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Maaneet SS: ...A Special Day? Last Pt: Pg 4 (Page 4)

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loved it. plz continue

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Hii Everyone!

I'm back with the end of the story! Shocked?! Don't be!

I don't know how I forgot to mention this before but I actually wrote this story on another couple....and actually finished itLOLLOL But I tweaked it so it worked with Maaneet AND I'm a sap.....I've written/write enough angry young Maan stories that I wanted something different as wellLOLLOL

Anywayssss..... I'm so terribly sorry for not replying to comments like see I'm feeling very lazy today....result of the 20 inches of snow piled up outside my doorr...Dead

Anyways, I'll update all my other FFs soon fears!
Cheers and Lots of loveeeeee!

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6 PM

Maan was sitting in his cabin, his laptop and files surrounding him, spread out all over his desk but he wasn't looking at any of them. Rather, he was staring into space, thinking about how to avoid going home and avoid seeing his own family forget his birthday. He sat there, watching the wall clock tick away, waiting for someone, anyone to wish him on his special day. Even when he saw Arjun earlier that day, his best friend, he didn't wish him. How could everyone forget today? Humph. I'm not going to talk to them.

However, suddenly, his cell phone rang and Maan glanced over to check who it was. Seeing that it was Geet, he picked up the phone, a grumpy look on his face. "Yeah Geet. What do you want?" he questioned, rather than giving one of his romantic phone call speeches.

All he heard though was Geet sobbing into the phone, "Maan..Maan Diya fell down and I'm so worried. Oh Maan. What if something happens to her?"

At that point, Maan forgot all about his birthday and thought only of Geet. She was crying for such a little thing? "Geet. She just fell. She's a kid and such things happen. Why are you crying?"

"Maan!" she continued crying into the phone. Suddenly though, he heard a loud thud and he panicked. The next voice he heard was that of Armaan, screaming "Bhabhi has fainted. Go call the doctor!"

Hearing this, Maan quickly shut off his phone, ran out of the cabin towards his car. "Oh no! Geet. Why do you stress yourself over such little matters?" he thought to himself as he got into his car. However, it would take him over thirty minutes to even reach home.

Thirty Minutes Later'.

Maan stopped his car outside of the house only to see that most of the house was were dimly lit. He rushed towards the door, wondering if Geet's health had taken a turn for the worse. The closer he got to opening the door, the quicker his heart beat, as if it knew that something was going to happen.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!" screamed everyone in his family, starting from Dilip and Gayatri to his little children, Diya and Dhruv as they ran towards him. He was shocked, and most definitely surprised as he stared at everyone with an awestricken face. As Geet came towards him behind their kids, he suddenly remember why he had been so frantic to get home. "Geet. Are you ok? and how about Diya? Is she fine?" he questioned, concern lining his voice as he spoke.

She kissed him lightly on his cheeks before she cupped his face in her hands, and whispered "Happy Birthday Maan. And Han, yes. We both are fine." Flashing a bright smile on her face, she took him by his hands and led him to his parents, taking their blessings on this special day ' haan, he realized that no one had forgotten HIS special day.

Everyone then came up to him to wish him, and before he knew it, he was surrounded by his family members and Geet had disappeared. Seeing his children, he asked them "Do you guys know where Mama went?"

"Kitchen Papa. " said Diya as she held out her arms, wanting to be carried by her father.

"Cake Cake!" exclaimed Dhruv when he heard the word kitchen.

Diya glared at her older brother, "Bhaiya. Surprise" she said as she tried to put her hands on her Papa's ears, so he wouldn't hear what they were talking about.

"Haha Diya Beta. Let's go to Mama in the kitchen with the cake. Want to come with us Dhruv?" he asked his son as he lifted his two children up in his hands.

And so the trio set off to the kitchen, looking for Geet. He saw Geet standing by the kitchen counter, intensely concentrating on her cake decorating. She was mumbling to herself "Oh. Why didn't I finish this earlier? Now Maan is going to have to wait for his own cake."

Hearing the word cake though, both of her children screamed "Mama Cake!" She quickly turned around, tose her favorite people in the world all looking at her cutely. "What are you guys doing here?" she asked as she took Dhruv from his father's hands and carried him. When they repeated that they wanted cake, she placed her children on the kitchen counter and gave each of them some of the cake batter that was left.

