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2nd March update...written by our Hinzi again...Big smile

Written Update ~2nd March~

Episode begins with Abeer and the two sisters Guddan and Bittan helping their father get back on his feet ....Brij gives Abeer a leave us alone kinda look and his daughters then they support him to walk back to their house ...Abeer returns to stop the fight between  TN and Kul ...Boodha yells to bring his lalla (TN ) back into the house ) Instead ,the two  get more violent and Kul says that fighters should come out and fight and not be timid , so TN takes that serious and grumps back out on the street 

Brij walks in injured and leher's mum panics to see his condition,she runs to fetch the first aid kit 

TN and Kul ,despite of Abeer's  force to stop them ,have another session of fisticuffs Abeer and Shukla  try very hard to break them apart and Shukla yells at Kul and asks him to leave but Kul creams at him and says that its all because of him ...Somehow Rama managaes to take  Kul back and TN also returns into the house after a lot of  struggle and Shukla like a coward shuts the door to Vajpayee house ...

While Leher cleans Brij's wounds ,Kul enters the house and the drama part 2 begins where Kul repeats their neighbours are such low grade people who dont care about anything but money and their false prestige ...but Brij skips all Kuls' remarks and aks him of the truth behind the common wall between the two houses and Kul initially yells at him to be asking such a question but then confesses in a rage  that yes they hadn't built the common wall beacuse they never had enough money to do so ....He  gives a whole long explanation about how he saved all the money and managed with just the Rs.800 monthly that Brij used to send  for the construction of the house...He blames Brij for a whole lot more  and says that it may be Brij's house but he has worked equally hard on it and hasn't had any appreciation for his dedication...
All the ladies are devastated to know the grudge Kul carried for his own brother and Kul's accusations go on for a tad long when Brij feels weak and faints ....
They go mute for the audience and all yell to call the doctor and get worried over Brij taking ill...

On the other hand they show the Vajpayees  commenting over the fight and Boodha curses the next door neighbours and speaks harsh words for them and Shukla the super idiot says that he's got all planned and will fix them right ...thats when we see TN return to his original character,a little subtle and chilled... 
He says that he doesnt want any more tensions in the house and requests the Shuklas to leave.Shuklain and Shukla are stunned to know TN's wish and they sort of agree to depart .... (about time they did)

Abeer goes out to the phone booth and tries to call Guddan? or perhaps was only pretending to call while waiting to see someone appear in the Mathur's  balcony but when he spots  Ankur with a doctor and overhears him say that Tauji(Brij) had passed out suddenly...he gets worried and runs towards his own house. 

The doctor advises that Brij will be ok soon but says that they should avoid any mental stress for the moment...
And at the same time Abeer comes to this window that somehow can give a view of Leher's parents bedroom,he tries to catch Bittan's attention and requests her to come out to talk for a minute ... (both Bittan and Abeer was fab in this scene )

Then Bittan goes out and they have a conversation when Abeer asks about her dad and she says he'll be fine ,then Abeer tells her that he needs to speak to her didi and asks her to send Guddan to the terrace where he'll be waiting..Bittan says it isnt possible but Abeer wasn't ready to accept and says that he'd wait all night if need be and no matter what but he needs to speak to Leher somehow...

The doctor leaves and Leher's mum instructs the two girls to stay with their dad ...and  Bittan tells Leher that Abeer wants to meet her on the terrace but she's already said no but  :) Leher says yes and says that she will have to speak to Abeer today !( yayyy !)

Then Leher's mum has a scene with Kul where she tells him that they have saved on everything to build this house ,they ave up on all their aspirations to see this dream (of the house and them moving to Lucknow to live in it) prosper,Apparently Guddan wanted to do a fashion dessigning course but they couldn't afford it ...She makes Kul aware of  how they never had any extra cash to spend on any sort of luxuries and now when this dream of theirs has become a reality,they had enever expected Kul to come up with complaints.... She also says that Brij was always so proud of Kul in every way,if needed he could ask everyone of how Brij talked good about his hometown and his brother who is workin so hard to build the house ...
In the end she says that if Kul still thinks that Brij has been unfair to him then she 'd like to apologize on their behalf...

