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28th June update by Eksie...

Eps starts from where it ended last week .. with Dadi ranting about all that Leher did on Dadi's birthday. Dadi tells Bua that Leher has challenged her .. used her birthday as an opportunity and she couldn't do anything about it! Dadi says she was lucky that she didn't throw the food .. Just then Surili enters the room with some food and insists that Dadi eats some. Dadi tells her "yahan hamari naak kat gayi .. aur tumhe khaane ki padi hai" (Dadi .. khud aap naak katane pe tuli ho .. what can anyone do!) Bua then insists Dadi eats food or else she will fall sick.  Dadi says she can't eat .. but Dadi forces her to.
Finally Dadi takes a bite .. and both discussing how smart Leher turned out to be. Bua says "hamare gale mein ghanti baandh gayi aaj" (hahahaha!) Both agree that dono ki pol khul jaati had they served the bad food to their guests! Surili then adds fuel to the fire .. says that Leher was itra-oing in front of everyone .. it was Dadi's birthday, but everyone were praising Leher and she didn't understand why! (Surili .. you thought people will praise you? whateverrr!! agle janam mein .. maybe!)
Dadi then says whatever happened .. happened for the best. Bua is shocked at her statement .. Dadi explains that she lost one game, and now she has got an inkling of how Leher's mind works and to what extent she can go. Dadi says Leher looks very innocent .. but she ain't as innocent as she looks. She thinks Leher must be very happy today (Dadi says it like Amitabh in Deewar - aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum LOL)  and goes on to say that Dadi will gain from Leher's khushi Confused Surili asks Dadi .. how will that happen. Dadi says "khushi se aati hai madhoshi .. aur phir hum karenge aisa waar .. ke woh sambhal nahin paayegi" Confused Confused (Okay .. now this is scaring me!)
Dadi then tells Surili to get some paan for her .. and another katori of kheer .. for her and Bua! (Dadi is already celebrating Confused) Surili leaves .. and Dadi tells Bua that Leher has given her maat .. and she has to answer her back Confused Dadi says .. Leher got the diamond necklace out of her, and before that she herself gave her the kangans. Now .. with those same kangans .. she will make Leher dance! Confused 
I've had to watch this part a couple of times .. lol .. sooo awww! Day Dreaming
Leher is standing in front of the mirror .. removing her bangles. Abeer miyan comes and hugs her from behind and says 'itnaaa kaam?' and goes on to tell her that he can help her with such work .. like removing her jewellery .. and also help her remove her lipstick! Embarrassed (writing this is damn funny! LOL) Leher says "achcha .. paas aane ke bahane dhoond rahe ho tum?" And both have a "bilkul!! bilkul??" moment Embarrassed Leher grabs the comb to .. well, comb her hair .. and Abeer miyan toh has to comment on that too! You see .. husband who appreciates wifey dearest ki beauty .. whole heartedly Wink Embarrassed Abeer says "ahista Leher .. naazuk baalon pe itna keher?" Embarrassed Abeer hugs her even tighter Day Dreaming and Leher wonders "aaj bada hi pyar aa raha hai tumhe?" Embarrassed Abeer answers with a 'bahut zyada' Embarrassed Abeer takes her by the hand and slowly pulls her towards the bed .. and says he was her deewana .. but today what she did, everyone has become a fan of hers! Abeer says .. he's become a fan of hers after what she did for Dadi! Leher says "hmmm? toh phir le lo na autograph!" Embarrassed Abeer toh is maha-khush Big smile .. and says "dil pe toh tumhara naam pehle hi likha tha .. ab haath pe bhi tum apna naam likh do" Embarrassed Leher pretends to sign on his palm .. and leaves her signature kiss! Embarrassed (awww ... sooo sweet!) Abeer then says that today everyone got to know that his Leher is sooo intelligent Embarrassed Leher says enough of praises .. and everything was possible, coz he was with her every step of the way Embarrassed Abeer gets into self-praise mode (he's soo cute!) and says he thought as much, thats why he was wondering how things went so smoothly LOL He then adds .. in the process, she left out something. Leher wonders what was it that she left out .. and Abeer says that he will tell her, but she shouldn't tell Dadi as it will upset her Confused Leher wonders what it is .. and Abeer says "baat yeh hai ki tumne Dadi ke pyare Lalla ka khayal nahin rakha" Wink LOL Leher returns it with a 'ohhh.. I didn't do the right thing .. and asks Abeer how does she take care of Dadi's Lalla? Embarrassed Abeer tells her to come closer .. and whispers something in her ear .. and Leher laughs and blushes Blushing 
Just then, Dadi & Bua pass from AbHer's room and hear them laughing .. and Dadi tells Bua that this laughter is only until tomorrow Confused 
