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''it was destined to happen''...AR FF (upd pg 133) (Page 68)

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Originally posted by shilpI007

Originally posted by armaansbigfan

Originally posted by shilpI007

updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

oooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkk deeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!LOL
on friday ....paka....Tongue

choooo chweeettttEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by sweetdesire

Originally posted by armaansbigfan

Originally posted by sweetdesire

Hey Meeru.....plz update soon dear...............Embarrassed
friday ko paka sweetyTongue

Yeeppiieeeeeeee......waiting for FRIDAY DEAR............Smile
so nice of u all...Embarrassed

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he came forward to capture her lips when the door was opened by some one...

both armaan and ridhima got separated suddenly....

armaan: rahul tu ...tu yahan...kese??
rahul:(lowered his eyes..he knew that it ws their personal moment) umm...i'm wo tujhe dhund raha tha...wo

and ridhima just ran away...armaan sat down holding his head and moving his hand in his hair...he was tensed and rahul cud clearly see that...he came there to talk to help support him...

rahul: (he came forward and sat with him and put his hand on armaan's shoulder) armaan..tu theek hai??
armaan: nai...kuch theek nai(hopelessly)
rahul: men jaanta hun sab...ridhima ko sab pata chal gaya hai...tere aur shilpa k baare men...hena?
armaan: (eyes popped out) tujhe pata hai..??(surprised)
rahul: han wo..
armaan:par use kese pata chala use batane wala tha par us se pehle he...par kese(confused)
rahul: us din canteen men.......( and rahul told him the whole story)

armaan was confused,scared, fact had many mixed emotions....he didn't know how to react...what to say...what to do...rahul had to make him strong...

rahul: armaan...armaan...(shook him) tu theek hai na?? kya soch raha hai??
armaan: pata nai ye sab mere saath he kyun ho raha hai??(broke down into tears) par..shilpa ne ye sab kaha to is ka matlab ke wo mujhse...
rahul: tujh se...pyaar...
armaan: nai...esa nai ho to ridhima se..
rahul: i know...par i think it's the time ke tu shilpa ko sab bata de..
armaan: waqt mujhe sirf ridhiima ko manana hai bas...use apna pyaar saabit karna hai...
rahul: par armaan..
armaan: nai rahul..mujhe shilpa se baat krne se pehle mom dad se baat karni hogi...wohi shilpa ko samjha sakte hen...lekin us se pehle i just want my love back...(teary eyes)
rahul: men samajh sakta hun tujh pe kya guzar rahi hai...par tujhe nai lagta ke shilpa tujhe chahti hai...
armaan: nai...esa kuch nai hai...wo bhi srf hamare parents k decision se bound hai bas...

there was a silence 4 few mnts..then armaan left...

rahul: i hope tu sahi soch raha ho....


the day passed....armaan tried the whole day to talk to ridhima but she didn't listen to him at once....she was ignoring him...or more correctly ignoring her feelings 4 him...

shilpa also tried to know why armaan is behaving so strnage...but armaan intensionally or unintensionally ignored this time of his life, he had only and only one priority i-e RIDHIMA!! HIS RIDHIMA!!


everyone was preparing to leave...when..

nurse: dr. armaan and dr. ridhima..dr keerti aap dono ko bula rahi hen..(and left)

anjali: ab unhen kya hua
muskaan: us gabbar ko phir kuch ulta soojha hoga..

ridhima didn't want to go wd armaan but left ignoring him...he also went behind her...

rahul: i hope sab theek hojaye...
shilpa: ya...
rahul: um..kya??tumne kya suna??(nervous as he was caught)
shilpa: han..yehi k dr. keerti kuch ghalat na karen aur sab theek ho(casually)


both entered in wd permission..and sat down..

keerti: drs..i hv a very imprtnt job 4 both of u as i'm very impressed wd ur work...
both: thnk u ma'am...
keerti: dr. armaan and dr. ridhima...u both have to leave 4 panchgini today....
ridhima: ma'am but..(tensed)

and armaan smiled wd happiness.....

keerti: no buts dr. ridhima...i'm not asking's an order...there is an orphanage of sanjeevani in u have to go there 4 medical camp today...

ridhima lowered her eyes...armaan got happy as he saw a ray of hope...he thought that now he wud get chance to make her understand his love...

keerti: am i clear drs??
both: yes ma'am...(both left)


both entered the locker room...everyone ws curious to know what happened in keerti's office...

muskaan: kya hua??
atul: kya kaha??
anjali: danta unho ne??
rahul:punish kya??
shilpa: bolo bhi..

armaan: wait guys...bolne to do...
muskaan: han to bolna...idhar udhar ki bolta hai...main baat karna..
armaan: oho!! actually we both r leaving today 4 sanjeevani's orphanage in panchgini...(smiled)

everyone got excited that how lucky they both r that they r getting such a nice chance to perform a task like this...

rahul stared armaan as he was looking happy....he had a glow in his eyes....armaan winked at rahul and he got what is in armaan's mind...rahul and armaan exchanged a smile....

anjali: chal ridzi...let's go home...teri packing bhi karni hai...
ridhima: hmm...(quietly)
armaan: han ridhima..i'll pick u up at 8...(smirked)
ridhima:(looked at him wd surprise) khud chali jaun gi...
anjali: pagal hai kya...armaan k saat jaan men kya hai...stupid..(turned towards armaan)armaan she'l be ready...(and she left wd ridhima)

armaan was happy...he knew that he'll get his love this time...he also left wd shilpa to get his bags...


