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''it was destined to happen''...AR FF (upd pg 133) (Page 27)

gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged
nice part

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DigitalFortress IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
It was awesome please continue soonWink

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 4:29am | IP Logged
heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 4:51am | IP Logged
nyc part

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akshad Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 6:01am | IP Logged

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 7:37am | IP Logged
Plz update soon..............Big smile

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meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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anjali: hello guys!! kidhar??(confused...interupting RM eyelock)
rahul: (suddenly left her finger) umm..nai ...wo...kya hua??(trying to be normal)
anjali: wo actually..tomorrow is my bthdy so i have a small get together at my really want to have u guys there...
muskaan: han han kyun nai...bara maza aye ga yaar...
anjali: ok..!! i invite others too..see ya!!

by saying this she left...rahul and muskaan were too uncomfortable to face each other so they too left...


ridhima was still sitting there,lost in armaan' words...battling wd her heart...

ridhima: shayad armaan jo keh raha us se...mera dil kya chahta hai aakhir?? kyun react kya mene ese...??armaan ne kaha apne dil se puho..(still crying) to mera dil shayad..... shayad armaan ko chahta hai...(wd this a smile appeared on her face) han...I LOVE ARMAAN!! mujhe us se ese baat nai karni chahye thi...use kitna bura laga hoga na... i think i should apologize...

wd this she got up and went in armaan's search wd a new hope in her heart...she was happy as she thought that she has found the sunshine of her life...


anjali: hay atul!! kese ho??
atul:men theek hun anji..tum kesi ho..( sweet smile)
anjal: actually kal mera bthdy hai,so ur invited...ok?
atul: of course anji...tumhara bthdy aur men na zarur aon ga..aur tumhare liye chandarmukhi ko bhi khareed k laun ga...
anjali: WHAT?? tum mere liye larki kharido ge??(mouth open wd shock)
atul: nai nai(touching his ears) chandarmukhi ka poda...
anjali: oh!!
atul: anji?
anjali: hmm...
atul: tumne date ka...socha...(finding hard to speak)
anjali: (she got embarassed) wo...actually...mene abhi tak is bare men kuch nai socha...plzz...i still need some time...
atul: it's ok anji...u take ur time( wd cute smile he left)

armaan came in followed by shilpa...anji invited them both and left...armaan and shilpa left 4 their duty in general ward...


ridhima saw armaan and went in there to talk to him...she was continuously trying to talk to him but he was not listening a single word...he was very angry....

ridhima was feeling very bad and went to check a patient as she found him not listening any thing this time...shilpa was also attending a patient wd her...

shilpa: hi! i;m ur doctor...
patient: hi sweetheart!!(he was a young, flirt)
shilpa: excuse me!! 
patient: no need to...ur beautiful..(wink)
ridhima:(was standing there) plz behave ur self..(angrily)
patient: kyun darling...jealous?? keh mene tumhen nai dekha??(misbehaving)
shilpa:(she raised her hand to slap him) badtamiz...

he held her hand and pulled her towards himself...armaan moved towards him as he saw that...he held his hand and puched him badly on his nose....

armaan: how dare u talk to them like that...(he was angry and letting his anger out on him) 

he was continuously beating him and girls were trying to stp him along wd the ward boys...suddenly dr. keerti entered and shouted at armaan...he was stopped at the very moment...

dr.keerti: dr. armaan, dr.shilpa, dr. ridhima!! meet me outside..NOW!!(said angrily and left)

all three followed her out...

keerti: app kya kar rahe the?? yeh hospital hai ya fight club??
shilpa: ma'am wo..
keerti: mene aap se nahin don't interupt!!
armaan: ma'am wo ladies se badtamizi kar raha tha, khaas tor pe shilpa se..i cudn't bear i beat him...aur agar ayinda bhi kisi ne shilpa se ya aur kisi larki se( looking at ridhima) ese baat ki to i'll do the same...

ridhima felt herself lucky that the guy she loves, respects women a lot...whereas shilpa also felt herself lucky that armaan stood up 4 her...

