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''it was destined to happen''...AR FF (upd pg 133) (Page 3)

meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 3:27pm | IP Logged

all reached the nurse station tailking and laughing..dr. keerti wz standing there..she was the senior doctor and head of the interns..

keerti: DOCTORS!! (in a loud voice) ur not in a garden..this is a hospital..behave like doctors..

everyone's smile just vanished..they stood properly in front of her wd their heads down...all thinking the same that wd a senior like this, they r going to have a tough time...A VERY TOUGH TIME

keerti:u all our 5 mins u know how precious time is 4 doctors??
anjali: sorry ma'am(she steps 4ward boldly)but it's just 5 mins...
keerti: excuse me!! kya ap jaanti hen k doctor ki 5 mins ki laparwahi se ek patient ki jaan bhi ja sakti hai??(angry tone)ayenda ye excuse na mile mujhe..

anjali got embarassed wd the way keerti spoke..everyone got scared a bit wd such a monster..

keerti:aap ko agar yaha pr kaam karna hai to time ka khyal rakhna hoga aur mere rules follow karne i clear?? 
everyone: yes ma'am!!

she took an attendance of all interns..

keerti:dr.anjali gupta?
anjali:yes ma'am
keerti:dr.muskaan chadda??
muskaan:yes ma'am
keerti:dr.atul joshi??
keerti:dr.rahul garewal? dr.shilpa malhotra? 
rahul and shilpa: yes ma'am
keerti:dr armaan malik??and dr. ridhima gupta??
armaan:yes doc!! (wd cool attitude)

everyone got scared as keerti gave a deadly look to armaan at this..

armaan: sorry ma'am(lowered his face)
keerti: better!!(then she turns her face to others and says)doctors..come wd me..i'l show u the hospital and then i'l gv u all ur duties 4 2day..

everyone nodded and followed her..she was showing them the place around while all of them were making faces at her back..talking and whispering to each other...she turned and gave them a deadly look...a dead silence fell..atul wz continuously staring anjali wd a smile...anjali wz getting annoyed by his continuous gaze...rahul and muskaan were gvng each other disgusted looks.. 
they were entering inside the operation theatre when armaan whispered to ridhima and shilpa
armaan: yeh to hitler ki bhi maa hai..
ridhima: (giggles) ssshhhh...sun liya to phir class ho jayegi..
shilpa: (laughs at armaan) han jese pehle hui thi..hehehehe!!(and walks 4ward)
armaan:uuuuu...(moves to hit her when keerti turns)
keerti: DOCTORS! BEHAVE UR SELVES(shouting)..
armaan stops..shilpa shows him  the tongue..

after showing them the hospital properly, she started giving them duties..

keerti: doctor rahul nd doctor muskaan, children's ward..
rahul,muskaan: WHAT?? NO WAY!!( said 2gether)
keerti stared them badly
rahul,muskaan: sorry ma'am(2gether again)
keerti:(turns her face) dr.atul and doctor anjali,general ward .
atul gets super excited...
anjali:oh god!! plz no..(she mummers making helpless face)
keerti:dr.armaan,dr.ridhima and dr.shilpa,cancer ward ..(and she left)

armaan's face glowed listening his name wd ridhima..shilpa alsp got happy to know that she'l start her frst task of her new job wd her best frnd,and love..

muskaan: baba ji!! jitna is chhachhundar se dur rene ki koshish karti hun aap utna he isse mere gale parwa dete ho(talking to god,joining hands)
rahul: tu bhi kisi aafat se kam nai hai
muskaan: oye tu..(got interupted)
everyone: stop it guys..!!

rahul: hunnnn!! (turns his face and moves away)
muskaan: urghhhh!!(turns in opposite direction to move away...then she realizes that she's going in wrong direction...she turns back and follows rahul..)

everyone laughed at this and moved 2wards their duties..
shilpa on her way to cancer ward wd armaan and ridhima
shilpa: ye dr.keerti to bohat saroo hai..we'r gona have a tough time guys..hena ridhima??
ridhima:hmm..(wd a smile)
armaan:ya she scolds alot man..
ridhima:hmm..(wd a smile again)
shilpa: kya yaar ridhima..tum hmm haan se age bhi bolti ho ya nai??
armaan: haan ridhima..see this chatter box(pointing at shilpa) she talks alot...u know i always have to take a pain killer after talking to her..(wd a teasing smile to shilpa)
shilpa:WHAT?? what did u just say??(angry way) i won't leave u armaan malik..(moves forward to hit him)

ridhima smiles broadly seeing such a beautiful friendship...she moves forward and stops their fight..
ridhima:ok..ok..bas karo yaar..

armaan and shilpa both stop,smile and hug each other in a frndly way..
ridhima: ur childhood frnds na??(smiling)
shilpa:yes we'r bestest frnds..(gvs a high five to armaan)
armaan: han bachpan se jaan kha rai hai meri(he says and gets hit by shilpa again)
ridhima admires their frndship..

