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Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
12th May update by Hina...

Episide begins with Kulcha verbally and physically dragging Leher down the stairs telling her that she's getting late to leave ...Leher in white weeps and walks out of her room with Bittan supporting her... Kulcha cusses her all the way saying how much wrong she's done to their izzat and finally they're all in the foyer where chachi brings the tiffin and the suitcase and all is ready.

Kulcha asks the entire family one last time if they think he's wrong in sending Guddan away,everyone is speechless,Leher sobs and runs to her dad pleading ... Brij refuses to pay heed to her tears and then rings the door bell.

Kul thinks its Abeer and is ready to beat him up as the door opens,but its Omi at the door like we all knew... Kulcha pulls his arm back and apologizes for his actions but Omi says he didnt mind and that his thappad is like ashish for him(what a freak!) Omi walks in and notices all the glum faces .Kul asks him abt the chot on his forehead lol and he goes that hame lag gayi thi kahi ,haan beta zor ki lagi thi tujhe Abeer se LOL

He tells everyone that he just came to know abt the Vajpayees and their behaviour at the so called engagement,Kul keeps calling him beta which is really annoying,the guy needs thappads not respect Kul!...
 Well then Omi does is dard batoing act  and tells the family that it never was Leher ji's fault ,Leher is boiling within to see him act all nicey ...and then Omi is stunned to see the suitcase next to Leher ...

Omi is worried abt Leher and asks Leher ji kahin jaa rahi hai kya? ,abey yar suitcase lekar sirf Leher hi jaa sakti hai kya ?,uff this banda na is tooo creepy...Kul tells him that they're sending Leher away to Ankur's mama to cover up for the bad name shes brought to the family...He tells Omi that sending her away is the only solution and that if she stays back they wudn't be able to face ppl in the mohalla...Kul even goes as far as saying that they'll perhaps get her married there to save themselves the shame she's given them...

Brij remains stum and Mridula cries rivers ,the woman needs to start saying some dialogues ,she just looked so helpless unlike the previous Mridula we had...khair Omi now plays his true traits and says that in sab baato me Leher ji ki kya galti hai,jo bi kiya un Vajpayess ne kiya and then he jumps to the real deal and says that to save their family name he'll marry Leher...

Everyone is in utter shock on hearing that ,his mahaanta(NOT).
Bittan and Guddan are disgusted by his proposal,the gussa in Leher is building up...

Omi tells them that he spoke of such a proposal only coz he respects their family and can never bear Leher's disrespect  and when all are still in a shock he decides to leave or rather pretends to do so...

Kul stops him and says that he was shocked to know that he cares so much about their izzat and regards them as his own family ,he feels indebted to Omi for his humble and generous thought...
and again Omi goes on abt how much he cares and that he shudn't have talked of such a major decision already...He says that he knows he isnt Leher ke laayak ...damn right u arent !

He tells them of his own goodness of how down to earth he is and only cares abt good people and that he isnt two faced (such a humongous LIE !!! ) 

Leher and Bittan listen to all his rubbish and finally when Leher cant take it no more she slaps him one multi-angled thappad ...and Kul is shaken by it...Omi ki to shakal was mindblowing !!!

Leher tells Omi that she always knew of his evil plans and that she had even warned Abeer of them but he never listened to her and Kul aims to whack Leher one on hearing Abeer's name from her...Leher covers her face and it was sick to see such behaviour from parents in this day and age...

Kul tells Leher that  she dare take the Vajpayee ke launde ka naam again and says that she must have sold her izzat to him...

Omi tries to control Kulcha's anger and tells him that Leher is and was never at fault !
He tells them that the final decision will be theirs and that he wudn't feel bad or insulted if the answer is a NO . 

Leher cries and requests her father to refuse the proposal and that she'll never accept such an alliance with Omi the sick head. She falls on Brij's feet and pleads  but Brij remians motionless.

Kul sings more praises for Omi and says that he's a saint kinds .Kul thanks him for all he's doing for thier family and just as Omi is abt to leave ,Brij stops him and says that he has made up his mind abt the rishta...Leher is confident that Brij's decision will be in her favor but brij ne to googly maari,he announces that Leher ki shadi Omi se hi hogi !!!

