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Enemies to Lovers-RM & ArSh| Pt15 Pg54 Apr11 LAST

sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys!!

Reema (x!reema!x) and I are here again with another new ff! Yes we have another one too, but we will be updating both parallelly!
Hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy writing it! :)

Enemies to Lovers


(click on the link to be taken to the page)

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sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
Part 1

"Shilpaaaaaaa!! Have you seen my new mini skirt??" Muskaan asks in an American accent barging into a neatly decorated room.


"Shilpaaaaa!!" shouts Muskaan again pushing her twin sister out of bed.


 "What the heck yaar? Let's me sleep!" Shilpa replies in the same accent, climbing back onto the comfort of her bed.


 "Uhh! Can't find anything in the house!" Muskaan says flinging open Shilpa's closet.


 "Don't you dareee touch that Muski!! You'll make my room look like the junkyard you live in" Shilpa shouts from under the blanket "And anyways .. I don't wear your silly miniskirts."


 "Ya ya I know you cover every inch of your body.. you know guys aren't gonna gobble you up if you show some skin" Muskaan says rolling her eyes.


"Done with your lecture? Now please get out of my room" Shilpa says throwing fluffy pink bunny slipper at Muskaan.


Jumping into his mustang, he turns on loud music "Armaan be careful, don't drive too fast" His mom yelled from inside.


 "Yes you mom byee" Armaan heads off to a club for a party.


 It was his last day with his friends in Chicago. He was moving to NYU's campus the next day to continue his studies.


 "Shilps am gonna be out for the night...if you want you can join me..." Muskaan said putting on her lipstick.


 "No thanks...I have to pack my stuff..." Shilpa said standing in front of her closet.


 "Sis, it's not like we're moving out of's just a matter of 2 hours'It's NYU after all" Muskaan said giving last touch to her makeup.


 "Whatever Muski..and you better not get drunk tonight" Shilpa said dumping her bag of shoes in the suitcase.


"Don't worry...I won't. Ok how do I look?" Muskaan asked placing one of her hand on her hip.


"Gorgeous sis" Shilpa goes and hugs her.


"Thank youu" Muskaan smiled.


 The night was crazy for Armaan. He did not get drunk but he had fun dancing off with the girls around.


Muskaan was going to get drunk but remembering Shilpa's words; she refused when her friends offered.


The next day was crazy. Moving in was the worst thing ever. Shilpa and Muskaan changed their dorm rooms setting for about 20 times.


On the other side Armaan was waiting for his 2 other roommates to come so they can fix their room.


"Hello" one of the guys came in while Armaan was taking out his clothes from the suitcase.


"Hey dude...Armaan here" Armaan said shaking his hand with his.


"Kabir" Kabir smiled.


"Do you know who Rahul Grewal is?" Armaan asked continuing his unpacking.


 "Yes I know him very well, he is my friend but we haven't met since about 2 years coz he is in India" Kabir said.


 "Oh great..." Armaan replied.


"I hope our third roommate never shows up" Shilpa sighed.


 "I hope so too man" Muskaan said "Oh I gotta go meet Kabir..let me text him" Muskaan said settling on her bed.


"You and your Kabir...anyways say hi to him from me" Shilpa said turning on the tv.


 "Rahullllll dude you are finally here" Kabir hugged Rahul as he walked in.


"Its been so long have you been?" Rahul asks as they walk into the room.


"Great yaar..." Kabir smiles "Oh this is Armaan...our roommate" Kabir introduces.


Walking out of the washroom after washing his face, Rahul sees Kabir heading out the door.


"Hey Rahul I'll catch up with your later!" Kabir says before rushing out.


 "So what are you majoring in?" Armaan asks putting his xbox on pause.


 "Liberal Arts" Rahul replies as he continues unpacking.


 "Oh at the Tisch School of Arts?"


 "Yup, same as Kabir. What about you?"


 "Dentistry!" Armaan says with a smile.


 "You wanna play by the way?"




