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The Memory Lane:*New* Chandan Anand's Msg! (Page 64)

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Originally posted by Neeba

I agree with both of you, Ratna and Tanu....It was painful to watch what they were going through but their expressions were such killer ones...that we did not mind it much....YaRav have proved time and again that they are brilliant actors...Big smile
I agree Neelu.. they were magic!  They just do wonders when put in the same frame...Day Dreaming

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22nd March update written by preearies...



Episode starts with DISCLAIMER...

Then the Beautiful Song "PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS TUM RETE HO..."


Sorry i didn't see the epi from start...


I will write it from where i saw...


That Stupid OMI BHAIYA was getting information from some one on phone about LEHER...

(Stupid person have he not seen his face in mirror and dreaming about LEHER...HOW DARE HE...GONECASE, and NO. 1 USELESS person...huhhhhh!!!!!)

Then Leher was thinking about something else and something spelled on her...Bittan comes and asks her that why is she behaving like this...why is she doing all this to hurt herself...she told LEHER that she can guess easily that why she is always in thoughts these days...


But LEHER leaves that place and goes to her room...

There she finds some arrow marks she follows it and then she end up near the table where Bittan have left a huge card and a cute teddy bear for LEHER didi...(so sweet of her to do really reminded me of my sis and things i used to do for her...I am proud to have a elder sis who is just like LEHER...Neways i SORRY i went  offtrack...)

Then Leher reads the card...and is very happy to see the teddy bear also... :)

Bittan enters and Leher asks her is today SISTER's DAY....To which Bittan says i don't know i just felt to give you something so ...this is it...And also adds that its always nice to express your it brings happiness and smile to someones face...The person whom we LOVE...(She pointed towards ABHEER hehehe....she is one cool sis...yaar)

Leher might be thinking of Abheer as Bittan used the word LOVE...




Bittan gives sweets to Abheer near that Mitthaiwala shop...To which Abheer asks her ...what is this for...Bittan says This is for my sister's marriage...marrige is not yet confirmed but it would the boy and his family is going to come to see her...


"Didi ki shaadi hai na...hui nahi hai par hojaye gi...unko ladke wale dekhne jo aarahe hai"


On the other side OMI BHAIYA looking at LEHER ...(Look at his guts...stupid person he came at her glare at LEHER....ohhhhh i hate him...)

Even a person from his group looks at leher and passes some lewd comment...

To which OMI BHAIYA slaps him and says..."TUMHARI AAKHE NIKALKE...PLASTIC KI AAKHEN LAGA DEINGE..."(hehehehehehe)

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Update of 23rd March, by Hina....

Bittan tells Leher that she knows everything as to why she's sad these days but Leher is still in denial

Then they show Abeer fixing his scooter when his friends come to cheer him up
they suggest to go a watch a movie but he refuses then they ask to go to bansi halwai atleast so Abeer agrees and they play an old song while he's walking to the shop

Bittan comes there as well and says what she said yest that did ka rishta hora hai and ladke wale are coming to see her at hotel Shalini Palace at 3

Abeer's friends query what Bittan was talking abt and Abeer says that the ladke wala are coming to se Leher but he doesnt care :)

there's a short Omi in loveria scene ,where he 's cursing his chamche that they are useless and can never come up with any good ideas
he goes yeh hamre dil ka matter hai, and that they need to do something solid haha
then she request God to get their prem ki nayya across 

Abeer reaches the hotel and is slyly looking for his lady love 

Bittan goes and tells Leher that she was right and that Abeers is not trustworthy,he's actually going on a date with some girl called Shilpi from BA first year and is meeting her at Hotel Shalini Palace at 3 Wink

Leher excuses herself and rushes to the Bittan planned meeting point and Bittan gives herself a pat on the back and smiles cheekily on her plan mission accomplished 

The sick Omi has reached Ganesh Gunj and is sickly eyeing Leher from a corner near her house
while Leher is busy looking for a rickshaw to get to the hotel asap 