Precap : Leher cries and says that from now on she'll listen to all her parents say and says that she has indeed brought them shame and she's sorry for it  and finally the dhamaka ,she says that its a yes from her for the marriage !

wonder how and what she meant there,guess we'll have to wait for that 
MISSED Abeer tons today ,uski soni surat na dekhoo to din poora ni hota ,what say  ? Embarrassed

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13th May update by Hina...

Episode begins with Brij explaining his invalid and silly reason behind the YES to the alliance with Omi... He tells Leher that she had become selfish and had only thought about her own self and not once about the family ! and he meant what he said so our idea of him supporting his daughter on the sly goes down the drain !

Leher eventually accepts in her heart that she's all alone and that her father has completely mistook her ...
She apologizes to everyone and says that indeed she had become selfish and from on will only listen to her family and will respect their decision to get her married to the creep !

Omi ke to mann me laddoo ke bomb phoot rahe the,he tries to keep a straight face but is beyond  elated from within...

Leher agrees to the marriage and sadly walks up the stairs in a gloom while Omi take everyone's ashirwaad when Kul proposes that they get married the following day,no wasting time Kulcha wassup with u dude ???

Kulcha says to Omi that he doesnt know how he'll arrange everything but he'd like the wedding to take place asap i.e tomorrow ,apne liye Monday Angry

Then Omi calms Kul down and says that he'll manage it all and bends to seek Rama's blessings,she backs off, didnt get why and then he moves to Mridula who gives him her blessings ...

The scene shifts to the three friends ,Abeer,Gaurav and Shadab discussing their plan of action in the mohalla,I thot Abeer had left the place altogether but glad he's still around... no wonder he confronts Omi on the street as shown in the promo...

the guys talk about their options to get Leher married to Abeer while Abeer is disgusted and ashamed of his dad and dadi's behaviour with the Mathurs.He knows it wudn't be easy to gain their respect back and he believes they arent wrong in acussing him and his family...

Gaurav suggests or rather asks if Shadab cud do something but Shadab yells and says that his dad is another pyar ka dushman and that he'll never support such an isssue...

Shadab then says that there must be a way of getting Leher out of the house  to elope and get married to which Abeer replies that he doesn't want to do any such thing and will only win her back legally kinds somehow ...

Shadab taunts and says then he'll end up in Banares if he wants to take the legal and shareef route and not run away ...Abeer and Gaurav are further discussing  when  Shadab  spots Omi walkng out of the Mathur house with a huge grin on his face...his laundes congratulate him and he blushes when they talk of his big grin...
Shadab points  Abeer to Omi and they are all stunned to see him there...

The scene moves to Leher lying on her bed and sobbing away,Bittan comes to her and tells her that she has been extremely foolish in accepting the rishta ...Bittan questions her about Abeer and what wud happen to him if he knows of her shadi with Omi...
Guddan in reply tells her that she  has come to this  decision only after considering lots ...she goes on abt the shame she's brough ot her family and that she can't give them any more trouble..

Bittan asks her that she's folling none but her own sel by believing that she'll be ok with Omi,she says that the creep just looks Gunda and how can she agree to get married to such a thug ,Leher tells her that she'll have to accept him for her family when Bittan suggests that they elope co Abeer as it is has left his house for her...
Leher yells and says that she can never do such a thing ,she's done enough damage already and doesnt want to cause more worry for her family .She tells Bittan that she'll always love Abeer but has to take up this drastic step to stop the humiliation saga...

Next scene is of the street where Omi spots Abeer and his friends watching them smile...He screams and taunts about his relationship with the Mathurs and says that its time to celebrate coz  "humra rishta pakka ho gaya hai be " Abeer is shocked beyond words to hear the news and so are his friends ...Omi orders one of his chamcha to get some desi ghee ke laddoo while the idiots dance like hooligans and he goes abhi dance ka time hai ,but jaldi hi ayega wo time zyada door nahin jab baaraat ayegi !  

