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Maaneet OS: A Christmas to Remember

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A Christmas to Remember






"Maan, let go, someone might come."


"Geet, we're married. It doesn't matter if anyone comes."


"But Maanm. What will everyone say?" she asked, struggling to get out of her husband's tight clutches.


But he refused to let go. Nuzzling her neck, he mumbled in reply "They'll think I'm romancing my wife." And saying so, he dropped her on the bed, falling right on top of her, placing soft kisses on her face. She couldn't hold back any longer, feeling overwhelmed with the love emitting from her husband, as she ran her hands through her husband's hair, softly brushing her lips across his.


He heard someone knocking on the door, and quickly looked down to see his wife completely lost in her own world. And so, choosing to ignore the person at the door, he captured his wife's lips once more in a more passionate kiss.


"Maan Bhai?! MAAN BHAI! We need to put up the lights!" someone screamed from outside.


And unlucky for Maan, Geet actually heard this time.


Quickly pushing him away, she got up from the bed and rushed into the bathroom, attempting to fix her disheveled state.


Maan groaned, wanting to kill Armaan for interrupting him, before he heard his younger brother banging on the door once again.


"MAAN BHAI! You in there? The Christmas lights have to be put up, and the little ones are alredy waiting outside. Hurry Up!"




Geet stood in the kitchen, throwing the cookie dough onto the baking pan, wanting to decorate Christmas cookies with the kids when she suddenly felt a pair of arms snaking around her waist. The feel of his hands on her waist made her want to swoon and fall right then and there, and so for support, she leaned back into her husband's arms, enjoying the comfort and protection they had to offer.


The clanking of pots and pans outside broke the two apart from their embrace, quickly bringing Geet back to reality, as she sprang back to work.


"Geeeet. What happened now?" Maan complained, not letting go of his wife or even wanting. "Is it wrong for me to even want to spend time with my beautiful wife?"


A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, hearing her husband call her beautiful.


Yes. He still had that effect on her, even after four years of marriage.


"Maan. We're in the kitchen. ANYONE can come and go from here, so hurry up and get back to work" scolded Geet. "Everyone's working right now to prepare for the Christmas party tomorrow, and you. You're just sitting here wasting time."


He grasped her wrist and quickly turned her around, pushing her against the counter as he leaned in towards her. "Tsk Tsk Madamji. Spending time with the wife never goes to a waste" he said cheekily, placing a quick kiss on her lips before backing away just as suddenly.


Then, he bowed down slightly, saying "Jo aap kahengi, hum waise hi karengi" and walked out of the kitchen, turning back only once to quickly wink at his blushing wife, who just stood there wide mouthed at her husband's actions.




And just like that, Maan and Geet remained busy the entire afternoon, people scrambling about, telling them last minute odd jobs, running them around the house, to the store, taking care of the kids, making dinner. You name it!


And finally, after the extremely tiring and busy day, Maan and Geet along with everyone else stumbled up to their respective bedrooms, planning to catch a break before dinner.


"Arreh Geet bhabhi! Why don't you come to the terrace, all of us women are going there to just relax" called out Anwesha, seeing that Geet was following Maan back to their bedroom.


Maan froze. No! This was the chance he had with his wife. Was she his younger sister or his biggest enemy? He looked at Geet pleadingly, while she just looked like a deer caught in headlights. On one side was her oh so desperate husband, who had eagerly been waiting all day to spend some alone time with her, and on the other side were all the waiting women, who were calling out to her eagerly.


Sighing Geet just looked at the girls with regret "Sorry girls, I think I want to catch a quick twenty minute nap before heading back downstairs. I'm too tired" she mumbled an excuse, one which sounded artificial even to her own ears.


The girls just smiked knowingly in response, as they saw their Maan Jiju aka Maan Bhai standing behind Geet, a puppy dog look on his face.


"Hmm. Sure sure. You catch as much sleep as you can" they said cheekily, winking at her before heading upstairs.


"Oh God. The things I do for my husband" Geet muttered under her breath, embarrassed at all of them teasing her like that. But before she could continue, she felt Maan grab her by the hands and pull her into the bedroom, placing urgent kisses along her shoulder immediately after pushing her into the wall, pinning her in place.


"Maanm. Let goo. I need to take a shower" she mumbled, although she was easily succumbing to her husband's wishes.


