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''it was destined to happen''...AR FF (upd pg 133) (Page 78)

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zARqaa_X

great part!
lovd the promo!
cant wait to see wot happens next =D
continue soon x
thnx soooo much 4 likingBig smile

meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kashndsel4eva

awesome update
loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
thnx soooo much 4 likingBig smile

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meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by diyachill

it qas simply amazing............despersately waiting for next part.where ridz confess her love armaan.plz continue soon
thnx soooo much 4 likingBig smile
meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 4:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweety7395

Hey awesome was really good
Awww Armaan is so in love with Ridz and Ridz also cant stay away from him
Armaan should really tell Shilpa the truth soon
Cant wait to read the next part
Thanks for the pm
Continue soon
thnx soooo much 4 likingBig smile but it's difficult 4 him...Confused

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
awesome awesome awesome part!!!! Clapjust love it...
it's amazing n sooo cute both of 'em!!!!
the precap is mind-blowing...cont soon n thanks 4 the pmSmile

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meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ARKJ_4EVER

awesome awesome awesome part!!!! Clapjust love it...
it's amazing n sooo cute both of 'em!!!!
the precap is mind-blowing...cont soon n thanks 4 the pmSmile
thnx a loooooooootBig smile
meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 3:47pm | IP Logged

ridhima hugged him tightly...broke down in his arms and cried...sobbed...

armaan caressed her hair....held her tightly in his arms....she also was feeling like heaven...lost in the world of their own....

after some moments,ridhima stepped back slowly...looked in arman's eyes....she cud see the pain...the love..the care....after trying a lot to stay away from hate throw him out of her heart and her life, she just failed....every attempt was in vain...she was lost by her heart and his love...

she looked into his moist blue oceanic eyes with her teary green eyes....cupped his face...then touched his injured head...

ridhima: tum theek ho??(softly)
armaan: (removed her hand softly 4m his head and kissed it lightly) hm...tum saath ho to mujhe kya ho sakta hai....

they were in their each other's eyes when it suddenly started rainning heavily...they were out of city....on a deserted highway...there was no one car no nothing...

armaan: oh no!..(held ridhima's hand and moved under a tree's shade)

suddenly armaan saw a cottage at some distance in the forest at the side of the road...both were completely was was rainning heavily...they knew that it would not be safe to sit in car at this time of night...

armaan: ridhima..
ridhima: hmm..
armaan: wahan ek ghar hai...chalo..
ridhima: (tensed...scared) yahin theek hun...(softly)
armaan: plz ridhima..chalo...hmm yahan nai ruk bhi kharab's not safe...plz chalo...(softly)
ridhima: par..(still cudn't decide what to do.)
armaan: trust me...(assuring her)

both went inside running...the cottage was dark,scary,dirty, had nothing in it dust and some stones....

both of them were completely wet...and feeling cold...ridhima went in one corner of the room sitting away from armaan...she was shivering with cold...

armaan got worried for her...his heart cudn't see his love in any trouble...he looked here and there..gathered some wooden sticks...rubbed the stones and burnt the fire.....

armaan: ridhima plz yahan akar betho...u'll feel better...(caring way)

ridhima came forward and sat beside the fire...she felt better...seeing her ok..arman felt relaxed...there was a complete silence for some moments where as only eyes were talking...ridhima's eyes had many questions and armaan's eyes were desperate to answer the questions....both were looking into each other's eyes

armaan: (broke the ice) men tumse kuch kehna chahta hun apne aur shilpa k rishte k baare men(decided to tell her everything finally)
ridhima: shayad men bhi aaj sab jan na chahti hun(calmly)
armaan: men tumse kab se ye sab kehna chahta tha par shayad destiny ese he ye sab tumhare samne lana chahti thi....(feeling hard to speak)

armaan stood up and went near the window still facing ridhima...

armaan: actually mere aur shilpa k parents .....(and he told her everything including that he doesn't love her and is bound by the parent's decision only and will tell their parents that he can't marry her)

ridhima stood up...didn't speak anything 4 few moments...there was a complete one spoke a word...there was a sound of rain...faint sound of burning fire....and their heart beats which were audible to them only..... 

