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Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

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25th May short update by ankitwinkle...

short update,episode starts with same kul giving baddua and finally abeer shouts and yells he can't tolerate more and says he will not let tears come in leher's eyes , kul then close the doors both abher stare at their houses bittan,mridula,chachi look through window but kul closes the door sudha also watch frm the roof but tn take her away . Finally they go to bansi kaka shop where he offer them sweets first leher refuses but finally agrees and dono ek dusre ko mithai khilate hai after this abeer shadab and gaurav go inside and think bout where will they keep leher .both tell that they cant take them to their house . Abeer then take out 500 rs frm his pocket gaurav gives 350 and shadab 150, then bansi kaka arrives and insists hin t6 take 1000 rs abeer first refuses but later on takes the money . After this bansi kaka gives them food and also shagun to leher . Leher touches his feet and tells no one has given them blessing onlz he has and this is so imp for her. After this they arrive at a hotel where abeer thank hir frnds and tells them to go home and they enter where the receptionist talk dirty as shown in precap few times abees try tobeat him but leher holds him finally leher requests him to giue them room then that shit receptionist says ab itne pyar se kahoge to room to kya pura hotel de denge then abeer throws money at him and they go to the room where leher sits on the bed and abeer tells he will be back in a minute . He goes and leher cries while remembering her parents abeer then returns with a chocolate and sits at these and consoles her about not to worry . "the squence after this is very sweet and i cant describe it in words sorry you have to watch this " at the end leher sleeps in abeer's lap.             
Precap . Both r sleeping and suddenly bell rings both wake up and abees says is waqt and opens the door and there is his mom dear sudha jee with few bags, 
sry if i missed anythng as it was a quick update but seriously guys u have to watch this the episode was rocking .    

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26th  May update by Hina...

The epi starts with the next morning at the Vajpayee house where the newspapers read the headlines of a Brahmin marrying a Kayashth ,Boodha cries and TN is super angry and same is the case at the Mathur house where Kul after being looked down by some people on the street comes home annoyed with the whole thing and gives Brij an ultimatum that either he lives with his family in the house or them..he even goes to say that Bittan mite be having some secret affair too...

Back to Sudha ,she gets stuff ready for her lalla and asks Banke to look after daadi and chutki while she's gone...She finds Shadab on the street and asks him to take her to her lalla...

Major Cuteness now,Leher wakes up in Abeer's lap and is shocked to see the sun rise...she looks at a tired Abeer and tells him off sweetly for not waking her up till so late...Abeer smiles the worlds best smile and aks her how her headache is now and says that he'll go get her a tablet to which Leher lovingly refuses and pulls him back to say that she doesnt want him to go anywhere and awww !!!!

She cuddles up to Abeer and he asks her if she's hungry and she says ' ha thoda' lol and Abeer suggests they order something..he pulls out the menu card and reads it to her ,chooses a choc milkshake and a cheese omelette?  and then it strikes to her that they havent much money left in the kitty ,she says that she can't spend  Rs 100 already then they wudn't have much left ,in case they need to stay for a few days at the hotel...

Abeer says that she has to eat and that he'll sort all out and arrange something  and Leher is still arguing when the door bell rings and Abeer answers it to find his amma standing with the bags like we saw yesterday ...

She gives them both aashirwad and says that they must be hungry and goes to get the food box when Abeer  refuses to eat ,but Sudha insists and says that his bauji wudn't know...
She says that Leher is gorgeous and thats why her lalla was paglaing after her ...Leher blushes and so does Abeer a bit ...

She then feeds Leher and Abeer and Leher's eyes well up to see her sasuma's pyaar,she reassures Leher that she'll be her mum from now on and Abeer aww to see the new bond ...Leher then replies that even she knows a mum ka dil and says that she might not have  eaten since last night and Sudha is proud of her bahu for being so caring already !

Then they have a cute scene where Abeer feeds Leher and Sudha watching them sweetly...

She then talks about taking them home,The Vajpayee home.. and he explains why he can't return...