He shouts and tells everyone on he street that his parents are gonna get an A class bahu and shouts out to the richkshaw wala to say that he's getting marrid to Leher and Abeer is gobsmacked ! 

He further goes that his babuji will get a bahu who will do khittar pittar in angrezi  and the idiots starts singing pepepepe ppepepepepe to which he goes haan hamri baraat aegi bade dhoom dhaam se co hum Mathur parivar ke jamai banne wale hain!

Omi is over the moon abt the rishta nad screamign and shouting his jo out to everyone in the mohalla (wonder where the Mathurs are at this timeAngry ) ,He goes to some random chachi that he's gonna be Leherji's husband  and just then Veena and Deepa pass by,Omi bumps into Deepa and informs her about the good news,he says that he's getting married to Deepa's friend Leher ,Veena smiles and is happy to know the news,she accepts the invitation ad mithai ka dabba from Omi and drags Deepa to the Vajpayee house,when Deepa asks where they're going ,she says we'll have to give the khush khabri to daadi who has been so dukhi lately ,Deepa refuses but Veena drags her away ...

Omi is still happily distributing mithai in the mohalla when Abeer charges up to him and holds him by the collar  and says Leher se shadi karega tu huh? hamari Leher se? (awww love his hamari Leher ) .Abeer warns Omi that if he even thinks of a such a thing ,he'll do is hashar aisa ke wo Leher to kya kisi se bhi kabhi shadi ni kar payega Ouch haha,love the line lalla  !

Omi isn't worried abt his threats and taunts him bad  that he used to rule the mohalla befoe but now its his turn to be the raja of the Mathurs ,jamai raja !

He says that Abeer's haalat is like a kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka and says that he should join the pomp in the band for his barat and help lift Leher doli Shocked...
Abeer goes marega tu ! and Omi replies tumko hum bhai kehte the na chota bhai to ab apn bhabji ka khayal rakhna,Leher bhabiji ka,ek baar kehke dikhao ! what cheek this Omi has ,bhot pitega dekhna,he's digging his own grave deeper than ever !

Abeer and his friends are burning with revenge and Omi shows them that he rules the mohalla,his goons have taken up the entire place especially around his house ,so he dare not  challenge him,else he'll ruin his house and Abeer pulls back on hearing abt his family ...
Omi walks away singing Koi pathar se na mare mere deewane ko  and the cronies laugh at their leaders temporary victory !...

PRECAP: Abeer along with Bansi kaka and his friends and  Deepa (wonder if Banke was there as well) plans to stop the OLe wedding ,he says  "ab iinth ka jawab pathar se dene ka time aa gaya hai ,humne Leher se pyar kiya hai koi mazaak nahin" and says that come what may,it will be only him getting married to his Leher in the end ...

 ,woohooo !ab ayega maza jab pitega Omi apne chote bhai se haha,can't wait for Monday Aaarrrghhh the weekend ! koi ghadi ki sui ko te bhagao !

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Update of 17th May is by rima791. Its a members only post. Hence attaching the link...

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Update of 18th May is by wida. Its a members only post. Hence attaching the link...

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19th May update by Hina..

I know we all have been waiting for this day ,and its finally here yipppeee ! 
plz bear wih my mistakes while typing ,its the excitement I'm trying to cope with LOL

Episode begins with Kul taking charge of all the wedding preparations,Leher is seen lying on the sofa and crying on chachi's lap when Kul comes and gives her a good bashing and says that she's done enough to bring them shame and that she had agreed for the marriage with Omi in front of the entire family ...
He cusses her lots and also orders chachi to get to work instead of sitting with a sobbing Leher...and just then Mridula walks in with a teary face finally speak !!!!...

Leher hugs her mum and Mridula says that she knows what her daughter is going through but she suggests that its best that she tries  to forget Abeer as there's no point thinking of him anymore ...

Ankur shouts out to Bittan that Leher's friend is here to see her and chachiji brings the 'shadi ka joda' and asks Bittan to get Leher ready when Deepa walks up the stairs to Leher...

