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''it was destined to happen''...AR FF (upd pg 133) (Page 97)

meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Hey guys really sorryyy that i didnt updt 4 sooo pc wasnt i wz helpless with it...anyways herez the updt...enjoy!


armaan hugged her so tightly with a fear of loosing her forever...ridhima wz feeling blissful in his arms after so long...but somewhere she felt something dfrnt in him...just then she felt somethng wet on her shoulder...she came out of the hug and saw pools of tears in armaan's eyes...

ridhima: hua??? R u ok??? (tensed) y r u crying???(cupped his face)

he held her hands tightly and kissed her palm

armaan: i'm sorry...(and cried more)

ridhima: but 4 what armaan??? Plz tell me..u r scarrying me now...

armaan: umm..wo..

just then anjali came in...armaan turned his face and quickly wiped his tears...she came and hugged ridhima whereas ridhima's eyes were stuck on armaan...

ridhima: what must have happened to him?? (she thought)

anjali: i msd u sooo mch ridzi..(hugging her tightly) kitne dino baad ayi h tu..kesi h??

.Ridhima: (coming out of hug) i'm good di nd u?? Papa,mom,nani hwz everyone.??

anjali: sb theek hen bt we msd u a lot(teary eyes)

ridhima: aww di i msd u all 2(and hugged her)

both sisters were bzy with each other when ridhima saw armaan leaving..she wz tensed about him...he had never behaved like this and hez crying...wht must hv happened?? Were all the thoughts in ridhima's mind...

anjali: pata h tere jane k baad na...

she wz abt to tell her somethng when hr pager rang and she had to leave...

ridima moved to locker room as she knew everyone wud b there at ths time...she thought to meet everyone frst and then talk to armaan...she entered in locker room and wz hell shocked...her jaws dropped down seeing muskaan and rahul staring in each other's eyes with smiles on their faces...armaan and atul wr bzy with some files...

ridhima: oh my god...dushman bana no...more than a dost..kyu muski(she hit muskaans shoulder with smirk on her face

muskaan: (blushed frst and hugged her) Tu kb ayi?? Kitne dino baad mil rai h..wapis ane ka dil nai kr raha tha kia??

rahul: kesi ho ridhima??

ridhima: i'm tou fine but what's cooking here??(looked at both of them)

both of them blushed and looked down with shyness..

atul: hey ridzi(gave hr a side hug)kesi ho?? Hw wz ur trip??

ridhima: i'm good..nd the trip wz... beautiful...(looked in armaan's eyes with a dreamy look and smiled...but it vanished soon seeing pain in his eyes)

ridhima: hua kia h??(she thought)

muskaan: aa idhr beth(made her sit on bench) pata h tune kitna kuch miss krdia in 2 weeks men

rahul: muskaan...sshhh..(glared her)

muskaan kept quiet and looked at armaan's sad face...ridhima too noticed it...

ridhima: kya hua??

muskaan: wo na

rahul: nothing..wo we r getting married soon...(he tried to chng the topic as he knew the gravity of situation)

muskaan blushed...and ridhima congratulated both hugging them...jst then anjali came along with shilpa..ridhima got up and met her...

shilpa: kesi ho ridhima..??

She wz bit sad..ridhima cud sense it...

ridhima: i'm good nd u...hw r..wait(she stopped and checked her out)

shilpa wz wearing sindoor,mangalsutar and red chooras

rahul: oh god...isi ka dr tha..(he thought

ridhima: wow!! congrats(and she hugged her) u r married? i'm so happy for u...kitni pyari lag rahi ho...but when did this happen.??..u didn't wait 4 me?? not fair yaar...di aap to btati mujhe

anjali: kese itni jaldi hua...(sad tone)

ridhima: han wese bhi aap log mujhe contact bhi kis tara karte...fone lines were dead...but y r u all so sad?? kuch hua hai kya?? by the way to whom have u got married??

and tears rolled down from armaan's eyes...

shilpa: han wo actually(tears trickle down from her eyes..she broke down and ran away)

ridhima:kia hua?? Did i say something wrong??

armaan saw shilpa running away...he wipped his tears and ran after her...

armaan: shilpa...ruko..(and went behind her)

ridhima was shocked to see shilpa's reaction...

ridhima: di kia hua h?

everyone didn't speak

ridhima: guys plz..kuch to hua h...i can sense it...jb se ayi hun armaan ko udaas dekh rai hun and now shilpa...hua kia h akhir dono ko???

muskaan: mene kaha tha na ridzi tune in do hafton men bohat kuch miss kr dia h..

ridhima: matlab??

anjali: ridzi... Shilpa aur armaan ki shaadi hogai h...

ridhima's world wz shattered hearing this...the guy she loved madly..gave her heart to him..even herself to him is no more hers...She cudnt believe her ears...she thought that her whole world was snatched from her...she felt as someone has pricked her heart with thousands of needles...tears were produced in her eyes...she didn't know how to to control her emotions,her tears ...her body,mind,heart all became numb...she wished all she heard wz a lie...a joke...a prank...she somehow gathered courage to speak...