Precap: Leher and Abeer meet on the terrace andAbeer asks her about her dad and  Leher tells him that her dad isnt well so Abeer says that she neednt worry,he's be fine soon but Leher says the worst heatbreaking  line ever " hamari dosti nahi ho sakti Abeer " and Abeer is shocked cries his heart out ,so does Leher when she painfully tells him that they cannot be friends ever .......

sorry for detailing it late,I had dozed off early yest,hope u enjoyed reading !

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Update for 3rd March is a members only post by mona...Here's the link...

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Update summary of 4th March by jyoti...

  • Episode started with Leher and Kul's wife convincing Leher's mother to forget everything and lets all go together  for the Holika ritual which happens every year in their town;Finally Leher's mother is convinced..
  • Abber's dadi too convinces TN that they should go for the holika inspite of Mathurs coming there or else they will think that we r hiding inside our house;Finally TN too is convinced..
  • Both Mathurs and Vajpayees come face to face in the Holika ritual and both Kul and TN gives hatred looks to each otherOuch;AbHer both give embarassing and sad looks to each otherCry while Dadi indirectly taunts the Mathurs by saying that we don't need Uptan sinse we r pure;Those people who r impure needs the uptanAngry...Brij is not seen in the holika ritualConfused(Mayb he is resting in the houseBig smile)
  • Mathurs and Vajpayees then start their pooja by rotating around the holika fire;Abeer keeps on staring at Leher while she is going round the holika fireEmbarrassed;Abeer too starts going round along with LeherEmbarrassed;He keeps giving all sort of intense looks to LeherEmbarrassed
  • Pooja is finally over and both go back to their respective houses without much tamashaLOL;But Abeer sits there only with his friends looking extremely frustated and keeps remembering how Leher returned back that yellow flower to him the other dayCry;He keeps staring at Leher's balcony,but when Leher comes out and sees Abeer staring at her,she tries to ignore him and goes inside the room;She even closes all the windows so that Abeer can't see her but inside the house even Leher is suffocating in pain of breaking the friendship with AbeerCry
  • The dhol people then comes to play the dhol after the holika puja when Abeer takes one of the dhol in his hand and starts playing it in a intense passionate manner;He keeps on staring at Leher's window with fire and intensity in his eyes and at the same time plays the dhol with full energyEmbarrassed;The dhol's sound reaches Leher's ears and she too feels the pain which Abeer is going through while playing the dhol and so she too bursts out crying inside the roomEmbarrassed;Finally Abeer stops playing the dhol when the episode endsBig smile
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    Posted: 08 March 2011 at 5:32am | IP Logged
    Update of 5th March..written by Hina...

    ~Written Update 5th March ~

    The Vajpayees begin their Holi day  with Chutki running down the stairs screaming Holi hai !!!...TN seemed relaxed and happy  that good times are back and the evil(aka Shuklas) have been packed away for good...Boodha insists on Chutki applying oil before she get herself coloured like crazy and she starts rubbing oil on Chutki's face and hands but Chutki tries to free herself from Boodha's grip and says " daadi hame jaane do,kya kar rahi ho aap "  then Boodha goes  " ruk ja ,hum to wohi karte hai jo hamesha se karte aye hai, jag bhalai ,chahe kisiko acha lage ya bura "  and Chutki in reply says  " ab kya sari bhalai hume tel lagakar hi karogi ?  " haha ,she's one cute and funny girl.  Boodha then asks Chutki to apply ubtan with chandan and recollects the time at Holi last year when lalla had got coloured so bad that the stains stayed for a week...
    There's a happy ambience around ....

    Boodha then asks about banke ,so sudha says says she hasnt seen him since morning ,then Boodha aks about lalla and says "Kya aaj tyohar  ke din bi soya hai ab tak ?" sudha says she'd go  and check...

