Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Saturday's episode of Geet with Eva - 25th Dec 10

evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Hello friends… 


I was going to put this thread yesterday..  But well Christmas and guests and cooking kept me busy until late and did not have enough energy to pen down my take on Saturday… So here I am on Sunday afternoon…


A heavy snow blizzard is swiping North Eastern part of the US…. Outside my house snow is falling with gusty winds and it is next to impossible to even step outside in below zero degree weather… Well I thought to spend my time in warm and cozy world of Maaneet and pen down my thoughts for Saturday's episode…  Smart move hmmmm..  ha ha ha…


Here I go with the details…  Hope you will like it..


Geet is on the hospital bed in the sonography room.  Their hands entwined on her stomach and their eyes glued on the monitor where they were watching delicately rocking baby with each heartbeat in Geet's womb.. The wonderment and awe in their eyes and expressions…  Maan was looking at it intently his eyes filling with tears at the miracle of life taking shape in front of his eyes..  Geet's gaze shifts to his face and she sees the reflection of same love for the baby she felt… Geet's heart totally melts to see the love and awe for the baby in Maan's eyes and on his face and she felt it in his touch where Maan's hands were holding her and her heart completely overwhelms..  She could not resist but fulfill his joy the same way she felt looking at the baby.  She looks at their hands on her stomach and slowly shifts the position of their hands… she takes Maan's hand and lays flat on her belly… the feel of her warm body under his palm brings back Maan from the wonderful trance and he shifts his gaze from the monitor to his hand flat on her stomach..  He feels even more exhilarated…  He shifts his tearstained eyes to Geet's face and sees them swimming with tears… Keeping his hand pressing on her belly she looks in his eyes and says softly.. Thank you for bringing me to the hospital…  Maan still has that soft smile on his face and he just looks at her with those swimming tears in his eyes.. Geet adds looking at the monitor and giving me so much happiness..  In her soft voice she adds..  You know when you were bringing me to the hospital I was getting irritated and I was laughing at you but now I realize the incredible happiness I got here..  She shifts her gaze to the monitor and sees the image of her baby gently rocking with each breathe ....  she tells him.. the happiness I got here to see our baby for the first time and most importantly the love I saw in your eyes for the baby….  Maan keeps on looking at her … He is still so awestruck with the miracle happening in front of his eyes..  His gaze lifts to the monitor and once again the tears stars swimming in his eyes…  Before the tear rolls from his eye Geet catches them with her finger tips and wipes if form his cheek.. Maan looks at her hand on his face and still keeping his left hand on her belly he lifts his right hand and holds her palm in his hand and softly keeps his lips on the back of her hand kissing them tenderly…  Geet's eyes were flooded with fresh tears with this tender touch… they both hold each other's hands firmly..  Maan looks at the happiness in Geet's eyes and tells her tenderly… Geet, today I feel like the whole world belongs to me.  Then they look at the monitor together… Maan adds saying I feel like all the happiness is mine..  Then he tenderly and delicately caresses Geet's hair and keeps his hand on Geet's neck saying Geet I am the most luckiest person in the world and all these happiness in my life is just because of you…  Geet is so touched by his tender touch and soft declaration that she lifts her left hand and stokes his right cheek cupping it lightly... and adds softly that looking at that happiness in your eyes my happiness has doubled…  she says tearfully… I got so much joy in this moment that my heart is just overwhelmed and I just cannot contain it in my heart…  She brings her hand to hold his on her belly… She adds with little smile wish I could punch this happiness and store in the file…  Maan simply looks at her tearfully elated face without a word..  Geet continues tearfully saying softly…. How could you be so wonderful?..  How could a person be so great… She tearfully looks at the monitor and then lifts her eyes to look in to his eyes… saying in spite of knowing everything about my past you made my future in such a way that I did not even feel the impact of my sad past..  Maan keeps on looking at her face with tears trickling down her face and says softly holding her hands more tightly don't say that Geet and make our love insignificant…  In reality actually I am thankful to you and to my good fortune that you came in my life.. saying he pulls their entwined hands little bit closer to himself..  He adds before meeting you I was doubter..  But today I feel like believing in God and asking him for you… and feel like asking him for this happiness not for this time but for the my whole life time..  That I may get your support and companionship for life long…  Maan adds..  May each breath be formed… coming half from you and half from me…  for years.. for century… and thus our combine breathing can go on for ever and ever….  He keeps looking at her love filled glazed eyes and starts saying softly..  Geet.. I..  Geet's heart as if stops beating and she looks intently at Maan's face anticipating the three famous words finally from his lips..  but oh the interruption came from the intruding nurse… saying Mr. Khurana..  Maan and Geet comes out their private Maaneet world and Maan gets up to look at the nurse… She says I am sorry for the interruption but I have few patients waiting outside….  Geet also gets up and Maan helps her climbing down holding her hand…   Geet slides her feet in her shoes..  looking at Maan saying you were saying something..  Maan looks innocently at her saying no Geet I told you everything I wanted to tell you… Geet says no you were saying something before the nurse came and you could not finish your sentence..  Maan says me??  No I told you what ever I wanted to say…. Now let's go I will drop you at home…  Geet says no I do not want to go home I will come to office with you… Maan tries to argue but Geet just holds his hand and leads him outside the room…