shilpa noticed armaan changed suddenly...he was happy...he was satisfied.....his eyes were shining...

shilpa: armaan...kya baat hai bohat khush ho??subha to off thhe....
armaan: yup shona...arey par mere jaane k baad to tum akeli ho jao gi...
shilpa: nai i''l manage...
armaan: paka??
shilpa: hmm...(sad)

armaan left after taking his bags 4m home and drove away 4 ridhima's house....

shilpa was sad...she wanted to be wd HER arman....she didn't know why, but 4 the 1st time she didn't like armaan wd ridhima...something clicked in her mind and her heart...and a lone tear dropped from her eye....

armaan picked ridhima and both drove away...


ridhima was silent all the way...armaan  was staring her...she was stealing gazes....

armaan touched her hand...she jerked it and withdrew it back...

they were in half the way when car broke was late at one was on the road...everything was silent,dark and scary...

armaan: oh no!! car kharaab hogai hai...yahan to koi mechanic bhi nahi milega...i think hamen yahin kahin raat guzaarni ho...

ridhima looked at fumed in anger and stepped down from the car..she started walking on the road all alone...

arman ran forward...didn't understand what happened to her ...he held her hand and made her face him...

armaan: ridhimaa...kahan ja rahi ho...
ridhima: (removed his hands) tumse dur...(angrily)men soch bhi nahi sakti tum is had tak gir jao ge...(shouting loud)
armaan: men...mene kya kiya..
ridhima: tum yahan mere saath raat guzaarne k liye...chhee!!(felt disgusted)
armaan:ridhima!!bas karo..tumne mujhe esa samjha hai...
ridhima: han armaan malik...har waqt tum mere paas ane k bahane dhundte  the...mujhe dhoka bhi dya...aur ab tum...
armaan:ridhima...(held her wd shoulders) plz...esa kuch nai hai...i..i lov..
ridhima: bas armaan...kuch mat kehna(jerked his hands and pushed him away so forcefully that he bumped into the tree and got his head injured)

his head started bleeding...ridhima saw it and got scared...she rushed towards him...held him softly....

ridhima: armaan..(worried) i'm theek ho na?? oh my god!!(panicking)
arman: it's ok ridhima...shyad...yehi meri ghalti ki saza hai(and started moving away holding his bleeding head)

ridhima held his hand and stopped him....tore her dupatta and tied on his head...

ridhima: i...i'm sorry(crying)
armaan:(melted seeing her like this)plz...ridhima tum ro mat...i can't see u crying like this..(cupped her face) plz ridhima...mera dil hazar mott marta hai tumhen ese dekh ke...plz...(moist eyes)

and ridhima hugged him tightly...broke down in his arms and cried...sobbed...


armaan: I LOVE U RIDHIMA!!(shouted)

she stopped and turned..surprised...she cudn't believe her ears...

armaan: bohat pyaar karta hun tumse ridhima...apni jaan se bhi zyada....i love u a lot...nahi rah sakta tunhare bina...apni jaan de sakta hun par tumhen dhoka nai...

this was it...she cudn't stop herself anymore...she ran and stood in front of him...

ridhima: i...i...(crying) i love u too...(and hugged arman)


plz feel free to xpress ur like tab if u like it and do comment also it feels vry nice to read ur appreciating comments...Big smile
and plz add me to ur buddy list, if u want to read more,so that i could pm u easily..
love meeru..Smile

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First To Comment Yayy..
OMG.. Awesome Update...
Awww I Love Armaan <3..
He Only Cares Bwt Riddhima <3..
Armaan And Riddhima Pangani..
Love It..
Hehe Riddhima Cnt Stay Away Frm Armaan..
Armaan Hurt His Head :(..
Loved Da Lst Few Dialouges <3..
Cnt Wait For The Nxt Part..
Update Soon

Once A KaJen'ian, KSG'ian & Jeni'ian.. Always A KaJen'ian, KSG'ian & Jen'ian <3

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Originally posted by -RabiaKSGKaJen-

First To Comment Yayy..
OMG.. Awesome Update...
Awww I Love Armaan <3..
He Only Cares Bwt Riddhima <3..
Armaan And Riddhima Pangani..
Love It..
Hehe Riddhima Cnt Stay Away Frm Armaan..
Armaan Hurt His Head :(..
Loved Da Lst Few Dialouges <3..
Cnt Wait For The Nxt Part..
Update Soon

Once A KaJen'ian, KSG'ian & Jeni'ian.. Always A KaJen'ian, KSG'ian & Jen'ian <3

thnx rabia...loved ur comments sweety....
thnx so much 4 likingBig smile
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Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

shilpa loves armaan
armaan loves riddhima
riddhima also loves armaan
and I LOVE YOU Meeru!(and armaan hehe)

that was such an amazing part!

i'm soo eager for the next part! armaan really should tell shilpa everything...

awww cho chweet of u too...Embarrassed
thnx a loooooooooot 4 liking so much sweety...Big smile
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Awesome Update.. ClapClap
He Cares for Riddhima
Hmm Riddhima Cnt Stay AwayFrm Armaan
Cnt Wait For The Nxt Part..
Update Soon

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