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Saavan ff: Continue the story (Page 3)

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Shravan: Mandira,'s not..
Saachi: Shravan-ji, tell her the truth. Just look at her! (Saachi walks to Mandira).
Mandira: He doesn't have to tell me anything. You guys are married?
Shravan: Yes. Saachi is my wife. I love her with all my heart. You were not to find out like this..
Mandira: No, it's okay, i'll manage. (Mandira begins to cry).
Saachi: Come dear, don't cry! He didn't mean to hurt your feelings. (Saachi consoles Mandira).
Shravan: I promise you Mandira, I didn't want to hurt you. It's just that, you misunderstood my intentions and with the gun your brother was pointing at me..
Mandira (begins to laugh): Yes, his gun is quite convincing, right? But this time, reality wins over convincing, when the reality're married. Just tell me the truth with you guys, maybe I can help out. Maybe something good can come out of this mess?
Shravan: You would do that?
Mandira: Anything to make up for my foolishness, to believe a good guy like you is still available. (Looks to Saachi). Saachi, you're a lucky woman. Stay that way.
Saachi: I know...(looks fondly at Shravan).
Mandira: Now, tell me everything!

Saachi and Shravan tell Mandira everything, including contract, Pratap gone mad, and of course Ranbir.

This Ranbir guy, is he the same I saw the other day?
Shravan: The very same! He's just outside. Why?
Mandira: Maybe I can charm him....lure him away from you guys so he will leave you alone?
Shravan: Your brother would kill me!
Mandira:  He'll never find out!
Saachi: Mandira, please be careful, we don't want you to get hurt.
Mandira: Don't worry, I know exactly how to handle this. You guys go, I'll manage Ranbir from now. All you have to do is handle your father, that Pratap....

Mandira goes off to see Ranbir, leaving Saachi and Shravan, who are thinking how on earth they'll manage Pratap...

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maris08 IF-Rockerz

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heres the next  inst'mnt

Mandhira doe eyed wearing bright salwar and coolers to hide her teary eyesCry  goes back to the cafe.. she sees Ranbeer  waiting impatiently for Saachi....

He thinks;... this time Saachi u cant escape me.. you wld now have realised what sort of a guy Shravan is...heeh heehEvil Smile. his father and even GOD is by my side.. nothing can stop me from marrying Saachi now.... so thinking he dreams...Day Dreaming
Mandhira goes near him; then she practically raises her voice  and says.....
 Ho ji sat shri akaal! Aap kaise ho ji?? ithne saal hogayi aur aap mujhe nain bathaya ki aap wapas London se aagaya? what do you think ji. .yahanh mein achanak aap ko dekha; aur aap kisi ladki se line marr rahe ho kya?? yeh mujhe bilkul accha nahi lagraha hai ji...LOL
saying this she still raises her voice and gathers a small crowd around..
 Sab log dekiye....  ye mera Shohar hai... bahut  saal pehele ye mujhse secrect shaadhi  karli aur Pitah se darkar  London bagh gaya kaam kar ne ke liye..mujhe yahan Mussorrie mein chod kar....
ab toh woh mujhe aur us shaadhi ko recognise bi nahi karaya .....ughhhh ughhhh Cry aap unche log bholiye ab  mein kya karoon?Tongue
Ranbeer is shocked and at a loss for words...
dekiye.... sunno toh.... ye mera....
The crowd gathers around him and cuts him off...bolthi bundh,, he gets a good beating and lots of gaalisClap
He is now seen walking with a bruised face, torn shirt ,stained suit pants ripped at one leg OuchLOL Mandhira holds him by the shoulder and he slowly limps to his car.
he says to her .... Ye sab thumhari chaal hai... mein deklhunga... aap sab'  Shravan, sachi aur thumara gantti mere haath mein hai.I will get back at you allDeadMandhira just chuckles and leaves him near his car.
Meanwhile Saachi and Shravan leave the cafe and after a ride in the streets of Mussorrie go to the temple ; the one  in which saavan met. Nostalgic of what had happened these intervening months, they kneel to pray.After sometime Shravan asks...
Saachi thum kya maanga Bhagwan se?.Ab toh woh bhi kuch nahi karpaye?
main kya karun... mera aapna papa mujhe nahi samjha... is villian Ranbeer ke saath thumari  shaadhi...woh  yeisa kaisa  soch saktha hai... mein kya karun Saachi...
zindhagi mein mujhe pehele bar sacha pyar aur viwas mila, in ur form.. mujhe hosla mila aur ek positive attitude be hai ki mein ek successful aur zimedhar insaan banunga..agar thum mujhe har pal mein , har hal mein mera saath ho... tum hamesha mera saath honge na love....
A visibly moved Sachi holds his hand in hers and says
Shravan ji himmat rako; aap jaise bhi ho mujhe bahut pasad ho. par ye aansoon kyoh. Ram ji par mera bahot viswas hai, ki woh bike race aap bhi jeethenge...sirf yahi nahi mera prarthana, aap jal se  ek acchi naukri karen aur sab ke samne sir uttakar jiye... Agar aap 1 rupiah mehenat or sacchai se kamakar degenge woh mere liye kaafi haiSmile... mera har pal , har saans,har dhadkan aap ka hai Shravan ji...hum dono ek soul matesHeart. nobody can seperate us.even Ramji... bus aansoon pochligiye .. main hooh na aap ke saath...Thumbs Up
saying this both Saachi and Shravan leave the temple.
 Shravan kisses Saachi before leaving for the garage. Saachi kisses him back(Mujse judha playing inthe background) and leaves for the house..
Both think abt the bike race; its outcome and how to face Pratap.....
guys plzz excuse my hindhi if there r mistakes.its not my 1rst language..
if you like thisplzz  press like button

