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Manjari's OS Gallery--*I love You*(SaJan) (Page 46)

sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Amazinggg OneShot !! Day Dreaming Could Imagine The Scenes . . .Embarrassed Seriouslyy Small Thingss In Their Lyf Made Their Day SO SPECIAL !! Heart Awww EmbarrassedLooking Forward For More Of Your OneShots < 3 !!Hug

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Mehak_KPian IF-Dazzler

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Read your all OS!
And I loved them!
do write more OS! 

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks Mehak! Heart
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Guys!
I am writing An OS after so long. Okay this must be the first time someone would have written such a OS. I dont know if I have messed it up or is it good. Its just a new type of OS. Obviously its on SaJan but there is a surprise in it... Hope you like it! Confused I am actually Nervous! Confused
 || And Happily Ever After.. ||

As I looked out of my window I could see a blurred view of a huge lawn and some kids playing outside. I could hear their laughter and as they called out each other's names "Shivam.. Catch it!" "No No.. Shruti.. the ball is there!" "Varun run fast..!" But I couldnt see their faces clearly. I turned around to get my specs when Samrat, my husband stood with it right behind me. I smiled at him and wore my glasses. My feet felt so weak. I held onto the window sill and leaned against it looking out. I could see the children properly now. Shivam was 7, Shruti was 10 and Varun was I think 13.. or 12.. I dont seem to remember so well.. There was a hand around my shoulder and the next moment I realise that Samrat had me leaning against him. He was still strong. He was still handsome. He still loved me the most. Our life was so complete. There was nothing more I ever wanted. Just a happy family. I rested my head on his shoulder. "Chashmish, ab main itna strong nahi hoon ki tumhare poore body weight ko seh sakta hoon!" he said with a grin. I straightened myself. "Main itni moti nahi hoon!" I said. I was angry because his first words this morning should have been something else. But I knew he remembered. He was just diverting my mind. But now it was old, Mr. Shergill, you couldn't fool me. Maybe I could say it first today. "Happy Anniversary Samrat.." I said. His eyes widened, "Chashmish! Mujhe tumhe pehle wish kana tha!" "Itne saal ho gaye Samrat. Tum kab bade hoge!" I said laughing. "Agar main bada ho jaunga toh tum daato gi kisko?" he said grinning. Samrat is so lovable. He is just the best. He is januable! I still remember this word he had told me! "Januable" I still think he made this word up! I just laughed looking at him. "Chashmishji, Aaj anniversary hai toh ek... sweet kiss.. toh banta hai na jee?" Samrat said with a wide grin! "Nahi.!" I said sternly. "Tumhe diabetes hai!" I laughed.

As we walked down the stairs and into the living room Nikhil came and hugged us. "Happy Anniversary Papa.. Mummy!" He respectfully touched our feet and we hugged him. "Sirf Anniversary?" Preeti said from the back. We turned around to look at her. "Happy 50th Anniversary Papaji and mumma!" she said doing the same as Nikhil had done. Nikhil is our son and Preeti is his wife. "Dadu Dadu.. Happy Anniversary the kids came running inside." They hugged Samrat and then came to me. "happy Anniversary Dadi!" I hugged all 3 of them. This was our family. Who would want anything more from their lives? 50 years of marriage and it seems like only yesterday Samrat had proposed to me. Those old days are the golden ones still vividly fixed in my heart, I can never ever forget them.. How could I ever forget them? These 50 years were so happy and easy just because he was with me. We overcame all our tensions and problems together. And today we have a perfect family who loves us so much.

"Toh beta.. Aaj tumlogo ka kya plan hai?" Samrat said. Samrat first told me that only we both would go out today. But how could I let that happen. We have a family and now we have to be together on this day!

"Papa, hamara nahi.. Sirf aap donoka! Kal toh ghar pe party hai toh aaj maine our preeti ne socha kyun na aapdono ko ek date par bheja jaye!"

I was surprised and Samrat's face lit up in a second. "Par beta, hum sab saath main chalte hai na!" I said. "Nahi Mom. Aaj aaplogo ka 50th anniversary hai. Humme aapko thodi privacy deni chahiye na!" Nikhil laughed. Samrat spanked him on his shoulder as he winked at him. Samrat would become his naughty self again tonight. I was happy that we would get to spend time together. Alone. But.. without everyone else.


After having breakfast Nikhil got the cake and we were made to cut it. I fed Nikhil and then preeti and then all the kids and samrat kept waiting to be fed. He fed me cake but I didnt give him cake. "Tumhe diabetes hai!" I repeated. Samrat had grown fat and plump. He looked like a baby who was overfed. "Come on Chashmish, thoda sa!"

