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Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

The Memory Lane:*New* Chandan Anand's Msg!

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 Friends and fellow citizens of the AbherNation, its 28th of the December already!! Which means exactly an year back on this day, we all embarked upon this beautiful journey of love, romance and drama that is "Yeh Pyar na Hoga Kam" . A show that captivated us, made us laugh, cry and fall in love, most importantly, made us strangers connect with each other... We're all here because of this show which gave us such memorable characters, two of which are our beloved Abeer and Leher. This show has inspired us in more ways than one, and has made us do things that we'd think twice before doing.. writing scintillating posts, poetry, creating siggies and VMs and whatnot... Can't believe its been an year since the show first aired, its still so fresh in our minds... And cant believe its been just an year or less since we've known each other, it feels like we've known each other since ages... Big smile 

Its been a very memorable year, and cheers to everybody who've been through the entire journey, some of us joining midway, some of us in the end and many of us still trying to decide whether to get in the boat or not...
Here's a tribute to the show, put together by all the fans. Time to relive some of the precious moments and hope for the magic to be re-created....

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The Magic of Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam brought together all of us, "Abherians" as we like to call ourselves, a group of unique and very creative individuals with an exquisite sense of humor and intellectuality! LOLLOLLOLLOL

We are all from different parts of the world, in different stages of life having careers and lives that are so completely different from each other. Yet we are all connected by our love for this show, for the characters and most importantly, our simple and undemanding friendship that we  have with all the members here. We are the only group with a virtual family here, with strange conncetions to each other which only we can understand...TongueLOL

Needless to say, our brains came up with such brilliant, thought provoking posts that leave you speachless, and reeling with laughter, during and after the show. Here's a list of some of the posts that we discussed and analyzed. Warning:Highly Hilarious -  Read at your own risk, preferably when no one is around you..Big smile



YPNHK School of Abheria -

1001 expressions of GK -

AbHer childhood pics -

Shabateria - funny destination.. 

KUL-OMI Dostana link - 

An Ode To Omi......

Agar Yeh Hota toh Kya Hota -

Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam, A poem

Birthday thread for Yami Gautam...:

Birthday thread for Gaurav Khanna:


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Special Messages from our stars :(thanks so muchSmile )

Yash Choudhry (Gaurav of YPNHK ):

hi guys thx for watch me in YPNHK &wish u a very happy new year.

Preet Kaur Madhan( Deepa of YPNHK) :

hey guys,feel glad to be a part of yeh pyar na hoga kam,awesome star cast awesome story....n feel mre gud whn frnds n fans like u remind us of our previous shows by celebrating anniversaries n making communities of the same...luv ya all fr showering so much of lv on us...hope to ve ur love n support always like dis in the years to come..god bless

Chandan Anand ( Omi bhaiya of YPNHK) :

thank u soooo much Hina!!! n really v. sorry for replying u late...well even i miss omi bhaiya,it was a pleasure portraying omi bhaiya but thats life ...whatever starts has to come to end!!!!! but no worries ul see more of me in coming years doing some amazing work!!!!...god bless u n wish u a rocking 2011:)

isnt that so sweet of them to send us such lovely messages ?
thanks again guys !

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Well, here's what our members have to say about YPNHK... 



my journey of yeh pyar na hoga kam

last year around the same time, i saw a promo with a young girl and boy talking about their love story in the midst of family differences, it was a busy time of the year, did not know who they were so never got around to watching their show, kept watching episode promos like rashmi being ridiculed at her godh bharai and abeer trying to guess lehers name... did not watch the show till the promo for the antakshri, loved the song and had to know about abeer and lehers love story.... and that was it, completely hooked....
could not wait for these two to fall in love
the explosion of emotions along with color at holi '.
while leher tries to put her family before her till an actual explosion makes her rush to declare her true feelings
it was such a joy to see them married after all the drama at the engagement and the cat and mouse game they played with their families and Omi thrown into the mix, dont think i have ever been happier for a tv wedding before
even after the wedding, the show kept us guessing, not going for the traditional drama route all the way till the very last week of the show... after 4 months of the show ending, I am still rewatching the old episodes wishing we can get another show with such a great love story and such great characters

without a doubt 'Yeh Pyar Nah Hoga Kam'

Just want to say YPNHK is a show which is very close to me & will remain my fav forever.
I really miss YPNHK especially Abeer & Leher

Anniversary Image - 5

                          I would like to thank God for this wonderful show
                         Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam.Heart.....what an amazing year it has
                           been from Decmber 28th 2009 ....this show has made