ridhima moved forward...came closer to armaan and said

ridhima: mujhe yakeen hai tumhari har baat pe...agar tum ye sab pehle bata dete to shyad...(stopped and shed a lone tear)
armaan: ridhima ab bhi kuch ghalat nai hua...sab theek hai...hum saath
ridhima: nai armaan...kyun k shilpa tumse pyaar karti hai...shayad...aur men uska dil nai tor sakti
armaan:nai ridhima esa kuch nai hai...we'r just friends...
ridhima: nai armaan...may u don't love her..but.
armaan: wo bhi nai karti...agar karti to mujhe bata chuki hoti ab tak...hum har baat share karte hen
ridhima: to kya tumne use hamare baare men bataya??bataya k tumus se shaadi nai karna chahte??(stern expressions)
armaan: nai..par..
ridhima: nai armaan..(turned and started moving away)
armaan: ridhima plzz...plzz..ruk jao..(shedding tears) i can't live without u...

armaan cried...didn't know what to do...what to say...seeing her going away, he cud do nothing but just say it

armaan: I LOVE U RIDHIMA!!(shouted)

she stopped and turned..surprised...she cudn't believe her ears...

armaan: bohat pyaar karta hun tumse ridhima...apni jaan se bhi zyada....i love u a lot...apni jaan de sakta hun pa tumhen dhoka nai...sirf tumhen chaha hai mene...agar tum nai to ye zindagi bhi nai...i'll die without u...

this was it...she cudn't stop herself anymore...she ran and stood in front of him...

ridhima: i...i...(cried) i love u too...(and hugged arman)

armaan hugged her tightly...squeezed her in his arms...after hearing those three magical words, he just cudn't control his emotions....ridhima too hugged him with full love and trust....

both cried their hearts out....they came out of hug and armaan cupped and kissed every inch of her face...

he showered his imense love and emotions in every kiss...ridhima could feel that love....and finally he kissed her on lips....with full passion....licked them...tasted them...entered her mouth...explored every part of it....ridhima was also giving in...pouring all the love they have 4 each other..they both continued till they were out of breaths..

they were looking into each other's eyes with heavy breaths....joined their foreheads

armaan: i love u
ridhima: i love u 2..

there was love...there was passion in both of their eyes...their feelings were aroused...and weather and atmosphere was like adding fuel to the fire which was burning in thier of passion...

he moved her hair completely to her shoulder while he kissed the nape...ridhima closed her eyes to feel his love, his touch and his passion...they knew that they are loosing thier selves....both knew it and both wanted it…

his lips were moving on her neck…he was feeling her sensuously and felt her giving in…he bit her earlobe making her moan and then left a love bite on her neck…ridhima tilted her him access to her neck...both laid down and armaan held her from the waist…his lips moved to her throat to her chest and bit her....then ridhima manged to get his shirt off...and pulled armaan down with him on top of her…

armaan leaned down and kissed her forehead,her cheeks, her nose and finally captured her lips and kissed her passionately....his arms went around her waist and his hand slipped under her shirt…her waist was exposed a little…he kissed it driving her mad....

he then came upto her lips and kissed her once more…they got rid of clothes....

armaan:are you sure?(softly)
ridhima:more than anything...(eyes closed..feeling his touches)

and they got united...she shrieked in pain of pleasure....they made love whole night like no tomorrow....and went to sleep in each other's embrace....


she suddenly got up with a jerk...her hand hit the side table and a photo frame fell down and broke into pieces...she saw it and broke into tears as it was her and armaan's photo....she suddenly got up and picked it from the floor...the broken glass pieces injured her hand and it started bleeding...

shilpa: ouch!!(more fresh tears oozed out)armaan...(moved hand on his face) kyun mera dil itni zor se dharak raha hai...? dar lag raha hai mujhe...esa lag raha hai k jese kuch keemti kho dya hai mene...tum theek to ho na armaan...(caressed the photo)


sun rays fell on armaan's face...he got a bit irritated and got up...the morning was beautiful after so many days....he felt contended...relaxed....satisfied...he had got his love....his ridhima..

