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FF: Whatever happens; happens for good-Part 9 (Page 29)

libra25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 7:03am | IP Logged


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mysticangel Goldie

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Radhika Shah IF-Rockerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 9:07am | IP Logged
take you time adn teke care of your mom!!!

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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no probs dear,ll be waiting.

TC of ur mom and urself!!!

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
take care of ur mother..
dont worry about updates...
update when u r completely free

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libra25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 5:18am | IP Logged
Sorry people... for not updating for so long...i have been really caught up in some personal stuff...but now I am back and hope to give one update every week....and if can manage may be two as well .....but one definitely is a promise.
this update is dedicated to KHWAISHFAN for constant support and motivation. thanks a lot dear.

people who wish to get the pm please add me to your buddy list...Big smile


Unaware that Maan has overheard some of her conversation and was trying to reach her for last half an hour she asks him casually, "is there anything Mr Khurana? Why are you here?"

Maan breaking out from his line of thoughts shot an angry glare at her, "Hello miss, i am trying to reach you for last half an hour and here you are sitting in the balcony and entertaining your boy friend....this is my office and i will not tolerate this...."

"Excuse me, you are no one to interfere in my personal life and for work I am here, so tell what is it?" Geet curtly cut him off.

"O hello miss know it all.....i understand that you have maintained a cordial relationship with the owner and his family but that doesn't mean you will not pay attention to your job....." ridiculed Maan....

"Excuse me, you need to first look at yourself you mr me and myself.. good for nothing" smirked Geet.

"yeah yeah... i am very aware with girls like you who are mere gold diggers prying for opportunities to rob extra pounds out of the pockets of your employers..... impress your boss and then become a part of the family .Especially when the son is away and the old parents are looking for support.. am i right? An easy target isn't it?"

"You are so full of yourself that you will never understand other people. Everything has come very easy for you, and so you do not know its worth. It is very easy to brag about yourself when you are the son of one of the richest family in the country" snapped Geet.

"Miss I am sure you still aren't aware that you are talking to one of the best fashion photographers in the industry."

"Ok I admit that you are successful photographer but what price your family and you have paid to get there. I think Mr. Khurana you need to look back and see it for yourself that is that success worth it."

Till now, all the office had assembled outside Geet's cabin, whispering and discussing about the conversation between the two. Listening to all the voices and murmuring Adi comes to the rescue and plays the peacemaker. "Everybody back to your work, there is no theatrics going around here. And you two really need to take care and maintain the decorum of this professional space. I am sure you understand that since sir is not here you two need to work together to run this business. Please be careful henceforth." After saying so, Adi leaves from there.

A frustrated Maan returns to his cabin and bangs the desk hard. He sits down throwing his head back on the headrest of the comfortable leather chair and stares at the ceiling of his cabin blankly. After what seemed ages he was jerked back from the oblivion he was aimlessly wandering in by the sudden thud on his desk. After a moment of confusion his vision clears and he sees a smirking Geet standing in front of him and staring at him with a smug expression. "What?" snaps Maan. Geet twitches her eyebrows and passing another smirk rather rudely squeals, "Welcome back Mr Khurana."

Maan looks at her in disgust and just throwing his hands in air asks her to sit down. After gathering himself for a moment he opens both the files in front of Geet and asks her to elaborate on them. Geet picks up the Khurana construction file and starts explaining him from the start. After completing the hierarchy and the working of the wing of the company, explaining the esteemed client list, comes down to the projects that the company has done in last 5 years, explaining all the hitches in each project and the nuances attached to them for him to better understand the working and project flow according to the time constraints. After finishing rather a back dated section, now Geet comes to the present set of projects running and their status. She abruptly stops in her flow when she comes to certain parts of the report. Maan who was till now listening with all concentration looks up at Geet to ask the cause of sudden break but is quite amused to see the display of emotions on her face which from a frown soon turned to disapproval and now to anger. Excusing herself she picks up the intercom and summons Sasha to Maan's cabin.

