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Enemies to Lovers-RM & ArSh| Pt15 Pg54 Apr11 LAST (Page 16)

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
wow u girls are on a roll hun?? Ressssssssssssssss

sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Part 2, Page 9

Part 3

"Uhhhh!!! I HATE them!!" Armaan says walking out of the pool drenched.


 Rahul simply nods as he follows, equally wet. Grabbing a towel, Armaan wipes his hair dry and then throwing it around his neck, he heads in deciding to teach that girl a lesson.


Taking off his shirt, Rahul walks to the dressing room, not even wanting to see Muskaan again.


Seeing Armaan coming towards her fully raged, Shilpa loses balance causing her to fall off the treadmill.


"Owwww!!" Shilpa shouts holding her knee.


 Forgetting his anger Armaan rushes to her "What happened Shilpa? Does it hurt here?" Armaan asks touching her knee.


 Feeling thirsty, Muskaan heads towards the water fountain, on her way there, her eye is caught by someone in the men's locker room. Peeking in Muskaan sees a guy with his back to her. Watching water drip down his muscled back, Muskaan can't help but stare.


"Don't touch me!!" Shilpa says gritting her teeth.


 "Shut up Shilpa this could be serious" Armaan says and without warning he rolls up Shilpa's pant till her knee and begins examining it. Shilpa's eyes widen as she feels Armaan's touch on her skin.


 Seeing the guy turning around, Muskaan hides behind the door quickly. After a while she decides to check if he was still there, as she rounds the corner she finds herself colliding into someone. Feeling warmth under her fingertips, Muskaan looks up to see hazel eyes.


"Uhh.. I'm fine" Shilpa says rolling her pants back down and walking away with a slight limp.


 Seeing that it was Rahul, Muskaan backs away immediately. Smirking at her, Rahul walks away as Muskaan watches him.


"I'll have to shower again" Shilpa says as they walk back to their rooms.


 "Why?" Muskaan asks taking off her shoes.


"He touched my feet!!" Shilpa says annoyingly.


 "Haha...waise I saw Rahul shirtless...he looked pretty hot" Muskaan says sitting on Shilpa's bed.


"You find all the guys hot" rolling her eyes Shilpa walks into the bathroom.


 "But he is different" Muskaan says to herself.


"Kabirrr dude...can we ask you something?" Armaan says sitting next to him.


 "Sure" Kabir says fixing his hairs.


"How do you jhello those two evil sisters?" Rahul asks.


 "They aren't that bad" Kabir replies.


"Dude they threw us into the swimming pool" Armaan sighed.


"WHAT? That;s hilarious" Kabir burst out laughing.


 "It's not funny...and by the come they behave so nicely with you?" Rahul asks scratching his head.


"Well, may be cause I behave nicely with them?" Kabir says.


 "We were nice too but they make us act like this" Armaan says climbing his bed.


"Don't worry guys..ok am gonna go to Muski's room...see you guys" Saying that Kabir leaves.


"Ajeeb larka hai" Rahul says opening up his books.


As Kabir is about to knock on the door, sees it opening. "OMG chorrr!!!!" shouts the girl looking at him. Pushing her back into the room, Kabir shuts her mouth.


"Kabir tum yahan?" Muskaan asks leaning over her bed as she heard Nisha screaming.


"Muski yaar isko samjha ke I'm not a chor!" Kabir says struggling to keep the girl still in his hands.


 Jumping off the bed Muskaan laughs "Nisha this is Kabir my boyfriend and Kabir this is Nisha my roomie" Muskaan says introducing them.


 "Oh I'm sorry about that" Nisha says moving away, embarrassed at her silliness.


"Nah.. It's alright. It's good actually! Shows that you won't let any random guy just walk into your room without putting up a fight" Kabir says chuckling.


Laughing, Nisha goes back to her desk as to give Kabir and Muskaan some privacy.


"Muski" Kabir says holding her hand "kya yaar I heard you pushed the guys into the pool?" Kabir asking trying to glare at her.


Bursting out laughing Muskaan re-runs the incident in her head. "You should have seen their expressions Kabir! HAHA They were too shocked to say anything!" Muskaan says continuing to laugh.


 "But Muskaan.. they are my friends yaar.. pleasee" Kabir asks pouting.


"Kabir main kuch nahi's them who are annoying!" Muskaan says rolling her eyes.


 "Haan and they say you are the annoying ones" Kabir says holding his head in his hands.


 "He called me annoying!!! Ughh that Grewal ka bacha is dying at my hands tomorrow!!" Muskaan says fisting her hands.


 "Hey Kabir!" Shilpa says walking out of the washroom "Isko kya hua?" She asks looking at Muskaan.


"Same old thing.. she wants to kill Rahul" Kabir says.


"Kabirrrr don't even talk about those two pleaseeeeeee!!" Shilpa says glaring at Kabir "It's enough that we get to see them whole day.. now don't follow us with their names too."


"Oh come on, they aren't as bad as you guys think..." Kabir says playing with Muskaan's hand.


"Dude you have seen the way they talk to us...and you are still saying that they aren't as bad? How could you Kabir" Shilpa sighed.