Precap: Sudha is crying and chanting Om Jai jagdish around the tulsi I guess when Budha says that she's cried always and seen her lalla leave and now if she cries anymore ,even the bhagwan will  leave ...but Sudha continues with her recitation when a chail chabili lady walks in and joins Sudha in the chant ,welcome  Buaji !

well,its not a short update anymore eh?
excuse the typos people,I'm busy awwwing !
oh btw Happy Awww day !

enjoy !

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27th May update by Hina...

Episode begins with Sudha insisting on Abeer returning home and says that everyone in the house hasnt eaten since last nite and they all care for him but Abee refuses saying that he will not return to a house where he was the cause of all trouble  ... He asks sudha not to insist coz its hurts him to say no to her ...Sudha goes teary and says that before she couldn't face her husband's abhimaan( ego?) and now her son's swabhimaan( self-pride?) has weakened her ...

Sudha then gives up and says that she will force him anymore but reminds him to look after Leher and give her all the love and happiness in the world (dont worry amma,lalla apko nirash ni karega kabhi is dept me Wink)...  She then tells goes to Leher and pulls out the kangan rom her own hands and slips them on Leher's hand and says that she doesnt have anything else to give her...Leher hugs her and Sudha says that she had alays dreamt of doing so much for her bahu but couldn't...

She then tells them both to take care of each other and tells them be strong and says shadi ki hai to nibhana ache se (pyar kiya to nibhana -awww) ...Both nid and thank Sudha ...

Sidha then gives the bag of clothes( Leher ke kapde kaha se layi? chutki's?) and also hands Abeer some money to which he obviouly says no...He says that he's grateful for the clothes  that she 'sbrought  for them  but he cant take the money coz that'll make him weak ... He says that if his bauji come sot know he'll insult their love again and he wudn't be able to take it ...

Sudha sorta agrees and gets ready to leave...She kisses Leher's forehead and asks them to look after themselves ...Abeer sighs to part with his mum or may be coz he has a lot to think of  and then Sudha leaves...

At Vajpayee house ,she walks in slowly and shuts the door behind when Bake walks down the stairs and informs her that none of the Vajpayees have eaten anything and says that TN even refused for tea... Sudha asks him if he has eaten and tells him to go and eat ,when he says no she tells him that she has fed his lalla bhaiya so he can eat as well,Banke smiles and leaves ...Sudha also says to not bother with TN and Boodha lol,i liked that for some reason .

Sudha walks into her bedroom where TN is lying on the bed in the dark...She goes upto him and says that she walk to talk about something...TN says that he doesnt wanna talk if its anything to do with her son,Sudha remains mum ,so TN assumes its abt Abeer and asks her to leave and switch off the ligh ton her way out...( TN looked mast in his white kurta Embarrassed)... 

Sudha leaves and TN thinks and grumps at all Abeer said to him at the wedding...

Scene shifts to AbHer and let the  awwws begin!!!!

Abeer wakes up wearing a white tee and jeans looking sexy  and Leher is standing by the window in a blue saree and matching jewellery  and not to forget the sindoor in her maang (ammaji ne toh poora wardrobe de diya lagta hai ) looking lovely 

Abeer wishes her good morning and she replies the same awww(what morning is this btw?)

Abeer notices the frown on her face and asks whats wrong ,she says that aise nahi chalega Abeer,ek do din ki bath ni hai ke Gaurav and Shadab or Amma brings food for them ,coz she doesnt want them to get into trouble for them ,she says that they will have to sort something out very soon...

Abeer slips into deep thought when Leher comes and sits on the other edge of the bed and asks him if he regreats get married (huh?) and Abeer obviously gets a jhatka and tells her to never think so  and that he is never gonna regret marrying her...he agrees that things arent going the way they would like them to but that doesnt mean that he is falling weak ...