    Then Sudha and Boodha wish each other Holi and this was the first I liked of Boodha-Sudha bond where Boodha heartily wishes Sudha a happy holi  and says "khush raho " 
    Sudha then wishes TN and does a tilak with colours and so does he....the scene was very sweet when he says "apko bi holi ki badhai ho panditayin "  ..they are such a good looking couple Embarrassed
    Sudha asks TN to stay back and wish the mohalla people when they arrive but TN says that he doesnt wanna celebrate and also instructs her to not disturb him while he's finishing off some important work in his chamber  and agrees to his wish  ...


    Mridula is doing pooja in her mandir when Brij comes and wishs her a happy holi ,she wishes him back and he asks her the reason for the gloom on her face,she replies that she is worried abt things and he sensibly says that there is no need to worry and that everything will be alright ...
    mridula asks him to tak good care of himself and avoid any exertion...He says he cannot do that coz its Holi and everyone will enjoy it together ,she says "devarji mana kar rahe hai " but brij says that he will be ok soon ....

    Next he goes to Kul's room where he's standing all upset ,Brij goes close to him and Kul tocues his feet and there's a nice patch up moment between the two brothers....Brij then asks him to come down and celebrate holi with the rest of the family ....

    Guddan and Bittna wish their parents and Leher refuses to play Holi but Brij says she's isnt allowed to say no today coz she likes the festival...Brij also calls Ankur but Kul says to leave him alone to study (pata nahi kya padta hai ye ladka) Brij wont take no for an answer and Ankur joins the family ....


    Shadab and gaurav call out for Abeer from the street  and say that he seems to have changed in the past few days but Gaurav says he has to come down to enjoy with them ...and they keep calling him constantly ...

    the halwai is loving the festival and Banke is high on thandai (bhang included) and Ganesh gunj is full of vibrant colors...


    Abeer is in his room( looking awesomely cute in a white shirt) like they showed yesterday,pondering over their break up and thinking of Leher when Sudha comes to apply oil in his hair and take him downstairs to celebrate...She says that he loves the festival so much so why is he not wanting to join the fun this time/,he says he isnt in the mood and does not want to celebrate holi this year  and asks her to go and tell everyone( Isimply loveeeee the angry Abeer,he looks so hot ).... Shadab and Gauav call him again and Sudha gives up and leaves him alone ....


    The halwai goes to the Mathurs and gives them fresh mithai he has made for the mohalla ,nrij thanks him and when the halwai asks  them to join in the  fun at the mandir,Brij calls everyone when Kul pulls an annoyed face  at the mention of the unity in the mohalla...

    Gaurav and Shadab call Abeer again and he grumps to say " do minute bi chain nahi hai inko " I just loved the way he sulks...

    The Mathurs follow the halwai out to join the street party and Shadab notices them and goes to Gaurav  "ab Abeer miya zaroor ayenge" Gaurav goes " kyu ?" and Shadab points out to Leher...and they both go hmmm LOL  just then Abeer comes to out to tell them that he wont be joining in but Shadab and Gaurav, the hilarious pair know he will once he spots Leher .

    They were super funny when Abeer does spot  Leher on the street and goes "ate hain hum" haha! and finally comes out wearing his white kurta looking extremely hot and sexy !
    The Vajpayees come out as well except TN and they are  greeted by  Deepa and her mum at the mandir ...

    The karoke version of range barse bheege chunar wali is playing in the background when Boodha and her trrop enter the mandir...
    Abeer frowns and looks for Leher in the crowd and his friends point out to her standing in a corner ,
    Abeer is embarased to be caught red handed and goes" tujhe kaise pata hum unhe hi dhoond rahe hai ? " so Gaurav replies with the best line ever ke " janab aapke dil ki dhadkan bahar tak sunai de rahi hai " lol LOL ,so true Gaurav muah !