Office of Khurana's construction…


Romeo is walking with files but his gaze is on girls and he bumps in to Pandeji….  Romeo says Pandeji please be careful..  Pandeji says I am but you need to be more…. Romeo walks away from him murmuring…  Adi is asking Pinky about the appointment regarding the draftsman.. Pinky says yes I did..  Suddenly Manish comes running and bumps in to Adi..  Adi waves him off and gets really irritated…  Manish says I have a friend call maddy he makes beautiful sketches…  Adi shouts him saying we need the draftsman and not the sketchers…  Manish makes face… Adi tells pinky to call the draftsman for the interview and walks off saying disgusting at Manish's techniques..  Manish almost runs after him…

Once again Romeo is walking toward central area… and sees Tasha walking… and bumps in to Pandeji who once again drops the files from his hands and tells Romeo to stop looking at girls..  Romeo walk away on running feet..

Geet walks in calling Adi sir, Pinkly, Romeo…  All gathered around her… Geeta says I feel like having a party….  All gets happy but the sour face Tasha says but what is the occasion??  Geet was about to answer… but Romeo signals her saying I will say something…. He was standing behind Tasha and tells softly in her ears that because you are looking smashing…..  All smirks at them…  Geet says oh because I feel like celebrating…  (wow geet… U are the boss would be wife who can come against you!!!  Good going….)  Geet's one of the best friend Adi sir helps Geet as usual saying ok if you need an occasion to celebrate then how about that today is Christmas… Geet says fantastic… As Maansir has gone to some meeting so before he comes let's start preparation for celebration…  Adi says enthusiastically c'mon friends let's begin… All starts decorating central area with Christmas ornaments and after that Geet gives Christmas caps to all …  One by one all get their Santa cap and wearing it they all come in real festive mode and starts enjoying it…  After a while..  Adi walks in and ask all to get back to work as Maan sir would be arriving shortly and would ask for the files at least for Today's project….  So let's get going…  Pandeji says… yea that is right..  Romeo says what is this Adi sir first you put us all in party mood and now you want us to work???  Tasha says exactly…  Romeo feels happy that Tasha at least agreed with him..  He looks up and says thank you Santa… All laugh at that and walk away to their respective desks…  But Geet stands there and looks at the wall clock and waits in the reception area for her Maan to come back..  Her eyes on the entrance then she walks little bit away from central area and waits for Maan standing behind the pillar..

Maan walks in and stops at the entrance and looks around… Softly Geet walks behind him and taps on his shoulder..  Maan turns and looks at Geet… He smiles… Geet asks softly how did you like my surprise?  Maan says very much but what is the occasion?  Geet says… because today is Christmas and My Santa gave me an incredibly beautiful Gift so I thought at least I should say thank you to him..  Maan steadily looks at Geet and smiles and says Santa really loved your thank you..  Geet shyly acknowledges his praise with the node of her head.  She says now do you believe that I can also give you a surprise.   Maan looks at her happy face and gives her the highest compliments… saying Geet I never doubted that… in fact I know that whatever I could do.. you would do be able to do much better then me..  Maan then says… but one thing… are you flying in 7th heaven listening to this praises…  Geet softly says my happiness will be completed when I will get my 2nd gift from Santa… Maan says 2nd Gift???  Geet says shyly yes.. you were about to say something to me in the hospital…  Maan says..  hmmm hospital?  and turning sideways he says no Geet.. I said whatever I needed to say…  Geet says no…  remember when we were talking and you were saying something and the nurse came to interrupt us.. and you could not finish your sentence..   Maan says what are you saying Geet I do not remember anything…  Geet holds his hand and says stop making excuses.. Otherwise, I will be upset with you…  saying she turns side ways with a pout and folds her hands across her stomach..   Maan looks at her and says oh are you threatening me?  Geet says we will talk about that later first finish you sentence…