She then says sorry that she spoilt his mood early morning and he says to never say stuff like it again and says that now he's her pati and can boss around... that he has the haque to do so and reminds her of his gussa( i didnt get that bit ,someone plz explain)  ...They share a cute smiley moment awww ! and then he goes I'm humgry and u must be too and she scrunches her nose for a yes and I missed what he said but they get off the bed ( yaar kitna khate ai ye log ,always damn hungryLOL

Vajpayee house where Sudha is a chanting her prayers and gets flashes of her lalla when Boodha asks her to say her prayers right and says that she would have done the pooja herself if she was well...she starts er curses on Leher again and Sudha cries at that when Rajjo bua walks in and sings the pooja...She takes her amma's aashirwad and then goes to Sudha who touches her feet?( guess she must be older than TN then ) and completes the pooja...

Suda is surprised and says that she didnt inform before coming and she replies that she didnt want them to know...She complains that they have given her the paraya treatment but she had to come when she came to know of such a huge fiasco in her family ...

She tells them that she had called Tn aiven hi and he told her of the whole issue and says that hum apno ki chinta nahi karenge to kya bagal wale karenge? and Boodha jumps at the mention of bagal wale and curses them again ...Bua says that it is a big matter and turns to Sudha and tells her off to let things go out of hand ...And then Bua asks sudha to get khane ki thali for her amma coz she knws she hasnt eaten ...

Sudha leaves and Boodha asks Rajjo ke hal chal and asks abt her damad and Rajjo says that he was ready to come along when he read abt it in the newspaper but she didnt get him along...
Then Boodha asks abt her nati and his wife toh ab Buaji ki negativity shuru ...she goes that her son is well and is still their apna and hasn't betrayed them coz she knows how to keep her son under her control and that her bahu would never do anything without her will...

Boodha cries again on her misery and says that she's really disappointed in lalla but Bua says that she agrees that whatever appened wasn't right but that hey can't deny the facts... She advises  Boodha to get a grip and that things will get better soon...She then goes to help Sudha in the kitchen but really to give her a silent kinda bashing ...

When Sudha was cooking ,she goes why she is preparing all kinds of food when there's so much maatam in he house and says that she hasn't seen her maayka so gloomy before ( sad Buaji,apko vida karne ke baad khushi hi rahi hogi but aap jo laut ayi hai uff,another villian !)
She tells Banke to go and inform TN abt her arrival...

Precap: Buaji tells TN to bring lalla back and TN replies angrily that he will never bring  Abeer home especially with Leher ,Never ! 

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 31st May update by wida...

