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Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

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The Happy Reunion

After the bin badaal barsaat in Abeer's life courtesy Leher, it was some more happy time for the bajpai family. Star

The mother, the grandmother and the not-so-expressive father ecstatic to find their lalla in one piece. Sudha was the quintessential her life back in her son...for once
Daadi seemed matter what...she does love his grandson beyond words...TN despite his restraint finally admitted he was worried too...awwwwwwww Hug

Its raining love..kyun lalla bhaiyya? Wink

Back at home chutki and baanke also rejoiced bhaiyya's return Hug

comment: everyone was good in their respective displays of affection...but Abeer, i felt, could have shown a litlle bit more emotion while consoling the family....especially chutki...
but as they say "...hota hai kamaal jab pyar kisisey hota hai...yeh dil kaheen lagta nahin..."..may be he was just not into the mood? kyun lalla? LOL

LIE: A very poor substitute for the truth, but the only one discovered to date

poor Leher...from deepa to mandir to keertan. ROFL.bechari kya kya bolna padha to duck chacha-chachi 420 

Bittan - the sister in the shining armor

In life we all need a sounding board...someone whom you can blabber to no matter what...someone who can give meaning to those blabberings and make them effective 
Guddan is lucky to have one in bittan..she is always there for her sister...she feels her...she knows what keeps her sister happy, what makes her sad...she is her strength..
be it nudging her to go that extra mile or making excuses for her...ohh and i died laughing at Bittan's excuses to it girl !! excuses for padhai always works !!!
I am sure she will do her best to cover up for Guddan while she would romance abeer in the terrace Hug

A day of rejoice

It was a day of rejoice of Abeer and leher - a day dedicated only to themselves and to each other....they want to look the best for the other one....ahh the "first times"....Embarrassed
no wonder they had to empty up their entire closet to find something to wear...LOL

and since no moment is ever perfect with some imperfections..D'oh..their khoya khoya state is interrupted by a quizzical chachi and a hillarious baanke ROFL

Finally...the terrace

...thinking should i skip this section?.Ermm...well, may be not....all jootey and chappals are welcome LOL

this was not exactly what i was waiting may be it was good, but it was a bouncer for me...totally different expectation and the enactment had nada in common...
so long story short...i did not like it  Disapprove

abeer and leher staring gleefully at each other.Big smile..hmmmm...something was off...kya tha? Ermmany cynic on-board today? Geek

i mean, please don;t get me wrong...i know they are depicting their supreme happiness..abeer singing tomorrow for leher and leher waltzing with him is oh so good......but since so much ganga-jamuna had flowed in between i expected it to be a passionate moment rather than a oh-so-obvious grinning session Embarrassed followed by a filmy dance Embarrassed

and what song was that they played today? ConfusedOuchDead and what song are they planning to play tomorrow? mera chand mujhe? oops...again don't get me wrong...i don't want to sound like a grandmum....but this is not exactly the background score i was expecting Ermm

it was till date the worst choice of song..and for a situation like has left me very very sad Cry


i do not mean to splash any thanda paani on my rejoicing friends.Hug.. i know it was a bad review...but what to do...dil to baccha hai ji...choti choti let downs let me down really Embarrassed

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Review of 31st March episode by Jyoti. 