Sasha becomes exhilarated with the sudden call. All excited to meet her new prince charming brushes up her makeup a bit and knocks at the cabin door. Geet asks her to come in. Sasha as soon as she enters the cabin starts gawking at Maan and after a 5 minute of staring session speaks out, "MK you called me." Maan who is a little disoriented by Sasha's constant staring and ogling rather dismisses her unceremoniously indicating that she has been called by Geet. Geet who is by now quite frustrated by Sasha's unprofessional and demeaning behaviour takes the cue and curtly ask Sasha to pay attention. "Sasha, this is the Khurana Construction file I am holding. I am sure you are very aware that why Mr Khurana and myself are going through this file. So Sasha could you please enlighten me that when last did you update this file." Sasha who is a little annoyed of being questioned by Geet in front of her prince charming dismisses her rather rudely saying that she is not answerable to her. "Miss Geet Handa, I may remind you that no longer I am working under you and nor I am obliged to answer any of your questions. I very well know my job in this company and am much more educated than you. Sir is not here to rather favour an undeserving employee who has retained and gain positions by establishing intimacy with the employers and hence getting the undue advantages at the workplace."

Geet who is enraged by Sasha's incapacity to deliver her job well and in return rather accusing her of all kinds of obnoxious and unprofessional behaviour does not return back the favours and rather curbing all her urge to blast Sasha turns towards Maan and says, "Mr Khurana, I was working as the head of Khurana Constructions for last one and a half year. After Mr Mehta who was the marketing head for both the subsidiaries quit I was asked to replace him by Bade Papa, I mean Sir. So before moving to the marketing department I had trained Miss Sasha for this position. After training her for a month and a half I had shifted to my new designation and was completely engrossed in my new responsibilities. I was not able to further pay attention to the constructions wing as requested by sir. Therefore presently I am not fully aware of what has been happening at this end. Till now whatever I have explained to you was the work in last 17 months. The last few months' status and work progress is not fully documented in the file, so I will not be able carry the discussion any further. I would in turn ask Miss Sasha who is currently the in charge to carry further with the discussion and would like to be excused as I have a very urgent meeting to attend to." Saying so Geet gets up and rather banging the door marches out to her cabin.

Maan who was till now a spectator to all the happenings is rather flustered by the situation and unaware of his further action plan rather decides to buy time and first get acquainted with the equation amongst the few important employees who he will have to interact with daily and also work as a team. Therefore he asks Sasha to complete the file and meet him tomorrow with all the necessary details and explain the current status of all the projects running in the company and other project details to him along with the presentation.

A satisfied and elated Sasha returns to her cabin and starts working on the presentation. Seeking this as the opportunity to impress her prince charming Sasha straight away gets down to work. The staff who is very used to Sasha's ways of ignoring work and delegating all her responsibilities to the junior staff gets quite surprised watching Sasha dedicated to working rather dominating her subordinates and snubbing them. Yash Kapoor, who is a subordinate to Sasha and is very used to working extra hours to not only render his responsibilities and also completing Sasha's share of responsibilities is quite shocked with the sudden change and Sasha's inclination to work grabs the opportunity to visit the company cafe to collect the current office gossip and rest all his curiosities. On reaching the cafe he finds Adi and his ordinate Meera Kapoor who also happens to be his better half talking about the afternoon tiff between the new boss and their friend Geet. All of them are quite surprised at Geet's sudden outburst and rash behaviour as they have seen her handling all kinds of responsibilities with much more patience and poise. Yash shares his piece of information about Sasha as well.

In the mean time Geet after the squabble with Sasha returns to her cabin. She who always cools down by engrossing herself in work immediately calls Romeo and asks him to summon the delayed meeting in the next five minutes. Geet after picking up all her required files and documents leaves for the conference room. Here Maan is engrossed in analysing the earlier conversation decides to find out about the office dynamics. Before getting into the details he goes to the cafe and get some coffee. After entering the cafe and getting his order he is moving towards the door when he sees Adi, along with two other people talking and enjoying their conversation. Maan decides that Adi could be a good person to talk to about the issues and approaches the table. As soon as Adi sees Maan coming towards them he pats Yash on his lap who in turn on noticing Maan pats Meera and indicate her to stop and change the conversation. Maan on reaching their table is introduced and greeted by the other two members. After the introduction Maan asks Adi to meet him in his office after he finishes his coffee and gets back to his cabin.

After 10 minutes Adi knocks and is called in. Maan asks him to settle down. After pondering on how to start the conversation he begins, "Adi since when are you working in Khurana group of companies?"

