many of her friends there.

Picking up Sheila, Rahul heads to the Marquee as Armaan and Kabir come separately.


"Ughh she isn't picking up the phone!!" Kabir says trying Muskaan for the tenth time.


"She must be out partying as usual" Armaan says chuckling "try her sister, I'm sure she will pick up, room main hi rehti hai na."


 "Give her a break Armaan!" Kabir says rolling his eyes, but he does call Shilpa.


"Hey Shilps tumhari behen kaha hai?"


"Uh Hey Kabir.. she went for some party.. I think at the Marquee.." Shilpa replies.


"Oh cool! I'm going there as well"


 "Keep an eye on her please Kabir.. you know how she is na" Shilpa says sighing.


 "Yes ma'am I will definitely keep an eye on her!" Kabir says smiling.


 "How in the world do you carry on a decent conversation with her??" Armaan asks as Kabir slips the phone back into his pocket.


"Uhh.. I just talk normally.."


 "Let's dance" Sheila says pulling Rahul onto the dance floor. Placing her hands on his shoulders, Sheila pulls Rahul close as she sways her hips to the music. Feeling out of place, Rahul lightly places his hands on her hips as he looks around the place.


Walking over to the bar, Muskaan scans the place as she waits for her drink.


"Is that.." Muskaan says craning her neck "No.. can't be.." She says standing on her tiptoes to get a clear view "OMG it is him!!" Muskaan says nearly falling over. "So Rahul Grewal goes clubbing huh?" Muskaan says smirking to herself "But he doesn't look like he is enjoying" Muskaan says giggling. Watching the girl pull Rahul closer Muskaan's blood boils. "Dude what does she see in him? I mean he looks good and all, but he is such a pain in the neck!" Muskaan says gulping down a shot of vodka. Seeing the girl heading in the direction of the washroom, Muskaan follows her.


 "Hey.. hey you" Muskaan says calling out.


 "Uh.. you talking to me?" Sheila asks turning around.


"Yes" Muskaan says giving her a sweet smile "Actually I wanted to warn you.." Muskaan says pulling on a look of distress "That.. that guy you were with.. he is actually married" Muskaan says putting her hand to her forehead.


 "OMG Really?" Sheila asks widening her eyes in shock.


 "Ya.. my family knows him in India.. and he has a wife back there.. but he never tells anyone" Muskaan says sighing.


 "OMG what a sick jerk! I'm gonna go tell him off!" Sheila says determinedly.


"Uhh.. nooo noo just leave.. why would you want to talk to such a person again? I will tell him off" Muskaan says ushering Sheila towards the exit. Smiling evilly to herself, Muskaan walks back to the bar, and downs 10 more shots.


"Yeh Sheila kahan reh gayi yaar" Rahul thought while drinking some wine.


"Oh shit...what the heck is this girl doing here? And she is drinking NON-STOP....Kabir kahan gaya" Rahul looked around to see if Kabir was around but not seeing him there he walked over to Muskaan to make her stop drinking.


 "Oye Rahul, am going back..Kabir ko bata dena" Saying that Armaan left the party. He loved parties but this was seemed pretty boring to him.


At the dorm, Shilpa was working on her project. She needed help but she wasn't willing to call Armaan.


 "Muskaan enough now" Rahul said taking away her drink.


"Shhhhh who are you to tell me to stop drinking haan? give it back to me" Muskaan said taking away the drink back from him.


"You need to STOP!!" Rahul again took away the drink.


 "I..will...MURDER YOU!!" She said pushing him real hard.


 "Uh it is such a boring day" Armaan said taking a seat on his chair. He notices the paper on the desk which reminds him that they still need to finish the project and it is due tomorrow. "Let me call her" saying that he calls her.


 "What Armaan?" comes a reply. No Hi no hello but What Armaan was her reply. "Sheesh clam down, I just called to ask if you would like to finish the project now?" he said reading some paper.


 "Yeah ok..I was working on it..mind coming over?" She asked hesitantly.



"If you promise not to kill me then yeah" Armaan giggles and so does Shilpa on the phone.


"I don't promise" she replied.


"Umm..I know how to save myself so i'll just come" he smiled.


 "Ok see you".


"She talked NICELY to me?" Armaan said thinking there must be something wrong with her.


"Muskaan let me drop you off" Rahul tried pulling her outside.


 "No Rahul!! The party just started dude" Muskaan yelled.


 "But you are DRUNK" he said.


"And you are hot" she said bringing her face closer to him "but too annoying" she said walking away.


"Kabir..dude can you handle her..she is drunk" Rahul said pointing at Muskaan.