Today's Episode was a complete blend of wonderful Romantic scenes and some rib-tickling comedyClapClapClap
Aankhon hee Aankhon mein ishaara ho gaya..baithe baithe jeene ka sahara ho gaya:BlushingThose initial eye-locking moments between Abeer-Leher..then Leher blushing and Abeer trying to flirt with her..were simply breathtaking watch it with a oxygen mask and make sure u hv one ICU booked in advanceBig smile
Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge:LOLLOLLOLEnglish of Atithi is "Guest"LOL..In this case I m talking about those unwanted family members of Abeer who all of a sudden started showering love on Lalla during this particular night onlyAngry..Can anyone tell me which Sadhu-Baba or in this case Dhongi-Baba is available at midnightsAngryLOL;It was hilarious how Dadi brings that dhongi-baba on the terrace to do some jhaad-phus on LullaROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL;I m sure that baba saw Leher hiding behind that terrace-partition-wallWink and so he was making statements like "There is a female soul residing inside Abeer's body"ROFLROFLROFLROFLand Abeer was like "Baba can u detect the soul with your ghaas-phus"ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...Who wrote these dialogues yaar..they were hilariousROFLROFLROFLROFLClapClapClapClap;Poor Abeer came on his first date with Leher and instead got beatings from that Dhongi baba in the name of "Jhad-Phus"ROFLROFLROFLROFL;It was a complete comedy circus going on especially when Dadi starts shouting "oye aatma go away from my Abeer's body"ROFLROFLROFL;Now who will tell Dadi that Leher's soul will remain in Abeer's heart forever nowEmbarrassed;No Babas can get that soul out of Abeer's heart and mindWinkTongue;If this was not enough then u hv Sudha-Baanke coming with milk for Lalla and later TN  coming to ask Abeer to come downstairs and sleep as everyone is really tensed about the so called soul thats haunting Abeer's bodyROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL;Now who will tell these people that they r actually looking like haunted souls in this AbHer Prem-LeelaAngryLOLLOLLOL;Poor Abeer's idea of first date with Leher fails miserably in his first tryCryCry;
**WARNING:Please make sure that you watch the next scene with a Oxygen Mask in your Hand..and if the atmosphere gets too hot to handle then try out some shower in cold water after watching the next sceneSmile..If this also doesn't help then contact the nearest ICU asap**
**Jyoti reporting from Swarglok**
Chand Se Parda Kijiye ..Kaheen Chura na le Chehre ka noor...Ai mere humnawaab...Aye mere huzoor:Day DreamingAfter watching all these kabab-mein-haddis taking the center stage I thought mayb the CVs r just making us a fool todayCry;But chalo in the end we finally got the jackpot when at midnight Abeer secretly calls Leher and takes her to the terrace in his armsEmbarrassed;Now I fail to understand how within few hours Abeer manages to get all those diyas,rose petals,decorative stuffs, lightings and cake  on the terraceErmm;I don't think he asked Baanke to do all the arrangementsStern Smile;So it looked like a blooper but as long as we r getting these fairytale AbHer scenes ,I hv no reasons to complain on such small issues naEmbarrassed;The entire "Mera chand mujhe aaya hai nazar" song in the background with AbHer in romantic singing-dancing mode was mesmerising and very passionateBlushing;Also loved the way they cut their first cake of loveEmbarrassed;The way Abeer writes "I Heart U..Leher" with diyas and rose petals was so beautiful and unique way of expressing your loveEmbarrassedEmbarrassed;Best part was when Abeer takes her dupatta and puts it around his neck with full authorityDay Dreaming;Leher too din't mind it which proves that she is finally ready to shed all her inhibitions in love just because she has that much needed trust on AbeerThumbs Up;They really make a fabulous on-screen couple and their chemistry in this whole scene was mindblowing and charishmaticClapClapClapClap..
**Jyothi comes down from heaven**
Uff why the wind had to blow now:AngryLOLLOLLOL..Arre I wanted to see more of AbHer yaarCry..Just when the song finishes and both AbHer were enjoying each other's company..why the wind had to blow and spoil the whole romantic atmosphereAngry;And why Brij was still awake yaarAngry;When that Kul keeps taunting Guddan-Bittan,I don't see Brij present there to defend her daughters and now when his daughter is doing some shubh kaam of romancing his future son-in-law why he had to come and interruptAngryWinkLOLLOLLOLLOL;We all knew that before Brij can go and close the terrace door,Leher will somehoe come out of it with an excuse and she exactly does thatLOL even though I was hoping that like last time Brij goes and closes the terrace door so that Leher gets to spend the whole night on the terrace with Abeer for the second time and this time we can expect them to b really cosy naWinkLOLTongue;But alas that doesn't happenUnhappy;Anyways too much of sweetness can give rise to diabetes it will b wrong to expect more from today's episodeWinkLOLLOL..
**Jyothi floating in the clouds because of too much crowd in swarglok**
Leher's million dollar Flying Good night Kiss to Abeer:**Jyoti faints after seeing Abeer's reaction**Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
**Jyothi comes back to earth for some serious analysis of the future track**
No more Devar Bhabhi fiasco please:So a typical triangle will start tomorrow where Abeer will think that Omi loves some other girl and Omi will think that Abeer loves some other girl..but the girl is oneAngry..We all know that Omi's love is more of lust..but u never know what the CVs hv in mindConfused..Why Omi tells Abeer that "see your bhabhi is coming"Angry..R the CVs trying to give us some hint of the future track ??CryShocked...Anyone who watches another colors show Uttaran will understand what I want to say hereWinkLOLLOLOuch
My Rating:9/10..Can't help itLOL..First of all I loved the realistic approach of this episode..they maintained a good balance between Romance and humourClapClap..nothing was over the topEmbarrassed..Secondly the fact that I wanted the episode to b longer is a proof how good the episode wasEmbarrassed..I would hv given it a perfect 10 if the terrace was not so well decorated as it looked a bit unrealistic and one will wonder when and how Abeer did all the arrangements without letting his family know about itWink..otherwise the episode was perfectEmbarrassed
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Update of April 1st by wida...