"Oh man, don't tell me you are one of those studious type people who doesn't do anything other than study all day long??" Armaan asks sighing.


 "Haha no I'm not one of those type people.. but dude cut me some slack! I just got off an 18 hour flight from halfway across the world" Rahul says chuckling.


"Haha ya true that. But we will play another day for sure!" Armaan says resuming his game once again.


Walking into the restaurant hand in hand, Kabir and Muskaan take their seats.


 "Would you like anything to drink?" asks the waiter coming to their table.


"Uh ya.. I'd like a martini please" Muskaan says looking at the menu.


 "No she wouldn't!" Kabir says right away "You promised Muskaan.. remember?" Kabir asks giving her a meaningful look.


 "Uhh.. ya alright.. I'll take some water. No ice." Muskaan says smiling up at the waiter.


Muskaan and Kabir had met up over the summer at the camp NYU held for freshman Liberal Arts majors before the semester started and they just hit it off since then. (Rahul hadn't been able to come to this, since he couldn't get tickets in time.)


Calling it a night Shilpa turns off the tv and goes to bed.


 "Am done playing..I need some sleep" Armaan turns off the game and climb up on his bunk bed.


 "Goodnight Armaan" Rahul says shutting off the lights.


 They didn't wait for Kabir as it was already 11 and he wasn't back yet. And neither did Shilpa wait for Muskaan.


 The next morning, the Welcome Day was held in Student Union and all the students were recommended to attend the Welcome day.


"Muskiii wake up" Shilpa said throwing a pillow at her.


"I don't wanna go" Muskaan mumbled.


"Well you have no will have to come with me" Shilpa said brushing her hairs in front of the mirror.


 "Why are you taking so long in the bathroom Armaan?" Kabir asked sleepily.


"2 more mins" Armaan yelled.


 Kabir went to his bed till Armaan came out.


"Kabir get are not sleeping anymore" Rahul said taking away his blanket.


 "Then tell Armaan to get out" Kabir said covering his face with a pillow.


"Sorry I took too long" Armaan came out shirtless.


 "Kabirrr get into to the bathroom NOW" Rahul said pulling him out of his bed.


 As Shilpa and Muskaan were getting ready, they hear the door opening. They saw a girl walk in with bunch of things in her hands.


 "Must be our roommate" Muskaan whispers.


"Yeah" Shilpa says trying to see the face.


"Hey guys, sorry am late...couldn't make it yesterday" The girl said closing the door behind her.


Walking into the student union hurriedly, the guys headed closer to the stage so they could hear properly.


 "Muski come on! We're gonna be late because of you!!" Shilpa says dragging Muskaan out from in front of the mirror.


 "Sheeesh Shilps I need to look good yaar!" Muskaan says pulling out her small mirror from her purse.


 "Oye Madam you're not going to a fashion show ok?"


 "Uhh.. so? What's your point?" Muskaan says rolling her eyes.


 Their roommate Nisha had already hurried off to the Student Union after dumping her books on her bed.


"Dear Students, we would like to welcome you all to a new school year. We hope each and every one of you get something valuable out of this year." The Dean of NYU says tersely.


Catching the end of what he said Shilpa glares at Muskaan. Muskaan shoots her a don't start again look.


 "When are your classes today?" Kabir asks Armaan and Rahul.


 "I've got a class at eleven" Armaan says pulling out his schedule "Bio 1101" Armaan says rolling his eyes.


 "I think we have the same class Kabir" Rahul says comparing his own schedule to Kabir's.


"Haan and she have the same schedule" Kabir says dreamily.


 "She? Who is SHE?" Rahul asks.


 "Nothing let's go.." Kabir walks into his class's direction.


"See you later Armaan" Rahul said and followed Kabir.


 "Where is this building at man" Armaan asks himself looking around. He takes out the campus map and starts looking for his class.


"Rahul, Main abhi aaya tu class mein ja" Kabir leaves so find Muskaan.


 But Muskaan was already in class waiting for him. Rahul looks for a most of the class was full. He sees some empty seats in the back of the class and walks there.