Chachaja just happens to arrive at home then and Omi has a devious idea to get his goody image in chachaji's eyes so he sends his guy to snatch his bag and later he runs after the guy to bring the bag back to Kul and prove to be the good guy Angry

Abeer imagines leher at the hotel and tells her off for marrying such a lallu (a guy sitting arnd)
he goes hum kya itne bure hai? lol and soon he realizes that it was a dream

as planned Omi rescues Kul's bag and gives some fake intro and discovers that Kul works for PWD and that he knows many ppl there

Kul is impressed with him and offers for jal paan but he says some other time 

precap: Omi at Kul's office offering him a bribe to get his tender through
Kul is shocked !

and I am as well coz they 've left up hanging in mid air abt AbHer Angry


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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 5:41am | IP Logged
24th March update, by Hina again...Big smile

Man,Bittan was so silly to follow Leher to the hotel,plan tha toh acha par khud kyu pohoch gayi result dekhne ??? uff...

Abeer having his cuppa and waiting for Leher ,there's some girl who comes to see the guy who Abeer thought was Leher's guy ,he's happy that atleast  its not that loser she's coming for ...

Leher comes rushing and spots Abeer,they give each other the stares 
,both sit on separate tables and mentally cuss each other for being there for someone else 
and soon they catch Bittan watching them from some corner
Leher misinterpretes the whole thing and tells Abeer off for using her sister for his own sake and leaves 

yar kya hai yeh,kitte armaan the hamare us meeting ko leke Angry

back home ,Leher is fretting over Abeer's drama ,Bittan follows her and clears her misunderstanding and says that it was her who had made the plan ,
Leher says it was a stupid plan ,atleast she accepted that it wasn't Abeer ,this girl is seriously getting a little annoying !

then Bittan requests her to accept her love for Abeer but Leher is again going on with her family trouble saga 
Bittan tries her best to convince her sister that she should go out and get her love
but Leher denies as expected :(
Bittan cutie says that she's so excited abt them two being together Wink

Omi kamina(as Sam loves to call him) comes to Kul office and talks his chikni chupdi baatein
gives him a pack of dosh and say that this is just the beginning...Kul eys light up at the look of the money thats gonna be coming his way courtest Omi...He accepts it and Omi leaves relieved that he's getting closer to Leher...

Kul reaches home and is all cheery ,hands the pack of garam jalebis to Rama,she asks the reason for his khushi and just then Brij walks down the stairs and grabs a jalebi,Kul's face changes when Brij asks him the reason for th ejalebi ,but Kul says just aivain!

then Kul goes to his room and asks Rama for garam paani,basically calling her to the room
and then starts the romance Embarrassed

He gifts her a colourful saree and gets a shirt for  his hicken beta Ankur
Rama asks abt Guddan and Bittan 's gift ,he says they are gher and he can't be bothered with them....

Aja sanam madhur chandni me hum plays on the radio and he hilariously dances and romances his wife who is completely surprised by his smiley face :)

the song continues on Leher and she looked nice in a baby blue kurta and hair half tied ,she walks around her room thinking of Abeer and then the scene shifts to Abeer where he is looking at Leher's pics and podering over their story ....

Abeer looked brilliant in this scene and Leher did too...

Next morning ,daadi is back ,missed her !
chutki is busying revising with breakfast ,daadi tells her off and then steers her focus to lalla
who she thinks has murjhaad and when sudha checks Abeers temperature Boodha says yeh tan ka nahi man ka rog hai lol and Abeer 's eyes pop out in wonder ...

then Boodha comes up with the jadu tona that the padosi have done on Abeer 
and says that she will take him to some Madir to ward of the evil...

Abeer refuses to go and says that TN will be naraaz if he doesnt attend uni ,Boodha says that she wont take no for an answer and that she will do a nazar utaro thing for TN too.I miss TN sooooo much ! Bhupi ji lagta holiday par hai :)

Boodha and lalla in a rickshaw and Leher is walking in gum hai kisi ke pyar me mode on the street and hots the rickshaw wheel,the rickshaw wala says ,dekh ke chalo to Leher and Boodha is back with her harsh lines...she calls Leher a billi that crossed their path !

overall a bit of disappointing epi,but the good was the return of Brij and Boodha
Leher ,I have no comments for !