Leher is infront of mirror wearing earrings and all for abheerEmbarrassedWhen her chachie calls her. The other ones are having breakfast and Lehers dad says she always used to wake up as first but now, i think that is because she slept late nast nyt, and tells about her last nyt being chat par getting the clothes and chachi and chachu are confused like was the door of chat open?? Bittan say yes..Bittan says she is late because of me cause i took to long time in bathroom..than Leher comes her dad says oh kya my daughter looks really cute today..Leher is all smiling.

Omi and his gang. One of his gang members says that he can give his life to omi bhaia. Than omi bhaya takes the gun and says i want your life..the gang member says please forgive mee, Omi says i want real friends and real love. Abeer is coming and omi calls him..Omi says you looking very happy whats the matter..any girl or something? Abeer says no just like that.. Omi says you shying more than a girl..tell me nothing can be hidden from me..Abeer says yeah something like that..omi says ohh kuch kuch..omi tells to the others to go cause he needs to talk to abheer..Omi says i need to tell you know munna bahi i any less than him,?LOL..ram lakaan..anil kapoor am i less beautiful?LOLtell mee..all girl is crazy about  very popular i get respect here but there is no girl that looks at one like meLOLwhy are they scared of me? Abeer says should i say the truth?..OMi says thast why i called you to tell me the truth cause other ones are liars..Abheer says you know yourr personality your dobha is abit too zabardast..i think girls get a abit scared..dont mind but you are a bit dabang time//fights and all....Omi laughs and says that my pehchan..Abheer says yes but girls are afraid of these things.. Omi says what am i ghoonda or what?? Abeer says no look for the boys you are hero ..Omi says so am i ghoonda for the girls tell angry tone..Abheer says so to hai..nonoo i was..Omi starts laughing again and says you got scared for nothing..Omi says you know this college is myne and if someone says something about my londhe my blood will boil..i hit them..but my heart is is just like yours..haev you ever seen me doing batamazi with gentleman infornt of girlsLOL..look my body look how  smart i am..but girls dont like me..Abheer says yes but i dont get why you saying all these things to me today..and why ya asking..ohh is kuch kuch going with you?..Omi says kuch kuhc noo but bohot kuchh and blabla..abheer says tell me who is the girl..Leher is walking ..omi sees her he say to abheer you my little brother thats why i will say this only  to you..but if it comes infront of public my dhabang image will be destroyed..thhe girl i like the one who will become your bhabi is..and points towards leher..but leher drops her bag and pick its up and deepa comes from behind so abheer thinks it is deepa the one who omi loves..leher and deepa walk together..Abheer says what cna i do than..Omi says please clear my line.abher is like huhshould i do??..Abheer says the one who is coming wiht your wala is mynee..and omi thinks its deepaLOL..Omi gets all happy that their loves are friends..Leher sees omi and abeer and is not happy at all!!
Abheer wants to go to Leher, but than bumps into Bittan..she goes heyhey..Abeer says sorry my mind was somehere elese..bittan says kis taraf..teasing himLOLi know where it was Abheer say oh really where than..Bittan says you dont even haev time to says hi to your saaliLOL.Abeer says hallo hallo you talk tooo muchLOL..She says a little bit credit of that she says her dil ke baad goes to tell me what will my jijajee give to his saalliBig smileAbeer sasy you will get what you want but let me go now..Dont know but your sister is angry with me for something and walks away..