TN comes home and ask when bua came. He asks if everything is allrights. Bua says so much happend and you asking this? You are my little brother and will alwasy stay my little brother. So much happend and you didnt call me? She says i wanna explain one thing im not here to celebrate matam. Already so much happening we have to look for a solution. Dadi crying and saying what can we doo..we have to get used to live with out lala. Bua says ohh mom you started again nothing will change with your crying. I know you love lala a lot so much that you can spoil him...Dadi says i cant live without him. Bua says this might sound hard but it is true..Abeer married that girl which make her your bahu. Everyone will talk about family bajpayee now naa..saying TN left his son and bahu like that. I think there is only one solution why dont we call them back home? Tn says I wont give Abeer to come back ever!! especially that girl.
Abeer and Leher walking out..Abeer goes  back to their room cause he left his mobile. Leher standing alone and some ulgy guy looks at her..a drunk man..and starts saying things to her..Leher gets scared and say let me go but that man keeps coming to her and say i got money how much do you take. Abeer comes out of the room and grabs that man. Abeer says who are you? drunk man says who are you? Abeer says tumhara baab!!LOL Says i will change your face get lost of here...Man says you talking like that she is your wife.. Abeer says what you sayingg she is my wifee..Man says if she is your wife than she is myne as well..ABER almost strats hitting him but some man comes  and take the man away...Leher is back to her room and abeer runs to the room.
Bua says why wont he come back ? he will come back. Dadi says what should we do and says bad things about what abeer did and mathurs, Bua says how far lala stays from us he will become more far from us. Bua says he is living alone with that girl! In place fo saving him you put him in fire. You should haev told that girl that abeer is your grandson first and than her husband!  BUA SAYS bring abeer bakc with love and that maharani..and than tell that girl that lala is this house son and alwasy will be the son of ts house...Bring lala close to you with love and than finally end the love story. She tells to act like she is very ill and than lala will come back and TN will agree as well.
Dadi acting ill Tn sit next to her. DAdi says she wont eat anything till lala comes back. TN says lala maafi ke kabel nahi hai. Dadi says i just want my lala back. TN says you know lala is not alone if he comes than mathur ki ladki will come as well. Bua says let her come she isnt mathurs daughter she is also bajpayees daughter if bahu doesnt come than where will she go...ok they keep acting and and talking with TN and finally TN agrees. He is going to bring lala back. And everyone is very happy.
Leher crying in her room. Abeer says sorry i didnt know this would happen otherwise i wouldnt leave you there. Abeer says i cant see tears in your eyes. Leher says all these people who live here they so cheap how they talk. Please lets go. Abeer says dont worry we will go somewhere else. Kya kya socha tha mein but never thought i will bring you here ..dont worry you are my zimedari  iwill take care of you i cant see you cryign please. Abeer kan pakarta hai Embarrassedand says sorry..Leher says abeer  i know you didnt know about that this place is like this...Door bell rings and it is sudha. Abeer says come in and than it is not good for you to come here like this..i came to bring you home lets goo..Abeer says no i have said before i will dont go i wont go back to that house. Sudha says that dadi is in bad situation and sayyin lala lala all the time. Abeer says that is not because of our love but because of the paaps she has doneLOLshe made too many paapsLOL.i WONt go i have seen a lot of naatak i wont belive this now..Sudha says it is not nataak..bhagwan na kara if soemthing happens to ehr you wont be able to forgive yourself. Leher says ma is right you go and meet dadi.Abeer says you saying this?? Leher says forget everything go and meet her. Whatever she sais she was angry she loves you. I know she doesnt like me but you are her grandson please go and meet her. Sudha says im here to take you as well to our house come. Abeer says bbabuji bura manjate hai you know that. And than TN enters..and they shockedd.
Precape: TN says dadi havent eaten anything since you left..Abeer says i do care about dadi but i am your sone. I said once that i wont go so i wont go!!

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1st June update by wida.

TN comes inside and says that from the day that you left home ama didnt eat anything.cme back home. Abeer says im not saying that i dont care about dadi but im your son when i said once i wont go than i wont go. Sudha says what ever  if you dont wanna come it is ok but we wont leave leher here we will take our bahu with us and i m sure that leher wont say no. Abeer says yes you are right but before she is your bahu she is my wife! And i dont want to go back to that house. Tn says i know you are because of me...but please care abour dadi. Abeer saysnoo not like this. TN says tell us what to do so you come back. Sudha says lala this is not the time to argue dadis halat is not good come..Leher says dont cry maa i will come with you..abeer lets go its enough ..Sudha calls bakhe and he comes wiht stuff. Sudha says get ready fast Leher you have to go to your sasural(abeer doesnt look happy at all). Leher takes b lessing andd TN says jeete rahooShocked
At lehers maaykaLOL..her mom is talking to chachi and saying that lehers dad have eaten a little bit and she cant see him like that. He left his daughter but how can he get her out of his heart and now this pain dont let him eat one feels like eating and than chacha says i am eatingConfusedizaat gawadi ya hai ab jaan bhi gawae..ok and he starts saying nonsense again...(oh god its keep going for sucha long time his nonsense)
Leher and Abeer are back and they are outside and than lehers sister comes , is very happy and says that bajpayee uncle brought abeer and leher back home..and chachi and lehers mom get really happy. Chacha says im sure there is a chal behind this. Bittansays lets go mom i wanna see leher and she takes her mom with her. Chachi says to chacha if you dont want me to meet leher than ok but let me give her ashirwaad from distance.
Lehers mom bittan and chachi are looking from balcony and her mom starts crying chachi says dont cry you should be happy. Lehers mom says im really scared what Kul bhai said what if that comes true. What if they will tease our guttan. Bittan says dont worry abeer jeeju hai na he will take care of her. Lehers mom says that her husband had alot of dreams for leher and her wedding and now hee...and than they ssee lehers dad at other side of balcony..and than he goes inside.
Abeer and Leher infront of Bajpayee house than leher remembers all the things that dadi and Tn has done..They go inside the house and than dadi comes saying lala lalaa..lala is back home..lala after so many day..didnt you thought about your dadi. How could you think fo me because im so bad..she crying and being emotional. Abeer doesnt care at all. Than she starts praising leher like laxmi came in to her house and look at our kismat we throw her out.
Dadi saying because your thinking and our thinking is not same will you leave your dadi? saza donge humiko?. Lets go inside we wont let you go anywhere and drags abeer kinda insideLOLShe holding his hands. Abeer leaver her and walks a few steps back..Dadi cryingg and than saying that if i say anythign bad about leher and her family than bhagwaan cut my tongue..cry cry cryy..(ok she talks to much too much acting). She walks to leher and says lala ki bahu please forgive me and holds her hand ..we all love lala so much that we couldnt see your devi look. Dadi saying if you say hum tumhare pair choote hain. Leher says noo dadi maa you asking forgiveness from mee..she wipes dadi tears and hugs her. Sudha says mata ji please..come on lala ki bahu ki swagat karni hai.
Precape: Bua and Dadi talking about Leher and their planss
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Update of 2nd June by noddiye..