    Then Abeer like an eligible damad goes to wish the Sr.Mathurs and does the pau choona thing..
    Leher watches him do that and is kinda impressed but doesnt wana admit ...
    Leher's mum smiles to see Abeer and he does a tika with Holi on her face...he then moves to Brij and touches his feet and says Happy holi uncle  Wink and Brij like a good man wishes him the same and calls him beta  (Abeer miya ,sahi jaa rahe bilkul ) and they put colour on each other.

    Then the parents leave from there and Abeer moves ahead to wish Ankur ,the idiot and he wishes back reluctantly and then comes Bittan's turn ,she looks sweet and Abeer sweetly wishes her and puts colour on her cheek ,she wishes his back in a robotic way and walks way like a robot leaving Leher on he own....

    She is a little perplexed and flustered as to what she could do and say when Abeer inches further to wish her and aims for her cheek with the colour but she doesnt let him put any colour on her and walks away to join other people of the mohalla....

    Abeer is shocked and annoyed at her behaviour and watches her pretending to be happy and  her wherever she goes.

    Abeer looked the best in that scene with colours everywhere 

     finally the Precap,I guess the version I saw had a shorter precap but they showed Abeer marching into the mandir towards Leher ,his eyes were full of frustration and rage ...I guess the promo is true and he will pour his heart out soon...the question still remains about Leher accepting u know what LOL...

    hope u liked the colorful update Big smile

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    Posted: 08 March 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
    There was no update for 8th March...look like everyone was busy watching and rewatching...LOL..So here's a review by jyoti for 8th March episode..

    The Holi Scenario:The best part about this show's holi was the beautiful choice of songClap;Normally in all daily soaps we hv seen the same cleeshade holi songsSleepy whereas here we get to see a very unique traditional holi song which was beautifully picturised with all the colours and perfect choreographyThumbs Up;Abeer's desperation and Leher's restlessness was captured in a very divine way durring this holi songEmbarrassed
    The Much Awaited AbHer confession:I know there are already many debates on whether the confession really lived upto the expectations or notLOLEmbarrassed;I will say I was more than satisfied with the confession as I was expecting Leher to say a NO to AbeerEmbarrassed;Just imagine if she had said yes to Abeer in one go,then the entire charm of Abeer's passion and desperation to go behind Leher like a paagal premi or Abeer trying out different ideas and crossing all the boundaries of his love just to make Leher confess her love for him would hv gone completely missing and instead we would hv witnessed few cleeshade scenes of AbHer running and dancing around treesOuch;I m sure we will not want that to happen as we r expecting a passionate tale hereEmbarrassed;So the way Abeer grabs Leher's arms and passionately confesses his love for her was sufficient to give me goosebumpsDay Dreaming;Action speaks louder than words has been proved today by Leher because even though her lips were denying but her eyes were speaking volumesEmbarrassed;Those tears in her eyes clearly proves that her heart was bleeding from inside in Abeer's loveEmbarrassed;Also when Leher was denying to hv any sort of relationship with him,Abeer's painful expressions suggest that her words were piercing inside his heart like a needle and he was unable to take that pain anymore,the reason why he