"No. I need you. I need you now. And after that, we can head to the showers together" he replied mischievously, as he slowly untied the dori on her blouse, slowly running his hands on her back.


"Maan" she moaned, encouraging him to continue and he soon captured her lips in a ravishing kiss, pouring into it all the love and urgency in the world.


And his cell phone started ringing.


"Just ignore it" he mumbled against her lips as he saw that she was about to protest, and once again pressed his lips against hers, transporting themselves into a different world.


As soon as the two stopped to catch their breaths, the phone started ringing once again.


"Maan. It must be something important" Geet said, trying to distract her husband.


But his eyes remained focused on her heaving chest, and he reached out to pull her towards himself.


But she was quick this time.


And running towards the bathroom, she screamed "Maan! Get the phone!" before slamming the door shut behind her.


Maan slouched his shoulders, dejected.


Another wonderful opportunity slipping through his hands.



Continued Below

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Twenty minutes later, as Geet stepped out of the shower, she found Maan standing by the window, his hands deep in his pockets as he seemed to stare out into space.


Slowly walking behind him, she hugged him from behind, rubbing her hands on his chest as she pressed her cheek into his back.


"Maan. What happened?" she asked, her voice soft and smooth, a tone that could calm Maan even in the most tense of situations.


"The world is against me and you, my Geet. Completely against us being together. I mean, it's Christmas, a time which people spend with their families" he said angrily, not even turning back to face her.


"Hmm so what's the problem" she asked, seeing how annoyed her husband was.


"Well. The manager doesn't even realize that it's Christmas. He calls up asking me about a meeting for next week. Seriously? Next Week! Geet. We both have to run away if we want to spend any time alone in this mad house" he said.


And before she could respond, someone began knocking on the door again.


"See. Point Proven. Go check. I wonder who it is this time to disturb our peace of mind" he said grouchily.


Laughing, Geet playfully slapped him on the shoulder, before heading to open the door.


And Lo and Behold! There stood Dev, alone with Dilip "Woh Geet, It's dinnertime and everyone's calling you downstairs" said Dilip.


Before Geet could get a word in, Maan interrupted. "Dad, Geet's not feeling too well, so we both thought of just eating dinner upstairs" he said solemnly, with no one being able to distinguish that he was lying through his bare teeth.


"Sach Geet Bhabhi! Are you ok? What happened?" questioned a worried Dev loudly.


And that was enough to have the entire Khurana household at the door of Geet and Maan's bedroom.


Riddhima came rushing to her older sister, "Diii. Are you ok? What happened?" she questioned frantically, worry etched on her face.


While everyone else also had lines of worry and tension evident. She turned to glare at Maan, who just stood there with a sheepish smile, before she responded "Don't worry. I'm fine. Maan is just worrying too much. We'll be downstairs in a few minutes" easing everyone's tension in one go.


While her husband didn't look too pleased at all.


"Humph. Who am I anyways?" he grumbled to himself.




Dinner was a noisy affair that night at the Khurana household, what with Christmas being the next day, everyone was bubbling over with excitement.


Maan, Geet, Diya, Dhruv, Armaan, Riddhima, Aryan (their son), Dev, Naintara, Rhea (their daughter), Angad, Kripa, Tamanna, Adit, Arjun, Anwesha, Aditya, and finally Dilip nad Gayatri.


With all of these people mulling around, Maan didn't even get a chance to sit next to Geet during dinner. And everyone was too engrossed in their own excitement to make note of bechara Maan's disappointed face.


Fine, if it's me against the world. Just bring it on. I'm not going to lose. At all.




Finally, late that night, everyone headed off to sleep, extremely tired after the crazy day with all the preparations.


And Maan and Geet finally knew they would have some alone time, without any interruptions.


Now really, would it be that easy for them?


They both had tumbled into bed, ready to rip off each others clothes, when they heard alarm clocks going off in the kids room, and the pitter patter of little feet as they ran around the house.


Soon enough, the loud pounding on their door, led to them once again looking at each dejectedly, getting dressed quickly and heading towards the door.


"Mama! Pa! Open the DOOR!" screamed Diya and Dhruv, pounding away so hard that Geet thought the door would fall and break through any second.