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There's no update for 25th March but a review by sanjukta...

The Vicious Loop

Abeer-Leher deadlock continues..the glances, the silent denials.Disapprove

Daadi AMAZED me put it nicely !! the woman needs a perfect adjective..anyone any suggestion? For 5 minutes she cursed Leher without even stopping to breathe'.she doesn't care about the surrounding, neither does she care about the reasoning'..from billi to dayain'she said it all !! cursing, blaming the girl for every bad thing happening to the Bajpai family and to Abeer in general'.and this is her opinion without even knowing that the two has feelings for each other, I would not even want to imagine what she can say or do once she comes to know of it. FOR ONCE, I think Leher is right. No sane human being can or should tolerate this outrageous misdemeanor and all this in the name of caste !! Wah !! Shocked

Even baanke was feeling bad for leher and the situation in general

And I am disappointed at Abeer..much.  I was actually expecting him to do a bit more than asking her to stop after she has delivered the complete speech. Abeer, you know why Leher is holding her feelings back and today it was RIGHT THERE on your face'Ouch.if this is how you plan to step up for her darling then I think you should rather marry someone else. Another rashmi fiasco is not looked forward to. But then, Abeer needs a ground to stand firm. I still think he can and would stand by Leher if she gives him the space'..its a vicious loop...told ya !!

But the worst vicious loop was the ending !!! the mayhem in Kaalibaari !!! this will reinstate the "buri nazar" theory of daadi and I am afraid this time even leher might think she is having a bad influence on abeer Ouch

nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Cry'please creative bhagwan, daadi aur abeer ko salamat rakhna'Ying Yang..i really want leher to be abeer's lucky charm..PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE Smile


Wah re pyar'Wah re Wah

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love." ' Sophocles

..true'else despite the insult of daadi and the rootha huya abeer, leher is LOST in him !!! haan yahi pyar hai !! Leher too misses the sunflower Abeer'I know I wont do a good job describing the scene, so I leave that to the other beautiful writers in this forumHug'but all I can say is, i watched that part numerous times in a row and everytime I was lost with it'I was smiling with it'it was pristine'beautiful'.i wanted to be in love too'.Day DreamingEmbarrassed

Whoever perceived the scene'..i bow down to you'..the creative team of this show has a beautiful gift of releasing pressure at important junctures..who would have ever thought that after such an intense dark Daadi-Leher scene, there would be a breezy situation with a beautiful song !!!! it was unexpected'at a strange situation..but it was perfect !!! (I realized I am so bad at describing emotional scenes !!!!!! eeks !! Shocked)

Omi ' the lust-waley bhaiyya

Well, Omi is CREEPY, SLY, EVIL and SCUMMY to the coreDeadthe way he looks at leher, the way he monitors every move leher makes, the way he pretends, the way he asserts and the way he is getting jealous at abeer makes me feel he is a wriggly reptile !! Dead ...and Omi bhaiya's dialogues are somewhat funny too LOL

But having said that, the actor is amazing !! he makes it look effortless'natural. Thumbs Up

Hence, without fail, every time his face comes up the word which slips out of one's mouth is YUCK !!! Dead

Moment of the Day:

Abeer giving Leher a pink China Rose'LOL'this is the cutest thing ever'Embarrassed..i LOVED how they reinforced that you do not need anything special, like a RED rose, to make someone feel special'its just a gesture'just the feeling of togetherness'.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I love this show..its real'.its real not only because its showing the real problems of the age-old caste system, but also because, for ONCE its showing how a real person loves..and I love it !!

For me it was a fab episode yet again'everyone delivered their best ' Abeer, Leher, Daadi, Omi, Baanke StarClap

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Update of 26th March is a members only post....Here's the link...We all know that this was a Abeerless episode...Ouch

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One of the most important dates of YPNHK is 29th March and we all loved Leher's confession...This update was written by preearies..


Epi starts with Leher crying and she was about to uncover the sheet of a dead person who was lying on a stretcher...Leher uncovers it and finds someone else...and Sighs!!!(Great relief for her...)