finally decides to come direct to the point and that is the final confessionEmbarrassed;I loved the way Abeer was straight forward in his talk and din't take much time to confess that everything that happened between them was love and nothing else whether she accepts it or notThumbs Up;Gaurav and Yami both gave a flawless performance in this sceneClapClap;For the first time we got to witness the other intense side of fun-filled Abeer and so it was a complete role-reversal todayEmbarrassed;This proves that Gaurav is a versatile actor who can portray any sort of role with complete easeStarStarStarStarClapClap
    Dil ke Armaan Aansoowon mein beh gayeCry but Abeer will come out of itBig smile:When u fall in love for the first time and when the girl rejects your proposal,the instant reaction of any guy will be to go and start drinkingCry;So Abeer's action was fully justified hereTongue;But I m sure.. its just a temporary phase sinse Leher's denial was too painful for him to resist and that drink was requiredWinkLOL;Mayb tomorrow Abeer will realize that we should always rise in love rather than fall in love and mayb thats when he will b a man with a mission to get his lady love backCool;The instant denial of Leher was too much to handle for him and thats why he got drunkOuch but tomorrow I m sure he will begin his journey of winning Leher back into his life by making her realize that love can break all barriers of lifeApprove;And this will mark an interesting phase in AbHer relationshipEmbarrassed;Between I loved the whole picturization of "tu jaane na" song when Abeer was walking on the road remebering those memories of LeherEmbarrassed;Gaurav's expression was flawless in this scene and the pain of that denial was evident in his eyesCry;Yami too was impressive when her eyes were doing all the talking and u could feel that even she is unable to control her emotions nowCryEmbarrassed
    The Hottest Devdas in town:Abeer VajpayeeLOLTongueI hv never seen any actor portraying the role of a drunkard so flawlesslyShockedShocked;Hats off to Gaurav for becoming the hottest and perfect devdas of small screenThumbs Up;But I hope this devdas act is only for holi and he doesn't continue drinking alcohol anymoreAngryLOL;Waise I loved the way Abeer does his devdas act in front of the grt Dadi-Bin-LadenROFL;Now what Dadi will hv to say about her so called Paramparas when her own grandson is getting drunkLOLLOL;But I hope she doesn't find out the reason why Abeer got drunk or else we will hv to witness yet another WWF between the two familiesOuch;It seems tomorrow Abeer is all set to get few dandas and slaps from the grt TNLOL;The way Abeer gives that scary look seeing TN watching him from the staircase was a real kodak momentLOLLOL;Gaurav was mindblowing throughout the episode todayClapClap
    What can happen tomorrow:From the precap it seems Abeer will continue with his DevdasGiri tomorrow also in front of LeherLOLEmbarrassed;Mayb TN gave Abeer a piece of his mind the reason why he is talking to Leher in a lawyer's toneWinkLOLTongue;But Leher is surely getting affected with all this as we can see that she was feeling the pain to see Abeer in so much painEmbarrassed;So I m sure soon Leher will break all those barriers and will soon confess her love for himEmbarrassed
    My Rating:8/10..This rating is strictly because of Gaurav and Yami's mind-blowing chemistry nad performanceEmbarrassed
    Ok this was my first review in this forum..I hope its not too badErmmEmbarrassed..Would love to read your reviews too regarding today's episode especially the confession partTongue
    PS:Ekss u were right about the devdas partLOLEmbarrassed