"Oh excuse me, this seat is reserved" Muskaan said putting her bag on the seat that she saved for Kabir.


"My bad" Saying that Rahul sits on the seat behind her.


 Seeing a lady walk towards him with her hair tied up in a tight bun, and wearing a baggy full hand t-shirt and a pair of jeans, Armaan decides to ask her for the directions.


"Ma'am, where can I find this class?" Shilpa gives him a weird look while wondering why he called her ma'am but checks his schedule all the same.


 "Oh I'm headed there too" Shilpa says leading the way.


 Thinking she is his professor Armaan follows her to class silently.


Not finding Muskaan anywhere Kabir decides to head to class.


 Seeing Kabir entering Rahul waves to him, but he is shocked at Kabir smiles at him and goes and sits next to the girl he had spoken to before.


"I thought she was saving the seat" Rahul thought to himself, but he didn't get much time to dwell on the matter as the professor walked into class.


Seeing the lady he walked in with take a seat among the students Armaan is confused.


"Umm.. why are you sitting here?' Armaan asks scratching his head.


"What do you mean?" Shilpa asks raising her eyebrow at Armaan.


 "Silence!! Everyone take your seat" says the professor walking into class.


 Looking behind him, Armaan quickly takes a seat diagonal to Shilpa.


"Toh yeh professor nahi hai? But she looks like one with her hair tied up all tightly" Armaan thinks to himself.


"Kabir, you know her?" Rahul whispered pointing at Muskaan.


 "Ya, she is my girlfriend" Kabir grins.


 "Kabir the dude your talking to was trying to take ur seat" Muskaan said giving Rahul a dirty look.


"Mujhey koi shauk nahi hai tumhare paas beithne ka" Rahul glared at her.


 "Easy guys easy...let's go class is over...who's up for lunch?" Kabir asks packing his bag.


 "No Kabir, I have to wait for Shilpa outside her class" Muskaan says as they walk out.


 "Ok we all can wait...right Rahul?" Kabir asks.


"I don't mind" Rahul said following them.


 "I'm Armaan...and you are?" Armaan asks as they walk out of class together.


"Shilpa" She keeps walking not interested in talking at all.


"Why are you walking so fast?" Armaan asks.


"Shut up..will you?" Shilpa turns around facing him.


"Nah, I can't shut up.." Armaan grins.


"Ughhh then just go to hell" Shilpa continues walking.


 "Shilpaaaaaa" Muskaan calls her.


 "Hey sis" Shilpa walked towards her and Armaan followed seeing Kabir and Rahul there.


"I thought you guys had class in different building" Armaan said confusedly.


 "We came here to get her sister...Oh by the way this is Muskaan" Kabir introduces.


 "Hey" Armaan grinned.


"Hi" Muskaan replied rudely.


Rahul rolled his eyes thinking how rude this girl is.


"Let's go for lunch guys" Kabir said holding Muskaan's hand and walking ahead of them.


 "Hey Shilpa this is Rahul" Rahul said shaking her hand.


 "Shilpa, why is your sister so rude?" Armaan asks.


"She is not rude, people like you should be treated this way" Shilpa said getting tired of Armaan's questions.


"Hellooo what do you mean people like me? Girls fawn over me alright.. just cause you have some eyesight issues I can't help you." Armaan retorts, tired of Shilpa's constant snapping.


 "Rahul you coming along?" Kabir asks looking back.


 Seeing Muskaan looking disinterested at the mention of his name, Rahul decides he doesn't want to spend time with her either.


"No thanks. Why don't you go enjoy with your girlfriend!" Rahul says throwing Muskaan a 'don't think so much of yourself' look.


"I'm glad you declined the offer.. cause the lunch would have been a bore-fest if you came along!" Muskaan says before taking Kabir's hand and walking off.


 "Uh.. I'm sorry for her behavior" Shilpa says looking apologetically at Rahul.


 "Oye she was rude to me too!" Armaan says waving his hand in front of Shilpa's face.