Lehar Ka Grahpravesh

Budha proceeds to do proper grahpravesh of Lehar. Abher walk towards the house all smiles...Budha says that she is so obliged that her Lalla and Lehar have forgiven her inspite of all that she did. Abeer says that now its the time to move forward...he and Lehar have forgotten everything and will move forward so he expectx every one to do so. Bua butts in saying that now even though Lalla has married against their wishes but now they have come back. Budha says that abhi hamari bahu ka muh toh mitha karo... Abeer picks up a Mithai and looks towards Lehar who indicates that Dadi be fed first. Abeer feeds dadi...Bua says Lehar is very sanskari ...Budha's mouth is filled with the BIG barfi ka tukda that Abeer has fed.Bua says now that the ghar ka kuldeepak is back ghar mein raunak aagayi...All this while TN is just giving grim expressions to the happenings...Bua continues that buddha had gone beserk ..not eaten anything since Lalla left . Budha is like such was the gloom in the house that even Yamdoot was not willing to take away her life. ( Even yamdoot is afraid of taking her to hell) She says to Lalla that now she can die in peace...and not to go anywhere leaving her..
Then she tells chutki to take her Bhaiyya and Bhabhi to their room, let them freshen up..Abeer interrupts saying that we have obtained your Ashirwad but we need to take Lehar's family's blessings also. Budha says she was going to say the same thing...Abher leave...
Bua is telling Buddha that this girl is very chalak, how she has wrapped Lalla around her little finger...She did not say a word but made Abeer do all the talking...Budha says so what did you think that Mathur's girl is very seedha sadha...she has blinded Lalla by her beauty..Bua says you dont worry...i have not come from Kanpur all the way here for nothing...i will play such a game that LEhar will fall on all corners...Budha and Bua have their evil grin...