Leher pours her heart out to Deepa and tells her of her bebasi about getting married to Omi...
She looks at the mehndi and asks Deepa of how she'd be able to strike off Abeer's name from her hath ki lakeer? Deepa and Bittan cry along with Guddan

Bittan breaks down and Deepa advises that her that she supports Leher at this testing time rather than losing hope... and Deepa calms them down and they start to dress Leher for her big day !

Leher looks lifeless and lost in Abeer ke khayal ,the mehndi reminds her of Abeer and she sobs again !

Then Leher weeps a little more and asks Deep's favor and tells her to look after Abeer after she's gone and to be with him(the scene did make me cry ,though filmy ,it made me sad thinking of Abeer)...

And the baraat is here!

Omi looking like an absolute ghada on the ghoda arrives with all band baja and face covered with sehra...Brij actually smiles to see the groom? and Kulcha toh obviously is mann me laddoo footing... 

Omi spots Abeer sitting at bansi kaka's cafe having some chai or perhaps doodh or tan ki shakti man ki shakti? ,Omi gives him an evil but Abeer brushes it off and replies with a stern and determined look as though nothing can beat him today Go Abeer !

Omi is shaken a bit but covers his face again with the sehra and moves the ghodi along with a smile ...

Chachi is at the door when Kul comes to ask her where Mridula is,chachi says he mite be with Guddan to which Kul replies that he's had enuf of her supporting her daughter,he asks Rama to bring the poja ki thali to do the arti and pair puchai ?  but Mridula make sin in time and welcomes the dulha who looks like a perfect lafanga when he keeps parting  the sehra to reveal his langoor face...

Omi introduces his chacha and chachi to the Mathur family 
Brij and Kul escort him in when they are pushed by lots of gunmen and they take thier places in the house...Kul asks Omi about them and he says that they are his cronies and are here for his protection ,he even says hamari Leher ji ,(paapi!)  and everypne elses protection so that the shadi happens without any trouble (but asli hungama to ho ke rahegaTongue).

He then instructs one of his laundes to keep vigilant and not let the Vajpayee boy ruin his day ...

The pandit calls for the kanya and Omi grahans his aasan  lol (not for long chomi)

Meanwhile chachi is busy pouring drinks out for the barati when Deepa walks into the kitchen and says that Mrdula is calling her,Rama leaves asking her to pout the rest of the drinks out

Deepa ,with the drinks adds some kinda powder to the drink and takes it to the baraati
Kul stops her and takes a glass when Deepa says its for the baraati ,so he leaves it for them !

Deepa then serves the drinks to all the cronies and Leher walks down the stairs in her bridal attire ...Omi's blushing begins LOLtwo new faces were shown from Omi's side,perhaps his cuzins . Omi's chachi passes comments about leher saying that she looked 'thik hi' and the she looks around at the house and says that its pretty good,then one of Omi's cuzin says that Leher looks like a pari and his chachi tells him off saying abi bhabi bani bi ni and taarif karra hai (ullu !bhabi to wo teri kabi banegi bi ni) the chacha tells Omi not to be a joru ka gulam but Omi just blushes and blushes some more...

Leher and comes and reluctantly gets seated nxt to Omi and he gives her his filthy look,she is frightened to see Omi in the sehra and can only think of Abeer ...

The pandit asks Omi to take Leher's hand in his hand but Leher reuses to put it out,Rama and Mridula nudge her but she isnt moved,so Omi is annoyed and actually plucks her hand out and places it on his palm,what a kamina ! ...Brij and Mridula notice this but Brij as we know has lost his character sadly !