Next morning .. KulCha is selling old newspapers to the raddiwala .. and is looking at the weighing scale a tad longer and shouts at the raddiwala for taking too long and wonders if he is cheating him of the actual weight! The raddiwala says its all correct and the papers together weigh 12.5 kgs! KulCha tells him to round it off to 13 kgs .. to 'adjust' the half kg! LOL (I've actually seen people do that at the raddiwala's .. and find it tooo funny! LOL) KulCha goes on to bargain with the raddiwala .. shouting, as usual! Dead Just then Bittan comes with an oil container that is empty .. to give to the raddiwala .. but kanjoos Kul tells her take it back inside, as they will bring khula tel from the market and fill the container Dead Poor Bittan looks terrified Ouch Kul further tells Bittan to tell Rama to get him, Ankur and his shoes .. Bittan reminds him that those shoes are torn .. but Kul insists they keep the shoes as its the rainy season and they can use it .. and get it fixed at the mochi! Confused 
Just then .. Abeer, Leher & Surili walk out of the house to go to the mandir. Bittan is happy to see them .. but Kulcha, as usual .. frowns when he sees them! Kulcha then says that no one is worried and now they have to do everything on their own .. loud enough for AbHer to hear him. Kul forces Bittan to go inside the house. Leher is sad to see how Kul is shouting at Bittan .. while Abeer looks towards Kul, angrily Angry (kaash Abeer could have given him a punch!! kitnaaa bolta hai! Angry) Surili looks on (with her weird facial expressions Confused) and finally opens her mouth, telling Abeer to wait for her .. as she forgot to get some parcel that Dadi had asked to give to the pandit! (me thinks she was lieing .. she wanted to go tell Dadi that they bumped into Kul!)
Kul grabs the money from the raddiwala .. and asks him to leave! Even the raddiwala says "kaisa aadmi hai!" (our thoughts exactly! Dead) Abeer tells Leher to walk ahead .. and just then Bittan returns with the shoes. Kul tells her that he will get the shoes fixed .. and also get the veggies. Bittan says that Brij is going to get the veggies. Kul is surprised and wonders how come Brij thought of getting the veggies .. and again, speaks aloud about Brij leaving his job! Abeer & Leher turn around and are shocked to hear about Brij's resignation. Bittan tries to say something .. but as usual, Kul stops her and says "kya ab bhi BB Mathur ki aarti utarein? .. jo kuch tha woh ladki ki shaadi mein luta diya" (how sickk! Dead) and talks about Omi, how he wanted to get married in the mandir, but BB wanted to show off his daughter's wedding! Dead and showed off so much, that the whole world knows .. and further taunts that his daughter left the dulha and the mandap and went away Dead Further fuel .. stating how BB left his job for his daughter .. and the daughter does not care at all! Ouch 
Kul goes on to taunt Leher that she got married to a rich guy and is roaming around, decked from head to toe Dead Abeer looks at him, seething with anger .. and Leher has tears in her eyes Cry Cry Bittan is feeling uncomfortable that Abeer & Leher had to hear all the venom that Kul spewed .. Just then BB walks out of the house and AbHer see him. BB is starting the scooter .. and Kul asks him where he is going. BB replies saying he is going to buy veggies. Kul starts his venom-spewing again and says to BB that if the scooter would start with blood, he'd happily donate his own blood (yeahhh right!!! Angry) but the scooter runs on petrol! Abeer, Leher, Bittan .. all look sad and disgusted at the same time .. Kul further says that the mandi is not very far that BB cannot go walking! Abeer & Leher are shocked at Kul's words .. BB asks how can he go to the mandi, walking .. Kul taunts him saying that he can't walk to the mandi, coz he can't face people? Dead In the meantime .. Surili comes out of the house and with her, comes Bua .. to see all the tamasha happening! Kul goes on n on.. tells BB that his father-in-law has not gifted him a petrol pump .. and just then, BB sees AbHer standing there. Leher almost steps forward to meet him .. but stops. Kul goes on that BB has shown his guroor .. but now he has to suffer Dead Surili and Bua look at one another .. hinting to stay quiet and watch the tamasha Dead Kul tells Brij that now the house will have to run on his salary.. BB tells him to keep quiet and to talk inside the house. Kul shouts further .. asking why should they go inside .. what is left of their izzat to go inside the house and speak softly Dead The third angle was left .. who else but Dadi .. also comes out to see the tamasha! Angry Kul goes on to shout at BB that he blew up everything .. but Leher  (pointing at her) has no shame whatsoever Angry Dead Damnnn you Kul .. if you let