Lehar's entry in her house as Mrs. Bajpayee

Dulhan is trying to make Brij understand that things seem to have sorted itself. Bajpayees have accepted Lehar and we shud also forgive her. Brij is like how can we forgive her who has broken all traditions and sanskaars we thought her...and walked out on us. Brij is not convinced, he says that after all that insult that they showered on us i think they have a hidden motive behind getting Lehar back with due respect. Dulhan is like please dont say like that hands and feet go cold ..we are her parents and we will always want her to be happy. She tells brij to think about Bittan too and how she is sad to see him depressed...The bell rings just then ...Bittan says maybe its didi...
Chachi opens the door..and comes face to face with Lehar. Abeer says that they are sorry and have come to take aashirwad of the Mathurs.Lehar is all emotional seeing her Chahchi...Chachi is also happy... Lehar and Chachi hug each other...Dulhan to comes at the door and she hugs Lehar...Bittan and Lehar also meet...(too much hugging going on). Lehar asks about her beloved papa...Bittan says that Papa is maha depressed, dsnt talk with anyone ...keeps to himself..Lehar goes to his room...As soon as she sees Brij she rushes towards him and embraces him..Abeer is standing behind... Lehar says that she has made a mistake but she had no choice...SHe also says that from childhood...Brij has thought her that caste and status dsnt matter and she has always lived her life on his also she has not done anything wrong but just chosen her love...still she says that i have hurt you a lot and for that i apologize profusely for it( Poor LEhar is almost begging here) Brij looks as if he will melt down but just then Abeer says that its not Lehar's fault alone he also has to be blamed for it. He says that now Brij is also his Papa...he says that his family left him with no choice...he had to take the step...He says that they need his blessings...Brij cuts him and says that its ok...To lehar he says that dont expect anything from me now...Lehar is crying ...Abeer puts his hand around her and comforts her. They are moving away when Brij calls out to Lehar ... he says that i do not know if i still have the right to tell you this or maybe i never had the right. I cannot give you blessings but i have one advise for you...which you shud never ever forget...You have gone ahead and married as per your wishes but marriage is much more than love...when love fades then the thorns of reality start pricking...Lehar is still crying when brij says that the path that you have chosen dont ever turn back and the hand that you have chosen to move ahead ...never ever leave that hand...Lehar is a bit shocked to hear this from Brij and is hurt...Then Brij turns away and says just go from her you have nothing in this house and no relations with anyone here...


Budha is asking Lehar about the thread that is tied on her hand. She asks her was it not tied by her mother before marriage...Lehar nods her head..then Budha says that how shud i ask you this...after marriage you both spent 2 nights at the hotel...did something happen...Lehar looks shocked as well as embarrassed at this question...(Budha is maha forward thinking about the physical relationship btwn Abher)
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3rd June update by Hina..

Episode begins with Brij and Guddan's final scene  where Brij tells Leher to leave as he has nothing to say to her ...Leher cries but Brij repeats his words and asks her to leave and she runs out crying...and Brij then breaks down and falls thud on the bed and ponders over everything...

Next scene is when AbHer are back to Vajpayee house and walk sadly in when daadi spots them coming and starts her rubbing in tactics ... She pretends on how glad she is that  AbHer have now got the Mathur's aashirwaad as well ...Leher and Abeer stay mum and daadi further probes them and says that bahu ke pita was quite naraaz with the wedding but he must be ok with it now?...She asks of what Brij said and when she notices the drop on AbHer's faces she goes that of course they must be only happy to see their daughter and why wouldn't they ? ( Budhiya ne baal dhoop me safed ni kiye ,maan gaye yaar !) ... She says that they must have been elated to see heir daughter and Sudha notices the sadness on Leher's face ...Daadi goes on about how they (Mathurs) must care about their daughters wellbeing like they do of their lalla... she goes gale se laga liya hoga haina tum dono ko ? and thank God Leher smiles and pretends to agree with Boodha ...

Then Boodha goes that she's so happy that she feels like celebrating and that is why she has invited people for the mooh dikhayi rasam ...Abeer is a little taken aback with the new rasm thing but Boodha explains that sadly  they werent able to do any rasams before the wedding and now since they have the opportunity she would like to do all rasams she can (  such a meanie !)