Bittan is in tears to see leher go through this but can't do much(dont worry Bittan tere Abeer jiju hai na,wo sab sambhal lenge) 

Leher is scared by his forceful behaviour and the pandit starts his mantar when they show Omi 's cronies passing out,one by one ... 
The scene shifts tot he street where Abeer is ready to begin the fireworks ,the two idiots guarding the  door faint in such a hilarious manner and the signal's clear for Abeer's entry,he gives Shadab a thumbs up and walks to the Mathur house and kicks open the door 

dhan te nan!!!! 

the screen focuses at Abeer's face,the jazba in him is mindblowing !
everyone turns around to see the mighty Vajpayee boy who's come to save his love.Leher is in complete shock ,so is Omi and the the entire family,Kulcha was super hilarious with his expressions,he marches upto Abeer and gives him the WTH ? look but runs back like a coward when he can't take the look in Abeer's eyes.he runs to his Omi lol and asks him to call his cronies to face Abeer  and Omi immediately yells out their names but to no avail ,Ankur informs them that they are all drugged up to unconsciousness... Omi freaks out with no help to save him from Abeer ,he walks up to Abeer to deal with him singlehandedly and tells Kulnot to worry and that he'll send Abeer's lash (in your dreams chorey ! )

he walks up to Abeer like a maniac and sheds his sehra on the way ,Abeer pulls out the gun and Omi starts sh**ting  himself  ,he goes Abeer babu haha ! Abeer babu huh?  the rest of the sena lead by Gaurav and Shadab arrive at the scene and line up in  this very neat army pattern at the Mathur's door ...

Everybody is stunned to see the gun in Abeer's hand and Leher is mega worried about Abeer
when Omi again calls out for his goons but to his dismay all of his cronies were having a much needed nap lol... 

Omi tries to butter -up Abeer and take over the action but Abeer walks forward and takes him at gunpoint when Omi loses all hope and stands rigid facing the gun !

PRECAP: Abeer and Leher in the mandap,Omi no where to be seen (PHEW!) and the Vajpayees at the Mathur house when Abeer screams and tells everyone of what is wrong in a Brahmin-Kayasth marriage? can a Kayast girl not be a good bahu/beti and  a Brahmin boy not a an eligible damad /son? ,all are ashamed (at dont know what) TN 's face is a mix of expressions,can'y say much but Boodha  was sure at the verge of crying ( God only knows what for) ...

So thats it for now,see u all tomorrow with another update :),
and thanks for bearing with me !
I have to watch the epi again  now :)


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20th May update by Hina...

Episode begins with Omi at gunpoint waiting to be shot dead(I wish) ...
Abeer stares at him for a bit and knocks him down and Omi falls to the floor and his face starts bleeding,everyone is shocked to see Abeer's anjaani gundagardi and Leher just cant understand what Abeer is upto...

Omi rises again from the floor and tries to have a fight but is feeble from the previous blow and Abeer totally gets him down and he accidently or rather conveniently lands on the armchair...

Abeer points the gun towards Omi and says that he is a kutte ki poonch (well said my boy !)basically one who'll never sudhar or mend his ways ...He says that he had warned him(Omi) to stay away from him mohabbat aka Leher but he didnt and now he'll see the anjaam (give it to him Abeer)...

He then orders his mates to tie Omi down to the chair and they come well equipped with the rope etc...Soon they glue him to the chair while he fadfadaas like a chicken and calls out for chachaji...(chachaji to bewafa nikle Omi ,tuje chod diya aur apni jaan bachane me lage hai)

Abeer then tells his mates to leave Omi's eyes open so that he can watch the jashn of his and Leher's wedding,everyone is shocked to know Abeer's iradey...(Leher se shadi toh banti hai na boss?)

Abeer further tells them to shut Omi 's mouth and Omi's relatives protest to see their lallan in trouble and try to save him but Abeer's sena dont let them through...

Soon they make a chain around the mandap leaving Leher and the pandit inside and the rest of the people scream to see the violence in the wedding ! (there was this one lady screaming a bit too much,perhaps she took her role a bit too seriousLOL)

Leher is dumbstruck to see Abeer in this avatar and when Abeer walks to Leher,Kul tries to stop him but  of course cant...

Finally Abeer reaches the mandap and says 'hum aa gaye Leher' ever so sweetly with a smile but she yells 'ye kya battameezi hai Abeer ?'  and why are are u doing this,when she herself  had made the decision to get married to Omi.

Abeer is HURT ! big time !!! hear what Leher said...(loved his fab expressions,he's one bundle of talent ,the ease with which he does the intense scenes uff !)

