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written update 12/25/2010: Neerdhya's X-MAS ENCOUNTER

Poll Question: Who will find out from Sandhya that Neeraj is alive?

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 3:01pm | IP Logged

Okay, Hanukkah is over, but a Merry Christmas & a blessed Kwanzaa to  yall Smile (Speaking of Kwanzaa, wonder whether the ministerial guest who Prabhavati had labelled 'Kalia' will be celebrating it? LOL) Ah, never mind, on w/ the show...

Speaking of the show, they wasted a whole 2:40 minutes on the past episodes, going way back to the aftermath of Sarla  ki jawani...  But I won't waste much time on that beyond this

The sisters are back!!!

Finally, the scene is back @ Mumbai, in Sakshi's home where Savita is helping Shreya pack.  She asks Shreya whether she's really going there, and says that she's afraid of what might happen to her.  (It sure has taken Shreya a while to be all set to go - after all, this plan was made b4 DK's abduction LOL) Shreya tells her not to worry and that she ain't a kid anymore, and Sakshi tells Savita that Shreya might succeed despite the 2 of them failing, and that as Bhosle told them, if any of them manages to gather the evidence, he'll manage the rest.

Sakshi tells Shreya to go, but asks her not to take up cudgels on their behalf due to how they were treated.  Shreya assures them that she'll handle things, and Savita asks her to keep them abreast.

Gunga arrives w/ aide @ Jagirdars place

Raghu's aide arrives @ the Jagirdar mansion in a car along w/ Neeraj/Gunga.  He notes to him that Damodar seems to have taken refuge @ a very rich place.  He notes that the haveli is huge, and they can't take the car in, so will have to leave it outside.  Also, they'd have to be secretive about how they do it, or else Damodar will vanish again.  To do that, they'd have to sneak in through secret paths.  (One strange thing about this mission is Raghu-bhai sending only 1 guy along w/ Gunga to capture Damodar, when he knows that he not only has his assistant, but also probably his sister's family to protect him.  One would have expected Raghu-bhai to send ~4 people for this mission, which is by no means a minor one.)

Neeraj looks @ this, and it seems familiar to him.  He seems awestruck, and his aide tells him that he too has never seen such a mansion, but they aren't here to see property but hunt down Damodar.  Since there are guards in the front entrance, they'll use the back.

The 2 of them get into the haveli, and start checking the rooms

Yuvraj prods Vrinda

Vrinda is in her room, & getting ready for the party   Yuvraj is waiting outside, and Raghu's other aide (wish we had his name) spots him outside Vrinda's room, and slips back.  Neeraj notes this and goes ahead, but his accomplice pulls him back.

Yuvraj knocks on Vrinda's door, and asks her to hurry, since they are getting late.  Vrinda hides the diary, and then asks him whether nobody ever taught him that when a woman is getting dressed, she has no track of time LOLROFL Yuvraj begs her to hurry, and Vrinda promises to patao his mummy-ji's collector  ROFL

Neeraj starts getting flashbacks

Gunga & his aide start looking @ their surroundings - while Gunga's aide is admiring the place, Neeraj is obviously seeing familiar sights.  He sees a room filled w/ trophies and gets a flashback of when he escaped from the haveli w/ Sandhya.  He sees the stairway, and gets flashbacks of what happened there.

Then they overhear  Sarla telling her daughter that they should go straight to Gonzales uncle's home, and they can return w/ them here.Gunga's accomplice pulls him back, since he thinks someone might be nearby.  Both of them hide, while Sarla continues to tell Priya that Damodar uncle would be going as well.  In the meantime, Dunita come down and join Sarla, and she compliments them. (This was funny - Sarla wishing that there are no evil eyes on the 2 of them.  Sunita, yeah, but DK?  But now, he's no longer the evilest eye - Damie has  beaten him to it! LOL)  She then tells them that they look like Lakshmi-Narayan, and DK mentions that the real Lakshmi-Narayans look like Yuvraj &  Vrinda, who've just joined them.  (Putting aside for a moment the inappropriateness of such a comparison, if one had to be made, Yuvraj's comparison should have been to Brihannala, or Arjun in his eunuch form: even Lakshmi-Mohini wouldn't have been such a jodi) They then head out.