keerti: ( a bit soft tone) i know that's wrong what he did...but u should also control ur self...don't let this happen in future..(left)

ridhima again tried talking to armaan when he left again wd shilpa...

the day passed like this...everyone left after making plans 4 anjali's bthdy....


armaan: tum kyun ani samajhti mere pyar ko ridhima??? kya dikhti nai meri feelings tumhen??

suddenly shilpa entered shouting wd happiness and joy...

armaan was angry that he couldn't bear the disturbance and blasted


shilpa ran out breaking into tears....

she cried a lot in her room...

ridhima tried a lot calling him but he was not picking her phone....

the day finished but has brought many misunderstandings and distances in relationships....

shilpa:(cried in her room) mera pyar mujhe samajhta kyun nai...

armaan:(teary in his room) mera pyar, mere pyar ko hi nai dekhta...

ridhima:(crying in her room) mera pyar mujse rooth kyun gaya hai...


evryone wished anjali whole heartedly and got busy wd their duties as they wanted to finish it early in the evening so that they cud go at anjali's place to help her out in preparations.....


shilpa was siting alone taking her coffee and thinking about armaan's behaviour..she raised her head and saw armaan holding his ears wd a pout...

armaan: i'm sorry shona...(cutely)shilpa:(looked away..although she was melted by his sweet gesture but wanted to take some more apology 4m him) huh...
armaan: sorry na ppppllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz!!
shilpa: sit on ur knees(orderly)

armaan sat down on his knees smiling at her cuteness..

shilpa: has kyun rahe ho(cutely)
armaan: nai men kahan(trying to hide his laughter)
shilpa: himmm...kya keh rahe the tum..??
armaan: i'm sorry na shona...ayinda ese nai hoga promise...(pout)
shilpa: promise??
armaan: paaakkkkaaa!!(smile)
shilpa: ayinda kya na..toh i'll kill u(hugged her wd teary smile)
armaan: u can baby(hugged her back)

ridhima was standing there in the corner watching them and smiled...

ridhima: kitna pyaar hai in dono men...mene armaan aur shilpa ke relation ko ghalat samjha...mujhe bhi armaan ko manana hoga...wese mera pyar itna asani se man ne wala to nai(wicked smile) but u don't know me mr. malik...(winked and went away)

they day finished...ridhima knew that everyone's duty is gona finish earlier except his and armaan's, so she convinced everyone to leave and told them that she'l come wd armaan after duty....


anjali: welcome everyone..this is my paradise...

everyone came in and praised the beautiful house...

atul: where is sasur ji??
anjalI: WHAT???
rahul,muskaan: hen??
atul: trying to cover up)
i mean dr. shashank and ur mom...
anjali: oh!! they r out of we'r alone here...
atul: ho!!(putting hand on his mouth cutely) alone??(sheepish smile)
anjali: shutup atul...
muskaan: han tu chup kar...anji khana kahan hai??
rahul: bhukar!!
muskaan: oye tu bakwaas na kar mere saath...
rahul: nai toh kya??
muskaan: batati hun tujhe...tehr(started running after him wd her sandles in her hands,to hit him)
rahul:(running) pagal hogai hai kya??
muskaan: men bhukar hun na...tera khoon pi kar apni bhook mitaun gi...idhar a tu zara...
anjali: come on guys...yeh to laga rahe ga(and went to do preparations wd atul and shilpa)


armaan: sab kahan gaye??(confused) humne to sath jana tha...(talking to himself)
ridhima: sab to chale gaye...aur hum dono ko bhi chalna chahye(standing at the door)
armaan: mujhe tumhare saath kahin nai jana
ridhima: par mujhe jana hai
armaan: akele chali jao jahan jana hai
ridhima: tum itni raat ko ek larki ko akele jaane k liye keh rahe ho...sharam nai ati kya(dramatic way)
armaan: uff!! chalo(helplessly)
ridhima: ok(smile)


ridhima was trying hard to talk to him but he was like a statue...not bothering at all...she was so frustrated wd his behaviour that she cudn't take anymore...

ridhima: stop the car armaan...
armaan: kya?? kyun??
ridhima: kaha na roko..
armaan: par...
ridhima: kaha na roko...