ridhima: ye ...u r Hmm...??(controlling her tears...rahul noticed her condition)

anjali: nai ridzi it's all true...actually..(the anouncement called atul,anjali and muskaan for emergency) um...rahul tje sb bta dega...(and they all rushed 4 emergency call)

just as they left,ridhima fell on her knees and started crying badly...

ridhima: y did i trust u armaan?? Tumne phir mujhe dhoka dia...kyun??(tears were not ready to stop...she cried more and more cursing her fate and armaan)


shilpa came to fire escape crying..she sat in there and cried badly...Armaan wz looking for her when he heard shilpa's sobs...he came in fire escape and sat beside her wipping his own tears...he knew that he has to be strong for his best friend which is now his responsibility also...

armaan: shona...sambhalo apne aap hun na tumhare paas..

shilpa: ye sb kyu hua armaan??? Hmare saath he kyu hua??

armaan: shilpa plz...we have to b brave na...??(wipping her tears) mom dad ne tumhari responsibility mujhe di h...kya tum chahti ho k wo tumhen ese dkh kr mujse naraz hon k mene tumhen khush nai rakha?? Hmmm??

shilpa nodded her head in no

armaan: han to phr stop crying...we have to b hun na...(smiled at her controlling his tears)

shilpa: hamesha rahogey na??

armaan: na shona...tum meri best friend jo ho...

shilpa: aur ab wife bhi..(smiled lightly and hugged him)

armaan wz taken a back frst as ridhima's face jst clicked in his mind at this...but then he hugged her back lightly...

armaan: pata nai tum mujhe kbhi maaf kr paogi bhiYa nai ridhima..(he thought)


ridhima wz crying badly..sitting on her knees..holding her head with both hands...rahul came to her and made her get up and sit on the bench...

ridhima: rahul mere saath he ye...(still crying) kyun..(sob) kyun rahul(sob)

rahul: (he put his hand on her head) shh ridhima...armaan ne iss baar bhi tumhen koi dhoka nai dia...

ridhima: (moved his hand away) tum abi b usiki side logey...itna sab hone k baad bhi

rahul: itna sb hua h isiliye to keh raha hun

ridhima: kia hua tha rahul...??

he kept quiet looking down

ridhima: bolo rahul...i want to know..plzzz(sob)

rahul: ok..actually when u two were in panchgini tou


There wz a hustle bustle everywhere...plane crash caused death of many ppl and those who were alive were brought to sanjeevani...all the doctors, interns were attending patients and were trying their level best to save their lives...

shilpa enetered to the ward and wz shocked to death to see her 4 patients...breathing their last...they were in a very critical condition...she stood rooted on the spot seeing the 4 most imp ppl of her live in this condition...tears started rolling down her cheeks...she rushed to them...

shilpa: u ok?? (crying madly..touching their heads and caressing their wounds) aap ko ye...

nurses were doing their dressing and were trying to control shilpa...but how cud she stop seeing her and armaan's parents in such wz no way she cud stop her tears...she wz not even condition to treat them...

keerti wz passing by when she saw all this...she became angry that hw can a dr. behave like this...she entered the ward...She wz about to scold shilpa when she saw her condition...

shilpa: ma' dekhye...(sobbing) mere aur armaan k mom inhe..

keerti: dr. Shilpa plz sambhalye apne aap ko(she knew that shilpa is only a daughter at this time) kuch nai hoha inhen..ap ...ap sambhalye apne ap ko...

shilpa: but ma' dad..uncle aunty (pointing at them and crying with hicups)

keerti: unhen kuch nai hoga...ap ja k armaan ko call kojye men yahan sb smbhal lungi...ap jaye...

listening armaan's name she stopped protesting and ran outside to call him...she dialled his no. but sometimes it gets unreachable or sometimes the voices were not clear...

shilpa: armaan...hello...armaan plz wapis ajao...armaan..hello...

and fone again got disconnected...but may b armaan heard her and is coming back...she thought...she tried calling again but cudn't talk to him...

she rushed back to the ward and stood outside watching her and armaan's parents being treated, 4m glass door...she wz still crying badly...It has been quite long that none of the dr. or nurse were coming out and she wz also not allowed to go inside...she stood their on the door crying badly seeing them lifeless...tears were not ready to stop...she tried armaan's no. many times but failed to talk to him...

it wz late night when the whole gang wz retiring 4 their respective homes...they saw shilpa sitting on the floor near the door of the ward and crying and sobbing madly...they rushed towards her all tensed..

anjali: kia hua shilpa?? Tum ye..

muskaan: kia hua?? Tu ro kyu rai hai??(all panicked)

shilpa: wo...and r...(sob) andr...

rahul: kia?? Kon h andr??

shilpa: andr...mere...aur aur...(sob) aur armaan...

atul: han bolo shilpa..

shilpa: hmare parents..(pointing at the ward)

rahul: oh my god!(looked inside)

muskaan: iska matlab plane men wo log b they...