"Nahi." I said immediately. He had diabetes. And I could never take a risk in his case. I couldn't lose him. We had come to the final stage of our lives and yet we weren't satisfied. We wanted to spend more time together , to stay longer. Sure we had problems and all but all of them would be negligible when we were with each other. "Mumma, let him eat na!" Preeti said. "Nahi beta.! Kal bhi Samrat ne Varun se chocolate mangwakar khaya tha!" I said.


As we entered the room Samrat switched on the TV and sat on the bed watching it. He was angry because i said no for the cake Thats why he was ignoring me. "Samrat.. you know maine ye sab tumhare bhalai ke liye kiya!"

"Par chashmish aaj hamari anniversary hai!" he said faking his anger. I came and sat next to him. I looked at his wrinkled face and smiled. "Boode ho gaye ho par abhi bhi bacho ki tarah roothna achese aata hai!" I said. He looked at me with a stern face. I looked at him smiling. He turned away. "Samrat aap aaj bhi mujhse gussa rahenge?" I said. "Chashmish, mujhe sirf thoda meetha chahiye tha.." "Samrat maine tumhare bhalai ke liye hi kaha na.. I still want to spend 50 years more with you!" "Uff ho Chashmish, abhi next janams bhi hai!" We had become old but our love was still young. Though now Samrat couldnt pick me up or take me for a drive, we still expressed our love in small ways. Like looking at each other and saying how young the other one looked. Our love is forever. Its immortal.  I rested my head on Samrat's shoulder and he lovingly put his arm around me!

*Cough Cough*

 "Sorry to disturb you guys!" Nikhil said with a grin. "Arrey beta aao na!" we said embarassed.. "Pinaicle time !" The kids said running into our room.Pinaicle. Its a card game of 4 or 6 players and we play it almost everyday. And as today Nikhil didn't go for work we played the whole afternoon. Then Nikhil and samrat made lunch for us. I know Nikhil did everything because Samrat has never been able to cook and he would probably be ordering nikhil what to do. This was our plan for every Sunday! Lunch the husbands made and dinner we made. The maids were given a holiday on Sundays!

Later nikhil and preeti went downstairs to do the arrangements. Even the kids followed them down. They were setting up a date for us at home as we werent too keen on going out. Instead they would take the kids for dinner. I loved my kids. They always treat us so well. As me and Samrat were banned from coming downstairs unless called we both sat in our room and Samrat was in for some mischeif. He put his head on my lap and just stared at me. There was something wrong. "Chashmish.. I love you!" he said. He never forgot to say that. He said that everyday to remind me how much he loved me. I just caressed his hair and said "love you too!"

I coughed. Samrat jerked up and passed my asthama pump immediately making sure I was okay. Whenever I coughed I saw a fear in his eyes. As if he would die if something happened to me. As if his life was at stake. "I am okay Samrat. Tension mat lo." I said. "Chup. Paani piyo aur rest lo!" he said scared. His voice became very soft. My eyes were filled with happiness. He was still the same. Some people never changed. He didnt move  until he made sure I was sleeping and I was okay.


 The Next Part is on the next page..  (: 

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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In the evening when I opened my eyes Samrat was not there. I got up slowly and looked around. I picked up my specs from the table and called his name out. No reply. I saw a gift kept on the bed with a rose and a card.  His handwriting was terrible though.

"To My Loving Chashmish

           Happy 50th Anniversary. Hope you liked the gift. Aisa kabhi ho sakta hai ki hamara anniversary ho aur main gift na lau? Jaldi se neeche aao! I am waiting.

Love, Samrat"

I opened the gift and it was a pink saree. I changed. It took me time. I went downstairs to see the whole room dark. The room was lit up by candles and red heart-shaped balloons. There was a kind of excitement within my heart. As if it was our first date all over again. As I walked down each step i could remember the day we got married. The 7 pheras and all the functions and all. I felt a part of the nervousness again. 50 years. Thats all I thought of.

"Chashmish" Samrat said in a soft voice.

I looked up to see him in a suit and so formally dressed. He sat on his knees again making his grey hair so visible. I laughed out loud. He had a confused face. "Your laughing?" he said.

"you look so old.!" I said. He shook his head is disbelief. I was so irrelevant! He just  took out the ring without being distracted. He made me wear it and I hugged him. While I hugged him he whispered in my ears "you look atleast 10 years older to me!" I hit him hard on his shoulder and he screamed "Ouch!!"

