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sudhirm_2007 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 April 2007
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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Watch Angad Kripa Holi scene
Just see how beautiful couple they are.....aise aise lakhon log nehi fidaa hue...Big smile

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sudhirm_2007 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 April 2007
Posts: 5860

Posted: 11 March 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
England ko aab bahut jald desh lautne ki Time aagaye....

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-MOTHER- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2008
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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Holi scene was heart wrenching.Angad was in a dillema.

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Siddu246 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 December 2007
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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by annu127

Originally posted by Siddu246

Oh Girl its already been Brought....LOLLOL.....Okay so which one is Ayesha...I am sure I will get along with her as I have with you..Wink...Which type of Iqbal fan is she..??.Is she a ME or a YOU....LOLLOL...or in-between.Big smile.???

Ayesha boley toh Jonaki!  Well, the other day she said Iqbal Khan is her first and last crush..  toh tum usey apne jaisa hi samajh lo..Embarrassed

My caste..Uhhh.Ermm.I actually had to ask Ammi and Abbu this...LOL...and they didn't know eitherROFL....Actually we are very mixed so its always hard to determine..But mainly my moms side is from Kashmir and my dads side from the UP side...So half/halfConfusedErmm

Ok, got it.. matlab u are UP waley..

LOL@those Iqbal Fans..LOLLOL....well at first no one would hardly say anything negative about the show but as it progressed believe me there were/are tons of us totally hating the show..So you should come back now...It would be fun with you there..EmbarrassedBig smile....And I have read some of Laila's posts..I actually really hated on them becasue she was attacking my Iqbal and his show...LOL....but she was always right in a way..OuchSmile....but you know my pyar got in the way of my thinking...HeartLOL

Truth always hurts dear.. that's the biggest prob.. obsessed fans cant take criticism against their fav in the right sprit.. I remember when the show was hardly 2 month old.. iqbal's interview was posted on forum where he said.. Sangini has a brilliant script..  i quoted that comment and said, Iqbal u need a reality check..Wink  then suddenly couple of obsessed fans jumped on me and said, if u don't like it, then don't watch it! Ouch  although I didn't say that I didn't like sangini but still those junooni fans..D'oh    and me and discuss Sangini..No Way! Thumbs Down  ye meri shaan ke khilaaf hai..LOL    I go over there just to see how much "monaghosh" spammed today..Angry
Yea he really did waste those two very important years of career..So many new and fresh faces took over. I understand he needed a break but 2 years is looonnnngggg time especially for a telly actor. Its not just about money but also about popularity. Now people on IF are a minority. We might come here and still talk about him but the majority of girls living in india/pak etc move on and find new younger fresh faces to drool over. Fortunately for Iqbal he still has a fan following even though it has quite dwindled. But he still has one.  And he has always said he wanted to stay away from the saas-bahu type dramas but he is doing like the most typical saas/bahu dramas ever....UFFFF.....AngryLOLLOL

Sorry, he didn't waste his 2 yrs.. his 2 yrs got wasted in waiting.. that's a big difference dear!  iqbal needed a 2 months break when he had left Balaji.. but after Waaris, he kept waiting for a good role and it took almost 2 yrs to play Rudr.. but having said that he is lucky enough to get lead roles.. this is his fifth serial in 6 yrs of career.. Good going! Clap  but will he get another lead role, that's a big Q.. this topic made by Ayesha, has been discussed in Sangini forum a month back.. quite worth reading..Thumbs Up  yeah agree, log hamesha chadhte suraj ke pujaari hote hein.. nobody is here forever.. usually all telly actors have a short career so whatever role is offered to u, u should grab it..  but iqbal made a blunder, at his peak.. instead of working hard, he preferred to sit at home and to enjoy life..  well wait n watch.. this same iqbal khan will be seen in badey bhayya's role in some typical saas-bahu saga in 2-3 yrs time..

Abe yaar of course I knew Sneha then...who didn't..??Broken HeartLOL...lekin us waqt sab kuch illegal tha unke beech toh maine socha kyon na mein try marloon...end mein toh mere saath hi unki baat banti..na..??? aur meri setting hone mein bohat time hai meri jaan...mein itni jaldi apne Iqbal ko nahi chorne ne wali....Day DreamingBig smile

Whattt.. sab kuch illegal tha unke beech.. Confused hmmm, can u throw some light on this?   

Yes I have noticed that I seem to be the only Obsessed or shall I say at least a Huge fan here...LOL..Everyone here seems very ummm..well...You know...ahem ahem for Iqbal...LOLLOL..I have also noticed everyone hates Sneha here..LOLLOL...I actually had No idea about either until I came here..Shocked....Its like a whole new world out here..LOLLOL....I like it in a way..Cool..But I dont do dares...so you can keep that one for yourself or one of your fellow "iqbal fans"..LOL..woh sab pagal twitter fans mere upper char jayen ge ke maine Iqbal ko aisa kyon keh diya....LOL...Yaad hai jab kissi ne iqbal se pooch tha ke you shouldn't be working in this industry its against your religion or something like that...yaad hai..?? Woh sab pagal us beechare pe attack kardiya tha uske twitter account pe..Silly.Rehne de meri behn...Meri izzat mujhe pyari hai...LOLLOL...