Abeer goes to to leher and sit next to her..leher is kinda angry..Leher says let me study abeer..Abheer says waise tumhara dimaaw ulta chal raha hai kya?..leher says kya?? Abheer say tumhara book ulti haiLOLLOLLOLLOLlike your dimaagLOL(ohh his smile is soo cuteeee)
Abeer says you angry with me? Leher says yes..abheer says but why i dont even know what i did..tell me so i know....Leher says i dont like it that ou talk to that gunda mawali..Abheer says he looks like that but dil ke saaf hai..Leher says saaf??..he hit someone infront of ys..what happend to you?? cant you do such a small thing for me?? Abheer says noo..Leher says nahii??..Abheer says till you dont give a smileeEmbarrassedtill than i wont accept it..and leher smiless..other students come inside the classroom..Leher says ok if someone sees us what will they say..Abeer stands up and says that the teacher is on holiday and that he and leher are going to library to study..all other students goo to the library..Leher wnats to go as well she belived what abeer said,..abeer stops her..and say aree yaar i lied..Leher says tumhe sharem nahi ayi?? Abheer says noo i leave sharm at home everydayLOL..and you promised you will spend whole day with me..Leher says yes i did but ab hamara maan badalgaya..Abheer says i know how to stop you and change your mann..and wada nibana bhi ata hai
Precape: Abheer is wiht leher one of omis gang members says i think he is to close with leher..omi gest angry and says he setting my matters
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April 5th episode update by preearies...



Abheer and Leher in the classroom...They sharing glance at each other...And smiling....and were leaving the classroom...




Tn and his wife and Buddha....discussing some thing...

All are very happy

Tn leaves for work...


Buddha is happy with SUDHA finally...when she says that I like this atmosphere,of no fight and anything else at our Home...


Kul is kicking his  scooter and TN's car dash his scooter...


He started fighting with TN

And TN gives a daam and asks his driver to leave...




Bittan caught ABHEER-LEHER together leaving college and going somewhere...

She asks where you were going...

Abheer smiles and says sweetly... so now you will keep an eye on every step of ours....

To which Bittan answers yes she is sister I will...

And she also says LEHER to come back home soon before daddy comes...


Aaj mausam baada he....

Plays at the background...

And OMI is busy enjoying the song...


He says that he feels like a 15 yr old child...

(hehehehehe hehehe...LOLLOLLOLGHOOCHU...LOLLOLLOL  hehehehohohohhahaha)


One of his chamcha sees LEHER and ABHEER together and says...I think I need to teach him a lesson...


OMI BHAIYA stops him and says...NO he is doing all this just for me...Yeh Dil ka Mamala hai...And who else can do my work better than him....Abheer is well educated...not like you people...who only knows to fight all the time...(heheheheLOLLOLLOL)






Leher is worried that what if someone notice them together...

"Koi  humein dekh liya toh....."

Deepa's  mom and dad in the same Cinema Hall...

Deepa's mom find Abheer...she is a bit confused...whether he is Abheer or not as she did not see his face...

Leher wants to keep the ticket as a sovuenier...(Ohhhhhh god....we all friends also do the same thing...)

Leher says "Tumhare saath peheli film" (soo sweetEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Abheer: - "Nishani ...yaadgar"



Leher :-I am scared if someone finds us... "Humein daar lag raha hai...koi humein dekh liya toh..."