Neeraj is reeling on hearing these familiar voices, but his aide points out to him that they are headed for a party, and so Damodar must be there as well, so they'll nab him there.   He then pulls Neeraj out to go, but Neeraj is still trying to capture what he's just seen.

Adi tells Savita to stay on

Sakshi tells Savita that she's spoilt her, and that once she leaves tomorrow (what, they've still not left, despite getting back their home some weeks back!?) she'll have to cook again (hey, just resume getting hotel food, or make Adi cook Evil SmileLOL)  Savita tells her that she used to do it earlier anyway.  She needed rest, so Savita did it for her, but now that she's rested, Savita is leaveing and she can resume.

Adi comes in and intervenes, and tells Savita to remain: until the truth about Sandhya is known, they need to stick together in one place Blushing He tells them that yesterday, someone came to his office and gave him a letter,, which he didn't read then, but when he read it today, it said that it came from a well-wisher.  He tells them that it's to be used as evidence.

Savita asks Sakshi to read it, and Sakshi reads the letter, which tells them that their suspicions were justified, and that the girl who's pretending to be Yuvraj's wife and freed him in court is not Sandhya. Sandhya is dead, and the girl who appeared was her double.  Her name is Vrinda, and she's not even blind.  If they want more evidence, they should go to the chawl in Dharavi Anandnagar and look there.

Adi suggests that they go to Dharavi & look, while Sakshi suggests contacting Shreya and asking her to find out more.  Savita says that if all this is true, nothing will prevent the Jagirdars from going to jail, and Vrinda too would go w/ them! (So looks like after Sarla made her agreement w/ DK and suggested that they prove Sandhya is not Sandhya but Vrinda in order to prevent her from getting a hold on the property, she sent out this anonymous letter to them, so that they could work to get Yuvraj back in jail.  Only problem w/ this - Sarla has no control over the evidence Gayatri Devi cooked for DK & Pankaj)

At the party, Neeraj is missed

The Jagirdars are @ the party, & Gonzales, after greeting them, ask them whether they haven't forgotten anybody?  Prabha tells them that not only is everybody here, but they have 2 extra members - Sandhya & Damodar.  Damodar's aide Kottie butts in and mentions to Damodar that they too have a long relationship, starting w/ the pick-pocketing, and Damodar shuts him up & talks about the film pocket-mar, embarrassing Puru LOL  Prabha introduces Damodar as well, and tells Gonzales that Pankaj is in Kolkata, but the rest of the family is there.

Gonzales disagrees, and asks about Neeraj, and is greeted w/ silence by everyone.  His wife whispers something to him, & he apologizes to them for forgetting that Neeraj committed some sort of fraud on them & decamped.  He however says that he's unable to believe that Neeraj is capable of it.  Puru emphatically agrees w/ him, and that it was probably a misunderstanding that caused him to be angry @ them & leave.  Gonzales tells him that next Christmas, Neeraj will probably be back w/ them.  Yuvraj is pissed on hearing this.

Raghu's guys arrive @ party

Gunga & his accomplice arrive, & the latter notes how tight the security is around this place.  He notes that since it's some big shot, they'd again have to make a secret entrance.  He tells Gunga that they have to split, and tells him that whoever nabs Damodar is supposed to bring him outside, and hold him there.  They then split, taking different directions to search for him.

Vrinda has a sari accident

Gonzales is trying to chat w/ guests, but his son keeps nagging him LOL  He tells a maid to take him to his mom, but Prabha intervenes and offers to take care of him, saying that she loves kids.  Gonzales tries to convince her to enjoy the party, but she takes the kid, saying he's not so small that he'd pee on her (if only Evil Smile)

Vrinda is noticing all this, and Sarla goes up to her and tells her that this is what Prabha does to brown-nose the collector, and suggests that she support her in this, so that she too gets into her good books.  Vrinda gets an idea, puts on her blind act and walks unfailingly towards Prabha LOL and addresses her mummy-ji.  Prabha is shocked to hear that, and Vrinda reminds her that that's what she had asked her to call her.  She tells Prabha that a wine glass suits her more than a kid, and offers to baby-sit the kid, but Prabha declines.  She reminds her that since Sandhya is blind, how would she take care of a kid?  She then puts the kid down and leaves w/ him (did she notice that the kid now knows that Sandhya is not blind, and that they are playing games w/ his parents?)