                            me feel as though i have been on a year long roller
                            coaster ride........what a thrilling ride it has been.Big smile..
                             watching YPNHK and YaRav....finding this forum...
                           discovering this beautiful family who understand
                            all my views and Jhingalala family
                               they have been with me thru all the highs and lows
                              the show had made me experience.....wouldnt trade
        it for anything in the world....Thank you YPNHK
      Thank you AbHer/YaRav.....Thank you my lovely
 are the bestThumbs Up.....i will never forget this
             magical journey.....what a magical show YPNHK                                    What a perfectly magical jodi.....AbHer/YaRavDay Dreaming
      Will love them forever.....for they have stolen my heart Heart

            Heart   Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam  Heart

                        Heart   Hamara Dil Apke Paas Hai !!!  Heart


YPNHK was seriously my introduction into the world of daily soapsHeart..and i have never felt the same about any other show Heart..there was something so endearing and charming about the way it started offHeart..the breezy love story coupled with the crackling chemistry of the lead pairHeart..the beautifully etched out characters in both the familiesHeart..even the small nuances of relationships that were subtly brought out before evrything was over-dramatizedHeart..there were instances I could feel my family through the show staying so far away from themHeart..I am so glad YPNHK happened to meHeart..not just for the show itself but for the good times in the forumHeart..for all the lovely people I met will always be my first and only "daily soap-love"Heart!!
HugYeh pyar na hoga kamHug!!
much loveHeart
Oh wow! It's already been a year! Haha well I didn't even know that this show existed until my friend told me about it in August. I finally decided to take up the show at the end of October. I really love this show and I'm only on the April episodes. I really hope there's a second season! Love you Gaurav and Yami Hug


Yeh pyar na hoga kam yeh naam hi kafi hai logon yeh batane ke liye ki it's a love story...dis love story attracted d viewers frm it's promos...and d one person attracted was me...i fought with my sis. to watch it's first episode and den continued watching it till end...i've never seen a show lyk YPNHK which has a unique concept,bckgrnd,story and more over d cast which is awesome for any show and d leads gaurav and yami played abeer and leher to perfection..i fell in love with dem after seeing der chemistry and i want dem bck with YPNHK2 or a new show..let's hope for d best...and happy anniversary guyz...let's rock....:-)

Abeer and Leher....these two names have been more than serial characters to us...they have epitomised purity, freshness, romance, happiness, togetherness, trust, faith...and most importantly, LOVE...of the undying, strong, beautiful kind that hugs the heart warmly, gives it a little squeeze and stays on in it forever...
I wonder how foolish i had been, not to have watched the very first episode of the friends had told me about GK's new show, but like an idiot i thought they were pulling a prank on me...but then even i embarked on the wonderful journey...and i will never forget it ever...
..the scenes on the chhat, the unexploited beauty of the virgin, crisp, wintry mornings when our beloved abeer mused about his beloved, the simple story of two loving hearts dying to be with each other, the heart rending performances by each cast member, the touching story that bound all of us by a common thread that was the unforgettable show...We have smiled with AbHer, cried with them, laughed with them, felt each of their emotions, and accepted them as one of our own...
They now feel like part and parcel of our lives...two sweethearts who won our hearts with their uniqueness, and who will forever continue evoking an endearing feeling in us whenever we think about them(which is quite often!!!)....
On this special day, we want to thank the makers of the wonderful show for giving us so much to be happy about....we thank all the cast members for making the characters like Bittan, Sudha, TN Vajpayee, Sharbati, Chhutki, BB Mathur, KB Mathur, Leher's mom, vidula,rama, Madhav, Rashmi, Shuklaain, Ankur, Baanke, Deepa, Omi and numerous others so memorable and believable... for making YPNHK what it was....
.and most importantly, Abeer and Leher....winner, heartfelt performances by two hardworking, sincere actors- Gaurav Khanna and Yami Gautam...who immortalised the onscreen couple with the most amazing chemistry.....
I have been stupid not to have joined this awesome forum would have been lovely sharing my enthusiasm with numerous other crazy fans like me hereLOLLOLThank you GK-Yami, for blessing me with such lovely regrets, now that i AM here, let me make full use of the opportunity to express my love to the absolutely adorable show....
We MISSSS YOU LOADS AND LOADS and wish we could have you back in your full glory, we have tried our best to send in requests for YPNHK2..if, by grace ofGod, something happens, we will be the happiest people on earth....

But even if we are denied this happiness, this is a message from all of us...