armaan stoped the car...ridhima got out and started walking alone on the road...

armaan: kya hua ridhima?? kahan ja rahi ho??(got out)
ridhima: tum jab tak mujhe maaf nai kar dete men tumhare saath kahin nai jaun gi...
armaan: bachpana choro aur chalo!! (angrily)
ridhima: nai
armaan: acha theek hai..
ridhima:(stoped and turn) kya theek hai??
armaan: mene maaf kya...
ridhima: kya?? awaz nai ayi..
armaan: mene maaf kya tumhen( a bit loud)
ridhima: louder...awz nai ayi...
armaan: huh!! OK RIDHIMA...I FORGAVE U...AB CHALO!! (shouted his lungs out)

ridhima felt very happy...she ran and hugged armaan tightedly....both found their right place,in fact their world in each other's embrace....

the hug became a passionate one...she ws caressing his hair..and he was caressing her back when ridhima's cell phone rang....both came out of their trance and ridhima rushed ,blushing badly, to pick the phone...

ridhima: hello
anjali: kahan hai ridzi??
ridhima: bas di raaste men hun abhi aye hum dono...
anjali: ok...come soon...(and cut the phone)

ridhima was shying badly...she really wanted to express her love out but was feeling very shy and cudn't get courage to do so...whereas armaan was 100% sure of ridhima's feelings but he wanted to hear the three magical words 4m her first and then express his love....he decided to make her confess as soon as possible....

both drove to gupta house....there was a complete silence throughout the journey which itself spoke out thousands of words 4m both the hearts....


armaan and ridhima reached there on time...everyone gave their gifts to anjali...they cut the cake and sat down together to play truth and dare...

the bottle was spinning when it stopped on ridhima first....armaan was sitting opposite her who has to give her the challenge...

ridhima: i'm gone(she thought as she saw a devilish grin on his face)

everyone hooted....and as ked armaan to give her the challenge...

armaan: truth or dare??(grin)
ridhima: um...aa... truth..( to be on safer side)
armaan: tell mene tumhen kal pucha tha keh tumhare dil ko kya lagta hai us bare men?? remember??(talking about the incident in fire escape)
ridhima:(she got it)
muskaan: oye!! ks bare men baat ho rai hai..
shilpa: han humen bhi to batao...
armaan: ridhima bataye gi...(smirk)

everyone was confused on what r they talking about...

ridhima: phone a raha dekh ke aati hun( and ran away after making a false excuse)
anjali: yeh kabhi game puri nai karti...choro let's play...
armaan: men pani pi ke ata hun...(he too ran behind her..this all was not un-noticed by rahul...he laughed silently)

ridhima was blushing while standing in her room and was regaining her senses and bringing her breaths back...when arman suddenly pulled her and pinned her against the wall...

ridhima: armaan choro mujhe...kya kar rahe ho...(shy)
armaan: nai chorunga...(romantic tone)
ridhima: koi dekh lega toh??
armaan: agar na dekhe toh??(wink)
ridhima: armaan!! (blushes)
armaan: ab to keh do ridhima..
ridhima: kya??(still feeling shy)
armaan: men keh k batun??
ridhima: nai(blushes and runs away)
armaan: OYE HOYE!! mar dalo gi ridhima tum ese mujhe...


anjali: han to u chose truth, toh us larke ka naam batao jis se tum apni jaan se bhi zyada pyar karti ho....
shilpa:(shy) armaan!

everyone's mouth was open...jaws were near to their knees...

armaan's face was pale and blank...he was shocked...ridhima's heart was shattered into thousands of pieces...

plz feel free to xpress ur like tab if u like it and do comment also it feels vry nice to read ur appreciating comments...
and plz add me to ur buddy list, if u want to read more,so that i could pm u easily..
love meeru..Big smile

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hey Meeru...:)
wowwwwwwwww luved the part...<3
it was really really cute n amazing...;)
AR parts were amazing... adorable..<3
Shilpa is getting on my nerves....uugh the promo... but plzz get RM back together as well...sooon....:)
thanx for the pm n cont soon..:)
tc :)
Preet <3

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