I laughed. "Now look who is old!"

But Samrat was not laughing. He was in pain. He sat down on the chair still holding onto his arm. I was worried. I went near him and put my hand on his shoulder.

"I am so sorry Samrat! Mujhe maaf kar do. Bohot dard ho raha hai?"

"Haan.. Chashmish.. Its okay. Chalo. Baitho. I am ok."

"Nahii! Chalo.. main dawai laati hoon." I turned around to go when he caught my hand. Oh god! Why hadn't I guessed! Arghh. I crossed my arms and glared at Samrat. He made an apologetic face and smiled.

"Tum kabhi bhi nahi sudheroge! Mujhe itni ghabrahat ho rahin thi.,. aur tum ho ki.." but before I could finish he took me in his arms and said "Main hoon ki..? Apni wife ke saath thoda romance karna chahta hoo!" He was just the best. The more you tease me, the more you show you love me.. And main nahi chahti ki tum kabhi bhi sudhero..

"Romance karne ke liye bohot budhe ho gaye ho!"

"Main toh abhi bhi sweet 16 ka hoon.. dekhne waale ke nazar par depend karta hai ki woh kaise dekhta hai!"

"Samrat, please. Chhodo!"

"itni aasani se!" he said coming closer. Samrat never thought he was old. He is still that mad 19 year old college boy! He kissed me on my cheeks.. and I blushed again.

"Bas yeh blush hi hai jo mujhe apni purani chashmish ki yaad dilaata hai! Warna yeh nayi chashmish toh budhi ho gayi hai.. jabhi bhi romance karna chahta hoon toh bhaag jaati hai!" he whispered.

I looked down. Atleast I mature with age!

I went and sat down on the table. My legs were feeling weak now. I couldnt stand any longer. He followed me. We sat down and talked for a long time about how we met and all. Those things were never forgotten. We had even told our grandchildren our story and they had laughed on and on listening about their dadu's mischief.! They thought that our story was incredible.

But it was. It was far from real. It was my own fairy tale. Where there were problems but it had to be a happy ending. I dont know how long we will last but these memories will be there even after our end. Each and every moment we spent together will never be forgotten.

The whole evening we talked and talked. Though we were slow in remembering our past but how much ever we remembered was treasured. The food was delicious. Preeti had made it for us. She made sure there was nothing sweet or Samrat wouldn't have left it. She is the perfect daughter-In-Law.

He put his hand over mine and for sometime we just looked at each other. We didnt need words to communicate. We had known each other for 53 years now! It was a great feeling being with the person who loves you so much.

I still remember Samrat's words as he had proposed me..

"Jab tum 60 saal ki ho jaogi tabhi main tumhe tumhare chashme dhoondkar doonga!"

 And I had laughed and replied "Aur main tumhe tumhare dentures dhoond kar doongi!"

 "Main tumhe utna hi pyar karunga jitna main karta hoon!"

"Main bhii.."

"Chashmish, kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi?"

No matter how old they are. No matter how old they look. They will always be the same people who they had fallen in love with. That is what love is..! Their love just grows stronger with time. They talk less but communicate more and more.

After our dinner we walked up together. Hand in hand. And as we slept in our bed he held my hand tightly and said "I will always love you.. even after death."

"Shh.. We will be together always. And I will always love youu like this."

The lights were switched off and they slept peacefully.. As happy as ever..


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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Well.. that was all.. I dont know if the end was perfect. I could have written better .. Thats what i feel.

But I want everyone to comment honestly.. you may not always like my work! ROFL and this OS was actually.. ConfusedConfused  I dont know!
I got this idea from my grandparents. When you see them together smiling at each other.. you actually feel so happy!
Waiting for your comments/ many criticisms! ROFL ..
Manjari Hug

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sajanfan004 Goldie

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Manu Di!!!!
WoW .. And you were saying it sucked! Gosh! This was a wonderful concept *SaJan as Grandparents*
Hayye...They are so sweet. You have written beautifully! Smile
This is called a *Short, Nice, Januable And Perfect*Clap
Amazing work! Abhi bhi Samrat badla nahi siwai ek cheeze ke: Uske baal! Lol! Grey Grey Grey!
He still plans dates and is still as romantic as ever! Gunjan is just so lucky!
Samrat is sooo sweet!
Awesome Work! Thanks for the PM! Big smile
Keep updating more!Smile


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-BlueSwitch- Goldie

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OMFG! The OS is darn Sweet! I'll get diabities!

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