True to its name, "YEH PYAAR NA HOGA KAM", our love toward this show, the characters and our beloved AbHer, will remain as it has always fact, it will grow manifold with each passing day!!!Abeer and Leher will remain a source of pure happiness and awwwww...ness in the hearts of fans forever...

some shows may not rake in high TRPs, they may get neglected by the very channel they are aired on....they may not be blessed with phenomenal success....but the everlasting happiness and effect they leave on the hearts and minds of fans---who love sensible simplicity unmarred by skin-show, so-called "coolness", and over-the-top drama---is truly priceless...Smile

Last year on 28th december there was only one thing popular among people around me & that's - "Brahmin Ka Beta aur Kayasth Ki Beti...Khabar Pakki Hai"Wink.....I was so used to of this tag line & the lead pair looked very attractive to me. I started watching this show from 11th Jan...the first glimpse of Leher in yellow suit & of Abeer in pink shirt with black colored half sleeves sweater made me crazySilly & then I never looked back.The show became my life.How sad today is 28th december but the show is no more.Cry
The past winter season will be the best winter of my life.The time from 28th December 2009 to 2nd September 2010 seems to be like a dream.Wish the time could be back...I would just say I have never seen a show like Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam, I have never seen a jodi like Abeer & Leher.
The best show ever, the best jodi ever, the best cast ever, the best concept ever, the best sets ever, the best costumes ever....these few things describes Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam.Whatever happened afterwards in the show, there can never be a show like Ye Pyar Na Hoga Kam & there can never be a couple like AbHer...the best on-screen couple ever in the history of Indian Television.They are pure magic.
And its because of this show that I could meet another world of people. Its because of YPNHK that I joined IF & got a complete family for me.Here you can see people from all ages from bachi to dadi, naniLOL.This show & this forum is my life now.I love YPNHK. I love my AbHerians/YPNHKians. I just thank God for giving us such a show &  pray to him to give us it back or atleast give us a chance to see YaRav in a new show.Big smile

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Some more messages....

28 December here already? Aaah ! Time surely flies fast....Ermm

Seems like yesterday only when the promos got me hooked and how !Day Dreaming 

Was it the voice saying "Khabar Pakki Hai" , Was it The Man in Sweaters and Pullovers managing to look as cute and sexy as everBlushing or The Woman in a Salwar Kameez looking the epitome of elegance ..Day Dreaming Was it old world charm or Use of Vintage Bollywood songs... Simplicity of relations and characters or the magic of the ensemble cast.... Or Was it simply the Pure Love and Trust of two people for each other ... Heart EVERYTHING about the show was Addictive !Approve

On the occasion of One Year Anniversary ,Thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly and gave us a show that was unique, simple and fresh. And Most Importantly Special Thanks to Gaurav and Yami for making Abeer and Leher such unforgettable and loveable characters and captivating us with your breathtaking chemistry. Heart And Thanks to Parul for giving us all the inside scoops and pics.WinkBig smile

Coming to the most rockingly jhingalalaLOL, RAUNAKy and fun filled forum , The YPNHK forum , where we all laughed, cried , and even went onto BITE TongueWink, moments that made us go awwwww , moments that made us angry, some made us go kya kya kya, Some made us swoon and sway Sillyand on the whole made us do the most unimagineably illogical, out-of-character and hilarious things.ROFL I never understood what was it that intrigued me so much about Abeer's confession to Leher that landed me to discover this site and meet equally crazy fans of Abher/Yarav and the show. Such was their effect ! Day Dreaming They were one pair (errr... apart from KulOmi and Sharbu-NanaLOL) that made me endlessly blabber and write stuff I never imagined I could. Yes! Even till 3 am at nights!

And as the title "Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam" itself speaks volumes, Our Love for this show and the actors will never be less. The serial , will stay close to our heartsHeart. Can't think of dedicating any song better than this to conclude .....

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Tum Rehte HoHeart

Love <3333


There are some serials you like .. some you love .. and then some, that touch the very core of your heart. Watching each character go through the ups and downs in their fictious lives makes you want to laugh with them .. cry when they cry and be happy and sad in their moments. For those 20 mins of screen time .. we forget they are characters only enacting a scene .. but just engross ourselves in their emotions and everything else surrounding them .. their loves .. their lives .. their ups .. their downs.
Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam .. was one of those rare gems. From the first promo, and the voiceover saying 'Khabar Pakki Hai' .. I knew this show was going to be special to me. How special .. only time would tell. Today, when the show has ended and there is no more of Abeer, Leher .. our AbHer .. or any other character to watch and look forward to on a daily basis ... I know how special the show is to me. Its SPECIAL in ways that I may never be able to explain ..  
All I wish to say is ... THANK YOU to everyone associated with Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam - for giving us such a beautiful story, such wonderful characters .. with each actor doing full justice to their parts. All the actors .. especially Gaurav & Yami ..  for bringing to LIFE the characters they played and giving us so many precious memories to cherish. 
A Big Thanks to IF and the YPNHK section, for all the wonderful friends I've made here .. (Love you my dolls! Hug) Thanks to everyone for the joy of love & friendship we share here (touchwood!) .. for all the fun times, laughter and happiness and every other emotion I feel associated with YPNHK! Embarrassed
Hope to see Gaurav & Yami in a new show together ... spreading the light & joy in our lives .. and recreating the awessssomest chemistry they shared in YPNHK Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Love you all ... Hug Hug




Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam...the title itself sums up all my feelings...