they all made shilpa get up 4m the floor and made her sit on the sofa placed outside the ward...anjali brought some water 4 her..and made her drink...But she didn't stop crting even 4 a second...

rahul: tumne armaan ko inform kia??

shilpa: han...but..pho... Phone got disconnected...i i'm not sure k usey meri...(sob) awaz gai...gai h ya nai...(sniff)

rahul: (put his hand on her head..with affection ) men try krta hun..(he tried but he also failed...)

anjali: lan line try kro..

he tried but to their luck they were also not working...whole night the gang remain their with shilpa consoling her...they tried calming her...but she became more restless...anjali and muskaan tried to make her sleep but all she did wz crying all night...

it wz 7 in the morning when dr. Keerti came out with a sad face...all got up...shilpa ran to her

shilpa: dr.keerti..they all r fine na?? Sb theek hai na??(with a hope to listen yes but keerti's expressions were saying something else)bolye na..

keerti: i'm..i'm sorry dr.shilpa but hum mr and mrs. Malik aur apki mom mrs. Malhotra ko ..

shilpa: ko??

keerti: ko...nai bcha sake...they r no more..i'm sorry...

She just said this when shilpa gave out a loud shriek and fell down crying hysterically...all of them were shocked and also broke into tears seeing shilpa like this...keerti wz about to say somerhing else 2 when they heard a sound


all turned to see armaan standing there with his bags dropped on the floor...he got pale and wz frozen to the spot with shock...he rushed to keerti..

armaan: ma'am ye keh rai hen aap...?? Esa nai ho sakta...(picked crying shilpa up with shoulders) stop crying shona..(tears were formed in his eyes) arey u know dad to yahan hen he nai...they hv gone to their some stupid friend's plc in abroad...come on na

shilpa wz still crying badly..armaan got irritated by this...

armaan: STOP CRYING SHONA...STOP CRYING...KUCH NAI HUA KISI KO..GOT IT..kuch nai...(fell on his knees and broke into tears) kuch nai...(mumbled)

shilpa hugged him and they cried badly hugging each other...this made evryone cry..keerti wipped her tears..

Keerti: drs. Mr. Malhotra is breathing his last..he wants to meet u both...plz go before itz too late..

armaan and shilpa rushed in...shilpa hugged her dad and cried more...armaan broke down more seeing his dead parents and shilpa cudnt see her mother's lifeless body and hugged his father more tightly...her father removed the oxygen mask and called them both..

karan: aaarr..armaannn...shh..shilpaaa...(armaan came near him and held his hands) beta..i dont hv mch time left...i..i..know mere jane k baad..meri beti ...she...she will be tum tum meri beti ka haath thaam lo...

armaan wz shocked to hear this...what he thought 4 life and what wz done...he cudnt say no but he didnt want to say yes...

karan:bolo..beta..dogey na meri beti ka saath..

armaan closed his eyes ...ridhima's face flashed in his mind...fresh tears trickled down from his eyes...

armaan: yes..i...i will marry her..hamesha khyal rakhunga...

he held armaan's hand in shilpa's hand and breathed His last closing his eyes forever leaving screaming and crying shilpa behind...


rahul: armaan ne tumhen dhoka nai dia...bas ek marte baap ki khwahish puri ki hai ridhima...

ridhima was all in tears...she wz cursing herself for thnkng armaan a cheat...he was a massiya in fact for the dying father and his daughter...she felt proud of her self that she loved such a great man...who just for his friendship's sake , gave away his own happiness...

ridhima:mujhe armaan se baat krni hogi...(she thought and went away in his search leaving sad rahul behind)


armaan: plz mje maaf krdo ridhima.(crying holding her hands)

ridhima: nai armaan..i'm sorry k mene tumhen ghalat samjha(crying with him)

Armaan started kissing her hands...then he kissed her forehead...then eyes...he was losing himself in that moment...just then ridhima pushed him back and tried to move away when he grabbed her hands and pinned her on the wall and started showering her face with wild kisses...

ridhima protested at first but after few moments she started to lose her self...

armaan: i love u ridhima(he said between the kisses)

ridhima:(moved him little back by holding his head) i love u 2 armaan(and smacked her lips on his)

i know i know...after reading this,some of u wan to kill me but plzzz yar...twists r the spice of tales and enjoy it..Wink

guys do tell me how did u find it and plz remember THIS IS AN AR

press like tab if u like it and do comment plz...

add me to ur buddy lst if u want pms...

love meeru

Big smile

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awesome part!
poor riddhima but shes soo nice to understand!
woaahh the promo is shocking!
continue soon x

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hey seriously..feeling like killing you...

Athough i had loved shilpa but only as ridz dude... hope it turns out to be AR.. but here i wuld not even like shilpa to sacrifice...see u got me so confused...

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this was really good.
i reallly liked it.
please continue soon

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Shocking part.
And even promo to.
Waiting 4 nxt part.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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awesome part...
feel bad for riddhima and armaan...
plz plz plz plz contninue soon...
egaerly waiting for ur next update...

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omg awesum part ... sch a great twist ...

plzzz update soon n thanx 4 d pm ...


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