he looked beside him and didn't see her...panicked for a second...then he suddenly saw his love standing near the window...

he got up..went near her and hugged her from back....kissed her shoulder sensuouly...

armaan: good morning(huskily)
ridhima: good morning(smile)
armaan:um mujhse naraz to nai...kal raat jo...
ridhima: tumne koi ghalti nai ki..jis ki waja se men tumse naraz ho jaun...
armaan: to kal raat jo hua..
ridhima: wo hamara pyaar tha(turned and cupped his face) ab ye ridhima sirf armaan ki hai...hamesha hamesha k liye...(kissed his forehead)
armaan: OYE HOYE!!(dimpled smile and kissed her lips passionately until they were out of breaths)to thora aur pyaar ho jaye??(smirked)
ridhima:(hit him on his arm) besharam(got red)

both changed their help 4m someone and got their car repaired...both left for orphanage...

armaan was teasing ridhima in the whole kissing her cheeks...kissing her hands...and sometimes pecking on her lips....and she just blushed badly but never stopped him as she loved him doing all this...


atul: yaar armaan aur ridhima ke bagher hospital kitna suna lag raha hai na??(sad)
muskaan: han bhi bohat miss kar rahi hun dono ko
anjali: come on guys...unhen gaye ek din bhi nahi hua...chill...ek hafte ki to baat hai...
rahul: aur kya..bas karo tum log..
muskaan: oye ulu tu phir shuru hogaya...
rahul: han to...??
anjali: not again(rolled eyes)
muskaan: tu na..tu..(stood on bench) mere mun mat lag..
rahul: lagun ga..kya karlegi..??
muskaan: men tujhe..aaaahhh!!

she was about to fall on the floor when rahul held her and she fell in his arms..they had a long eye lock...they both drowned in each other's eyes....

anjali,atul: WOOOHOOO!!!(hooting)

both muskaan and rahul came out of the eyelock at the very moment...they were embarassed...didn't know what to say...

anjali:wese to bara jhagarte ho..(teasing) aur ankhon ankhon men baaten...(smirk)
atul: han yaar...KYA PYAAR HAI..(filmy way)

they were hell embarassed....lowered their eyes...wanted to just run away...

rahul smiled inwardly seeing something in muskaan eyes for him which he also has for her...

anjali: lo shilpa:agayi...
atul: aree aao na...kahan thi...aur itni sad kyun lag rahi ho??
shilpa: nai..esi baat to nai hai...(sad tone)
anjali: han han...armaan k bager to sad he hogi na(anjali and atul were in full teasing mood today)
atul: hmmmmmmmmmmmm....

muskaan jumped in to remove her inner awkwardness....

muskaan: hmm kyun hogi theek uske bina...(wicked smile)
shilpa: tum log bhi na(fake smile..and went to her locker) tumhen kya kahun k armaan k bager kese pal pal guzaar rahi hun...first time uske bager reh rahi hun..aur najane kyun lag raha hai k kuch kho dya hai mene...something precious...aur lag raha hai k kuch bohat bura hone wala hai....(thought and a lone tear rolled down her cheek which was in rahul's notice)

rahul: i hope shilpa k dil men armaan k liye wo na ho jo uske dil men nai....(thought)


she opened the door and was suddenly pushed and pinned on the was him...

ridhima: armaan(she sighed)

he kicked the door closed and started kissing her madly like hungry dog...still pinning her hands against the wall....

ridhima: tum..tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?? koi ajayega..(eyes closed..feeling him)
armaan: to??(smirked and still kissing)
ridhima: plz armaan jao...koi dekh lega..(tensed)
armaan: to dekhne do...(coming near her lips and captured them)

suddenly some noises came...somebody started beating the door with full force to get it open....

plz feel free to xpress ur like tab if u like it and do comment also it feels vry nice to read ur appreciating comments...Embarrassed
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love meeru..Smile

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awesome update
loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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