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maris08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 7:01pm | IP Logged
someone plzz continue from here......
ChocolateChick Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Mandira never would've thought the media would become hers! She sold 'her' story about being 'married' to Ranbir to the local media and she was a news item, everyone is interested to see yet another jeweller's son with bad news! She couldn't wait to see the face of Ranbir when he knew this LOL She was ready for her first interview on national tv, which was about to begin...

Meanwhile, Ranbir was at the Jaiswal mansion, crying like a baby in front of Pratap.
Ranbir: Pratap uncle, just look what Shravan and Saachi did to me! Look! My face, all bruised, my arms, legs...Did I came back for this beating?
Pratap: Shant Ranbir, calm down. Stop crying like a baby, you're irritating me! Just act cool, and everything will be alright! (Deep inside, Pratap was feeling so proud of his son and daughter in law!)
Let's watch some television to blow off some steam, what say Ranbir?
Ranbir: Okay, let's watch some news. Because of all the crazyness here I don't know what's up with reality. I need a reality-check!
Pratap turns the TV on and there it was! On the screen, a picture of Ranbir and Mandira, several of them, with wedding clothes, secret meetings, a picture where Ranbir hugs Mandira, And then the screen filled with a crying Mandira's face, saying all the things she said at the cafe, once again. Behind her, her brother for comfort.

Rocky Singh:
My bholi si behen, she never told me this before! And there I was, ready to marry her off to another man, but she's already married! All I'm asking to Ranbir, come back to us, to my sister, she misses you a lot!
Shot goes to Mandira, crying hysterically now.

Pratap: What the hell is this? You're married?! (Pratap gave Ranbir a develish look).
Ranbir: Uncle, woh...main...yeh ladki....Mandira..
Pratap: I'm so disappointed in you! Even more than I am with my own son!
Ranbir: Calm uncle, I will sort this out. This is a mistake, a lie, I promise!

Ranbir thought in himself, I will teach that Mandira girl! If she wants to be married to me, than she got me! I will drive her crazy, than she'll go away for good! And after that, it's Saachi and Shravan's turn for doing this to me! The first thing would be to fake romance Mandira and then brake her heart! O yes, Ranbir was loving his revenge Evil Smile

But that will come after the bike race, first things soon as the race is over, Mandira will be mine, and after that, I'll drop her like a stone. Ranbir had a mean look on his face while he thought all this.