Abheer:- No one is going to notice us...people come here to watch film not each other..."Nahi yaha log film dekhne aate hai....logo ko nahi..."

ABHEER sees Deepa's mom coming towards them.

Abheer :- Ohhh GOD ..."Dekhne wale yaha par bhi aa gaye...."

Abheer and Leher hides some how...

Deepa's Mom to Deepa's Dad :- I just saw ABHEER here....

To which he replies....

Deep's Dad:-You have come here to watch movie or Abheer....hehehehehe

 "Tum yaha film dekhne aaye ho ya...Abheer ko..."

They leave that place and enters inside the movie hall...

Leher:- Abheer just take me out of this place please...Abheer humein yaha se jaldi le chalo...(NO MOVIE ... Unhappyso sad...Unhappy )

They finally lands in a garden...

Leher:- Abheer where have we come...??? I don't want to get a bad name...what is someone sees us over here...

"Abheer yeh kaha le aaye ho humein...."

Abheer replies Even I understand I also don't want to do anything like that...which hurts my daddy...

"Hum bhi samajhte hai....i also don't want to do anything ki baauji ki naak kaat jaye..."

They keep walking and finally Leher sits on a bench...ABHEER bends on his knees and gives her a red rose...

And says..."Yeh phool muskura raha hai tumhe dekh kar jaise....jaise...jaise"

Leher:- Jaise kya?

Abheer:- Raat ko sher yaad kiya tha aabhi bhool gaya...

He also gifts him a cute Teddy bear...(Well done Abheer he knows to win a girls heart very well...where did he learn all this....that too on FIRST meeting...)

Abheer:- This is also for you..."Yeh tumhare liye..."

Leher smiles...accepts everything(RED Rose,teddy bear,chocolates...) and asks him whether he has books in his bag...

"Tumhare bag mein books nahi hoti...???

To which he answers that what is the need of books in our first meeting..."Hamari pehli mulakat mein books ki kya jarurat...."hehehehe

Then he sweetly ask his permission to sit besides her...

Abheer:- "MAY I???"

And sits besides her...


Leher was about to eat the chocolate...Abheer wants to open the chocolate for her so he asks her

Abheer:- should I open it for you"Hum khol de....CHOCLATE..."

Leher shyes...

And leaves....then the beauty ful song starts...


Bollywood dance and romantic scene...

Then the villan entry....THE POLICE...

They are on laathi-charge...They are disturbing each and every couple in the park...(INDIAN POLICE doesn't HAVE SOME OTHER WORK LEFT THAN THIS....)

Two police(one lady police) comes near the tree where ABHEER and LEHER are standing...

Police :- Ok so you having fun over here...couldnt you both find some other place...

Abheer:- Talk with respect...we were....he interrupts....

Police:- Tell me your name...come on...


Police:- (With the tag line...)Brahmin ka ladka aur kayastha ki ladki....

Leher crying...And Abheer thinking what to do....




 OMI finds LEHER and ABHEER outside the garden and is angry...

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Review of 7th April epi by md410...

B B Mathur is very understanding, mature, self respectable, dignified father.Approve I wish he could have stepped up today to use his authority as eldest member of his family, but then again he knows his brother very well that in anger he will think he is taking his daughter's side.Ouch This will worsen the matter. 

Brijbhushan is very proud father of bittan and guddan who knows that his daughters will not disappoint him.  He has full trust in them and confidence in his up bringing. One way it is true, then again it would be interesting to see when he will know about AbHer how he is going to react. He knew his brother unnecessarily yelling at his daughter, he still controlled himself ( well if I were him I would have slapped twice kuli ka baccha for screaming at leharAngryAngry, by replying uska baap jinda khada hai na, tum chup rahoROFL) He did not yell at his brother for two reasons coz he knows if he does same then there is no difference in him and kuli. Second he has faith in his daughter, he knew his daughter is not liar (excuse me brij papa she is liar but not good liarLOLLOLLOLLOL).