Sandhya realizes that it won't be easy to make Prabha indebted to her, and that she'd have to do something big.  A waiter bumps into her by accident and spills his tray, and apologizes.  Puru checks to see that she's fine, and Sarla mildly scolds the waiter for not noticing her.  She then offers Sandhya a spare sari that she has, and the waiter begs them not to report him.  Puru assures him that they won't, since it was an accident, and asks Sarla to order her spare sari from the car.

Elsewhere, Damie & Kottie are drinking, and Damie asks him to stop, and get to work.  Kottie grumbles, and Damie tells him that if he works now, they can have their own party later. 

Gayatri informs Sandhya that Neeraj is alive

Neeraj uses a ladder to climb into one of the rooms, which (one of those legendary serial 'co-incidences') happens to be the same room in which Sandhya is changing.  Sandhya's phone rings, &  it's Gayatri.  Sandhya tells her that they are in Mr Gonzales Christmas party.

Gayatri tells Sandhya that when she was unconscious, she had sent some people out to look for Neeraj, and has good news for her - that Neeraj is alive.  Sandhya is moved to hear this, while Neeraj is overhearing this from behind the window.  He had been found by some adivasis, who treated him their own methods, then put him on a truck and had him sent to a government hospital.  He was in a coma for some days, and disappeared when he recovered.  Sandhya is overwhelmed to hear that Neeraj is alive, and thankful that god wasn't cruel to her.  She says that she can't lose Neeraj just like that, and then notices him on her mirror.

Sandhya asks who he is, and shouts thief, but Neeraj goes and covers her mouth w/ his hands.  He then pushes her to the bed, and runs out of the room.  Yuvraj, DK & Sarla come in, and ask her what's wrong.  She tells them that she's fine, but a thief had come and escaped from a door, pointing to the door that Neeraj had used.

Sandhya then touches herself (I thought she had recognized Neeraj by the touch).  Her phone rings again, and she tells Gayatri that it was a thief, and asks if any pics of Neeraj were found in the hospital?  Gayatri says no.  She however assures him that they'll find him just like they found out what happened to him. She asks her to get back to her party, and manage Prabhavati Jagirdar.

Sandhya then thanks god for saving Neeraj, & begs HIM to get her to meet him once.

Raghu's men exchange clothes

At the party, the master of ceremonies calls all the guests up, and tells them the rules of the dance.  They are all supposed to be together & dance, but the twist is that as soon as the lights are out, they are supposed to shift from their places, and when the lights come on again, whoever they are w/ would be their dance partner (what if 2 men ended up together, or 2 women?  Like DK & Damie, or Sarla & Sunita? Would they still dance? Evil Smile) He then gives the customary 'it's just a game' disclaimer. LOL

Neeraj is running down the stairs, and meets his accomplice.  The latter tells him that they've hit a snag, and can't be seen like this.  Two guests/ party crashers come in, and the two of them gag them, and drag them into a room, where they exchange clothes.  As a result, Raghu's 2 men are now well attired, as they walk out.  They then decide to split again.

Yuvsa, then Neerdhya

At the party, the dance has started.  Vrinda ain't remotely happy dancing w/ Yuvraj, but Dunita are very happy.  In the meantime, Damie & Kottie are busy picking the pockets & bags of the guests (doubt you can raise 3 crores that way Evil Smile) Finally, they get into a private room, empty all the wallets, & count the money. 

Downstairs, the dance continues, and suddenly stops, as the lights go out.  The MC tells everyone to change their places, and not be where they originally were. 

The lights turn back on, & Neeraj is the one in front of Sandhya.  She looks @ him wide eyed, since he was the guy in her changing room.  Both of them are left staring @ each other.  The episode ends. Clap


What a watershed episode!  Sandhya now knows that Neeraj is alive, and can stop crying over him.  The sisters are back - after about a month, they are where we last saw them, w/ Shreya now planning to come.  Oh, and Sarla's plan of proving that Sandhya is Vrinda seems to be going well, except that there is no slum that they can check this evidence.

This time, I hope that Sandhya is not stupid enough to tell any of the Jagirdars - not Sunita, not Sarla, not Puru, nobody - that Neeraj is alive.  And I hope they don't find out either.  Personally, I wish Neeraj would shave, but aside from that, I want his disguise maintained.  I want him being alive to be a shock to Prabha, Yuvraj & DK the day they have to face the law, not earlier.