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maris08 IF-Rockerz

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The next day dawned Star...bright and sunny... the cold biting winter of Mussorie had even taken a break to watch its son of the soil racing, zooming against the phoren returned pardesi.....
The air was crisp, the roads well tarred.... afterall this was the biggest amateaur bike race Mussorie is always famous for....racers all over the world, of all ages and all walks of life compete......People started lining the roads, the crowd started tricking in trying to seat themselves at vantage points.... some carrying banners posters of their favs....
But look theres the biggest poster, flags and banners of Shravan...... Bunty and viren have left no stoned unturned to cheer for their yaar.... Shreya is leading a pack of cheerleaders..... wow what a sight... ClapThumbs Up 
At the start point Saachi is all concerned for shravan.. her eyes speaks  of her love , viswas and total confidence in him....kuch baat aankhen bol rahe the.. kuch baat mann mein chuppathen... Heart
Shravan dressed in jeans and wearing a black jacket was checking out his bike... but how did he get one....he was thanking mandhira.... if she had not convinced rocky to part with parents old bike then Shravan wld have been in a mess...overnight he had souped up it engine ,removed extra weights and added alittle bit of ATF(aviation turbine fuel)....Geek
Saachi had an aarthi thali ready and performed one and applied . thika on his forehead.....,..
Shravan ji yeh bike race aap hi jeethenge.... ye mera viswas hai... par aap dhyan se sambalkar bike chalayiye.... take care ji......
Shravan eyes were filled with love for Saachi...he got strength  and motivation from her eyes... aankon se aank mila aur bahut kuch  bola...Heart
saachi fikr math karo ....mera pura viswas hai yeh race mein hi jeetthun,....bus thumara pyaar aur Ram ji ki krupa mujhe kamyab banadhen....
both embraced and   parted..... hands touching..wrists ...palms....fingers... and finally the ring fingers....
Saachi walked towards the grand stands...where the whole Jaisawal khandhan was waiting expt Pratap, savrav and Rajat....
all of them were concerned and praying to Bhagwan....SmileThumbs Up
Meanwhile  Ranbeer wearing a blood red jacket and jeans was sitting on his yellow bike... like a lord surveying the scene before him... such an arrogance and confidence  personified... he was thinking this race I will win in jiffy... nothing and nobody can stop me from winning or getting Saachi....Evil Smile
All the bikers gather at he start grid... the refree checks all the bikes..... the green flag is raised.... the whistle blows....phweeeet.  THE RACE IS ON......
bikes of all colours zoom past each other in ablurr....some cut  between two .... some in front side by side....two fall behind in line not able to match the speed of others... some race fast but loose steam half way thro...
one biker hits a stone and skids... one dashes on the platform...the race over for him...
The circutous streets of Mussorie, the mall road, the highway are filled with people cheering and watching the spectacle.....
the final two laps are left.....there are only a few bikers left racing and zooming past each other....
the last lap has only three riders... a blue jacket.. a black jacket and a red jacket rider.....vrooomm  each  race past each other in turn waiting for the moment when one makes the  final acceleration.....the blue jacket slightly lags behind... now its only the red and black to fight it out....
just ahead on the road there is a fallen broken branch from the tree slightly blocking the road... will the bikers see it and veer away to avoid it?....
Ranbeer sees it has hatches upon a plan to trap Shravan.... vrooom he kicks off fast towards the fallen branch... Shravan dosent miss a beat and tries catching him up.... 
ranbeer veers off at the last min.. chuckling   to himself and thinking what a fool Shravan is to fall into his trap.
He sees Shravan hittting the branch.... thhuug....Shravan skids precariously close to ground.... the bike  screeeches....skkkidss.... hisssessss.... shravan is leaning horizontally... almost parrell to the road... he cant control ...... all thoughts jumble inside his head at the same time... Saachi... her love ,her eyes , dadhi calling him bittu pyaar se, ma, nidhi and neetha praying forhim....Prataps with his stern face insulting him.. his brothers mutely watching... last but not the least Ranbeer smirking and smiling saying that he has now got the most precious thing of Shravan's life.....Cry
the tar topped road grey in colour was now fast approaching... like a lovers open arms... shravan closed his eyes bracing for the impact.... then thunndummmmm........ it happened.... everything was black.. like the deep open space.... a floating feeling....
Ranbeer was now openly smirking and smiling..... heehh heeeh.... and then......thundunn....... whats this everything is black like the deep open space.... a floating feeling.....
 he opened his eyes slowly... thinking he had won..... whats this blurrr.... whats this black colour.... ahead of him.... is it the road or......what happened....there is someone standing in front of him...... Ranbeer cld hardly see as his eyes was hurting him....he was suddenly sloshed with water on his face..... when he opened his eyes he got a shock of his life.........Shocked
guys ...... whew ... wanted to treat u all before the actual bike race finished typing in one go. plzz press like button if u like
this thread. someone take on from here..