they reached cancer ward...shilpa moves in while armaan and ridhima were just following her when ridhima's foot twisted and she fell in armaan's manly arms..

armaan wz again lost in her.holding the world's most beautiful and innocent grl in his arm made him feel like heaven...he was admiring her angelic face...her petalous lips..her deep eyes when he came to reality and realizes that ridhima is getting a bit uncomfortable..he got straight and helped her to stand properly...she put hr flick behind her ear wd her finger and said thanx to armaan,still in an uncomfortable tone..
armaan realized her awkward feeling and said
armaan: oooouuuucccchhh!!
ridhima:kya hua??(gets tensed)
armaan:tumhen pakarte pakarte meri kamar men moch agai...kitni bhari ho tum..(making funny faces)
ridhima:(laughs) thanx armaan..par men itni bhi moti nai..(laughs and goes in the ward)
armaan wz again lost in her...when he shook his head..
armaan: ye kya ho raha hai??why am i thinking about her like this way?? meri to shilpa se...(he stops wd the thought)...nai nai it's nothing like that..nothing..(he shakes his head again and goes inside)


rahul:gapoo mera patient hai!!(snatching file)
muskaan:gapoo mera patient hai!!(snatching file back)
rahul: mene kaha na mera patient hai!!(takes the file)
muskan: oye tujhe samajh nai ata...mene kaha na ye mera patient hai to bas mera patient hai..(snatching the file wd a gr8 force)
muskaan and rahul: CHUP!!(both shouted together and went back to fight)

keerti comes and sees this fight nd then 
rahul:wo ma'
muskaan:ma'am ye rahul(cutting him) mujhe kaam nai karne de raha...
rahul:nai ma'am wo..
keerti:dr.rahul..enough!! i don't want any complains now...BACK TO WORK..
rahul: but ma'am..
keerti: NOW!!

both turn away making faces...keerti leaves..


anjali waz checking a patient when she turns back to see atul just a step back standing behind her staring her wd a broad lost in her...this has been happening 4 about 3 hours..wherever anjali turns,she sees atul standing in the same position wd a same smile...she was getting pissed off by him now...

anjali:what?? kia hai??
atul:nothing anjali...(smiling) just standing here so that i can help u,u see..
anjali:thanx atul but i don't need any help..(wd stern xpressions)
atul:it's ok anjali..but i'm still here...u might need help na..
anjali: atul plz go nd do ur own duty..i'll call u if a would need ur help..(wanting to get rid of him)
atul:ok...(shakes head in a cute way wd a smile and goes back to his duty)


ridhima was bzy wd a patient,shilpa was also bzy wd work but she was also staring armaan during that wd a wish 4 the day to come when armaan will propose her...on the other hand armaan's gaze was unintensionally was stopping on ridhima..he tries to concentrate on work when he sees her talking wd an agelic smile...then again tries to shift his gaze when he sees her again moving her hair away, settling her dupatta...he couldn't stop himself admiring her every moment..

he was looking at her when a patient beside him says
patient: kyun kia dekh rahe ho??(wd a smirk) noth...nothing..(fumbles when he comes out of his staring session)
patient:aree seedha seedha kaho na us doctor ko ghoor rahe the...kafi beautiful he na?? 
armaan:haan...(with dreamy smile..then he realizes what he just said)han..i mean na..i mean wo..tum kyun puch rai ho??by the way what's ur name pretty grl??(wd a sweet smile and trying to change the topic)
patient: hi i'm miny..yahan patient hun..aur marne wali hun..(talking casually)
armaan:(his face loses the colour)ssshhhh...ese nai kehte..u'l be i'm here now(wd a frndly smile)so frnds??
miny:frnds...(broad smile)
shilpa sees HER armaan admiring his usual charm with which he makes everyone his,and smiles...ridhima also sees armaan,her new frnd who is nice and kind to everyone,and smiles..

plz feel free to xpress ur like tab if u like it...Big smile
love meeru..Smile

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 4:53pm | IP Logged was nice part..:)
really luved it..made me remember the days of DMG AR's staring sessions, RM's fights and AA's cute and annoying
it was very nice and awwww Armaan is falling for Ridz badly..hope he realizes it soon..:)
Shilpa also luvs Armaan but i really hope she doesnt become a problem for AR....!!!!
thanx for the pm and continue soon..:)
tc ;)
Preet <3

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
Wow dear
its wonderful
sooo sweett
Armaan-Ridz so cute
pls shilpa ko unke beech mein lana
thanks 4 pm
update soon

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-Euphoria- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
A NICE UPDATE.............armaan really makes every1 smileTongue

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-Euphoria- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
NICE UPDATE......................armaan makes every 1 smile yaarSmile

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
add me to ur pm list
mohit_aggarwal Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 1:30am | IP Logged
heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon
plz pm me

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