So in this episode, nothing bad happened to Vrinda, as DK was plotting.  It was nice to see Sunita enjoying for a change, and looks like Sandhya will as well.  Wonder who the changed partners would be?  Maybe Sarla can dance w/ Jyoti's date, and Prabhavati w/ Kottie.

And speaking of Damie & Kottie, what a pair!!!  Prabhavati is worried about Sarla, DK, etc embarrassing her, but really, she's the embarrassment - she's the one who's brought to this party a lowlife like her bro.  I do hope Raghu's men succeed in capturing them.  In the process, if DK, Yuvraj & Prabha get beaten up by Gunga & his pal, so be it.  I just hope he doesn't get to give them what he's stolen, or else, they'd look like theives.  In fact, that's a high risk for Neeraj - since Sandhya has recognized him as a thief, and now if Damodar pays him and then lets the hosts catch him, Neeraj is probably cooked.  At least, his reputation w/ the Gonzales would be over!

Episode rating:
Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

Thumbs Up: Return of the tais, Sandhya knowing that Neeraj is alive

Thumbs Down: Gonzales facing potential embarrassment w/ so many of his guests robbed


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Athene Viewbie

Joined: 30 November 2010
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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
The Maha Episode was pretty interesting. I loved the fact that the CVs finally brought the Tais back.

I think the most interesting part will be when they go to Dharavi and find no Vrinda or anything about her. I wonder what will happen now. If the sisters don't find any information about Vrinda or if they find information that Vrinda is Sandhya then this show will take a big twist. Clap

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
I hope that when Shreya visits, Sandhya gets a chance to clear things up w/ her in private.  Here is how she can manage it.

Since Yuvraj & Prabha know her as Vrinda, what she can do is persuade Prabhavati to let her go out w/ Shreya in private and talk to her alone, and convince her that she's Sandhya.  Yuvraj will do it no questions asked, while Prabha, who may be reminded how Vrinda saved her bacon from Sarla, will agree as well. (Sandhya can keep her new alliance  w/ Sarla intact by not revealing who might have leaked it, maybe just saying it was a police plant, while warning Sarla that if she spilt the truth to Shreya, she'd tell Yuvraj that Sarla wrote that letter precisely to land Yuvraj in jail - an exposure that Sarla won't want).  So both Sandhya & Sarla have each other in their power (Sandhya more than Sarla, since she now knows that Neeraj is alive, so the diary isn't as important as it just was))

So once she goes out w/ Shreya, she can privately tell her everything, but ask her to tell everyone to be discreet about it, and not to blow it to Bhosle as yet, but give her the opportunity to possess all the Jagirdar possessions and render them powerless to cook evidence.  Maybe even suggest that they be in touch w/ Gayatri for all future developments.  That way, the sisters will all be @ relative (tense) ease, while Sandhya doesn't have to worry about that front @ all.

Once she comes back and shows that she's convinced Shreya, it will also help her get Prabhavati in her grasp, as she so plans.  One thing I fear - I hope she doesn't try to win Prabhavati's confidence by saving Damodar from Neeraj, as that could jeopardize her friendship w/ Neeraj.  But if she does Damodar a favor wrt DK, Prabhavati will be more happy w/ her, while DK will remain isolated, but now w/ Sunita for company

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Subaru537 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Really loved watching this episode. Thanks allot for the update.
ghotalaz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 January 2009
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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 12:23am | IP Logged
i just hope sandhya won't be dancing in the room out of joy & screaming out neeraj's name for neeraj is alive. just imagine somebody watching this...guess yuvi. sandhya plz lock the doors while enjoying your private life...Thumbs Down

& yes how come she didn't recognize that ehsaas of neeraj, his touch???strange, has she lost her sixth sense after gaining back her eyesightConfused

& as the epi ended on neerdhya's face...hope she won't scream out thief! thief again!D'oh

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lakshmi42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 4:51am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update.........
SEPIDEHh Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 1:13am | IP Logged

Thanks Vrisha for the update , I don't see the episode ,as usual you describe all the character and events very well .But I dont understant one sentence in the last part of your comment"Return of the Tais,"sandhiya........Is it the name of someone or ........By the way thanks again.

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Return of the tai's means return of the sisters.  Somehow, only Savita is addressed as tai, but all 4 of them are Sandhya's tais

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