He gave his vote in favor of his daughter by telling her do not get scare let him call deepa to find out the truth. (Haila kya hoga jab sach ka saamna hogaOuchOuch)

As brij knows his daughter he aware off his brother temper too, that he is the guy who will not hesitate even for a second to insult him and bring out the upbringing issue.Angry


Unlike Kuli ( thank god he has no daughter varna bechaari abhi tak suicide kar li hoti ya would have ran away, kul ke kul main paida hoke)ROFL Brij is very mature, who is aware of the fact that yelling at grown up kid can make them rebel. Later Brij  has made his daughter understand in very descent manner by telling her that those two are friend and she can talk as and when she feels. He also very sweetly told her in sign language that next time she can make call to himStarStar Lehar indeed got the message.ClapClapClap


Junglee Kulcha aka Kuli ChaachaAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryEvil Smile


Today I so wanted Omi Bhaiya to do Kambal Pitai of Kuli ChachaEvil Smile.  He was hell bent to prove him self jungle today.  The way he yelled at lehar, the way he snatched the cell, the way he blasted at deepa just unbelievable. He has assumed that lehar is spoil brat, she is not telling the truth ( well I should give him for his correct judgment on thisTongue) he was screaming at lehar like police has caught his 5000 kg of drugs??? He was like Don today.

But kya hua stinky kulcha???Thook ke chaat liya???? Generation 2 is smarter than you??? Adaab arz hai miyaa!!!!!!Lehar or her friend is not ankur? LOLLOLLOL


Scary Rabbit Lehar: The Worst LiarShocked


Lehar is worst liar. Actually no I take it back, her brain cells are less active than bittan.

What on the earth made her think that she can use same lie forever ie she went to get notes from deepa??? Does not she know that Kulcha and kulchi were already suspicious??? She had used this excuse once?? Does not she know  what extent those two can go??? Forget about all this?? Did she even bother to tell deepa about incident that happens earlier at home??? Then again liar has very short memory

I would have loved to see Lehar standing up to Kulcha, rather than being scary rabbit. The question is how can she stand up when she knows she is not telling the truth. No Moral courage at all. That is why I think she is worst liar.LOLLOL


Genuinely True friend: DeepaClapClapClapClapClap

I love deepa. Not only she handled Kulcha very nicely with one yes, she stood up for lehar to her mom. Al Javahiri aka her mom needs to come back to land. She is still day dreaming that one day abeer will marry her daughter. On the contrary deepa knows about AbHer.  Deppa clearly told her mom not to remind what respect and honor of the girl is.


Chugalkhor Aljavahiri ki chugli to LadenD'oh


Laden's right hand Al Javahiri aka deppa's mom immediately calls to her big B at HQ aka Vajpai's home to tell lehar muh kaala karaa ke aai hai (though I love deeps, but now I so want abeer to fix deepa-Omi ki date, phir poochenge maanji kiska muh kaala).

Laden gets one more opportunity to do missile attack on her padosi. She again starts her lehar bashing session, unfortunately her lalla who is partner in crime listen all.LOLLOLLOLLOLWink ( daadi will get stroke when she will know lalla wants to marry lehar)


Badbola TN Needs Reality CheckSilly

I am waiting for the day when TN will eat his own words. This is second time he said same. he did act same at the time of madhav's wedding. Would like and love to see if he actually going to disowned his lovable lovely lalla by publishing his picture on front page. Would he not gone to get lalla bailed out if omi would have not helped him out in dilkhush garden matter??? Confused Tab I would have asked Pathak ji ki TN kya yeh case bhi nahi handle karenge??? LOLLOL

TN sir you never know sarswati devi kab kiski jubaan pe baith jaaye??? You better watch what you say.  You do not know your lalla we do. Rite friends.ROFL


Chatur efficient CIA Agent: OMI Bhaiya

NO matter how cheap or gunda omi bhaiya is. He is very skilled and efficient to get truth out whether by hook or crook.  He finally made abeer to accept that abeer loves lehar, wanted to know if she loves abeer too or not, but deep down in his heart he was afraid if abeer is going to say yes. Omi's worst nightmare came true when abeer told they both love each other.