And then she turned back to continue decorating Maan's birthday cake. Geet suddenly felt two hands slip onto her waist, pulling her backwards until she met a solid rock wall, her husband's abs. "So Madam. What have you been doing all day? Taking care of Ma and Riddhima and Naintara and the house?" he whispered into her ear, a small smirk playing on his face.

"Maaaaaan" she answered, still not daring to look into her husband's eyes, knowing she would never get any work done if she did.

"Haan Geet. Tell me. I know you wanted to surprise me and all, but still, lying to your husband? Telling me that Diya was hurt? Do you realize how scared I was and when I heard you fainted. Lying about your health and giving me a heart attack is not the best way to suprise me, dear" he stated, feigning anger.

"So you didn't like the surprise then? We couldn't think of anything else other than telling you that Diya was hurt to get you home quickly. Sorry Maan" she said, holding her ears.

"Hmm. I can forgive you this time, but this won't go without some sort of punishment tonight" he said, a naughty playfulness in his eyes.

She looked at him confused for a whole two seconds, before realization dawned upon her as to what her husband was referring to. "Haha Maan. Nooo. Don't even think about it" she smiled shyly as she turned around swiftly and attempted to push her husband out of the kitchen. But he wouldn't budge, well not until the couple heard someone crying in the living room. Picking Diya and Dhruv up, the two rushed outside only to find Anwesha sobbing in Gayatri's arms and Arjun standing around awkwardly in the back, holding Aditya in his hands.


"Arjun. What did you do to Anwesha?" Maan questioned, giving Arjun a hard glare, as he walked towards his sister to console her. However, before his brother-in-law could get a word in, Anwesha started howling "Maan Bhai, this is all your fault. So don't even blame my poor Arjun for anything. You called him to the office today, on a Sunday, just because you had no one talking to you. Can't I even spend time with my husband without work interrupting?"

Before Maan could respond, Anwesha continued though. "Here I am, coming to spend time with you instead of with my husband, but what are you doing? Romancing your wife. How unfair Maan bhaiya?" she stated, her hands on her hips and a grin slowly forming on her face.

Maan stood there shocked at the turn of events, as he saw a smile spread on everyone's face. Wow. So he had been tricked once again. What's with me today? He thought to himself. Suddenly realizing the accusation that was thrown upon him, Maan responded quickly, "What? I was not romancing in the kitchen. I was merely talking to Geet about our plans tonight."

Only when he saw Geet glare at him, while blushing furiously, did he realize what he had just said. "Hai Hai Bhai Saab! Kya romance hain! Aur aap to bolti thi ki koi romance shomance nahi chlarahatha kitchen mein!" exclaimed Armaan, when he had heard what his brother said.

Kripa was not any slower with her teasing. "Kya Maan? Romance nahi? Tho humara bhabhiji to kyun sharmarahi hain? Huh?" she teased, as she pulled Geet back before she rushed into the kitchen to escape.

"Han Geet Bhabhi. Aap to bilkul laal ho gayi hain!" giggled Naintara, as she leaned against her husband, who was holding her by the shoulders.

Seeing Geet blush so much, even her little Dhruv went up to her and told her "Mama. Tomato!" indicating that she was as red as a tomato.

Everyone giggled hearing that statement. However, it was Riddhima that finally walked over to her sister and stood up for her. "All of you stop it. No need to make fun of my poor didi, when it's all obviously jiju's fault." Her just blushed even more at this entire situation. She just need to escape this entire teasing session.

"Kyun na hum ab cake kate?" she questioned, as everyone continued to laugh.

All the kids, Aditya, Diya, Dhruv, and Kripa two children, screamed with excitement. "Haan. We want cake!"


A small table had been set up, and Maan stood behind it, with all the kids surrounding him. Dilip and Gayatri, along with Naintara-Dev, Riddhima-Armaan, Kripa-Angad, and Anwesha-Arjun stood to the side, watching with smiles on their faces at the kids' enthusiasm.

When Geet entered the room, the cake in her hand, Maan stood and stared at her unabashedly, thinking how beautiful his wife looked that night. Dev, Armaan, Arjun, and Angad looked at each other, smirked, and whistled, as they saw Maan looking at Geet with such longing eyes.

After Maan cut the cake, Geet was the first to take a small piece and place it in her husband's mouth. Maan bent down to place a quick kiss on her cheek before he turned to whisper, "Tonight, mere Geet." Geet looked at him wide-eyed, as she just couldn't believe he would have the audacity to say that in front of everyone.