her speak, then she will let you know how she feels .. and how she regrets everything, esp losing her family! Angry Angry How could the 4th one stay inside? (why do all the baddies listen to everything .. where is Sudha?) TN also comes out to see the tamasha Dead Kul goes on (does he ever stop?! Angry) and asks BB if his daughter even cries for her father .. Again taunts BB saying that someone said something in the office, and he resigned .. BB asks him to stop .. but Kul says that Leher should know what condition she has made of her father!! Angry BB again asks him to stop .. and Kul says "aisi behaya ladki ke liye aap chaar taane nahin sun sakte the?" Angry (feeling sooo bad for Leher Cry) BB sorta gives up .. and Kul asks who is gonna run the house now? Will your daughter come with some helping hand (funds) from her in-laws? Abeer is comforting Leher .. while the 4murti (Dadi-Bua-TN-Surili) look on .. kinda enjoying the tamasha Dead Angry Kul hits the final nail .. and says to Brij that bahut seh liya aapke parivaar ka bojh..ab aur nahin seh paayenge Angry Cry Leher is crying Cry Kul says to BB that he is an elder brother only for namesake .. but he (Kul) has to take care of BB's family Angry 
Abeer walks up to Kul & Brij .. Bua calls out to Abeer but he doesn't listen. Just when Abeer begins to tell Kul about not creating anymore tamasha in front of everyone, Brij cuts him off .. telling him that Kul is his brother and he can say whatever he wants. Also, its his gharelu matter .. and he doesn't need Abeer or his wife's sympathies (how could you BB? how could you be so stone hearted Ouch Angry) Leher is crying .. and Abeer looks towards Leher. BB tells Abeer to leave .. and himself walks back into the house with Kul and Bittan. Abeer walks back to Leher .. while rest of the VP's walk back into their house. Leher is heartbroken and Abeer tries to comfort her Cry 
Back in their room .. Leher is crying and tells Abeer that she is responsible for her father's condition. She says that coz of her, BB had to resign. Abeer tries to tell her that its not coz of her .. and assures her that they will find a way out .. and to not breakdown but gather herself. Leher says how can she gather herself .. and says that Kul was so harsh and that he insulted her father in front of her, but she had to remain quiet .. coz she is in the wrong. Leher says to Abeer that she is wrong .. and is worried how Bittan will be able to continue her education .. how will they run the house? Abeer tells her not to worry .. he is there .. and he will help them. Leher tells Abeer that BB will never accept their help .. he is very khuddar. Abeer tells Leher not to worry .. and they both together will take care of her family. Leher says she wants to seek his forgiveness. Leher recollects her childhood memories .. telling him that she always fell asleep on her father's lap .. she always held his hand wherever they went .. that BB always, no matter what, always fulfilled her desires .. he never said no to her for anything. Leher goes on to say that people always spoke highly of BB..that his life revolved around his daughter Guddan (this was so sweet .. with so much emotionCry) Leher says, in return..what did she give him? She was his support system .. and she herself snatched his support system from him. Abeer consoles her .. but Leher is on a guilt trip, saying that what she did was not right. Abeer says to her that she still is her father's support .. and she hasn't snatched anything from her. Abeer hugs her .. and tells her to stop crying .. that he is with her.. while Leher keeps saying she can't understand how everything will be alright.
Dadi is doing her usual katha .. just then the dhobi comes and asks her for clothes. Dadi calls out to Banke .. but instead, Leher comes and gives the clothes to the dhobi. Dadi sees that Leher is upset .. and immediately tells Bua that she found a way!! Angry She says that she found a better way than what she had planned earlier Angry Bua is excited .. and Dadi goes on to tell her that now, with Leher .. whatever little izzat her family has left .. even that should be tarnished! Angry Dadi explains her plan to Bua (all mute) .. and Bua gets wayyy too excited! Confused Dead Dadi then tells Bua to write a niccce letter in the name of the Mathurs Confused and Bua rushes to do just that!
PRECAP: Dadi is praising Leher in front of Abeer .. saying that his wife is very nice and she did a lot of seva today .. takes her hand and says that she is sure Leher will not let anything happen to her! (wish she would do something to you, Dadi! Angry) Dadi notices that Leher is not wearing the kangans. Leher is trying to recollect where she kept the kangans .. and Dadi wonders if she doesn't remember where she kept them. Leher looks confused Confused Ouch