"Ya but there is a difference. You deserved it." Shilpa says walking off without waiting for Armaan's reply.


 "Weird sisters eh?" Armaan says looking at Shilpa's retreating figure.


"Tell me about it" Rahul says rolling his eyes.


 "You wanna go get lunch with a normal person?" Armaan asks chuckling at Rahul.


 "Thank Goodness I found at least one normal person! I was beginning to wonder if I had joined a mental asylum instead of NYU for a second there" Rahul says, wiping his brow.


They all go for lunch in the same dining hall but they go separately.


Not finding seats empty on the one side of the dining hall, Rahul and Armaan heads of to the other side.


They only see one of the tables empty that too next to where Shilpa, Muskaan, and Kabir were sitting.


"Kya karein?" Armaan asks Rahul.


 "Dude they don't own this place...we can sit wherever we want...chalo" Rahul said and Armaan followed.


 "OMG koi aur seat nahi mili kya tum dono ko?" Muskaan says annoyingly.


 "Ji nahin, we will sit HERE don't OWN this place alright" Rahul was pissed off at her.


"How dare you talk to me like that?" Muskaan said getting up.


 "Rahul, relax need to waste time on this crazy people" Armaan said making him cool down.


"Who are you calling crazy haan?" Shilpa got up.


"YOU!! I called YOU crazy...go get your ears checked" Armaan said taking a quick sip of his soft drink.


 "SHUT UP ARMAAN!!" Shilpa yelled making everyone looking at her.


 "Shilpa, leave it..." Kabir said "Muskaan tum bhi baith jao" he tried calming down the sisters. Giving each other deadly looks they continue eating.


 Finishing her food quickly Shilpa took all her books and made her way out. "To the library already huh? Didn't expect anything different" Armaan shouted out.


"OMG I'm surprised people like you even know the word 'library' I thought it would be too uncool to even utter the word." Shilpa retorts stamping Armaan's foot before walking away.


Kabir looks from Muskaan to Rahul as Rahul continues talking to Lisa their classmate, Muskaan glares at him.


 "Let's go Kabir.. the air in this hall is too suffocating to breathe properly" Muskaan says getting up.


"Then I would suggest taking a shower everyday instead of drenching yourself in perfume!" Rahul says looking up at her.


 Before Muskaan charges at Rahul, ready to murder him with her bare hands Kabir pulls her out of the cafeteria.


"Muskaan.. he's my friend yaar!" Kabir says making Muskaan stand straight against a wall.


"Toh?? Mera dost toh nahi hai na" Muskaan says rolling her eyes.


Seeing Kabir's grim expression, Muskaan smiles sweetly "Okay Okay I will not do anything to him." Getting the evil glint back in her eyes she continues "But if he dares comments on me again, I can't give you any guarantees!"


 "Haan okay okay, let's go to our next class" Kabir says putting his arm around Muskaan's shoulder.


"Oh shit.." Armaan stops in his tracks thinking about his Bio project.


 "Kya hua?" Rahul asks.


"Arey yaar I'll have to go to the library to get some books for my project" Armaan said.


 "So? jaa na" Rahul said.


 "But woh wahan hai of the evil sisters" Armaan replies and continues walking.


"Oh...good luck with that..I have a class...I HOPE it's not with the other evil sister" Rahul sighed.


 "Good luck to you too bro" Armaan said patting his back and they went in the opposite direction.


Part 2, Page 9

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sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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PM List

PM List of all our FFs

Radhika Shah
sacred shrine

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reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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I LOVE the wars between them!! ROFL

Are they gonna fight in the lib or class? Hmmmm ApproveWink

Omg I love this FF too!! ROFL

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anum ghouri Groupbie
anum ghouri
anum ghouri

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the 1st part was awsum...hope to get more soon :)

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dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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heyy guyzz 
loved it 
so awesome 
amazing bic kering btwn them 
loved it 
cont soon 
n thx for pm 

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update
loved it
loved the bickering between all of them
evil sisters
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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loved their bickering session...hahaha.....awesome......gr8 cont...

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