Before she could respond to her husband's obvious romance though, Anwesha stepped in, took some cake in her hands, and smeared it on her brother's face. "Ab to aap bilkul ek handsome birthday boy jaise lagrahe hain, kyun bhabhi? Aap kya kehte hain?" she questioned, with a smile on her face.

"Mere pyaari Anwesha. Who am I to disagree with you?" she responded, as she pulled her sister-in-laws cheeks.

"Ow bhabhi. I'm not that little anymore. Don't do this in front of Aditya!" Anwesha exclaimed, with a small pout on her face.

"Lekin tere bhaiya hain na? He still thinks of you as his little girl," came in Maan, as he slipped his hand around his wife's waist, and pulled her towards himself.

Before Anwesha could respond to this though, Armaan, Riddhima, and the kids all came towards Maan with cake in their hands.

"Come on. We just want to feed you some cake" they said as they walked closer and closer to the birthday boy. Geet ran away from there pulling Anwesha with her and went to talk to her brother, not wanting to get any cake on her face.

"Nahi. No way. No more cake on my face" screamed Maan as he tried to back away from the advancing crowd. But before he knew it, his cake was covered in some chocolate cake.

Dev, who was the official photographer for the family, was ready with his camera for this wonderful new look of Maan's. "Hmm. I definitely know what I'm going to caption this one as. Hamari Chocolate Boy!" he exclaimed as he clicked away.

A while later, after serving everyone cake, Maan went upstairs to wash off his face. "Geet" he called. "Where's my towel?"

Geet looked at her kids with exasperation. "Your Papa na. He can't find anything himself."

"Maan. Wahi toh hain. Aap dekhle na?" she screamed back, not wanting to go upstairs, and knowing that if she did, she wouldn't be able to come downstairs so quickly.

Gayatri, however, was quick to put in her two thoughts. "Jaa na Geet. Tu tho janti ho ki yeh ladka apke bagair kuch nahi karsakta hain." Geet blushed profusely, as she responded with a quiet "Han Ma" and made her way to their bedroom.


"Maan. Towel tho wahi thi na?" she questioned, as she slowly opened the door to her room.

"You really thought I called you upstairs for the towel?" he questioned, a naughty smile playing on his face, his eyes twinkling. He had pulled her inside, grabbing her by the wrist, and closed the door quickly behind her.

"Maan. Ab bas bhi karo" she said, turning away from him, and trying to walk away. However, he quickly grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall, trapping her with both his hands on the wall, and moving closer and closer to his wife.

"Maaan. You still have to clean that cake off of your face. What are you doing?" she whined, thrashing around, trying to get out of his grip.

"Romancing my wife, and then maybe we can clean up together" he exclaimed, a smile slowly forming. However, Geet was having none of it. "We have to go downstairs. It's your birthday and everyone is waiting for you. What will they think if we're upstairs for this long?"

Sighing, Maan realized that this was also true and moved away from her, freeing her to go downstairs. "Come down quickly, ok?" she ordered as she walked away.

"Wait. Before you go, I just wanted to tell you ' This cake is really good" he said as he took a finger, wiped some cake off his cheek and put it in his mouth.

However, what came next was a surprise to him too. Geet turned back, walking towards him, asking "Really?" She took a finger, quickly took cake off his cheek and put it in her own mouth. "Mmm. This is really good cake" she said her voice low and husky, winking at her husband before turning and walking downstairs.

Maan was left there, staring at his wife's retreating back, his mouth hanging wide open.


A fun filled evening followed for the entire Khurana family, after Maan came downstairs. After actually eating the cake, and exchanging presents, the family was just sitting around in the living room. Everyone together, yet everyone in their own world.

Dilip and Gayatri had already retired to the room, saying that they were tired after the busy day, so it was all their kids and their kids' kids left in the living. Riddhima and Armaan occupied one sofa, and Naintara and Dev the other. Both of these husbands were whispering sweet nothings into their respective wifes' ears, trying to please them and prevent them from going off on one of their mood swings.

Anwesha and Arjun were sitting on the floor near the fireplace, she in his arms as they shared a blanket, slightly dozing off with sweet smiles on their faces. Angad and Kripa were sitting on the floor nearby the kids, talking to each and updating each other on their lives, while Maan and Geet were sharing a sofa. Geet sitting on the armrest and leaning in to her husband, as they both watched their kids play.