"Oh damn, ok i'll handle her" saying that Kabir followed Muskaan.


Walking into Shilpa's room, Armaan smiles at her slightly.


"Hey.. take a seat" Shilpa says moving around her on the bed and making space for him.


"Wowww you worked on a lot of it Shilpa" Armaan says looking at the progress she had made.


"Uh.. was just sitting in my room so decided might as well." Shilpa says awkwardly sitting next to him.


"Howcome you didn't go the party with your sister?" Armaan asks looking at her.


 "Uh.. I don't really like them." Shilpa replies, indicating that she is not really interested in carrying on this conversation any longer.


 "Kabhi kabhi meri zindagi mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai" Muskaan sings loudly as both the guys pull her towards the car "Kabhi kabhi meri zindagi se wo bichad jaaye to ek sapna lagta hai" she says as a tear runs down her face "Aise mein koi kaise apne aasuon ko behne se roke?Aur kaise koi soch le everything's gonna be ok?" she says pulling up her knees to her chest as Kabir makes her sit in the car.


Rahul looks at her, as he can feel the pain in her voice. "She is so different than normal" he thinks to himself.


"Rahul let's go" Kabir says patting his shoulder. Coming out of his thoughts Rahul pulls out of the parking lot and heard toward the campus.


" I dreaming?" Nisha said looking at Armaan and Shilpa working silently that too sitting right next to each other.


"What?" Shilpa looks up.


 "Is that Armaan?" She asks to make sure as she had a few shots of vodka.


"Yes it's me..." Armaan replied still looking into the book.


"I'm homeeeee" Muskaan screamed entering her room.


"And I'm drunk" Nisha said still looking at Armaan and Shilpa in daze.


 "OMG she got drunk...Kabir I had told you to look after her na" Shilpa said getting off her bed.


"This is my bed and I belong here.." Muskaan said throwing herself on the bed "Miss you mom and dad" Muskaan hugged her teddy as Shilpa took off her heels and covered her with her blanket.


 "She is such a baby" Rahul chuckled.


 "You guys should leave's late" Shilpa said.


"Shilpaaa" Muskaan held her hand.


"Muski sleep" Shilpa caressed her hairs.


 "I miss mom and dad them and tell them to come here" Muskaan pouted.


"Yeah ok..." Shilpa didn't know how to answer that. Her eyes got all teary when Muskaan said that. Soon Muskaan fell asleep with Shilpa's hand. Shilpa carefully took away her hand.


"Shilpa you ok?" Armaan asked looking at her teary eyes. "Yeah" she replied looking down.


"Ok this project is done...should I take it with me or you'll bring it with you?" he asked.


 "You can take it for now..and thanks" saying that she went to the washroom.


 "Lets go guys.." Kabir said heading out the door. Nisha slept as soon as she hit the bed. But Shilpa wasn't able to sleep.


Every time Shilpa tried to close her eyes that one event flashed in her eyes, the one horrific incident that had changed their lives. They used to live in India with their parents, and that day Muskaan and Shilpa had come home elated after they had finished their 10th class boards. Sharing their joy with their parents, Muskaan and Shilpa coerced their dad Vijay into taking them out for chaat. Licking their fingers after enjoying a delicious chaat Muskaan and Shilpa grinned at each other. Having had dinner at home, their parents parked the car on the other side of the road and waited for them. As the girls were about to head back to the car, they heard a loud screech, looking to their right they saw a 16-wheeler skidding and heading towards their parents.


Shilpa opened her eyes with sweat running down her neck. Holding her hand to her heart Shilpa took a drink of water trying to calm herself. Feeling a pair of arms pulling her into a hug, Shilpa sobbed leaning on Muskaan. Tears running down her own eyes, Muskaan caressed Shilpa's hair trying to comfort her.


- - - - - - -

Please comment/criticize.

Your response means a lot to us <3


Part 6, Page 24

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Haha muskaan making sheila go by telling her that rahuls married lol and awe when she went drunk she told him she found him hot and Rahul saw the pain in her eyes which kabir did not and awe shilpa being nice to armaan and him confused and the accident of their parents is so tragic but atleast their both there for each other anyways great update and can wait to read more Smile

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Really nice part!!

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lol Muski! how she bagao'ed Sheila...luved it!
Haww Armaan n Shilpa behaving civilised with eachother...cute!
feel so bad for Shilpa n Muskaan...
lukin forward to da nxt update :)

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reallly nice part! update sooner :)

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Muski cracked me up!! But so sad bout their parents!!

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amazing update yaar
muski was great in club....with shiela
loved it

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