Maan keeps on his charade asking what sentence Geet..  I already said what I wanted to say…. Slowly the office workers creep one by one in the reception area and stands near the reception desk and see that Maan and Geet are standing looking at each other under the mistletoe…  Romeo says hey Pinky look Maansir and Geet both are standing under the mistletoe…  Suddenly Maan feels their presence… and looks at them…  Manish says you know guys… who stands under the mistletoe has to kiss each other… Maan listens to that and looks at Geet saying Geet you did not give me my wish but Santa indeed listened to me..  Maan says naughtily, you know,  I am going to get my Christmas Gift anyway… Let's do one thing you give me my Christmas gift and I will give you yours…  Geet was totally dumbfounded with the way Maan turned the table on her….  She walks near to all and says guys what are you doing here let's get back to work… Saying she leads everyone inside and Maan looks at her departing back with smile…


Maan is working at his desk and Geet walks in with a covered plat.. She was about to walk it but goes back near the door and clears her throat….  Maan looks up and sees her…  She says may I come in Mr.  Khurana??   Maan says oh! you are already in.. so please come in and have a sit…  Geet says Oh! I was getting bit bored so thought I will come and sit with you… and also I was bit hungry so I thought I will bring little snack for us..  she says with a little attitude….. you know in pregnancy one should eat at time…. And pulling the chair near him she sits and says if you want you can share a bite with me..  It is cheese sandwich and I have heard it is very tasty…  Maan says.. hmmmm Cheese sandwich…  my favorite…  He looks at Geet and says Geet what do you think don't I understand what you are trying to do…  Geet says me?? What am I doing?   Maan says my copy…  If you want to do something do something new…. What is this?  a party on a Christmas day and now you brought this sandwich… He then twist his lips saying hmmm did not like it too much… If you want to do something…  Do something new… Geet gets really irritated… she bangs her fist on the table and says with a pout if you look around with your big eyes then you will be able to see it is something new indeed… saying she unwraps the plate of sandwich and folds her hands with an attitude…  Maan looks at the plate and sees sandwich with the words ILU smily and Geet…  He says Geet the presentation of the sandwich is really great so at least I should taste it saying he picks up the piece of a sandwich and completely wiping the words ILU and takes a bite of the sandwich…  Geet looks at that and is totally baffled at that…  She looks at Maah who was enjoying his sandwich..  He turns to her and offers her a bite saying Geet take a bite…  Irritated Geet gets up and was about to go… then she turns to look at Maan and sees few crumbs on his face and bends a little to wipe that off but Maan keeps on leaning back on his chair and going backward and then when she was about to wipe,  he quickly gets up and starlets Geet… Standing he keeps on eating his sandwich…  Geet looks at his face and lifts her hand to wipe the crumbs from his face…  She slowly wipes his face..  Maan looks at that…  Geet still had her palm on his face and Maan as if realize that he did not offer her the sandwich… he offers her the sandwich but Geet who was expecting a different reaction did not understand his play and gets upset and with pouting face walks away from him…  Maan keeps looking at her with a smile on his face…  Hmmm that tells me that he is going to do something nice and unique so that his Geet will have all the desire of her life in a special way….


Geet is in her office getting madder and madder by the second..  She is walking around in her office and says OMG….  How much labor he wants me do  just to hear those three words…  He was dying to hear those words from me… and now as I have already told him those words , he is showing his attitude to say those three words to me…  My heart also yearns to hear those words… but no, showing the attitude is his old habit… and he is acting like he does not understand what I am asking as if he is a little kid… She has that determine look on her face and says now enough is enough..  she talks to herself saying Geet this is enough..  He can show all this drama to someone else but not in front of me..  She folds her arms across her chest and says with confident Mr. MSK my name is Geet and I will force you to say those three words..  Then the bubble of her confident comes down and she says but Geet how will you force him to say these words..  She starts walking around and says babaji give me some idea and starts walking around irritably and then gets tired of her agitated state and says… oh just let me sit first and think..  saying she sits on the chair and starts thinking..