"It's been two years already Maan'" Geet said, a sweet smile appearing on her face. "I can't believe these two have grown up so fast."

"They remind me more and more of the two of us, now don't they?" questioned Maan, as he pulled his wife in for a side hug. "Diya is so quiet and cute, na'just like me? While hamari Dhruv to bilkul tumhari tara hain'nonstop chatter but always ready to bring a smile to his Papa's face'"

"Hmm'" replied Geet as the two settled into a comfortable silence, enjoying the peacefulness that had taken over their lives, and the happiness that had filled them.

However, this silence didn't last long, as Armaan suddenly broke everyone out of their thoughts, waking some people up in the process. "All of you guys are worse than these little kids. They're all so young but they were able to stay up so long and only now fell asleep. You all are adults, and snoring away right now itself? It's only 10 o'clock. Let's do something fun'ok?"

Everyone smiled at Armaan's idea, but it was Anwesha and Geet and Kripa who got up first and started to walk.

"Where are you all going? Nahi kelna hain kya?" questioned a disappointed Armaan, a small pout on his face. The three woman simply smiled before turning to him and saying "Armaan. We're just going to put our little nautankis to bed. Otherwise, they'll wake up with any noise we make."

"But that's going to take so much timeeeeeeee" whined Armaan, still not losing his childishness even though he had his own baby on the way.

"Toh kya. Do you want to be the one taking care of five little kids and putting them to sleep if they wake up?" questioned Anwesha, her hands on her hips. "I mean'we'll be glad to hand them over to you and have you take care of them. No problem for us," added Kripa, smirking as she raised an eyebrow at Armaan with a questioning look.

"Nahi mere ma'" replied Armaan, folding two hands on his head as he shook it denying. "I already have a pregnant wife who's driving me crazy with all her whims at two am'more kids, no thank you!" he exclaimed, completely forgetting that the woman who he was complaining about was sitting right next to him.

Riddhima however, did hear what he had said, and she took no time to slap him hard on his shoulder. "Toh kya. Me and my kid are becoming a burden on you? You don't want to take care of the kids?" Riddhima asked, a frown forming as her face contorted into anger.

" way'I love you and our kids Riddhima, it's no problem at all. Tell them Dev." said Armaan, holding his ears to his wife, asking her for her forgiveness.

Dev turned to his brother, shocked. "Don't you dare drag me into this Armaan. I'm already making midnight runs for ice cream every other night..."

Too bad bechara Dev didn't realize that even what he said had problems with it' Naintara suddenly joined the conversation. "So you Mister have a problem satisfying your wife's and kid's cravings. If you don't realize, I crave for mint chocolate chip flavored ice cream, which is YOUR favorite flavor. Not MINE. Humph" she screamed angrily, crossing his arms across her chest as she glared at her husband.

Geet, Kripa, and Anwesha had dropped their kids off in the children's room and had come back after putting them to sleep, only to find Dev and Armaan sitting in front of their wives, their hands on their ears, as they repeatedly told them how sorry they were. Meanwhile, Maan, Arjun, and Angad were guffawing with laughter, seeing the sorry states of the two brothers.

Maan, unable to stop himself, stated "Oy Armaan and Dev. You guys have nothing to worry about. When your wife is pregnant with twins na, then you'll see what the real problems are like, mood swings every second, cravings every minute, and oh. I went crazy, I tell you, completely crazy."

Poor Maan didn't realize that Geet, Kripa, and Anwesha had brought down pillows for them to use to get comfortable. The pillows were now put to other uses, as each of the wives took one and started bashing up their husbands. "Humph. This will teach you all to make fun of us about when we are pregnant" they said, each standing up with their hands on their hips.

Needless to say, these five couples spent the next one hour having fun, and enjoying themselves to the max.


Maan and Geet trudged up the stairs slowly, making their way back to their room after a fun-filled night. As soon as they entered the room, Geet began to make her way to the cupboard, to grab her nightclothes and change; however, Maan was too quick for her. Grabbing her by the wrist, he pulled her back into him, hugging her from behind as wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. "Ab tho tum mere saath time spend karsakthi hain, haina?" he questioned as he slowly walked with her to the bed.