She asks Abeer to get dressed and says that his friends must be waiting for him... and also asks Leher to get ready for the mooh dikhayi and instructs Sudha to get Leher ready ...
lol and the scene ends with Boodha yelling for Banke saying "tu shakal dikhayega ya teri bhi mooh dikhayi karayein ? "  haha Boodha is hilarious :)

Sudha takes Leher to this new room (unseen and sadly not the chath wala room) and says that yeh tumahara kamra hai and seats Leher on the bed and leaves saying tum araam karo ,hum abhi aate hain( didnt your saas tell u to get her ready ? Sudha is doing a kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi already LOL) ... Leher looks around the room and spots this photo frame on the shelf (cudn't make out who it was,guess Abeer's bachpan ki snap )  she picks the frame and smiles to it and moves to this large window looking out to the street I presume when Sudha returns with a smile and stands along with her by the window when Chutki walks in calling Leher bhabiii ! ... she hugs Leher and says that apko aaj bohot saare log dekhne ayenge and Leher smiles shyly and  chutki says naya roop ... Sudha smiles and Chutki goes hum bhabi ki baat nahi karre and points to the fair and lovely advert on the wall outside saying something about naya roop ... (whateva ! )

Sudha then says haa tumhari bhabi ka bhi toh naya roop hai  and they all smile (hmm ! )
Then Sudha asks Chutki to go and check the arrangements and that she has to talk to Leher about something ...

There's a cute MIL-DIL  scene where Sudha expresses her thoughts about how hard it must have been for Leher to face everything especially in the tough situations they got married in ...She says that this change is apart of life and every girl goes through it and assures that everyhting will be alright soon ...She firms her faith in destiny and says that she is confident that her bahu will do well in her future and win over hearts with her sweet nature AWWW ! (lalla toh lalla ,ab uski maa bhi kita awww karwati hai  yaarrr ! )...  Sudha promises to support her always and Leher smiles and is sooo glad to have Sudha by her side :)...Sudha then kisses her forehead and thats the end of the awww...

no wait ,here we go again ...Leher in a new green saree and Abeer just behind her in a choco brown kurta style sherwani ,walking down the stairs  AWWW Smile they look adorable ! 

Chutki holds Leher and walks her down the stairs in the complicated looking heavy saree...
Boodha,Bua ,Sudha  and the guests walk towards AbHer to welcome them ...
Boodha starts her speech about her DIL's beauty and says that she's a gem from the mohalla ...
She talks of how the Vajpayee name has added to her beauty  uhuh? LOL lalla sorta blushes Embarrassed
Then Boodha asks Rajjo if they should begin the rasams and Rajjo says of course and they take Leher ahead and ask Abeer to stay back :)

Boodha lovingly takes Leher to the other side of the hall where the ladies are all waiting for the mooh dikhayi ...Abeer stands by the stairs trying not to miss any cute look of Leher ...She is overwhelmed with the respect and sweet beahviour of Boodha ...Sudha is so naive that she mistakes Boodha's sweetness ... 

They begin the mooh dikhayi and Boodha lifts Leher's veil and gifts Leher a coin and says its her family's dharohar? and asks her to keep it safe ...she says it was given to her by her MIL ( she must be resting in peace now :))  Boodha adds a list of praises to her gifts and says khush raho 
( haan na daadi ,khush to usko rehna hi hai ,Abeer jo uske saath haiWink) ...
and then its Sudha's turn ...she gifts Leher a murti and then finally the mooh is dikhaofied to everyone and Leher looks lovely ...Abeer can't enuf of her gorgeous face and keeps adoring her when Gaurav and Shadab come and join him ...the guests all give gifts to Leher... and lastly its Rajjo bua's turn ...She places a box of hiro ka haar in Leher's hands and says that she knew her lalla would only choose a hira (jhooti ! poori maa par gayi hai) and says that a hira deserves another hira and Abeer miyan ke mann me toh laddoo kya saari mithai ki dukaan phootne lagi thi on hearing the praises his wife is recieving ! ... He blushes a little and then Sudha asks Chutki to fetch her to lalla bhaiya ( for the next rasam )

Abeer very sweetly walks along with chutki towards Leher ... Awww them together again Day Dreaming
Sudha pulls out her ring and puts it in the big bowl of milky water? covered with floating rose petals ,Abeer tries to catch the ring before it drops in the bowl and soon they begin the search for the ring and look at each other lovingly awww... Abeer tries to hold Leher's hand on the sly and just then  Sudha shows the ring which is still on her finger ...pakda gaya lalla haiyyyeLOL... Leher smiles wholeheartedly and Abeer gives his amma the 'this is not done' look and Boodha goes lalla tumhari hi amma hai :) sach kaha daadi ! 

and believe it or not TN smiled and it did look genuine somehow !