After abeer's revelation  Omi recalculate his relationship and now we will see his new avatar.  Let's see if he would be still Omi bhaiya or gunda bhiya turn gunda gunda.


Abeer is trapped in Omi's web???????

 Abeer was no mood to talk today. GK has very less screen time today that too without his smileCryCryCryCry.  So I am missing his smile very badlyDeadDead.  He unknowingly now trapped in omi's web????? Omi knows all his raz, Omi can and very well capable of using his power against abeer for lehar. The reason I'm saying this is, misunderstanding about lehar got clear with a addition of new one. What omi thinks is that abeer fit his dil ka maamla in his dil ka matter. He does not know his dil ka matter was always abeer ka interest and priority.

Would be interesting to watch Omi's next move. Hope he does not go to Kulcha to ask lehar ka hand, even if he does then Brij should take matter in his hand this time for his daughter's sake.  


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Update of 8th April by wida..

Abheer calling Leher..Everyone is sleeping..Leher doesnt pick up the phone, but she goes par..Abeer is there.
Abeer ask is she is angry at him..Leher says no but she is pareshan about what happend and because of her Bittan had to lie. Most important thing is that i lied to my father. When uncle was scolding me he was feeling bad and he said to me to see him like my friend and i am cheating on him.and she starts crying...if he came to know that in what kind of trouble we were today than i woul die because of embaressment...and with us my family would be ashamed..with me my whole family would get badnaam i am really scared. I have never lied to my father before..he trust me so much but today i cant look in his eyes.. I did a big paap. Abhheer says being in love is not a paap. Leher says i know but lieing is paap. Abheer says look at my eyes..i can understand you but my love is real our love is real..our heart is clean..nothing will go wrong. .. Abeer says i think we need to go to that park tomorrwo again..cause i lost something there..Leher says kya?? what was it really expensve..Abeer says yes..really kimti..Leher says was your name written on it? Abeer says no but i think our name will be writtin in it for ever..Leher says what is itt what you saying?? Abheer says humara Leher ki smileeBig smile..and she smiles..Abeer says today i got to know that i cant see tears in your eyes..i feel like fighting to everyone to stop your tears..I promise to you that because of our love you wont feel ashemed ever. We will only meet here or at college not outside anymore...Abeer says i think you should go down now before someone comes.
Omi is drinking and thinking about Leher..and than about Leher and abheer together..and than says to his gang members that she will become your bhabi!!(omg he is crazy)..ok he says to much nonsense he is going crazy and says that leher will become hiss what ever happens. He got a bleeding finger than he writes lehers name with his blood on the wall. He says KASAM SEE this girl will become your all BHABI!! she will be only mine.
Abeer waiting at the busstop the bus comes but Leher hasnt come yet so he doesnt take the bus ..He is tensed. Finally Leher comes and he gets a smile on his face..but than he sees that cachus son is with herLOL The bus comes and they all get in the the bus abheer keeps looking at Leher but Leher doesnt really look b ack cause of that cousin of her..the cousin sees abheer looking whole time..Somehow her cousin goes back to the bus and Abeer comes and sit next to Leher..and ask what that chipu is doing.Leher says he will come everyday know to have an eye on me..Chipu tries to see what is happening..but he only sees Leher and when he comes back to the front of the bus Abeer gets up and stands in the bus.
They all get off the bus..and guess who was in the bus?? OMII BHAIIAA.
AbHer wants to meet again at college when abeer wants to go to Leher he sees chipki againLOLChipki says this abheer he doenst concentrate in his work but on other things!! Leher says why should we care have you checked timetable of your exams? Leher sayys i will come in 2 minutes going to drink water.
Leher goes to Abheer..he says whats this yaar we cant go out and here that chashmish jassoos is behind us..if he wasnt your brother..i would..than that chipki comes again and Abeer goes away ..Some guy comes and tells Ankoor chipkiLOLabout something and than ankoor say i will come with tou..and leaves with the guy..Leher walks away ..but than we see OMI behind her following her.
Precape:  Leher and Abheer are in teh library and Abeer complaining again ankhoorLOLLeher says ok mein use peecha chod thi ho than i will come and meet you.
Showing Omi really angryy

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Neeba IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
9th April update by soapbubble...