As she opened her mouth to respond, he started again. "At this point, Madam, you don't have any option. I'll still have to punish you for lying to me this morning, not wishing me on my birthday, giving me a heart attack by pretending you fainted, and for looking so beautiful and coming into my thoughts all day" he ended with a smirk, as he dropped her on the bed, falling right on top of her.

"Maan" Geet whispered, as her husband slowly bent his head down to her neck, placing feathery light kisses along her shoulder, pushing her blouse and pallu away. He then went to her face, kissing her on her forehead, moving down to her eyelids, her cheeks, and finally hovering above her lips, before she grabbed his head and met his lips with hers, unable to withhold the passion burning within her any longer.

Maan, seeing that his wife was now lost completely, removed all the barriers of clothing that lay between them. The two then succumbed to their burning desires, the burning passion that was mounting as they made love, the moonlight peeking through the curtains of the window being the only witness to their passionate lovemaking.


The couple were lying on the bed, Geet's head on her husband's chest as they both lay under the covers, a sweet smile on their lips. Suddenly, the knocking of their bedroom door startled them and they both jumped up in bed, with Maan quickly picking up his scattered clothes and throwing them on before he went towards the door.

Wondering who it could be so late at night, he opened the door only to find his younger daughter standing there, in her pajamas, and her teddy bear in her hand, as she rubbed her eyes furiously. "Papa'Diya no sleep." Maan stared dumbfounded at his little girl, trying to think of a way to lead her back to her bedroom so he could romance his wife some more. Bingo!

"Diya beta," he said softly, as he picked her up, "You were saying na how you wanted a baby brother or sister to play with?" he questioned.

Diya was now wide awake, as she exclaimed with a happy voice "You mean the baby's sleeping in the room right now? Can I go see it papa? I promise I won't be loud."

Maan chuckled at his daughter's words, thinking how fast her mind went. "Haha no beta. Mama and Papa are going to work on getting you a baby sister or brother in about one year'babies don't come so soon" he said.

By now Diya was completely distracted from why she had even come to her parents room in the first place and as Maan lay her back in her own bed, near her brother, she asked him "So one year na, Papa? Then I'll have a younger baby?"

Placing a kiss on his daughter's forehead and covering her with the blanket, Maan smiled sweetly as he replied "Yes'"


Maan finally walked back to his room, looking at the clock on his way inside. 11:30. Still thirty minutes left of his birthday. Geet was waiting for him by the window, dressed in her night dress and a robe wrapped around her.

Placing a soft kiss on her ear, Maan whispered "I just promised Diya that we would give her a baby brother or sister in one year. We need to start working" he said, the naughtiness back in his voice.

"Maan. We don't have to start working and Diya won't have to wait one year" she said, turning around to face her husband. Taking his hand and pressing it on her stomach, she lightly kissed him on the lips before she whispered "Only eight months to wait."

A look of confusion waved across Maan's face as he tried to comprehend the news his wife had given him. As realization dawned upon him though, he screamed in ecstasy "Wow Geet! You've made me the happiest man alive! I'm going to be a father again!" he said, as he pulled her in for a tight hug. "When did you find out?" he questioned.

"Today. When I fainted'" she whispered, her voice growing soft.

Maan's excitement died instantaneously as he asked "So you really did faint?" Geet nodded in response before she quickly added "I'm fine Maan. I promise. I've been pregnant before, so I know what to expect"

"So everyone in the family knows about this?" he questioned as he pulled her to the bed.

"Hmm. Yeah. Everyone knows. I told them I wanted to be the one to tell you and surprise you. It's my little gift to you" she said, wrapping her arms around him, as he leaned against the headboard of the bed.

"It's not a little gift Geet. It's a huge gift and I'm so happy. Diya, Dhruv, aur ek aur nishaani hamari pyaar ki" he said, a smile on his face, before he passionately pulled his wife in for another kiss. Yes. No more problems in their life. Their life had taken a turn for the better, and happiness was the only thing they saw, everywhere they looked.

The End



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Cute update...perfect ending to a perfect day!!!

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Originally posted by -pixie-

Cute update...perfect ending to a perfect day!!!

heeh told ya I would update fast....even though I didn't have to that muchLOLLOL

but thanks a ton! :)

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beautiful ss.. so touching, esp the kids are soooo cute

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WOW...dat ws brilliant......i loved it.....
u should write more if u have time....u r juss brilliant writer....

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