Boodha then asks Sudha to not sataofy them anymore and put the ring in this time and Sudha does ...they begin the search again ...There was a looonnnggg Awww moment when Abeer is trying his best to find the ring and Lehers giving him some awesomely cute looks...

Boodha tells Abeer to find the ring quick and that she wants her lalla to win and chutki asks him to find the ring as well ( yaar sab peeche padhe hain,dikhta nahin Abeer miyan jaan boojh ke time laga rahe hain ,samjha karo na !) 
and hurray ! Leher finds it and shows it to everyone ,Boodha and Rajjo try to hide their disappointment and cheer for Leher ...AwwwbHer share another awww moment and Abeer cutely requests his amma if he can try finding the ring again but Boodha says no its too late and that her bahu has won and theres no second chances ...and I was in AbHerland for a while... ...

All rasams done and Sudha is busy serving drinks to the guests when Leher comes to her to take over...Sudha says that she's a new bride and her haath ki mehendi hasnt faded yet so she cant let her new bahu do any work  but  Leher reminds her that the house is hers too and she wouldn't like to just sit around and takes the tray from her ...Sudha gives in and smiles saying tum bache nahi manoge something  ...

Leher is serving drinks to the guests when daadi catches hold of her and says the same about the mehndi ka rang nahi choota and that she shouldnt be working already  and notices the dhaaga on her wrist ...then she calls Rajjo bua to take over the drinks and says she needs to talk to Leher about something and takes her to her singhasan in the hall...

Abeer miyan with his mates shares a hilarous scene now...He asks them if they've helped themselves and they say yes and say that they've had mithai and all...and Abeer goes tum log yaha sirf mithai hi khaoege ya kuch kaam bhi karoge lol ...and Gaurav replies abey yar ,iti filmi tarah se shadi karayi teri ab aur kya chahiye ?
Abeer smiles cheekily and gives Shadab the " dont u get it ? " look and funnily Shadab gets the drift and goes amaa bhaijan ,Abeer miyan chahte hai ki hum unki sej sajaye :P and Gaurav goes ohhh !!! so Abeer says haan ,hamare liye nahin to lkamse kam apni bhabi ke liye hi sahi 
( waah waah Abeer miyan abhi se Leher ki madad lene lagey ! )  

He smiles naughtily and the friends agree to sajao his sej  lol ... He sends them off to work and waits for the sej time haha !

Next starts Boodha's interrogation about the dhaaga...She asks leher if the dhaaga was tied in a pooja before her wedding by her mum and goes ab hum kaise pooche  lol ( bade woh ho aap Boodha LOL) She then cheekily asks Leher if she knows the significance of it (yeh budhiya na iti chalaak hai kasam se !) ... she goes tum aur lalla do raat hotel me the toh jab tum dono ????? Leher smiles shyly and says that nothing of the ahemmm sort has happened (kya Leher yar,ummeed par paani pher diya !)and says that her mum had told her about its significance and says that she knows about the pooja before u know what  (I wonder when statue Mridula spoke about this ,ewww ! especially when it was Omi the creep she was then getting married to )... daadi smirks and says that her mom has given her excellent sanskaars ! ( chal hatt )

Well, after the party Abeer( pretending tired) tells everyone that him and Leher are  exhausted and would like to rest when daadi plays her game and says that Leher will sleep in her room tonite and when Abeer asks why , Bua explains that there'll have to be a pooja before they can spend time together Wink and Sudha,Leher and chutki chuckle at Abeer's 'haath ko aya mooh na laga' lookLOL ( remember Andaaz apna apna ? )
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7th June update is by rima791. Its a members only post. So, here's the link...

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