U know here Sudhirm(sudhirm_2007) is a huge crazy Neha Bamb fan.. so it will be a gr8 fun for rest of us watching U(obsessed iqbal fan) and him(crazy NB fan) having some debate/discussion..Embarrassed 

everyone hates Sneha here.. hmm may be, bhai ab jasie kartoot unke honge toh NB fans toh nafrat hi karenge naa..Ermm all I know abt her is that woman has been banned on IF thrice so far.. so imagine what kind of a poster she was..Wink

areyy, I didn't know abt that tweet.. so what was his reply then??? or did he ignore that tweet or it was deleted??   aur haan kisi celeb ko constructively criticize karne ka hargiz ye matlab nahin hota ke hamari izzat daav pe lag rahi hai..  bas dheet ban ke palatt ke jawaab dena aana chahiye..LOLLOLWink
Man you really should have been a lawyer instead of going into science. LOLLOL....I can't really argue on this one becasue well your right...LOL...Ummm I guess he just didn't know any better and I guess he just thought he has gained the popularity..gained the respect..gained the fans...gained the awards...so he can do whatever he wants. He just didn't think. It happens..LOL!!! And I dont think he had a problem with Ekta..he had a problem with her production people...which basically means you have a problem with Ekta...LOLLOL..But I dont think he learned any hard lessons except that these are the type of roles I am going to get so I better take the one with the most money...LOL..and that's exactly what he did...Geek

Me and lawyer..LOL U know u reminded me of Bheegi ( a very popular fanfic writer on IF).. she used to say, Annu each time I encounter ur arguments.. I feel like u are a lawyer and Im standing in court defending myself..LOLLOL    iqbal signed his contract with Zee or DJ creatives in June last yr I guess.. so Im waiting to see his next move..  will he leave Sangini  or will he stick to it?Embarrassed

Yaar the ghisey pittey dialogues are the best....Woh toh dil ko chu ja te hain..Heart..Aur Sangini team doesn't need my help they do so well already...Come on woh dialogue yaad hai.."At least brush toh kar keh aati"....ROFLROFLROFL.....Sangini team is just fine...Just fine....Big smileThumbs Up

that dialogue was not ghisa pitta.. it was mean actually.. but gauri should have given tit for tat.. that time rudr was showing faaltu ki hero giri..  Gauri aik kheinch ke jhaanpad raseed karti toh mazaa aata..  LOL
Oye aap toh mujhe unki doosri begum banne mein attak ki wi hain....LOLLOL Yaar aap zaroor istaskhaara khulwan lekin is se pehle us pehli wali ka kuch karin....Mere Ammi Abbu ne mujhe Share karwane seekaya nahi hai...Sorry..Wink..Woh ja gi toh phir mein aayongi....Mujhe apna poora haq chaaye...!!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile

Im having a laugh now but still I'll reply u..LOLLOL  ok, don't pay any attention to Ayesha's bigamy comment..Wink u know Im ur biggest well wisher in this maamla..LOL dekho, poora haq ab sirf duaaon aur naik tamannaaon se nahin milne waala.. u will have to think something drastic now..Approve kuch aisa jis se "mehboob tumhare qadmo mein"..  got it???LOLLOL

Baap re...Jab aap ka pissed off mood hua kare toh please aapko humein reply karne ki koi zaroot nahi hai...aap ne toh humein daara diya...ShockedLOL...And I meant by that you have made me into Iqbal criticizer..I meant that you finally got it out of me...Hamesha mera ander tha lekin kissi ne kabhi nahi nikala..becasue I always encountered fans like me so was never able to state my opinions about him...Smile

Ayesha...Yes Muslims do have caste system also....I did not know about this until phone calls from "rishtey wale" started coming for my sister. It was like in their top 5 questions to ask..ConfusedHonestly I really dont care about the caste system and dont know much about it But it seems to be an important factor in our culture/community. Thumbs Down And I am a traditionalist and do believe that the fathers home is your own home but I understand what you are saying. It is unfair to only consider a fathers home and not your mothers. Honestly whenever people ask me I always do include both my mothers and fathers side. I am both. Smile

LOLLOLLOL...Yea dont mess with those junooni fans even I dont..With me even being one...There has been times I have wanted or have said something....Pata nahi kahan kahan se baat ko lekar chale jate hain..UFFF..Its like I only said a simple statement and they take it to a whole new meaning..Double UFFF....LOLLOLLOL...Okay Honestly I am sure when Iqbal got the script for Sangini it was not what they portrayed on screen..Sometimes whats on paper usually comes off different on screen and that's exactly what happened here..becasue I remember watching the beginning promos for this show and it looked really interesting and different. But of course we got thisThumbs DownThumbs Down...And I think he saw that the male lead actually is not the typical "hero"...Which I think is the main reason he took this role. It did have a saas bahu type flavor to it but it gave his character scope and something to do. You know..??
 And oh my god....LMAO@ "monaghosh"....ROFLROFLROFL.....Haayee Allah seriously dont even get me started on her..We actually did A LOT of complaining towards her for a long time and finally some action was taken...She did calm down for a bit but she started again...ConfusedAngryLOL