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Guys I dont intend to canvass you all to read this ff....
But watching yesterdays bike race, I wonder whether my post created any extmnt at all?????
nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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g8 work so far
ChocolateChick Goldie

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Shravan opened his eyes slowly. He was hearing a voice, calling him. It sounded like the voice of an angel. He opened his eyes, and there she was. Her face, beautiful as ever, her eyes, to die for and her lips, calling out his name. His name. His love was here next to him...he felt very calm now.

Saachi, what happened?
Saachi: Shravan-ji, try not to talk, the ambulance is on its way. Please, lay down, don't get up.
Shravan was already trying to get up though. He was now sitting, with his head resting on Saachi's shoulder.
I'm okay, I promise you.
Saachi: You fell really hard. There are the paramedics, let them check you, then I will be assured,

The paramedics investigated Shravan, and apart from a few scratches, the boy was fine!
Paramedic brother:
His head is made of steel! He's fine, he'll have to rest though and eat well.

Saachi: Just like when we were on our honeymoon, and I hit you with the iron stick! I should've known you'd be okay!
Shravan: I'm always okay when you're here.

Suddenly, Shravan hears another voice. It was Pratap!
My Shravan, beta, are you okay? Are you in pain?
Shravan: No dad, I'm fine. Saachi is here, she makes the pain go away just like that!
Pratap: O son, what a fool I've been! I should've known better than to try to seperate you both! You belong together! Forgive me my son. Pratap begins to cry. I don't know what to do if something bad had happened to you. Forgive me, please..I was only trying to make you more responsible. But you are indeed a good person! To keep your wife you engaged in this competition and got hurt! Your heart is in the right place and you were feeling responsible to fight for your love. Forgive me?
Shravan: Papa, fathers never ask for forgiveness, they're always forgiven! I love you dad!
They hug.
Come my son, come home with us, with your wife.
Shravan was leaning on Saachi as they got up.
Wait a minute! What happened to that two-timer Ranbir? He sabotaged my bike, that ****
Pratap: I saw him being taken to the hospital. I think he's in a lot worse state than you are, but then again, you're a Jaiswal, you're my son, we are made of good materialLOL

Saachi: Stop this macho talking you two, let's go home! I need to take care of Shravan-ji!

In the hospital:
Where am !? Who am I? It's all white in here, what is this place?
He hears a sweet voice then. He looked around and there he saw someone. It's the most beautiful punjabi girl he has ever seen! Was she here for him? He prayed she was, too bad he can't remember her...
Ji, are you okay ji?
Ranbir: I don't think so. I'm not feeling well and I don't remember anything! Who are you?
Mandira: The one who saved you and called an ambulance. I'm Mandira.
Ranbir: Mandira, bahut sundar naam!
Mandira thought why on earth she was blushing! Besides his meanness, he was a gentle man she thought. That is, if he's having amnesia!
Try not to over do yourself, rest for now. I'll take care of you. The rest I'll tell you later.

Mandira was thinking what and how she would tell him the truth. That he was a mean man, trying to get a married woman away from her man, just to get back at him. That'll come later, first let him get better.

At the Jaiswal Mansion:
Mera beta ghar wapas aaya, Madhura!
Madhura: Yeah, after you threw him out!
Pratap: Let bygones be bygones, when he's better I'm going to have a conversation with him.  I can't see why he can't start a business of his own? Maybe something with bikes? I've seen him repairing a bike, my boy is amazing!! If he does that for a living in a great garage, better than Rocky's he'll be successful and then he can be more responsible!
Madhura: It's been a while since I've seen you this happy. Keep it that way jee..

In Shravan and Saachi's room:
Shravan: Saachi, I'm hurting! Come here please?
Saachi: O Shravan-ji! You're faking it! Like you did just now, calling me for nothing but a hug! And before that, you wanted me to kiss you, because your bike hit your lips?!  Really? Don't fake your pain, that's not good!
Shravan: Okay, then give me a hug!
Saachi: Later! First things first! You're handy with a bike and when we were in the garage I saw the passion in your eyes when you were working on your bike.
Shravan: That passion wasn't just for the bike you know..He looked at Saachi, deeply..
Saachi looked back at him. And then she got back to her story.
What I meant to say is this, why not try to become a great bike-mechanic or something? You don't like the family business, so maybe you should talk to Papa about this..?
Shravan: My wife...who always has the bestest ideas! I will do so, but in the morning.
First I want to do this...

And then the lights went off..........

Please continue someone from here, maybe the conversation Pratap and Shravan will have in the morning? About his bike-business? Or Ranbir, who remembers everything and wants payback?

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