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''it was destined to happen''...AR FF (upd pg 133) (Page 111)

KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
nice updt!
OMG! armaan n shilpa r married!
feeling bad 4 AR
glad dat atleast ridz is understanding!
promo was interesting! can't wait 2 c whats gonna happen next
cont soon. waiting 4 next part eagerly...
thnx 4 pm

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anushkajain Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
hey will u update tonight do replySmile

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meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by anushkajain

hey will u update tonight do replySmile

2moro...paka...Big smile

Edited by meeru_s_armaan - 09 August 2011 at 4:58pm

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 7:57am | IP Logged
NO!!! Armaan got married to Shilpa Shocked
This was a shocker ! I felt so damn bad for AR.. and for Shilpa too ..
Glad you clearly mentioned again that its an AR FF ..i thought what if you changed your mind LOL

Update soon!!


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akshad Goldie

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
update plzzz

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sweetnandu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 6:25am | IP Logged
i just completed reading ur  fanfic...
its AWESOME...
cont soonn...
pls add me to ur pm list ...

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meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
sorry guys for late updt...wz hell bzy as ramzan is going on and i feel so lazy after iftar that i don't fell like writing anything...heheLOL...sorry for thatTongue

ridhima wipped her tears and went in search of armaan..she knew what he must b going through...she so wanted to talk to take his pain away...she wanted to console him...she has lost her love but he...he has lost everything...everything he loved...and most importantly his parents...she wanted to asure him that she is always by his side in every thick and thin..he is not alone...although they cant b together anymore but she is always there with him...may not b as a life partner but may b as a friend...a friend?? She asked herself this question...can she ever b his friend...she herself didnt know that..but one thing she was sure of, that armaan needs her at this time..and in this pain,she wud be his strenght and not the weakness...she knew that he was now shilpa's but still she wanted to b with his painful time...she was moving in the corridor when she heard some voices from firescape..she peeped in and saw shilpa and armaan hugging each pained her...

She knew that armaan wz only wipping her tears and wz being a true friend to hr in their bad times...but she also knew that shilpa is now his wife..and how much she tries to calm her heart..the fact remains a fact that SHE HAS LOST HER LOVE...

she walked in smoothly wipping her tears and putting a slight but fake smile on her face, in order to hide her painful heart...her broken heart...

ridhima: shilpa..armaan..(she spoke softly)

they came out of the hug and got up to face her properly...armaan knew that she has got to know everything as he cud clearly see the blood shot puffy eyes who have cried a lot and her face which was a mirror image of her broken heart...he was so guilty that he cudnt meet her gaze and lowered his eyes with guilt...

shilpa: (light smile..and wipping her tears) ao na ridhima..wo bas hm ..

ridhima: i know shilpa...i know everything( she looked in armaan's eyes saying last words) i m sorry..mujhe pehle pata nai tha...i must have hurt u by bringing back the pain Of both of ur lives...i'm really sorry about ur parents...

shilpa: itz ok ridhima..tum kyu sorry keh rai ho...shyd it wz destined to happen...(tears made their way from her eyes) par( wipping them away) shyd god ko hamare parents ko dur kr k hm par pity agai...tabhi humen ek dusre ka saath de dia...(holding armaan's hand) i know jab tak armaan mere saath h, i'm not alone...

armaan was not able to meet ridhima's eyes with guilt...but he had to b with his shona,his friend,his responsibility...and he wz sure of that...ridhima wz hurt listening that..but she also cudnt deny this fact...that shilpa is his wife now...nd she is just a FRIEND now...armaan didnt believe what ridhima just said the nxt moment..

ridhima: u r very lucky shilpa...kismat wali ho k apno ka saath chuta to koi esa apna mil gaya jo tumhen hamesha khush rakhega..tumhara saath dega...tumhara sahara banega...sab itne kismat wale nai hote...u r lucky..aur kabhi bhi apne aap ko akela mat,humsab..aur khas kr k Armaan tumhare saath hen...(her heart died thousands of deaths saying this and this pain wz equally visible in armaan's eyes also)

shilpa hugged her cried..ridhima hugged her back and tried soothing her pain by affectionately caressing her head...shilpa came out of hug and excused her self as she thought she needs sometime with herself she started missing her parents again...she cudnt break down in front of armaan..this will hurt him more so she moved out leaving armaan and ridhima behind...there was complete silence for few moments...

armaan turned around hiding his tears...ridhima knew the pain his heart was feeling...she cud feel that too...she moved forward and put her hand on his shoulder ...

ridhima: armaan..(she spoke softly)

he turned around and took her in his embrace crying badly...

armaan: i'm sorry ridhima...(he sobbed) i'm sorry...

ridhima: nai arman tumne jo kia h,i'm proud of u for that..

armaan: (he came out of hug and held her both hands) tum itni achi kyu ho??Kyu nai mujhse naraz ho?? Kyu nai marti mujhe?? Kyu??

Ridhima: cz i love u..nd now respect u more...(tears flowing down)

armaan: plz mje maaf krdo ridhima.(crying holding her hands)

ridhima: nai armaan..i'm sorry k mene tumhen ghalat samjha(crying with him)

Armaan started kissing her hands...then he kissed her forehead...then eyes...he was losing himself in that moment...just then ridhima pushed him back and tried to move away

ridhima :nai ghalat hai

armaan: kuch ghalat's our love..

he grabbed her hands and pinned her on the wall and started showering her face with wild kisses...

ridhima protested at first but after few moments she started to lose her self...

armaan: i love u ridhima(he said between the kisses)

ridhima:(moved him little back by holding his head) i love u 2 armaan(and smacked her lips on his)

shilpa went on the terrace nd cried her heart out...

shilpa: i miss u mom dad...(sob) uncle aunty i miss u 2... Aj me nd armaan r married..(sniff) but ap ka sapna tha na ye..then y did u leave us all alone?? Y??