Lehar goes to the library to meet Abeer and it's a cute scene - but kabab mein haddi Ankur appears here also. Lehar says she'll get rid of him and meet Abeer later.
Omi and faaltu paaltus are sitting in the library observing. 

Then Lehar and Ankur are walking in the corridor and Omi calls Lehar ji from behind. 

Ankur goes off to class. Long pointless scene in which Omi says more anaap shanaap - sorry I can't go into his bakwas - no real matter in there - just a lot about Lehar's izzat etc. 
Then Deepa comes and asks Lehar what happened - L tells Deepa all that happened yesterday.

In Ganeshgunj, Daadi and Veena meet at the fruit stall and start gossiping . Brij and Kul are eating breakfast at the shop (gas has run out at home) and overhear them talking about girls who come home late and make bahanas about notes etc.Dead
Kul leaps up and fights with the two of them - then Brij also gets in his own two bit. He tells daadi 'aapki umr ka lehaz hai... bas" and reminds her she also has a daughter at home.

Abeer hatches a plan to get rid of Ankur and succeeds in getting him out of thw way for half an hour. LOLLOL

Kul tells Brij they should get Guddan marriedShocked. Brij tells him he will not cut her wings because poeple are talking - it will happen at the right time for the right reasons.

Precap: Omi on the phone telling someone 'raasta saaf hai, uthale use.' A maruti omni swings by - fellows in masks get out and cover Abeer with a blanket and bundle him into the vehicle. ShockedShockedLehar sees it all.

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As we expected the epi opens with the half hour that Abher have stolen. Abeer takes Lehar into a disused store room/classroom and tells her he has another present for her - one she won't find in any shop. Lehar says 'bohut pamper kar rahe ho'. It's a dabba with his mother's moong dal ki halwa. Lehar is happy because she's missing her mother. Sweet scene. Abeer spoonfeeds Lehar and Omi (ugh) watches from the door. Abher leave and they're walking on either side of the road looking at each other. 

Omi calls up someone and says raasta saaf hai abhi uthvalo and the goons come and kidnap Abeer. Lehar runs forwards and a biker drops an envelope near her - saying 'If you want to meet Abeer come to some place (forgot the name). '
Abeer is blindfolded and Omi is holding a knife and looking evilConfused. Lehar comes there horrified and screams Abeer's name - the blinfold drops and Abeer is shocked to see Omi. Omi pretends it was a way to get Abher together, gives them the key to the house to meet whenever they want and leaves.

Lehar tells abeer that Omi is very weird and bad - that he should not even talk to him; let us leave. Abeer is very shaken by the kidnapping and Omi's bizarre behaviour but he still says he thinks of me as his younger brother, he's not bad. Lehar screams at him in frustration. Abeer agrees with her but he doesn't know how to handle Omi and return the key without offending him.

Abeer goes to return the key to Omi and tells him he wouldn't understand Lehar is a different kind of girl who doesn't want him even talking to him. Omi tells him to forget the whole thing.

Omi's faaltu paaltus tell him ye kya ho gaya - aur plan has failed. But Omi says I have another 'turrum ka patta' up my sleeve. and casts more lustful glances when he talks of Lehar. DeadAngry

In tomorrow's epi - they show Omi extracting info about the Mathur-Vajpayee status and is telling Kul some way to get even with the Vajpayees. Kul shakes Omi's hand happily.

Okayish epi - but good spanking pace, so quite watchable. Too much of Omi and I'm afraid it's going the Haasil way. I really hope Omi is one of those villains jinki ek nahi chalti and they end up as comic relief. Embarrassed

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