The first ever show i watched from start to end without missing a single episode...I was introduced to it whilst we had colors free for a few months...straight away i got hooked...i watched all the previous episodes when i should have been studying LOL...
everyday i would schedule my chores and studying around the episode timings and then re-watch at 9 pretending i was watching for the first time LOL 
Dont know if it was the family feel to it...the characters being very close to reality...or seeing traces of them in your own family, the simplicity...casual everyday outfits...unique as in we wouldn't see the characters sleeping in heavily embroidered costumes or we didnt see a new occasion in the house everyday LOLor the breath-taking chemistry between Gaurav and Yami...which would leave us dazzled till the next episode... 
I would like to Thank everyone associated with Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam...the producers, directors, writers, the whole cast especially Yami and Gaurav who were the jaans of the show...who made us smile, laugh and cry with them...sawy, swoon and faint with their romance...touched our hearts by their power performances...who have made a place in our hearts foreverHeart
A massive THANK YOU to all the Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam members without whom i would not have survived till today not reading your takes on the episodes, discussions, latest news and clips...i only have one regret...and that is me not joining in earlier with all the chatting and madness...i would like to say thank you to all my sweet, friendly and loving JHINGALALA naanima, daadima, all my chahu's, my maasi's, my cool mamoCool and my 3 lovely sistah's...I LUV U ALL Heart




Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam....these words ring true to all the people hooked to this show...My journey with the show started when I caught the Antakshari episodes...Though I watched the first two episodes...somehow..could not catch the show after that...But the Antakshari episodes did me in and I was hooked..for life...

Just the breathtaking expressions by Abeer and sincerely portrayed by Gaurav Khanna and Yami Gautam...just kept me hooked to the television...and here I am...even after the show ended....celebrating with my fellow YPNHKians...the first day that our favorite show started and changed our lives...Big smile

I want to convey my thanks to the Production team for not only bringing us this perfect love story..but bringing together the great ensemble cast that went with it and the beautiful sets that showed Lucknow and Ganeshgunj so well...making it all so natural and believable..

I will never be able to think of the lazy days of winters with the gentle sun and breeze...without thinking the way...that 'Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam' started in December '09 and with it brought a myriad seasons of emotions with it...

And here's sincerely hoping to see Gaurav Khanna and Yami another show together or in a second season of Yeh Pyar Ha Hoga Kam...

Well YPNHK is always close to my heart bcoz I discovered Gaurav Khanna hereDay Dreaming.Well loved the unique story for its simplicity ,old charm,pure love between AbHerHeart,magical jodi of YaRavEmbarrassed,obedient kidsStar, which I have never seen in any other show.I have so many fav moments of AbHerHeart,Gaurav-Abeer-ShadabTongue,Abeer-sudhaApprove ....very revivivng touching moments forced me to join this forumCool and i'am lucky to get so many sweet and kind friends thank you Heart
My fav moments in YPNHKClap
When Lehar confessesDancing
When Abeer tries to guess Lehar's name Day Dreaming
When abeer says ILUBlushing
When Abeer sings YPNHKHeart
Climax sceDeadne
So always Yeh Pyar na Hoga kam for Abeer-LeharHeart
So YPNHK is always close to my heart for its simplicity and pure loveHeart
Yeh Pyar Na hoga Kam
This song is dedicated to YPNHK and my friendsHug

Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, has haske sahenge hum - 2
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, has haske sahenge hum
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
(Jitna tadpaayegi mujhko, utna hi tadpegi tu bhi
Jo aaj hai aarzoo meri voh kal teri aarzoo hogi) - 2
Yeh jhooth nahin sach hai sanam, sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
Nafrat se dekhna pehle andaaz pyaar ka hai yeh
Kuch hai aankhon ka rishta, gussa ikraar ka hai yeh
Bada pyaara hai tera zulam, sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, has haske sahenge hum - 2
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
Heart  Heart   Heart  Heart   Heart  Heart  Heart   Heart    Heart    Heart    Heart   Heart 


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Sanam, teri Kasam!

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