Adi who is surprised by the question still obliges, "sir I joined Khurana group of hotels three and a half years back as a junior manager. After a six month I was designated as the manager and now since last one and a half year i am heading the subsidiary."

"Adi, it has been quite some time that you are working for the company and what I have observed since morning I have no doubts about your dedication and loyalty to the company. Adi as you are very well aware that though I am a business and the heir to Khuranas I have never worked in thus company and is unaware of the company dynamics. Hereby to start my work and continue in harmony I need to understand the people and their attitude beforehand. Since we have limited time and I cannot observe my colleagues and subordinates to draw conclusions, I have called you so that you can give me a brief about few main or rather important employees of the company, their way of working and compatibility issues."

Adi who is a little hesitant in giving this kind of information as he does not want Maan to form any opinions and biases even before interacting with the concerned personnel sets himself in a thinking mode. Maan immediately catches on his hesitancy and relates Sasha's and Geet's confrontation to him. After pondering over a situation Adi decides to give in the information and begins. "Sir I will start with Mr Kapoor. He is a very dedicated and reliable employee working with Khurana Sir for last 35 years. Presently he is only assisting him and manages his appointments and coordinates his meetings as since last 3 months sir is not keeping well and only visiting office till lunch. After that he goes back and rests."

"Adi since when is papa not keeping well?"


"Adi it is not sir. Call me Maan."

"Ok Maan. Sir has not been keeping well since quite sometime. But since last 5 months he has been more ill. Geet has been taking care of him since last 2 years. After Mr Mehta had quit, a lot of extra work was there which was affecting his health, which is why Geet had volunteered to step in as the marketing head leaving her position of Head of Khurana Constructions and training Sasha , as she was only the available option that time. This new responsibility required a lot of travelling and more work time for Geet; she readily took it up even though she was tied down with some personal responsibilities. She has very well managed her work and personal life. I am really sorry to say while Sasha is not at all responsible or dedicated to work. Her all the work is actually done by her subordinate Yash, the guy you met in the cafe some time back. Currently we are searching for a suitable replacement for Sasha."

"Why can't we promote Yash to Sasha's designation?"

"Maan, even Geet had suggested this to sir. But as Yash is not well qualified for it, sir had asked him to pursue the executive management programme along with Geet. Yash's programme is in business administration is company sponsored while Geet is studying marketing and is self sponsored. After this incident Sasha has always held a grudge against Geet and they are not on very cordial terms though Geet always maintain a professional decorum with her."


"Then the other lady you met, Meera Kapoor is my subordinate and also happens to be Yash's better half. She has been working with me for last one year. She had joined as a management trainee and now is my subordinate."

"So, is Yash less experienced than Meera?"

"No Maan Yash is an architect with 5 years of experience in the industry, and has only joined 4 months back after Sasha's place was vacated."

"Ohhhh...Adi do you see a potential in Yash to handle the Khurana Construction?"

"Maan I will not comment on this and rather will request you to see it yourself. I can give you an idea though. As you have asked Sasha to brief you about the projects tomorrow, I will suggest you also ask Yash to do the same. Since Yash has been handling most of Sasha's work he can give you a better insight. And then you yourself can decide what to do."

"Thanks a lot Adi. All this information will be of great importance to me. One last question. It is a little personal. Are you people a group, i mean a gang hanging out together and all."

"Yes you can call it that way Maan. Geet, Meera, Yash, Romeo, Pinky and myself, we are friends outside the office and sometimes do hang out and help each other out in personal lives. I have known Geet for quite some time but the others recently in last one year or so. Ok now I shall take your leave as it is already 7:30 and have to wind up my today's work before leaving."

"Thanks a lot Adi. And please send Yash in. Also do not mention anything about our conversation to anybody in office."

"Trust me on that and I will surely send Yash. Have a good day."

ok people here is the update......plz do press the like button and also comment.....

it encourages to continue writing....all forms are most welcome-praise or criticism....Smile

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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great part...............maan getting to know a bit of office politics

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 5:45am | IP Logged
loved the update..............
hey u have updated after a long time.................
iss sashaAngry ki toh...............uski band bajani chahiye
i am impressed with the way maan didnt jump into conclusions and asked adi abt it...........
adi being the gud one gave info but when asked abt decision gae him suggestions to test their abilities himself...........liked it..........
wanna know more abt geet's personal front........
pl cont soon

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