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29th June update by Eksie...

Eps starts with Leher in the kitchen .. recollecting all that happened earlier, ie, Kul blasting Brij and also taunting her and Abeer. She thinks of how Abeer went upto Brij, but was snubbed by him Ouch Leher, though sad, realises she needs to get back to her chores. While kneading the aata .. she removes the kangans and keeps them on the table as it was disturbing her while kneading. Dadi, in the meantime, sees Leher has removed her kangans .. and on the other hand, Bua gives Dadi a thumbs up that the work is done. 
Dadi starts coughing .. and one by one, everyone rush to her (nautanki .. ghadi ghadi drama karti hai! Dead) Banke gives her some water .. and Dadi pretends to feel slightly better. Bua .. chance maarofies and tells Dadi that she will get some honey-pepper for her .. and goes to the kitchen. Bua sees the kangans kept on the counter .. picks it up, hides it in her pallu and returns to where Dadi and everyone are. Dadi .. ishaaron mein .. asks her if the work is done, and Bua gives her a slight nod. Bua then insists that they all move to the living room and sit there. Bua then tells Surili to make some tea for Dadi .. but Leher brings juice for her instead. Just then Abeer enters and asks Dadi what happened? Dadi says to him that she is fine .. just old age catching up. Abeer sits next to Dadi and tells everyone that now she will be fine, coz he is there (Abeer sweetie .. we all feel better when you are around. Pls .. Dadi does not need to feel any better .. Leher and we need it .. so you better stand up tmrw!!)
Dadi is all praise for Abeer .. and Leher too. She asks Leher to sit with her .. and in all the jhoothi praising .. she sees Leher does not have her kangans on, and asks her about them. Leher, for a minute is confused .. then remembers that she had removed them while kneading dough and then suddenly Dadi fell unwell so she rushed to her. Leher gets up and goes to the kitchen to get the kangans. In the meanwhile, TN & Alok return home and ask for Dadi's well-being. Dadi says it feels good that her whole family is around her .. Just then Leher returns, all worried, and says that the kangans are not in the kitchen Ouch All are surprised .. and Bua tells her to look properly. Leher asks Banke if he has seen them .. he says no. Abeer tells Leher to recollect where she had them last .. Leher again says she left them in the kitchen.
TN asks Dadi if its the same one she gave Leher .. Dadi says yes. TN says those kangans are/were very expensive. Leher is kinda surprised/shocked (did Leher kinda realise it must be Dadi's chaal?) TN looks upset. Dadi adds fuel to the fire and says, its not so much about the value of the kangans .. just that they were khandaani kangans, which is why she is upset. Sudha says she will help Leher look for the kangans. Both return .. and yet the kangans are untraceable!
Bua tells Leher that she must have left them in the bathroom .. must have removed them before taking a shower. Leher says she remembers she had them on her. Bua then recollects that the dhobi had come .. but Leher dismisses it, saying she clearly remembers she removed the kangans after the dhobi left. Abeer again asks Leher to recollect where she left them .. 
At Mathur house .. all are having dinner. Brij is lost in his thoughts .. and as usual, Kul is all angry and in his nastiness .. is looking at Bittan eating dinner Dead Mridula nudges Brij to have his dinner .. as he hasn't eaten anything. Rama insists he eat too. Kul gets up and goes towards the kitchen .. Rama says she will take his plate .. but Kul insists that he needs to do his work himself. Kul returns from the kitchen and says that ghee got over quicker this month .. again, indirectly taunting Brij Dead Angry 
Just then the door bell rings .. and Ankur gets up to open the door. Ankur sees no one outside .. and just when he closes the door, he notices an envelope left on the door, and it has Brij's name on it. Ankur gives the envelope to Brij .. he opens it .. reads the letter in it and is shocked!
Precap : Alok indirectly suggests that Leher may have given the kangans to someone .. while Bua snubs him. Leher gets upset and walks away from there .. crying Cry Just then .. someone throws the kangans on the floor of Vajpayee house .. and all are shocked!

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oops the pic doesnt want to come up... Cry... its just an old screen cap from the show but i felt like sharing it again... guess i will have to find it elsewhere Confused

Edited by fj08 - 11 July 2011 at 9:30pm

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ekta's new show parichay on colors luks's d second show i'm watching on colors after i'm watching two of ekta's shows d other one is bade acche lagte hain...:)

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