Abeer is hurt to hear Leher's opinion abt his big step of gatecrashing into her wedding,she screams at  him repeatedly and tells him to stop bothering them and let the wedding happen ...

Omi and the rest breathe a sigh of relief to hear that ...

She tells him to go away !!!Shocked and Abeer is still in a shock  when TN walks in with Boodha and Sudha (lo ab inki hi kami thi) and yells Abeer ! (missed the lalla bitOuch)

Abeer's mates stop him outside the chain and he goes 'kya tamasha hai yeh? pistol hame do '(yeah right ! TN ji apko pistol chahiye ya beta ,plz clear kar do)

Boodha follows with her taunts at the Mathurs for casting some spell over their lalla and she cusses Leher too(ye budhiya baaz ni ayegi )
Sudha is shocked and worried and Kul goes to TN and asks him to tell his mum to stop talking rubbish and also informs them that it was their son who barged into their house to get married to their daughter ! Kul asks them to leave before he has to kick them out of their house... ( ab to bada phudak rahe ho Kulchi ,wese apka power me hona allowed hai ,aapke ghar me apki insult,ghor anyaay!)

TN asks Abeer to give back the pistol but Abeer completely ignores him and turns to Leher and says 'tum aisa kaise keh sakti ho Leher?' (true! Leher kese keh sakti ho tum aise?).He says that he's come to take her away from this forceful relationship coz he had promised  her after the sagai that he will return to get her back but  ... 
to which Leher screams 
'kis haq se tum hame lene aye ho Abeer?' (I dont understand this girl now,it wud have been awesome if Abeer had sung mujhe haq hai ...)

ok back to the update 
Abeer holds her arms ever so lovingly and explains why this is right but Leher is stuck on her family ki izzat issue and asks Abeer to free Omi...

Omi jumps up (not literally,remember he's tied down?,just checking how much u're with me lol) and gets excited to be free again...

Leher cries and tells Abeer that she doesnt have the strength in her no more and asks him to leave ...again! Angry both families stare at AbHer !

Boodha comes forward and asks Abeer to return home with them and not to marry the naaspiti? (whatever that means) ,TN grumps and orders Abeer to leave the place right now and again Abeer ignores him (I love it ,serves u right Vakil saheb !)

Abeer says that he cannot live without her and neither can she and that he knows how she feels even though she's denying her love for some reason or the other...

He tells her that he wudnt let her get married to the goon Omi...the one who had got them exposed and he reminds her that its the same Omi who she had advised to stay away from ...
Omi moans and groans in his chair !(ab pata chala ,badnaami kise kehte hai bachua?)

Abeer asks Leher if she's doing this under her chacha's pressure but Leher quickly replies that she's not under any pressure and has agreed to the wedding herself...

She says she can't build her home on her family's broken izzat...(whatever girl!)

Abeer brings up the the topic of her family's insult at their sagai and asks if she thinks he wasnt hurt at what his bauji did...He even says that he's ready to go down on his knees and ask for forgiveness from Brij ...only if she thinks he should... he says 'kehke to dekho Leher'  (awww !!! Abeer,I hear ya dude ! ,only u can be so perfect ,love u with all my heart )

He then explains that there's two kinds of people in the world,one with a good/pure  heart like Brij( uh -uh not any more Abeer)  and his mum and then there's this other kind who are evil and can only think bad like his dad and daadi and her chacha...Rama is ashamed of Kul (sorry lady  !he deserves it) 

Brij kinda gets touched by Abeer's words but remains a statue ,( Mridula's traits are rubbing off on him I guess) TN isn't ashamed to know what his son thinks of him and neither is Boodha,they're only annoyed coz they got insulted in front of everyone...(tit for tat)

Abeer then says that he knows that people like his dad and Omi are the ones who dont let the samaj change and asks of where its written abt a Kayast girl not allowed to marry a Brahmin boy or vice versa...the whole caste issue is talked about and ...(Abeer adressed her as hamari Leher and I loved it the most this time)

He asks Leher and everyone about their kismat to be born in whatever caste and how they have to suffer for it...He says he loves Leher beyond all this and knows that she loves him too...