Haayee Allah Iqbal aur woh bhi kissi ke badey bhayya...Yeh mujhe bilkul digest nahi hora hai...BILKUL NAHI..Ahhhhhhhh..LOL.......Acha I didn't read that post by Ayesha..aur ab to milega bhi nahi with all of the spamming...But haan yaar he made such big blunder of not working...It really took him out of the top spot...kash mein us waqt unke paas hoti aur unko samjati ke aisa mat karo waisa karo...You know become his agent or something...LOLLOLLOL...He needs one badly!!!! And Sneha doesn't count..LOLLOLLOL

Illegal matlab they were just dating.LOLLOL..baas boyfriend girlfriend te so I could have easily gotten rid of her aur apni setting karle ti unke saath...Phir mera Nikkah unke saath..HaaayyeeeDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Kabul hai..Kabul Hai...Kabul Hai....LOLLOLLOL

Sudhirm(sudhirm_2007)....Bring it on dude..LOL....Never crossed a crazy Neha fan before...It would be interesting...I guess someone just needs to raise a topic now...Big smile
Okay yea this Sneha topic I heard is off limits here...LOLLOL...So no comment from my side..I just have to say though nor can I defend MIK nor can I go against him since I personally never interacted with this so called "Sneha"....So I guess its best to leave it.....the only part that does suck though is that Iqbal lost many fans due this matter and well that pretty much sucks..Thumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs Down
Oh you didn't see that tweet..I was very surprised he replied to it otherwise his followers dont know what has been said to him...Okay well his reply back was.."What's wrong in this industry?One can change the world with this industry! I earn halaal and do gud things with my money,Alhumdulila"...Thats what he wrote back...I can't believe I found it...LOL...But I wanted to know what your opinion would be on it..???Ermm

Your friend Bheegi is completely right..and Now even Ayesha is agreeing..LOL..I am telling you...You should have been lawyer...I always think you will agree with me somehow on something but aap toh poori baat palat deh ti ho...Aur phir mein khud apni baat ko doubt karti hoon....LOLLOLLOL
Wait do you really think he will leave Sangini...I dont think he will be able to find anything better and that to with so much pay at his popularity or demand now a days...Hmmmm I dont know...???ConfusedErmm

You know that was the most interesting phase of Sangini..When Rudra and Gauri hated each other..It was so good..I really was looking forward to more of it before they completely ruined it. Angry I really wish it lasted longer...It really changed the story around for the better...They could have taken it to all sorts of directions...Geek

LOLLOLLOL..Since aap hi meri well wisher hain  aur keh rahi hain ke mein kuch drastic karoon toh meri pyaari si well wisher ab aap hi bhoolen keh mein kya kar sakti hoon jisme Iqbal meri qadmo mein aur ungliyon mein lipta wa hua milega...???LOL

LOL.LOLLOL...Ayesha..Who is saying I am going to live with a Saut...She will be out even before you can say Saut...LOLLOLLOL....But yes it is tough being a celebrities wife..Gosh just look at what Debina is going through...Poor her!!! ShockedOuch....But You dont worry I will be able to handle it..As long as my well wisher, Anila guides me..I'll be fine....Big smileBig smileBig smileLOL

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Siddu246 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 December 2007
Posts: 2845

Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Can anyone tell me how long did it take for Kripa to show a baby bump.. Like that whole phase of the show..Any one remember when and how long it took her to show some sort of a baby bump..?? Thanks..!!!Smile
koolchick IF-Rockerz

Requested Self ban
Joined: 20 December 2005
Posts: 9213

Posted: 11 March 2011 at 10:04pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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-MOTHER- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2008
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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 2:31am | IP Logged
She suddenly developed a baby bump just like other Balaji heroines.It didn't last long.She gave birth on her Godbharai.

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ruky786 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2006
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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolchick

Originally posted by ruky786

Can I join? I love Angad and Kripa and I have read quite a few FF about them and Iqbal and Neha have such hot chemistryDay Dreaming I have tried to watch Sangini but dunno why the actress lacks the oopmh that Neha had with Iqbal. Huh....wish they did a KYPH 2 Broken Heart

RUKY!!!!!!!! I didn't know you were a kyph fanTongueHugHug

Nadia: I think at first Kripa did not think of marriage to Angad because they were just learning to be in love with each other after not getting along for months. Then you have to take into account that Kripa was Angad's first mature relationship, so marriage definitely wasn't on the cards then. I think by the time the two of them were fully comfortable with each other (after their first reconciliation after her miscarriage) the story changed drastically..........and we all know how they got marriedLOL

LOLI kept it on the low so nice to see you tooHug

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