"We're coming guys!" yelled out Geet, and she opened the door to see her two little kids standing there in their pajamas, literally bouncing up and down with excitement.


While Diya grabbed Maan's hand, Dhruv held on to Geet and the two kids dragged their parents downstairs, "Mama Christmas! It's time for Presents!"


"We can open the presents tomorrow" smiled Geet, trying to hold on to her son who was running at lightenng pace to the living room.


And when Maan and Geet got there, they were met with the weary faces of all the other parents, who had been dragged down by their respective kid(s) to open presents when the clock struck 12 AM on December 25th.


Maan and Geet dropped down into one of the sofas, watching their kis excitedly rip open their presents. Groaning, Maan dropped his head on his wife's shoulder "The world is our enemy, Geet. The world."


"Geet Bhabhi! What did Maan Bhai get you?!" questioned Anwesha excitedly, as she admired the diamond necklace that Arjun was clasping around her neck.


And Maan and Geet snapped back to attention, suddenly realizing that they were in the middle of everyone. And this wasn't a time at all to romance.


"Woh..uh'Maan.. He..Uh'He didn't give it to me yet" she replied, biting her lip as she saw the shocked expressions on everyone's face.


"WOOOOOAH. Wait. Hold on. Stop right there. You mean, the ever so romantic Maan Khurana, the one who never forgets a birthday, a Karva Chauth, a meeting, a date, an ANYTHING, forgot to get his wife a present for Christmas?!" said Armaan dramatically, his mouth opening wide in surprise.


While everyone snickered at Armaan's overdramaticness, Maan confidently wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulder, bringing her close to himself, and dropped a kiss on her forehead, before answering "Armaan. Armaan. My Little Brother. I haven't forgotten Anything. It was just meant to be a surprise, but because you are so adamant on taunting me, I'll tell you what the present is."


"I booked tickets for Geet and me to go to Paris, a second honeymoon" he answered cheekily, winking at all present.


And Geet's eyes literally bugged out in shock.


"PARIS?!" everyone exclaimed, shocked, and in awe of THE Maan Singh Khurana.


"Second Honeymoon! Oy Hoy!" teased Kripa, "Arreh Geet, look at your husband here, A second honeymoon yaar. Someone seems to love you very much"


"Well, see Kripa. This is what I have to do now to spend some time alone with my wife because at home, I have a whole family who's ready to interrupt me at every chance they get" Maan interrupted, before his sister could continue her teasing.


Geet blushed a dark crimson at Kripa's and Maan's words, burrowing her head in her husband's chest out of embarrassment.


Yes. This was the perfect present for Maan and Geet. And Both of them definitely knew why.




Finally, after the kids and everyone opened their presents, and after Maan and Geet were subjected to enough teasing to last a lifetime, everyone finally went upstairs.


And Geet and Maan were finally not interrupted.


"So Geet, did you like my gift?" Maan asked, as he lifted Geet up in his hands, and walked her over to the bed. "I figured this was the perfect way for you and me to get some alone time"


And as soon as she fell on the bed, she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down, pressing her lips against his, as she asked "Does that tell you how happy I am?"


"Hmm. Yes Maybe. But I want a present of my own Mrs. Khurana. What do you have for me?"


"Hmm My dear husband. Anything you want, Anything at all" she mumbled huskily, as he turned off the table lamp on the side and the two slipped away into another world. A world with them, their passion, and some alone time.


Yes. This would definitely always be A Christmas to Remember.


The End.


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OMG! ;O ARE you seriously planning to kill me today?
AHH! I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! pooor maan! in both of your SS & OS..I feel bad for maan..
in this one, because he wants to spend time with his beautiful wife..
and over there no one remebers his bday! ;P haha!
LOVE maaneet the whole family interrupting scene wheneverrr maan or geet wanna romance :D soo cuteeeee...
lovee their kids as always! :DDD
Merry Xmas (: hope you had funn :))

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awww .
Chooo sweet

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oh my god ! u r a hilarious writer yaar..wat a dialogue !r "The world is our enemy, Geet. The world."...jst cant see this maan in real serial ..may be we can see soon!!! do keep writing !

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Thats an amazing OS!

Loved it!!!

Fantastic work Naina!!!!

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Thanks for the Christmas present Naina!  LOL  Hope you had a lovely day!  Did you get snow?

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