He asks everyone in the audience for the reason of these society evils that have only brought hatred to the community...He goes in a very simple way that whay can't two people who love each live a life together without bothering anyone ? ( how sweet Abeer ,u rock dude !!!) 
Leher keeps looking at Brij for his approval but him like an idiot stays put and motionless!

Abeer asks her to forget all samaj ke purane rules and live for her love,he says its not abt them getting married but its all abt changing the evils of the society,he says he doesnt believe such old and baseless traditions and will do anything for his mohabbat and asks for her support in doing so and sadly she yells a blatant NO ! and aks him to leave ...

Abeer breaks down and is shattered to lose her ... (none cud match GK here,his expressions were fantabulous ) 
He says that he'll never return ,even if she requests him to,he wudn't if she asks him to leave and she repeats herself and asks him to leave her and the family alone ...

Boodha again asks Abeer to come back home with her and Leher again asks Abeer to leave ...and he does...Cry

TN and Kul rejoice temporarily and so does Omi lying in his chair choking over the cloth tied on his mouth...

Sudha weeps silently and Mridula toh is the master of this art...Deepa and Bittan are crying too,Ankur is shocked (oh they've changed his glasses btw ,they're much better than the ovalish round spectacles )  ...

He asks to look him in the eye and say that she doesnt love him anymore and wants to marry the freak...She remains quiet and he says that he's got his reply ...he wishes her a happy life (of course it'll be a happy ,mery life na? now that u'll be her hubby ,ooo I can't wait ) 

and starts walking to the door , lifelessly with tears in his eyes (very sad moment ,u'd need a strong heart  to watch )

He says that he wudnt return ever when Leher finally shouts  Abeer !!!

Precap: The bride and groom(this time the right ones with the right attitude) exchange the varmalas and then Abeer fills her maang with sindoor...their smiles worth a millions bucks !

TN ,Boodha,Brij ,Mrids witness the wedding and the pandit asks them to get ready for the pheras,
they get up and start walking round the fire when the epi ends :)

cheers guys!
we can try surviving the long weekend ,atleast we have the precap and promos to watch a million times :)


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Neeba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
More detailed update by rima791.Its a members only post. Hence the link...

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Neeba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
24th May episode synopsis by Hina...She could'nt contain her excitement...LOL

sorry guys ,cudn't control the excitement 

Our AbHer are finally married !!!!!!!
but sadly Leher didnt say a word and they jumped to the rituals straight away ...
despite Kul's persistent protests and Omi's failed attempts our AbHer tie the knot and the panditji announces them man and wife !!!

The smiles on their loved ones aka Shadab,GAurav,Deepa,Bittan,Banke  and Sudha 's faces are brilliant ! and loved how Abeer told Shadab and gaurav to kick the gali ke keedhe(Omi) ko bahar and while leaving the Omi warns them of his revenge and his chachi curses their life together 

yar sare AbHer ke dushman hai sachi ! Angry

And  now comes the twist we were speculating about  ,Leher the sweetie goes to dadi for ashirwad and dadi starts her sarpini thing and insults her bad ,she obviously refuses to give any ashirwad and when they move to TN and Sudha but TN drags Sudha away :( :( :( 

loved the reassurance Abeer gives to Leher at that point ,he's a darling !
and then they move to the Mathurs where Brij after the looong maun wrath speaks and speaks bad ,goes on abt how selfish Guddan has been,(ek hi raag alaap ta hai yar yeh daddy fool) he then requests everyone to leave and goes upstairs himself dragging dulhan behind ...Rama chachi, the good lady hugs Leher but Kul tells her off and almost kicks AbHer out and says that its his bhavishyawani that their marriage wudn't survive even a day and that she'll see the worst of everything from now on...

PRECAP: the most disturbing precap ever...
Abeer and Leher end up at some hotel and ask for a room when the guy at the reception does a Jab we met and asks how long they need the room for ...He checks  Leher  out thoroughly with sick intentions Dead...

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