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    Here's Eksie's wonderful take about Abeer's confession and after....Loved reading it..

    Firstly .. Hats off to all of you! You guys have brought in some amazing discussions over the episodes .. and its fun reading various perspectives and POV's.
    Here is mine Smile  Dunno how many will agree/disagree .. but anyways .. 
    About the current track .. now I feel the creatives are taking the round-about fashion of going by things .. rather than the predicted straight route. Maybe going by the orderly fashion of slowly falling in love would be predictable. They probably thought of adding the spice .. for the sake of TRP's!
    First of all .. I absolutely LOVED GK's drunken act!! I'm not a fan of such scenes and most actors (including some veterans) usually falter with such scenes, going overboard. But GK .. IMO .. was flawless! His was an act I could watch again & again .. coz otherwise, I usually end up forwarding such scenes or just don't watch it! Coming to Abeer .. I thought his actions were justified. Maybe my views of the actor are clouding my judgement of the character & scenario .. but I still felt it wasn't a surprise that Abeer immediately took to drinking. Firstly .. he didn't go to get the beer himself .. he was handed over by a random friend .. and in the heat of the moment, he took to it!
    Abeer was angry .. frustrated .. and hurting. Hurting BAD!! And in such situations .. different people react differently. Some jilted lovers move on .. some take to drinking and regret later .. some take to drinking forever .. and some even kill the girl they love!!! So yeah .. keeping all that in mind .. I think Abeer was alright. Abeer drinking is a one-off case .. he will get over it today/tmrw (depending on how they take the episode). No comparisons to Devdas .. coz in the movie/book, Paro gets married to someone else .. leading him to drown himself in drinking! Not the same with Abeer .. coz Leher ain't going anywhere LOL Secondly .. we know they are/gonna be a couple .. and naturally, Leher ain't gonna be with someone who takes to drinking at the slightest provocation. This drinking bit has to come as a major mistake on Abeer's part .. and Leher will make him see that.
    From the way I look at things .. both Abeer & Leher are going through the same emotions. Both are in love .. both are hurting bad .. both are WEAK (as of now!). Leher has become Abeer's weakness .. and he's showing it through his anger & frustrations. Leher on her part, is trying to be strong, but her weakness is showing in her tears!
    For Leher's POV .. I'd like to mention what Natz brought out in Jyoti's Adda Annex post. She sorta brought out the fact that Majumdar was such a strong father who took all nonsense for his daughter .. while Brij couldn't take even what his brother said to him .. how will he handle TN & Boodhha in the future?! This makes me think .. Rashmi's outburst during the rasam was directly the result of the strength she derived from her father!! She kept watching her father take nonsense after nonsense .. and yet being so strong about the whole thing and she finally vented out. Leher has become weak .. broken from the inside after seeing her father's condition. Her tears, is a result of everything .. her father's condition .. her ever-growing affection for Abeer and knowing that its probably not going anywhere.
    I'm probably looking at the whole thing, not from the current situation .. but the aftermath of the current situation. We know of Abeer as this childish, immature young guy who can be mature when required .. and understands the right from the wrong. He will understand what he did was wrong .. and how much he has hurt his family .. and Leher too! She needs to tell him that.
    Secondly .. from here, how I would like for things to progress is - Right now Abeer is desperate to hear a YES from Leher, coz he knows that is the truth! I was thinking .. maybe his 'drunk' act in the terrace .. could well be, an act! With TN downstairs screaming at him .. I have a feeling Abeer ka nasha udhar hi utar jaayega!! LOL  With Leher .. its only to get a YES from her (though I could be completely wrong here .. esp after reading the TB article).
    For now .. I want this confession bit to get over & done with!! In the heat of the situation .. Abeer's anger & frustration .. he said he loves her and expects the same from her. I want her to now say YES .. and Abeer will back off! Just her saying yes to him .. the guy will gain ground and all his strength back! Leher on her part, will slowly come around to the whole situation. I want Abeer to tell her that this is what he wanted to hear .. and then he lets her decide the course of their relationship. Then maybe the creatives can take it back to Abeer getting back to normal (coz he got what he wanted) .. get back to his studies .. and take to them starting from scratch!
    Leher needs to talk to him about how much he's hurting her by his behaviour .. and that will be enough for Abeer to snap out of it! I also would love to see a Abeer-Sudha scene .. where he apologizes to his mother for his behaviour .. knowing it has hurt her the most!!! Sudha being the mother she is .. will understand that her son did so only coz he is hurting so much!
    Oh boyy .. that was quite a bit!! Sorry for the ramble guys ..

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    Posted: 08 March 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged

    Thanks Neelu!! All the discussions and the updates are making me nostalgic... Omygosh, look at all these people feeling the exact same thing I felt during that time.... its so sad I wasn't active then. Hina's updates were really super cool!!! Thumbs Up

    Eks, your thoughts about the Devdas part - Mindblowing!!!  I dunno what to say, except read it again and again!!! Loved it!!!
    Neelu, thank you so much for posting them Hug  I'm tearing up here, all by myself, while reading Holi episode update and Abeer's desperation and Leher's helplessness... Oh the heartache....Broken Heart  I simply cannot find anything on TV that moved me so immensly, since that episode....
    Whosoever were the CVs at the time, my heartfelt thanks for putting together such good episodes... They were so special, that we people talk and think about them even after an year since they were telecast, and even after the show ended..

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    Neelu...Hug.....Thank u so much for posting all those updates and takes.......ditto word to word to what Tanu said........what a bittersweet feeling......makes me all happy and sad......happy we got this awesome show YPNHK and a magical couple AbHer/YaRav Day Dreaming......sad the way it went and ended Ouch


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