At the Khurana mansion… Arjun pulls out the cassette from the recorder and says ok here are all the interviews..  Then he hands the recorder and cassette in Annie's hand and walks away from her..  Annie sees that and calls him Arjun?   He turns to look at her questioningly..  She says my own brother is getting married and you did not even record my interview… Arjun says oh I am sorry and walking toward her he takes the recorder and cassette from her hand and says I am sorry there were so many to take and I totally forgot about yours..  He inserts the cassette in the recorder and focusing it on her face and looks at the screen..  Annie slides her hair in front of her face asking him if her hair is ok… Arjun says yea..  She gets annoyed and slides her hair off her face…  She then looks around saying is the light ok..  Arjun says yea everything is perfect now can we proceed with the interview…. You need to hurry up as the camera is rolling and I need to go back to office and complete few errands…  Annie squints her eyes and looks at his nonchalant face.. and walks toward Arjun heatedly and says you had so much objection in the hair display of that stupid Tasha… and you have no objection on my disarrayed hair nor fade lights nor anything???  Angrily she walks near Arjun and lifts her hand as if to strike him saying I do not want to even talk to this kind of people… but before her hand strikes him he catches it in the midair and holds it firmly…  She looks at him heatedly and squirms so that he will let go her hand but he holds it firmly…..  Annie was looking at him angrily but Arjun has tiny smile on his face he says softly looking in to her eyes… your beautiful face does not need any light… as light itself is jealous of you..  Annie stops struggling and keeps looking at Arjun as if mesmerized…  Arjun adds poetically… and when those locks of hair fall on your face they salute your beauty…  He adds and if once someone sees you like that,  he would be totally crazy about you…  Annie keeps looking at him and Arjun keeps smiling at her bewildered expression exactly knowing that his words affected her deeply…


Annie is walking behind the pillars and sees Arjun working with his team… Annie stops and looks at him… He feels her presence and looks up..  but then averts his eyes and tells his team that all the work should be done per this blue print….   She walks near them..  Arjun was telling his team that all the material..  but Annie walks and says have you done all the preparation?  Arjun lift his gaze to look at her but then looks at his team and says this is enough for today but remember to start working at 8.00 am tomorrow morning but you can leave fir now… His team picks up the material from the table and leaves… Arjun gets up to go too but Annie come in front of him and stands looking at him..  Arjun sees that and stops… He eyes her keenly..  Annie says why did you let your staff go this early..  Arjun tells her why do you interfere in this small details..  Today is Christmas go do something special and enjoy the evening…   Annie says what do you mean by special…  do you mean to say that you want to spend your evening with me…   (Annie u r playing with fire girl..)  Arjun says with a little smile well I have not thought in that respect but spending the time with me makes your evening special then well I really do not mind that…  That makes Annie smile a little… Arjun comes to the point right away saying so now tell me where do you want to go with me??  They keep looking at each other…


In precap… they show Geet invites Annie to come to the office as they are celebrating Christmas in the office but looking at Arjun Annie tells her that she has made a plan with a friend…




The part with Maaneet in the sonography room was just beautiful..  Gurmeet and Drashti did wonders with their performance and dialogue delivery…  Incredible scenes..


After that beautiful scene and the funny scenes with Maan playing with Geet's and making her agitated with his constant attitude of not understanding Geet's desire to hear those three words…

Yes his smiles tells me that he is going to say those three words in really special way to Geet that Geet would feel that she is the most luckiest person in this world to get that beautiful Christmas Gift..


Arjun and Annie….  Seems like love is in the air too…. Arjun is as much attracted to Annie as she is with him   But where as Annie is nave and hot headed..  Arjun is too calm and understands everything too deeply…   I like the way Arjun deals with Annie's tantrum… He exactly knows what Annie is feeling but I do hope for the sake of Annie that he feels the same and he will return Annie's feeling for genuinely..  Though I feel like Arjun is sincere..  but still I want to be cautious around him as we know his preplans about the Khurana's..  but I feel also that basically he is an honest person and he had preplans for Khurana's only because his sister gave him the wrong information and manipulated his protective instinct toward his sister..  But I think once he knows the full truth I think He will support the truth..  As Dadima and Geet both feels he is decent and honest person…  And their instinct always have been right…


Well Monday might bring more of Maan and Geet and also Arjun and Annie…  At least I never liked to see NT's crooked smile and hear her crooked plots…  but at least Arjun has an nice smile and he seems to falling for Annie..  So at least this two parallel track is interesting…


Have a wonderful Sunday evening..  love you all and c u on Monday…  eva


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VasusenaRadheya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
Lovely update Eva. Maan was so good .Gurumeet Rocks.

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Ms-Min-Ho Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
no words very well

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suprise007 Senior Member

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wow thank u sooooo much

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 7:36pm | IP Logged
Eva lovely romantic scene and aptly described by u and liked ur take.thanks

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naseebraman Goldie

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i really loved your  update Eva didi....
Thank you so much for wonderful update...Hug

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Adyi Newbie

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Awesm update .. Keep posting
waitng 4 monday's update....

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved it

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