She is still crying and looking here and there for Abheer like mad...(Poor Girl ...Cry Cry Cry)


At TN's Place

Abheer's mom crying Cry Cry Crylike hell...She wants to meet her Laala now...

Baake offers her some water...But She says I don't want nething I just want to see my laala...Baake says that he has prayed for DADI and Abheer so everything will be fine and they will come back home soon...

But Abheer's mom wants to go at the place...right now...and find Dadi and Abheer...TN says that we should not go there as no one is allowed to go there...and commissioner is my friend....he will call as soon as he find them...(STRANGE I THOUGHT TN WOULD BE WORRIED FOR HER MOM BUT...Neways...)

Leher shouting Abheer ...and desperately looking for him...

TN and Abheers mom also reaches the spot...And looking for both of them...They both check whether there names are in the register of Medical Help Desk...But they don't find it...Then they hear DADI calling LAALA...LAALA...TN runs towards her mom and gives her a hug...Now they all are worried for ABheer....Leher see them and was about to go there as she sees Abheer's mom crying like hell...But stops herself...She instead continue crying and looking for Abheer...

ADVERTISEMENT: - Leher finds Abheer's Shirt and cries holding it...

Leher finds Abheer's shirt and breakdown....completely scattered,and heart broken...She hold his shirt tight and starts crying....and shouts ABHEER....and continue crying....

Then the song "KAISE BATTAYE KYON TUJHKO CHAHE...." starts...and a beautiful VM also starts with it...Leher remembering all the memories from starting since they met and when they were annoyed...Each and every moment...(THIS WAS REALLY SWEET AND TOUCHING...I LOVED IT A LOT...)

Then the song stops and Leher still crying...The building of the temple falls...Leher turns and find Abheer... (OUR HERO COMES OUT OF DUST... HOLDING A CHILD... ) He hands over the child to her mother...and Leher very very happy to see him....


LEHER runs towards Abheer and hugs him tight...She starts crying again and tells him that She was so worried about him....and yes that if he would not have come back she would have died without him...And finally confess her LOVE to Abheer...

Heart Heart Heart"I LOVE YOU ABHEER" Heart Heart Heart HUM TUMSE BAHOT PYAAR KARTE HAI :) .....(ohhh SO SWEET...Embarrassed Embarrassed  Embarrassedwe all were waiting for this to happen...)

And she adds that she was sorry as she hurt him a lot ....but the truth is that she loves him and cannot say without him even for a second...and missed him so so much...and now she doesn't care what he is(Bhramin) and what she is(Kayastha)....only thing she knows is that...She Heart LOVES Heart her very very much....

Abheer also acknowledges the same...And is very happy to hear it from her...He kisses her on her forehead...and says that even he LOVES her a lot...and will keep loving her forever and ever...(BOTH ACTED WELL TOGETHER)

ADVERTISEMENT:- Leher tells Abheer to leave him...Abheer says no i won't....Then Leher says that his mom and dad are coming...LOLLOLLOL

Leher and Abheer both consoling each other...Leher still in Abheer's arm...

Leher tells Abheer to leave her...He says no I wont...Leher says that your mummy daddy are coming towards us...(HEHEHEHEHEHELOLLOLLOL)...Abheer shocked to see them...(HUHHH why from all the time...they have to come at this moment... huuuhhh!!!!)

Abheer says "NO i wont leave you...Let them also know that how much we love each other..."

To which leher says "NO they are very sad and looking for you...I need to go..."
Abheer says "NO i wont let you go...."
Leher says "they are coming closer...please let me go..."
Abheer says "Ok i will ...but you have to promise me that you will meet me tonight at the terrace..."(NOW THE REAL TERRACE LOVE WILL START...hehehehe)

Leher says yes she will come....



Chaachaji asks LEHER why is she much time it takes to collect Notes...

Then Chaiji asks LEHER that "were you at Deepa's place....but she met me in the market at evening"


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One Severusnape started a thread about this confession being the best till date...Do read the thread...

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