 "Who are you guys talking about?" Nisha asks.


 "Armaan aur Rahul...friends hai mere lekin yeh dono hamesha unse larte hai" Kabir says looking at Nisha.


 "No offence haan Kabir but some guys are annoying" Nisha says settling herself next to the girls.


"Thank you Nisha...and watch if you meet those idiots you'll be ready to kill them as all" Muskaan says grinning at Nisha.


 "Uff tum logo ka kuch nahi ho sakta" Kabir says rolling his eyes.


"I would like to meet them over na" Nisha says to Kabir.


"They won't come..." Kabir says.


"Noooooo I don't want that jerk to be in my room" Shilpa says as if Armaan was really gonna come.


 "Chill Shilps...I'll handle them, Kabir call them over" Nisha says getting excited.


"Nisha leave it yaar...I don't have strength to argue anymore" Muskaan says resting her head on Kabir's shoulder.


 "Ok I'll call, but dekhna they won't come" Kabir says taking out his phone. He texted Rahul to come over with Armaan but Rahul replied back saying they don't wanna see the evil girls faces.


"See they don't wanna come..." Kabir says showing Nisha the text.


 "Ok fine, I'll meet them later..." Nisha says.


"Has Kabir gone mad? Wahan kyun bula raha tha hume?" Armaan asked turning on his game.


"Pata nahi..." Rahul says joining Armaan.


"There is nooo way I'm going there again!" Rahul says giving his final decision.


"Dudeeeeeeeeee!!" Armaan says suddenly jumping up.


"What happened to you suddenly??" Rahul asks, surprised by Armaan's sudden outburst.


 "Maybe those evil sisters did something to him yaar? and maybe we need to like go rescue him!" Armaan says with his eyes widening by the minute.


 "Ya?? I don't think so dude" Rahul says.


 "No man I think that is the case... cause I mean Kabir knows na ke we don't want to see them.. but phir bhi he called us over.. so kuch toh reason hoga na" Armaan says putting the pieces of puzzle in place.


 "Oh shit!! I never thought about it like that" Rahul says jumping off his bunk "Chal yaar let's go!"


Throwing on their sweatshirts the guys rush out the door without bothering to lock it and head towards the girls' room. Banging on the door, the guys wait to be let it.


 "Who is it this late man??" Muskaan says grouchily opening the door. As soon as she unlocks the door, she finds herself falling backward. As she lands on her back with a thud, her petite body is crushed below another body.


"Kabirr are you alright?" Armaan asks rushing to Kabir. Nisha looks at the scene in front of her with utmost shock.


"Get off me you JERK!!!" Muskaan pushed Rahul off of her.


"I'm fine Armaan..kya hua?" Kabir asks helping Muskaan get up.


 Nisha and Shilpa had burst out laughing looking at the scene.


"You texted us so we thought these evil sisters did something to you" Armaan says pointing at Shilpa and Muskaan.


 As soon as Shilpa hears him say that, she stops laughing and get off the bed and walked upto him. "How dare you call us EVIL?" She asked furiously.


 "Cause you ARE evil" Armaan replied.


 "Tu samajhta kya hai apne aap ko?" Muskaan asked Rahul.


"Main toh apne aap ko HERO samajhta hoon" Rahul grinned.


 "Shut up and get out...I don't wanna see your face" Muskaan says pointing at the door.


"Wooooo guys chill..." Nisha says seeing the argument getting all serious.


"Told you na Nisha..I had to stop them sooooooo many times today..warna koi na koi toh jail zarror jata" Kabir says sitting next to Nisha.


 "Dude, you relax..I'll handle this mess" Nisha says patting Kabir's shoulder.


 "Guys, why don't we all become friends?" Nisha smiled.


"NOWAY!!!" All four of them yelled.


 "Think about it guys, this way nobody would go to jail in future" Nisha giggled.


"I don't have any problem in going to jail as long as I get to kill this guy" Shilpa says giving Armaan a deadly look.


"Yeah same here" Muskaan says narrowing her eyes.


Armaan and Rahul burst out laughing hearing this. "You can't even kill a fly and you are planning to kill us" Armaan says and laughed harder.


 "Don't take this as a joke, am being serious" Shilpa says it in a serious tone.

. . . . . . . . .

Thank You all for your lovely encouraging comments!!

Also we have two other FFs you guys can check out, here are the links:

Our Undying Love (ArSh & RM)

The Mysterious Night |ArSh&RM|

Thank You for reading, and please comment/criticize!


Part 4, Page 20

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Trust me....i was NOT stalking...I just logged in..,..checked the thread..and BAM....there was an

KaSh_luv IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
LOL..Shilpa..she had to have a shower coz he touched her... n here i thought..kuch kuch hone wala ta...
Haww muskaan peekin at Rahul....
luved it...

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Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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loved this part..

sooo awsum.......

love RM n ArSH bickering sooo much..........

evil gals....loved this tag.......

thnx for the pm.......

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update
loved it
shilpa showered because armaan touched her
muskaan thought rahul was hot
love their bickering
shilpa serious at the end wonder what's going to happen
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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