She wz crying continuously when she suddenly felt a black out and fainted on the spot...


armaan and ridhima were lost in their own world when they heard some sounds in corridor

voice: what?? Dr. Shilpa fainted??

Hearing her name they came back to real world... Both backed out immediately and looked at each other with guilty gaze... Arman realized what he heard outside..

arman: shilpa..( and ran to see shilpa)

ridhima cursed on what she did...she lost herself...probably the biggest mistake she ever did...then shilpa's condition shook her and she ran out...

Armaan asked a nurse about her and went to the ward in which she wz taken to... She wz She wz on bed, all unconscious... Anjali, atul,muskaan and rahul all were there..anjali wz checking her...armaan rushed in and sat beside her and held her hand in his...

armaan: shona?? R u ok?? Shilpa??(tears formed in his eyes with fear of losing his best friend..the only one left to him)

anjali: arman shez fine...shyd weakness ki waja se she fainted...

Armaan: but y shez still unconscious?? (tensed)

anjali: that i also cant understand...dont worry mene kuch tests krwaye hen..

Meanwhile ridhima also came in..

armaan: test?? Kyu?? U said itz weakness na?? (got worried )

anjali: arey.. U r also a dr. na armaan.. Tests r just 4 confirmation na yaar..shez all fine dont worry...(asuring smile)

armaan: kese fkr na krun...shez the only relation left in this world 4 me... I cant afford to lose her...(cried softly)

ridhima saw this..she felt herself more guilty hearing this...may b by mistake,but she wz coming between two friends...or husband nd wife...she knew that she has to stay away from armaan they cant lose themselves like they did today and cheat such a sweet soul,shilpa,who has no one other than armaan in her life...

Ridhima: i have to stay away from armaan(she thought with determination)

armaan wz all worried holding her hands... Slowly shilpa gained consciousness...she opened her eyes and saw armaan holding her hands

shilpa: armaan...(she spoke lightly with shaky voice)

armaan: han shona..i'm here...with u...r u ok now?? hw r u feeling??(tensed)

shilpa: (smiled) i'm fine..don't worry...probably weakness has done all this...

anjali: i wz saying the same..par ur husband is like loves u a lot nd got mad seeing u in such state(hit armaan's shoulder.teasing him)

shilpa blushed at this...armaan looked at ridhima who wz hurt listening this...he felt a strong pain in his heart...

muskaan: wah! kya pyaar hai?? (winked at shilpa and she blushed more)

rahul:muskaan..ssshhh.. (he cud feel the pain armaan and ridhima were going through)

muskaan: teri problem kya hai?? jab bhi kuch bolun to u say sshh?? han kya hai tujhe..

rahul: but main to..

muskaan: kya main to?? bhaar men ja..(and she moved out cursing him...rahul followed her appologizing)

atul:god..they can never change...

anjali: ok shilpa..take care..u'll get ur reports in a week's time ok..i'll catch u back in some time...bye..

atul and anjali left...ridhima wz still there...she wz moving out when..

shilpa: armaan..u were scared na??

armaan: hmm..(crying lightly)

shilpa: idhar dekho..(and made him face her).. ye asun kyu??

armaan: ur the only relation left to me shilpa after mom best buddy,,, agar tumhen kuch hojata to...

shilpa: sshh..armaan...tumhi ne kaha tha na that u r with tumhare hotey huey mujhe kuch hosakta hai kya,,,hmm??

armaan: (nodded his head in no) ok now u rest.. i hv duty..(wipped his and her tears)

ridhima moved out suddenly and hid herself to prevent herself from his eyes...armaan left...she felt more guilty hearing all this...shilpa needs armaan...she cant come between them...she HAS to stay away from him...

a week passed...shilpa wz all good...everything wz fine but two hearts were crying in pain and lonliness...although they had everyone around but still something wz missing...and they knew what..

ridhima and armaan were not talking to each other..they used to avoid each other everytime they come face to face...they havnt talked sine 1 week,...ridhima was keeping her self away from him after that incidence and she didnt want it to happen again..armaan was away from her due to same reasons and due to his guilt and fear of cheating shilpa...which he knew he cant wz not cz he loved her, but cz he cant back out fron his responsibility...


shilpa wz working on some files on nurse station when she felt dizzy...and suddenly it wz all black in front of her eyes...and she fainted...


shilpa: (crying badly in her room) i have to talk to armaan bout this...he has the right to know...(sobbed)

she entered armaan's room seeing it empty..

shilpa:(teary face and eyes) i think (sniff) he;s not back yet...

she wz moving out when her hand hit the side table and the diary kept on it fell down...she picked it up and opened to see it when she got another biggest shock and that too on same day...her eyes produced some more tears...she read the whole diary and feel on her knees crying hysterically...

shilpa: why god?? why me again??? (crying)


guys i'm very disappointed with some of uCry...many of the readers read and press the like tab but dont give their valuable commentsShocked..this makes me sad and i dont feel writing it plzzz when u press like tab, do comment also...u can say that it's my fuel of writing...Wink

i'll quit the ff if i'll get this it really feels bad yaar...Cry


guys do tell me how did u find it...

press like tab if u like it and do comment plz...

add me to ur buddy lst if u want pms...

love meeruSmile

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MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 5:11pm | IP Logged
awesum part!!!!!!!!!!!!

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